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in defense of Riza Hawkeye

hmmm, I cannot sleep knowing that there are people out there saying that Riza is manipulative because of the scene with Envy in the tunnels. I decided to dig up the raw manga scans and try to re-translate the scene with Envy in the tunnels so I can explain my case better. @endertender and @lonepiper5758, here it is!! I am busy AF, but screw real life, I need to defend the honor of my queen!

Remember that in the latter half of the Envy vs. Roy arc, Riza had been desperately trying to convince Roy to let her finish Envy instead, after seeing the colonel savagely burn the homunculus again and again like a madman. Roy refused to stop and let go of Envy (already in his weakened and reduced form) despite the fact that Riza had her gun to his head.

She pleaded and begged, but Roy would not relent. She even tried to reason out with him that what he was doing was not for the sake of the country or for the protection of his comrades/subordinates, thus reminding him of what THEY were supposed to be fighting forShe said everything she could: from the end of Chapter 94 to the start of Chapter 95.

With a pained expression [probably from the realization/possibility of an impeding betrayal by Roy through yet another case of the misuse of Flame Alchemy], Riza warned him that he cannot go down that path – the same one her father had gone to years before: towards insanity and eventual death. Roy struggled to reign in his anger, but then he remembered Hughes.

RIZA: You cannot go down that path! [lit. trans.:You cannot fall that way!]


In fact, Roy was so angry that he even dared Riza to shoot him.

 ROY: It’s OK to shoot me if you want to shoot me.

This left Riza devastated, but then Roy – for some reason or another – asked what she would do afterwards. DO NOTE that for a man who seemed to be completely lost to his anger to the point that he’s willing to be shot to death than to be stopped in his quest for vengeance, it’s rather strange for him to be asking somebody else such a question.

ROY: but what will you do after shooting me to death?

and now we have finally reached the controversial “RIZA HAWKEYE IS SUICIDAL: PART II” scene, where she supposedly manipulated Roy by threatening her own life. Viz’s English translation for Riza’s speech is actually pretty accurate, if not a tad bit more dramatic than the Japanese version:

Roy struggled with himself as he considered her response to the “what-if scenario” he himself brought up. In the end, he had decided to back off and opted to release his pent-up fury with a snap directed away from them.

He finally regained his reasoning and became aware of the situation he put himself and Riza in.

ROY: I am bothered [or troubled] by this.
JAP: それは困る

ROY: *continues* I cannot lose you [for such a reason].
JAP: 君を失う訳にはいかない

Fast forward to the end of the “what in the hell is this situation I’m in” speech from Roy, where he regretted his actions.

ROY: *to Riza* To have made you deal with this [kind of situation], I am the greatest idiot.

Afterwards, Roy guided Riza’s hand holding the gun down as he apologized and they eventually collapse to the floor in relief.

What I’m really trying to point out from all that prelude is…

It was Roy who asked Riza what she would do after he dies from her shot.

Roy created the hypothetical scenario himself, when it seemed like Riza had reached the end of the line.  Riza was not trying to manipulate him in any way. I mean, she already said everything she could: reminded him of their goals and motivations, alluded to her father’s descent into madness, appealed to his morality/sense of justice. Riza was already at a loss on how to deal with Roy: her last resort – putting the gun to his head – was not working, and no amount of convincing could go through him at the time.

It was Roy himself who gave her a chance to change his mind – a last ditch effort – before she had to decide whether he deserved to live or die. At this point, I think Roy himself wanted to be saved from the anger that consumed him, and he knew that if there was someone who could save him, it would be Riza who knew him inside and out. He knew that she would never lie to him; he trusted her that much. Hell, he entrusted her with his life! And Riza was not one to betray anyone’s trust, and definitely not Roy’s so she simply answered sincerely.

She never intended to manipulate Roy into anything with her answer, as shocking as it might have been. After seeing how Roy lost himself to something close to insanity so quickly, she probably realized once again how all-consuming and dangerous Flame Alchemy was (this is on top of her PTSD that was most likely triggered by Roy’s indiscriminate use of his flames on Envy). This could be the reason why she replied to Roy’s question the way she did. For her final attempt, she decided to give him the cold, hard truth, and if that had not worked, then she would have shot him dead as he had asked and she had promised years ago when they agreed to make Amestris a better place.

As for the suicide part of Riza’s response, I believe that @edwinrys already did a very good job of explaining Riza’s reason for wanting to end her life if she had to live without Roy. I also want to add that Roy is as guilty of the same accusation with regards to suicide because he was willing to perform the ultimate taboo – human transmutation – to save Riza even if it meant the damnation of the entire country and his own life. And in the end, the thought of suicide (or even the intention to commit suicide) is not the same as actually doing it. Riza was forced to deal with a morbid what if situation that could very well have become a reality with the way things were going back then presented to her under extreme duress. Her response to Roy’s question was merely the statement of the most likely outcome based on her state of mind at the moment, but you have to remember the circumstances could still change, which could then prompt her to choose to continue living even if Roy do die in the end (thank heavens he did not!!).

