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  • <p> <b>Me, any time any part of my body itches:</b> Bugs.<p/><b>The Me That Participates In Therapy:</b> there are no bugs, it was just one itch. things itch sometimes, also u have mild eczema u know that ur skin is just itchy a lot, there have never been bugs on ur skin. there are no bugs on ur skin.<p/><b>Me, yelling loudly over myself:</b> Bugs On Me. have to scratch them off. if there's an itch and I scratch it and there's no bugs, it means the bugs are now on a different part of my body. have to scratch whole body. any further itches are confirmed proof of Bugs. Bugs there are bugs, bugs on me.<p/></p>
Are you certain I can’t persuade you to have this conversation elsewhere, you complete dick?”

“So I said shag.” Harry looks around at the stunned lobby full of people. “That’s right, I said shag. I’m shagging him and I like it. Who here isn’t shagging somebody else who’s also here, hmm?”

Like magic, the lift dings at that moment, and who else makes a timely exit but Pansy Parkinson with her blouse buttoned wrong so that her bra shows and Ron, his hair sticking straight up and the goofiest glazed expression on his face that Harry has ever had the misfortune to see.

“See?” Harry gestures. Then he points around the room. “Gyffindor/Slytherin, Gryffindor/Slytherin, and okay,” he points at Luna practically dripping off Blaise’s cut torso, “Ravenclaw/Slytherin, but you get the idea.” Harry turns his attention to the room again. “Would anybody here care if I kiss this idiot?”

Harry doesn’t miss Hermione clasping her hands up to her face and bouncing.

“Bleeding hell, Potter, I’m not an idiot just because I didn’t know what this was! How the fuck am I supposed to know anyway?”

“Bloody well ask, you git!”

Draco plants his hands on his hips and leans in to shout in Harry’s face, “Oh and if I’d asked you, you’d just happily say—”

“That I think I could fall in love with you? Yeah, Malfoy, I would!”

“Well, so could I, plonker!”

“So could you what?”

“Fall in love with your stupid Gryffindor arse!”

Harry stops short. He parts his lips, but he finds no words to speak.

To his shock, Draco leans around him and addresses the room. “Everybody here all right with that?
—  Like a Star Across My Sky by lumosed_quill and sdk

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could you talk a bit about why you like monarchshipping? (if not it's ofc ok, its ur blog after all) i could never quite wrap my head around it, except from a selfcest approach maybe

Sure, thanks for your ask! 💕

The reason why I like the ship is pretty easily explained: Yami/Atem always was my most favorite character. Yami and Atem (3000 years ago) are quite different, so why not have some fun and ship them with each other~

To make this whole thing work you’ll of course have to think about the how.

One little story plot I always liked was this:

Yami can’t remember anything about his past. He wanders through the endless labyrinth of the millennium puzzle, searching for answers in the countless rooms lying behind all these doors. There’s a fragment of Atem left, the one that contains his personality and all the memories from egypt. The fragment of a pharaoh’s soul. In some lonely nights they may be able to meet, behind one of these doors. No one knows exactly who the other one is, but they find ease in each other’s presence. Securely wrapped in the arms of a strong pharaoh the darkness would get chased away for one night.

~ ~ ~

There was a German oneshot where Yami won the final battle and was still residing in Yugi’s body. But he knew he didn’t belong in this world. When the time came, Atem’s arms reached out and pulled Yami into the mirror, taking him with him, taking him home.

~ ~ ~

With DSoD we get a lot of new possibilities to ship Atem with AI Yami. Just imagine Kaiba finding a way to bring Atem back from the afterlife. Atem is naturally curious, so when he learns from a suddenly-very-flushed Kaiba that he created a mirror of him, he of course wants to see him.
Atem would be fascinated by the person Seto created, and he wants to find out what exactly Yami can do. Atem is cocky and adventurous and a brilliant gamer. But so is AI Yami, not only getting spoon-fed information from Kaiba, but also having access to countless things in the world wide web. 
Kaiba stares dumbfounded when Atem and his counterpart start heatedly making out.
“I mean… who could know better what I like than myself?” The pharaoh grins mischievously.

Ephemeral (Part 2/4)

Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader

Words: 1410

Summary: Could you do something where the Reader is Steve’s fiance and right before the wedding they find out he’s not really in love with them, he’s in love with Sharon? Whether that be he tells them or she finds them together some way. And she goes to Tony for support and after a lil bit (the night of or a few months from then) they get together? Sorry if this is confusing…

Warnings: Some swears,insecure Y/N,and lots of angst. 

