hmm who else is there


You’re beautiful~

Sometimes I wonder what we’ll be like together 

You’re beautiful <3

Don’t we look good together? 

Maknae Line | Beautiful <3

I like the Rising rumors and speculations about cerberus being behind the andromeda initiative in particular due to one interesting fact: we’ve got this badass lady on our team… by the name of cora harper. surname, harper.

sounds familiar, who else went by that surname… HMM. not jack harper aka the illusive man before he became known as the illusive man nope

I’ve come to the conclusion that Markiplier and Thomas Sanders must never collaborate, because the product of the two of them working together would cause the universe to explode into a mushroom cloud of rainbows and puppies and the physical embodiment of well-meaning adorable.

also musichetta runs their speakeasy, joly is a waiter (slash occasional medic, as his parents were doctors and he was briefly at med school, and injuries are not an infrequent occurrence in this line of business) and bossuet is in the band. 

anonymous asked:

what are the tlou characters zodiac signs?! do you think they're accurate? i personally think joel is a libra, and ellie is pisces/aries cusp

oooooh good question anon!!! thank u for asking! joel is canonically a libra (his bday is outbreak day) and i think that really suits him. also i really like your pick for ellie! i think that cusp is very accurate to her personality, tho i do think she’d lean towards the aires side lol. i go back and forth with tess but i think she’s a scorpio.. hmm who else. maria is def a virgo. tommy is a sag probably. marlene is a leo. riley is also a leo. bill is a capricorn and i hate him for it. who am i missing?? anyway this was a great question and it made my day, send me more any time!


Just when i think i couldnt love Chloe more and more..she is such a precious cinnamon roll… ღ

so, this girl on Comicpalooza took the microphone to ask a question to Chloe and said that she loves SWWZzzZ, then Chloe did a little: hmm, and then asked to the audience who else there ships SWWZzzZ, and the audience was pretty much quiet about it LMAO, then Chloe asks: WHO SHIPS SKIMMONS? AND THE AUDIENCE GO NUTS! sahsjskdjsdkjsdjslajld Then Chloe smiles and says: YEAAAAH (18:05

Chloe love it because a lot more people was screaming when she asked about skimmons and people pratically ignored SWWZzzZ lol  

The captain strikes again

also, she said AGAIN how much she is obsessed with Elizabeth and Simmons and how this makes her job easier lol oh Chloe