In my opinion, if some manipulation really did happen in this arc, it was from Roy’s part when he brought up this WHAT IF YOU SHOT ME DEAD business. That’s where it all began. I love Roy as well, but sometimes he could seriously be a big jerk. But in all honesty, I’d like to think that he wanted to be saved, too, so he gave Riza an opening. He finally recognized the fact that while he could not save himself on his own, there were people around him – with Riza as the first and the closest person to him – who were willing to help him and send him to the right path. A few chapters later, we see him proudly stating such realization to Bradley right before the colonel was made into the fifth sacrifice.

TL;DR: Roy dared Riza to shoot him. Then he asked her what she would do after he dies, thus creating an awful hypothetical scenario. Riza being Riza answered him truthfully in her final attempt to snap him out of his rage. She responded to his WHAT IF without any malice or the intention to manipulate Roy. One possible reason why he asked such a question is he wanted to be saved, but needed some reinforcement from the person closest to him. Hmm, who could that person be? Oh, it’s Riza Hawkeye: his adjutant and his appointed judge, jury and executioner!! Once again for emphasis: ROY ASKED FIRST, RIZA REPLIED WITH THE TRUTH.

I want to say more about the other accusations against Riza, but it’s almost midnight where I live. I am so sleepy and about to pass out so I’ll stop right here. Just know that I will defend Riza to death because she’s one of the best positive role models in the series and I cannot stand it whenever people are dissing my queen.

can you believe one time isak and the boys were sitting in the cafeteria and even joined them and stood behind isak and put his hands on his face, hiding his eyes, and said “guess who this is” and isak was all like  “oh man i reallyyy don’t know, i don’t think i’ve heard this voice before. hmm, who could this be” and magnus said “the fuck? this is even, isak! you hear his voice everyday!” and mahdi and jonas shook their head and even took his hands off isak’s face and sat next to him and asked jokingly “yeah, how come you forgot the sound of my voice?” and isak laughed and quickly kissed even and said “i promise i’ll try to remember next time” 

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Cain said he considered ending Castiel right there when Cas discovered his burial site, so why didn't he? Cain haven't known Dean that well at that point, so how did he *know*?

Cain could have killed Cas, but he didnt. Hmm. Cain, who later in that same episode tells Dean that he is living his life in reverse, killing Sam would be the equivalent of him killing Abel, killing Crowley the equivalent of Abbadon, which leaves, and he makes this quite clear… killing Cas as the equivalent of him killing Colette… so yeah, he knows, or at least, suspects. 

Then later in the same episode Dean chooses Cas over Crowley and reveals that he was just using Crowley to get the blade, but trusts Cas with it in the end. The blade which symbolises Dean’s descent into darkness, when not long before at the burger date Dean seriously speaks to Cas about taking him out because he doesn’t want to become dark again, he trusts Cas and Cas represents his lighter side, Cas is his literal and symbolic sunshine, Dean is trying to choose the sun and not the darkness and needs Cas’ help to do so, he trusts Cas with his life (I’ll come back to that later). 

The same episode had the infamous deleted scene where Crowley teased Cas that Dean was his boyfriend and it’s made clear that it is kind of blatantly so… this whole episode was a Dean/Cas expositional treasure trove, if you look into it with your eyes open.

We were also nicely reminded of Cain/Colette in 12x23 too *thank you Dabb*.

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Also, this moment is so similar to how Amara didn’t end Cas either in 11x09:

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When not long before this we saw her telling Dean that he “can’t help but represent” Humanity, while Metatron and Cas have a scene interspersed with this, to remind us of that also infamous scene where Metatron tells us that Cas is in love with Humanity… 

This moment between Amara and Cas comes right after she tried to force a suddenly romantic bond on Dean. Then from here until the finale Cas and Amara represent the forced v chosen romantic bond all season and Cas always wins…to the point that Amara has to use Dean’s link to Cas to get through to him, her bond with him is not as strong as his bond with Cas. 

Here is where I come back to Dean choosing light and sunshine over darkness… What a coincidental coincidence! Because accidents always happen accidentally, especially in Supernatural.

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drench yourself in words unspoken (Zutara Soulmate AU)

I don’t need luck, Zuko says to Aang as the blizzard howls around them, as they take shelter from the ice and the wind. I don’t want it. I’ve always had to struggle and fight and that’s made me strong. That’s made me who I am.

He turns and, like, he knows the kid is in some Avatar Spirit-World trance or whatever, but he can’t quite quash the spark of irritation he feels at the sight of Aang’s sleeping face. He wouldn’t be the first person to doze off during one of Zuko’s monologues (that honour goes to Uncle Iroh, and then… to basically every sailor on the boat Zuko has called home for the past three years) but it’s still affronting. Honestly.