Requested By: @wannabe-weasley

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The door shut behind you with a slam. You pressed your hands against the back of it,as you threw you head back,not having any care in the world how it hard it hit the wood. You sucked in a breath and then you let it all out in one breath,you screamed out of frustration. You slid down with the support of the door,your back against it,and bent your knees,caging them in your arms.

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Defying Gravity (8th Year Drarry Animagus Drabble)

Rating: G – yes I know I said T initially, and it’s been reblogged already but… there’s no real reason for it to be T. *shrug*

Summary: Rumor has it that McGonagall has a special project for the eighth year transfiguration students. Rumor has it that Pansy Parkinson is especially fond of eclairs. Rumor has it that Draco Malfoy is especially fond of Potter…

Pansy settled into her seat, crossing her legs daintily and giving Blaise’s arm a good shove in the process. His arm, which had been propping up his head, slipped off the desk, and he very nearly face planted into his books.

“Salazar, woman. What’s your problem?”

“Your elbow was encroaching on my workspace.”

Blaise shook his head. “Women,” he muttered. Then he snorted, turning away again.

Pansy craned her neck to see over his shoulder. “What is it?”

“Hmm? Oh, nothing. Finnegan was just telling a joke.”



“Ugh.” She tapped her nails on the desk. “How do you stand them?”

“Who? The Gryffindors?” Blaise grinned at her, a flash of white teeth against dark skin. “They’re all right. Did you hear the rumors?”

“That we’re going to get some secret assignment this term? Bo-ring.”

“I dunno, could be—“

“Ahem.” McGonagall stood, rapping the surface of her desk sharply. The room fell silent as the eighth-years all turned to look expectantly at her. “I suppose you’ve all heard the rumors? Excellent. You will indeed spend the majority of this term on this project, and should you succeed it will gain you an extra point on your NEWTS.”

Hermione straightened in her chair, eyes sparkling, and Pansy rolled her eyes. Typical.

“I want you all to pay very close attention,” McGonagall said briskly. “Mister Weasley — close the door, if you will. Thank you. Now. Very few students attempt this transformation, traditionally. Even fewer successfully complete it. I hope at least one of you manages it.” She clapped her hands. “Now, tell me. Who here knows the process by which one becomes an animagus?”

Pansy gasped slightly. Did she really expect them to become animagi?

An elbow dug into her side, and she turned to glare at Blaise. “What do you want to bet she’s just tired of Draco and Potter bickering and wants a month of peace and quiet?”

Pansy snorted. “That is… a distinct possibility. Are you going to try?”

“For now.” He shrugged. “A lot can happen in a month.”

“You can’t expect us to keep these bloody leaves in our mouths for a whole month!”

“It’s extra-credit, Mister Finnegan. Think of it as a chance to prove your mettle.”

Blaise grinned. “Definitely just a plot to shut us up.” He picked up his leaf, studying it, then stared around at the silent classroom. The mutters had died as leaves were placed under tongues. “Well blow me — it’s working.”

“I’d rather not.” Pansy plucked her leaf from the desktop and placed it into her mouth as if it were the finest delicacy.

“The leaf goes in your mouth, Mister Zabini.”

Blaise rolled his eyes and stuck it under his tongue, making a face. “Tathts like—“

“Silence, Mister Zabini.”

The students quickly discovered that holding a leaf in your mouth for any length of time at all is actually rather annoying. Most gave up within a few days — at the end of the week, there were only a handful left. Writing everything on slates and parchment was just too much trouble, and the distant promise of being able to transform into an animal wasn’t enticing enough to motivate them.

Granger was one of the last to give in, spitting her leaf out indignantly with a shout of “Ronald!” that was so loud the echoes of it seemed to bounce around the stones of the common room and ring in Pansy’s ears. She grimaced.

 <<I can’t believe no one else has figured out that they can communicate this way.>>

Blaise shrugged one shoulder, not bothering to look up from his book. <<Well, it’s not like they had Severus for a Head of House, even if some of them are capable of it. I don’t think any of the rest had legilimency or occlumancy lessons.>>

 <<Still. You’d think they’d have noticed that we’re still in the game.>>

  <<To be honest, darling, I doubt most of them notice us at all.>>

 <<I can’t decide whether you meant that to be depressing or sly.>>

  <<You know, I don’t know. Both, maybe.>>

 <<Hmm. Who else is left, now that Granger has so dramatically excluded herself?>>

Blaise put a slim finger in his book, marking his place, and then looked around the room. <<Just us, I think. Wait — no. Draco. And it looks like Potter, too.>>

 <<I should have known. It’s been so quiet without their constant haranguing.>>

He snorted. <<True. Have you been able to get through to Draco?>>

 <<No, and it’s a bit worrying to be honest. Did the Dark Lord do some permanent damage and he just hasn’t let on? I’ve never had a problem getting through to him before.>>

  <<I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s probably just too busy glaring at Potter to realize the rest of the world exists.>>

She sighed. <<Well at least some things never change.>>

 <<Oh, no. No no no.>>

  <<What is it?>>

 <<They’re serving eclairs today.>>

  <<So don’t look at the dessert plate. I’ll order you a dozen of them from that patisserie you like as soon as this ridiculous ordeal is over.>>

 <<You know, I don’t particularly care to be an animagus.>>


 <No. Right now I would much prefer an eclair. Shall we?>

  <<Oh, all right.>>

Together, they plucked the leaves from under their tongues, wiped their fingers daintily on the white linen napkins, and then Blaise served each of them an eclair.

“For you, my sweet.”

“Thank you, darling.”

They spent a few moments silently chewing, and then Pansy frowned over at Draco, who hadn’t moved to touch the desert plate. “Odd, that he’s willing to pass up dessert for this. And eclairs, too. Did Draco ever mention that he wanted to be an animagus?”

“Nope.” Blaise speared another eclair, studying Draco as he did so. Then he grinned and gestured with his fork. “There’s his motivation.”

Pansy looked across the table, to where Potter was also forgoing the dessert plate, locked in what appeared to be a staring contest with Draco. “Oh.” Then she straightened. “Oh! I bet they’re using our trick to communicate!”

Blaise’s eyes sharpened. “Now that is both very interesting and a bet I am unwilling to make.”

“Severus wouldn’t have taught Potter how to do that, would he? I know he was teaching him—“

“Nah. Potter barely learned anything from him. Didn’t you listen to Severus’ rants?”

She snorted. “Not really. I heard rather enough ranting about Potter from Draco. It’s a nice change, the quiet. You don’t think — you don’t think Draco taught him?” She frowned down at her plate, idly swirling her fork through a puddle of escaped custard.

“Are you kidding? Where would either of them find the patience for that? No, Pansy, love, I”m afraid this is just one more thing the bloody chosen prat can do without trying.”

“Just look at them.”

“I’d rather not, actually. It’s ruining my appetite. Who’d have thought our Draco was such a sap?”

She elbowed him lightly. “You knew he was a sap.”

“True. I just didn’t know he was a sap for Potter. Though I suppose I should have guessed. Ah well. We all have our flaws.”

Pansy patted her lips delicately with her napkin as she rose from the table. “Speak for yourself, darling.”

McGonagall rapped her desk, drawing their attention once more to the front of the room. “So. How many of you have managed to keep your leaves in your mouths for the entire month?”

Only Draco and Potter raised their hands.

“Well, then. Let’s see what your animagus forms are, shall we? I’d like the rest of you to contemplate the experience, and then write me a short essay — let’s say five inches — describing your experience, and what temptation finally wore down your discipline.”

Blaise turned to Pansy, laughter in his eyes, as they whispered together, “eclairs.”

They were dragons. Of course they were bloody dragons. Pansy stared up at the pair of them — the glossy black Hungarian Horntail and the shiny, coppery Peruvian Vipertooth — as they flew in acrobatic loops, seemingly daring one another to go faster, higher, and then began spiraling in the air around one another, the sunlight gleaming on their scales.

“Well,” Blaise said softly, staring up at them, a look of wonder in his eyes. “It’s not everyday you get to see a dragon courtship ritual.”

“Is that— Are they—“ but of course they were. She leaned her head on Blaise’s shoulder, silently shaking with laughter. Of bloody course they were. She shaded her eyes from the afternoon sun, blinking black spots from her vision, and stared up at the two winged shapes dancing across the sky.

“And we thought they were insufferable before.”

~The end~

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Episode of the Week - 9x23: The Drama in the Queen

Seeley Booth is madly and irrevocably in love with ALL of Temperance Brennan. Physical attraction tends to come first with most couples. After all, outward appearance is what one initially notices in another. It was no different in their own story (see 5x16 for details). But getting to know this woman in a way that no one else ever has, that’s when Booth completely fell for Brennan. Her brain, her heart, her determination, and capacity to and for love are essential components which comprise her very (extraordinary) being. And Booth is attracted to every last attribute. Though both of them have harbored insecurities relative to their own intelligence or social skills in the past, Booth is certainly not intimidated by Brennan’s intelligence like many other men would be. On the contrary, he is in complete awe of her. He is more than proud to be associated with this remarkable woman. “She’s amazing!” He celebrates her, day in and day out. And it goes both ways. Because Brennan knows that Booth possesses another type of impressive acumen. It’s an intelligence which has taught her so much over the years, And an intelligence which has aided them in catching many a murderer. Of course these two are very physically attracted to each other. If only tubs could talk…When Booth and Brennan gaze at one another, they are so obviously mesmerized. You can see it emanating from their eyes. It’s quite evident that they are dazzled. But it’s far more than that. There is also an immense mutual respect and adoration for all that lies beneath (not literally…well). That is what sets them apart. This couple has incredible depth. And this particular morning when Brennan asks why Booth neglected to wake her, he does not mention how gorgeous and peaceful she looked while sleeping. But only that he wanted her big brilliant beautiful brain to continue to rest. Perhaps there was a touch of humor in his words. However, the sentiment is there. Like every other piece of her, Booth finds Brennan’s brain- her intellect- nothing short of astounding. And it’s a fundamental part of her. Though it needs to be said that it is not all that she is, nor all that Booth loves about her. Brennan is so much more than just her brain. She is more than just her beauty. She is more than JUST anything. Each characteristic is a vital part of the “whole” that is Brennan. Booth knows that. Brainy and beautiful, yes. But also caring, compassionate, empathetic, giving, selfless, fierce, loving, generous, decisive, literal, persistent, courageous, charming, captivating, dedicated, devoted, and vivacious. For Booth, there is no single trait which can define Brennan. There is no one reason why he loves her. ”I don’t have reasons.” And if you don’t believe me…

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(Translation) Aishuu no Ori vol. 1 + Animate tokuten

愛執の檻 [R18! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!]

CV. Shirai Yuusuke

T/N: Commissioned! Thanks for the regular patronage :) This is my last commission for the time being bc I’m busy with moving houses and all, but I will probably reopen it again in mid Oct-late Oct, after I settle everything.

Anyway, this dude tho lmao… Actually I thought he sounded a little mature in the beginning but when the actual hanky panky is happening his pitch goes up :^)

and Major spoiler but that baby talk in the end got me thinking of that anon some days ago who asked for “baby-making” CDs lmao. Now here you go, anon, Shirai Yuusuke for your babymaking needs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) not literally of course ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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So i was listening to a video about a toxic pigment called ‘Scheele’s green’ which was wildly used by aristocrats in the 18th century. 

The reason it was toxic is because it was made using…arsenic. Causing people who wore the clothing with this dye to die of arsenic poisoning respectfully.

And what did this shade of green look like you ask?


I wonder who else…wears this colour…and has a chatname referencing arsenic…

Sadie Black (Chapter 3)

Originally posted by twihardverse


It had been two weeks since Jake had first shifted and now that he knew about the pack we were getting back to how things were before. But that fact that he was still so butthurt about not being able to talk to Bella was straining our relationship. I really didn’t like that girl.

Especially since she wouldn’t stop calling our house. Dad was about to take apart the phone he was so fed up with her calling every hour of every day. I guess telling her that Jake had mono wasn’t exactly working anymore.

Just the other day she spent the entire day sitting outside our house in her clunky old truck, waiting to see if he would make an appearance. He had made an appearance, but it was when he had driven me home from Emily’s. But he didn’t stay, he had patrol that night with Embry.

As I walked into the house, I could see her staring at Jacob sadly, but when she made eye contact with me it instantly turned into a glare. I hurried into the house, not looking back.

The next night though, I heard Jake sneak out of the house. I knew he wasn’t on patrol because it was Paul and Jared’s turn. I could never sleep when he had patrol so I was in the kitchen getting a snack when Jake had snuck by and out the door. I had a slight suspicion that he had gone to Bella’s house.

That suspicion was confirmed when Bella showed up at our house the next day. She pushed her way past my dad and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She had stormed right past me and into Jacob’s room, slamming the door behind her. He had been sleeping, but that changed pretty quickly.

I rolled my eyes and went to my room to do some homework. Even with all this werewolf stuff going on I still had school.

It’d been half an hour and I could still hear Jacob and Bella talking in the other room, but at least they weren’t yelling anymore.

Just as I heard the door to Jake’s room open up, I saw the rest of the pack walk out of the woods. I quickly stepped out of my room, shoving Bella slightly as I ran out the front door.

“Hey baby,” Paul greeted me as I ran into his arms. I kissed him happily, it’d been a few days since I had seen him.

“What did you do!?” Bella yelled angrily before I could greet the others. I turned around in Paul’s arms so my back was up against his chest to look over and saw that she was stomping across the yard towards us.

“What did you do!?” she repeated, coming up and shoving Sam. “What did you do to him!?”

“Easy,” Sam warned Jared when he growled and stepped up to intervene.

“He didn’t want this!” she yelled.

“What did we do?” Paul snarled at her. “What did he do? What’d he tell you?”

“Both of you calm down,” Sam ordered, putting a hand on Paul’s shoulder. I gripped one of Paul’s hands that was resting on my stomach, trying to help him calm down. Lately we had been working on his anger issues.

“Nothing!” she responded, ignoring Sam. “He tells me nothing because he’s scared of you.”

At this comment, I had to let out a laugh. She thought that she knew what she was talking about, but she had no idea.

“And you!” she turned to me. “You’re his sister! You were supposed to stick by him! Do you know how upset he was when you left him for this douchebag?”

“I think that you need to shut the fuck up before I slap you,” I muttered angrily.

“You betrayed him! You joined this stupid drug gang and it tore him apart! You’re such a bitch sometimes Sadie.”

I laughed again at this, but that may not have been my smartest move. She raised her hand up and before anyone could stop her, she punched me in the face. I lost my balance and if Paul wasn’t holding me I definitely would’ve fallen over.

I would’ve jumped her if I didn’t feel Paul start to shake behind me. I turned in his arms, reaching up to hold his trembling face in my hands.

“Paul!” I called out to him, but he was so angry he couldn’t even hear that I was speaking to him. “Paul get it together! I’m fine, see? I’m complet-hey!”

Sam had grabbed me around the waist and separated me from Paul. Fuck this werewolf strength. No matter how hard I struggled, I couldn’t get away from him.

“Bella, back up! Paul!” Sam yelled out from behind me. “Calm down!”

“Let go of me,” I struggled as Paul started to convulse, punching at Sam’s arms to try to get him to let go. “I can calm him down, he’s been doing well.”

“Sadie, I’m not letting you near him when he’s like this,” Sam growled at me. “And you know why.”

I stopped struggling at this comment. I barely even noticed Bella running towards the house. What I did notice was Jake running and shifting to fight back at Paul, who had also shifted. I whimpered, watching Jacob and Paul start to fight and make their way into the woods.

“I’ll take care of it,” Sam reassured me before turning to Jared and Embry. “Take Sadie and Bella to Emily’s place.”

“I guess the wolf’s out of the bag,” Embry chuckled, running ahead to help Bella off the ground. Jared wrapped an arm around my shoulder and lead me to Bella’s truck and helped me get up into the trunk.

“Paul’s gonna get angry all over again when that bruises,” Jared laughed, looking closely at my eye. “It’s already started.”

“Great,” I grumbled. The ride to Emily’s was silent for the most part.

“I think we should go back and make sure Jacob’s okay,” Bella said when we pulled into Emily’s. I ignored her, walking towards the house.

“I hope Paul sinks some teeth in him,” Jared replied. “Serves him right.”

“No way!” Embry responded. “Jacob’s a natural! Did you see him phase on the fly? 5 bucks Paul doesn’t touch him.”

They both turned and saw that Bella hadn’t moved from the truck.

“Come on in, Bella!” Embry called over to her. “We don’t bite.”

“Speak for yourself,” I muttered so quietly only their wolf senses could hear it, walking into the house as Embry gave her the spiel about Emily’s scars.

“Are you guys hungry?” Emily’s voice called out from the kitchen.

“Do you even have to ask?” I laughed at her comment.

“Sadie!” she gasped when she got a look at my face. “What happened to your eye?”

“Why don’t you ask this bitch?” I said, motioning towards Bella as she walked through the door.

“Who’s this?” she asked, being as polite as she always is.

“Bella Swan, who else?”

“Hmm, so you’re the vampire girl?” she asked, walking over to the freezer and grabbing a bag of frozen peas.

“So you’re the wolf girl?” Bella fired back.

“I guess so,” Emily chuckled, pressing the cold bag up to my eye. “Well, I’m engaged to one.”

“Ow,” I muttered, flinching away from the coldness, taking if off for a second.

“You keep that bag on your eye, young lady,” Emily ordered and I grumbled in response, sitting down at the table with Jared and Embry, who were laughing at me getting in trouble with Emily.

Emily reached over us, setting down a huge plate of muffins, which the boys instantly reached over to grab.

“Save some for your brothers. And ladies first,” she told them, smacking their hands away from the plate before turning to Bella. “Muffin?”

“Sure thanks,” Bella whispered, walking over hesitantly.

“Leave it to Jacob to find a way around Sam’s gag order,” Emily said to no one in particular.

“He didn’t say anything to me,” Bella defended my brother.

“It’s a wolf thing,” Embry responded. “Alpha’s orders get obeyed whether we want to or not. And check it out, we can hear each other’s thoughts.”

“Shut up!” Jared said playfully and I laughed at his antics. “These are trade secrets! Damn it! This chick runs with vampires.

“You can’t really run with vampires,” she told them. “Cause they’re fast.”

“Yeah? Well we’re faster,” Jared responded matter-of-factly. “Freaked out yet?”

“You’re not the first monster’s I’ve met.”

“Jake’s right,” Sam’s voice filled the room as he entered the house. “You’re good with weird.”

Sam walked towards Emily, giving her a kiss on the lips and then pecking her all over her face, making her laugh. With her distracted, I slowly took the bag of peas off my eye. It was still way too cold.

Paul and Jacob came in next, pushing each other, still play fighting. I guess this distracted Emily enough from Sam and she saw the bag of peas on the table. I didn’t move, maybe she wouldn’t do anything.

I thought wrong. She grabbed my hand with one hand and the bag of peas in the other and gently made me hold it to my eye.

“Unless you want a black, swollen eye for school on Monday I suggest you keep this on,” she told me sternly.

“But it’s cold,” I complained.

“I’ll keep you warm, babe,” Paul winked at me, and if the cold peas weren’t on my face I would’ve blushed. He grabbed my other hand and pulled me over to the couch, pulling me into his arms.

We kept to ourselves for the most part, ignoring the other’s and their conversations with Bella. He held the bag of peas to my face as I cuddled into his bare chest. We stayed like that for awhile until the conversation of vampires came up.

We both listened in, hearing that there was another vampire besides the one that they had already killed, and apparently she was even more vicious than that one. Paul’s arm pulled me closer to him.

“I’m not worried,” I whispered to him, knowing what was worrying him. “You’ll keep me safe.”

how not to charm your guy in french
  • so Erik and Nicky’s anniversary is coming up and they’ve decided to go to Paris for an extended weekend to celebrate.
  • Nicky, the language “"extraordinaire”“ - he’s not quite a Neil, but three languages is a good way there - wants to get at least the basics down before he even sets foot in France. He would also very much like to be able to dirty talk in French. 
  • So Nicky tries anything he can get his hands on: duolingo, online classes, that one French exchange student who’s kinda cute but in a odd way. But nothing really sticks and French is a really hard language to learn on your own. 
  • He’s almost giving up on it when the Foxes are set to play the Trojans, and one of the new Foxes checks Jeremy a bit too rough, slamming him into the boards until he goes down. Which of course sets Jean’s old Raven instinct off and he’s almost halfway across the court before Neil’s dragging him back towards Kevin who starts spewing angry French to drown out Jean’s cusswords.
  • Neil’s not that much of a help; the new Fox is a little shit and Neil doesn’t really mind Jeremy anymore; but Kevin stares him down until he goes off to talk with the freshie. 
  • It’s not until the bus ride back when Andrew out cold pressed between the window and Neil, the latter and Kevin talking about something in hushed French, that Nicky sorta realizes/remembers that both Neil and Kevin are fluent in French. 
  • So Nicky makes a proposal and sits the pair down with his plan of action, the timetable he really wants to keep and his goals for their lessons, what he can offer in return for their services and what he’s willing to give if that’s not enough.
  • Which of course is the entirely wrong thing to say to a pair of Exy junkies set on winning another season. But Nicky gets his lessons in exchange of way too many late night Exy practices and early morning runs. 
  • ‘the things i do for u xx.’ he sends to Erik after the first practice trying to keep Neil away from his and Kevin’s goal. 
  • it starts off just one on one, either Kevin or Neil two nights a week going over basic words and phrases until Nicky at least won’t get left behind during one of their tours. 
  • They transition into something a bit more conversational with Nicky piecing words together until he can ask questions about things they might see. 
  • And then Nicky gets the idea that he’ll observe the two of them talking for a while just to get a feel for what a real, fluent conversation is like. So they start out with something simple that Nicky easily can keep up with until the French gets so quick and beautifully spoken that Nicky doesn’t even care what they’re saying because it’s absolutely beautiful to witness. 
  • Nicky’s like, “This is GOLD!!” because not only is he learning French just by listening - because this is a thing that you can do!! and it’s so easy?? all you have to is listen to these two cute guys talk to each other and you’ll just  ~absorb the language - why hasn’t he done this before??
  • But it’s also Neil - fucking ‘pretty boy of the century’ Josten - and his almost as hot boyfriend (Nicky might be bias after the drills Kevin made them do before French lessons) staring at each other with bedroom eyes and flirting in hushed French. 
  • Nicky has A LOT of thoughts about Neil/Kevin, OKAY. 
  • it used to be just neil. but then Andriel happened and the thoughts sorta just started to happen less (because one, his cousin?? two, Andrew!!) 
  • And then andriel turned into kandriel in what seemed overnight, and someow neil… turned back into Neil!! 
  • Nicky has spent way too many mornings walking in on Kevin and Neil loudly making out in the kitchen to not have at least one or two(-hundred) impure thoughts about their resident exy junkies. 
  • Nicky has used a lot of effort in trying to repress Andrew’s part of the relationship. 
  • which has turned out to be fairly ~easy. 
  • Andrew’s very strict about pda and what the Foxes are allowed to see between him, Kevin and Neil. the most they get out of him around other people are a few ‘hate you’s and too quick touches somewhere covered by clothes. It’s not a lot seen by the other Foxes, but it always seem to leave Kevin and Neil dazed and flushed when Andrew brushes up against them on his way out of the room. 
  • Neil and Kevin on the other hand have always been strangely okay with , affection in front of the Foxes, going as far as to nicky witnessing their torid ”“french affair”“ which he is ever grateful for. 
  • it’s not until it’s past one that the two of them realize they have practice in the morning and probably should go to bed that they break out of their tiny French bubble before saying goodnight to Nicky and leaving the room. 
  • Nicky stays behind to write down some of the highlights of the conversation, what phrases had sounded the most romantic and what he should translate so he doesn’t offend someone in the public space. 
  • when andrew steps out from the door frame with a bored look on his face and a bowl of non-bake cookie dough underneath his arm. 
  • “are you going to be playing a lot of exy on your trip?” he asks, deadpan as ever as he slowly licks the spoon. 
  • “no??? it’s a vacation, andrew. the definition is: not playing exy.” 
  • “then why are you asking those two for help?” it’s not that andrew cares about the outcome of Nicky and Erik’s parisian retreat but it does seem a bit weird to him. 
  • “uh, because they speak french? do you know anyone else who speak french andrew?? hmm?” 
  • andrew can only spent certain amounts of time with people and seeing as he already has to sleep with both neil and kevin, his time must be up he decides as he walks away without a word. 
  • It’s not until a few days into they vacation that nicky finally realizes what Andrew might have insinuated when he whispers something he heard neil say to Kevin into Erik’s ear and he pulls back with a frown, “Are you sure it means what you think it does, babe?” Erik asks, kissing the insides of Nicky’s wrists. “Yes, please cuddlebug. i had like the best teacher in the world.” 
  • a few days goes by before it finally sinks in completely. 
  • “I’m sorry Monsieur, the nearest Exy stadium is kilometres away i’m afraid.” their guide replies with a frown before walking away. 
  • “why are you crying? babe? do you miss the team that much? i’m sure we can watch a match back at the hotel.” Erik coos softly, kneeling in front of his fiancee. 
  • “no you don’t understand Erik. I spent weeks learning how to charm you in French, weeks! and instead i learnt how to ask about the latest score of the Trojans game!” 

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wanna one mtl to possibly like a girl who looks cold and hard to approach. like one who's also seen by herself, likes her space, looks as if she doesnt give a single care about the world. you know when the teacher gives yall free time and she just in the back corner alone on her phone, far away from everyone else.

hmm so basically someone who likes her own space and seems apart from others?

  1. seongwoo
  2. jaehwan
  3. woojin
  4. guanlin
  5. daniel
  6. jinyoung
  7. sungwoon
  8. jihoon
  9. jisung
  10. daehwi
  11. minhyun

i see seongwoo, jaehwan, woojin and guanlin would find this type of girl attractive. they would be naturally drawn to her and want to get to know the girl better. they’d believe that the girl has other sides to her and would want to be able to approach her, even if they are nervous (esp woojin and guanlin haha). the other members would also definitely find her interesting however would probably be more drawn to someone that seemed more friendly at first glance especially jisung, daehwi and minhyun

Hmm…Sansa is often related to birds. I wonder if that’s foreshadowing for a future relationship.  Who else has bird language in their storyline?

Robert Arryn: Vale Falcon & (Sweet)Robin

Me: Hmm…cute, but probably not.  Who else?

Petyr Baelish: Mockingbird

Me: Eh…given the current situation in the books and the show, I don’t think this ship will sail for long.  Who else?

Harry Hardyng: Falcon

Me: Probably not going to happen.  I don’t think we’ll see much more of him in the books.

Me: Let’s see, what other “bird” characters are there?

The Three-Eyed Raven/Crow

Me: Look, I know this series tends to have age gaps in couples, but this is ridiculous!  So that leaves…

The “Crows” of the Night’s Watch

Me: Sam’s taken.  What other “crows” do we know?

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"the only thing i find shocking about it is using the im too sexy beat and not referencing it!!" - HDD had an interesting take on why she included that: "the 3 Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy” guys, who had a #1 song that became iconic in the pop lexicon because of its playful but totally unhinged braggadocious lyrics that were devoid of reality —a character issue of Kanye’s that is often pointed out. Could she be mocking him here?" hitsdailydouble(.)com/news&id=308106

i mean… this is deep

the peaches /mean girls thing …. isnt hard to figure out why that was used

i’m too sexy - hdd has great ideas but - you know who thinks they’re ‘too sexy for their shirt’ … kk. but overwhelmingly, i’m too sexy was this HUGE juxtaposition of what one person thought and what reality was. so i see the diss to ka*** but i see it as a diss to anyone else who… thinks theyre too sexy. too hot. hmm. 

so thats an interesting take. 

i always say that taylor does absolutely nothing by mistake. always purposeful. so i have to think both songs were chosen specifically for their meaning, not really just bc of their beat. 

god, she’s so smart 

(jack too)

Priceless Treasures and Frozen Fortunes | Chapter 1

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Rating: T

Summary: Yuuri Katsuki is a ballet instructor and figure skater by day, and a phantom thief by night. Victor Nikiforov is the lead detective of the Eros case, pursuing the elusive phantom thief and trying to (romantically) pursue Yuuri.  

The good news: they’re one in the same and they’re falling in love

The bad news: they’re one in the same and they’re falling in love

Pairing(s): Victor/Yuuri, implied other pairings

Notes: And now for something completely different from what I usually write!

Like everyone else that’s written for this AU, I was inspired by @samochas art and just had to write something for it! I want to say that some of the other fics for this AU inspired bits and pieces of this, but for the most part it’s my own ideas for this take on the AU (also with some help from kai and talia for some of the roadblocks with my plotting/outlining) Also, huge thanks to kai for looking over this chapter/editing! I also have chapter notes for this fic here, which I recommend you look over either while reading this chapter or afterwards!

Anyways, hope you all enjoy my contribution to the phantom thief AU!

Chapter Word Count: 2,195

[AO3 Link] [Chapter Index] [Next Chapter]

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