Zuko crouches down to study the pale blue arrows on Aang’s skin, and wonders if there are other tattoos that mark him. If it’s even possible for the Avatar, the great bridge between the human and the Spirit World, to have a soulmate.

Not that Zuko really believes in soulmates anymore. That kind of comes with the territory. Once you believe you make your own path, once you decide you don’t need luck or fate, soulmates - which are a bit of both - are pretty much rendered pointless as well. And, well. Just look at what happened with Mai.

So. What happened with Mai was bad.

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“Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Simon randomly announced in the middle of of his and Jace’s second weekly movie nights.

Jace hit the pause button on the remote and gave Simon a quizzical look. “And?”

“That doesn’t bother you?”


Simon stared at Jace. “It doesn’t?”

“Why would it?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow. “I mean… aren’t we?”


“Aren’t we dating?” Jace repeated. “I mean, this is a date, right?”

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So this shot strikes me as particularly interesting:

From the look on her face, it seems that there’s something about Ell’s reflection that she finds shocking. The wiggling of her fingers also suggests that she’s testing to make sure that that’s actually her in the mirror. Based on these observations, I’m predicting one of these two scenarios:

  1. It could be that Ell isn’t used to having a reflection. She is confirmed to be a ghost in the movie, after all. Perhaps she was invisible for a long period of time but some strange circumstance allowed her to take on a visual manifestation once again. 
  2. The other, possibly more interesting situation is that that’s not actually Ell looking in the mirror–its Laura. But the reflection is Ell, suggesting that maybe Laura is seeing herself as Ell, or is somehow in Ell’s body. That would explain why she looks so perplexed (I’d be pretty surprised if I looked in a mirror and saw someone else’s reflection staring back at me).

Also, this is related more to the special effects rather than the plot of the movie, but as a behind the scenes nerd, I have to wonder how they filmed this part. Sometimes mirror scenes are filmed by having the actor stand behind the mirror (which isn’t a real mirror but an empty frame) while a double stands in front of the mirror and mimics the movements. This is done so that they don’t have to use a real mirror and therefore won’t have to worry about the reflection of the camera or anyone/anything else accidentally getting in the shot. 

I’m not sure if this technique was actually used for this particular shot (the movements of the fingers look like they match up too well to be from two different people mimicking each other’s motions, but a more thorough analysis might show otherwise). However, in the event that they had used this technique, I wonder where they would have gotten a woman about Dom’s size with similar hair and dress to be her double… hmm… 

Yeah, nope. Can’t think of anyone who could possibly fit the bill ;)

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could you talk a bit about why you like monarchshipping? (if not it's ofc ok, its ur blog after all) i could never quite wrap my head around it, except from a selfcest approach maybe

Sure, thanks for your ask! 💕

The reason why I like the ship is pretty easily explained: Yami/Atem always was my most favorite character. Yami and Atem (3000 years ago) are quite different, so why not have some fun and ship them with each other~

To make this whole thing work you’ll of course have to think about the how.

One little story plot I always liked was this:

Yami can’t remember anything about his past. He wanders through the endless labyrinth of the millennium puzzle, searching for answers in the countless rooms lying behind all these doors. There’s a fragment of Atem left, the one that contains his personality and all the memories from egypt. The fragment of a pharaoh’s soul. In some lonely nights they may be able to meet, behind one of these doors. No one knows exactly who the other one is, but they find ease in each other’s presence. Securely wrapped in the arms of a strong pharaoh the darkness would get chased away for one night.

~ ~ ~

There was a German oneshot where Yami won the final battle and was still residing in Yugi’s body. But he knew he didn’t belong in this world. When the time came, Atem’s arms reached out and pulled Yami into the mirror, taking him with him, taking him home.

~ ~ ~

With DSoD we get a lot of new possibilities to ship Atem with AI Yami. Just imagine Kaiba finding a way to bring Atem back from the afterlife. Atem is naturally curious, so when he learns from a suddenly-very-flushed Kaiba that he created a mirror of him, he of course wants to see him.
Atem would be fascinated by the person Seto created, and he wants to find out what exactly Yami can do. Atem is cocky and adventurous and a brilliant gamer. But so is AI Yami, not only getting spoon-fed information from Kaiba, but also having access to countless things in the world wide web. 
Kaiba stares dumbfounded when Atem and his counterpart start heatedly making out.
“I mean… who could know better what I like than myself?” The pharaoh grins mischievously.

Just Good Friends

Cullen and the Inquisitor spend a night together working on Inquisition matters, but late nights draw off the conscience and evoke an affection the stark light of day would otherwise burn away.

Cullen Rutherford x Talia Trevelyan

Read here on AO3

Good friends, she reminded herself again.  They were just good friends.

She was sitting on the small couch in her room, leaned back against the arm with her legs tucked beneath her.  Cullen sat on the plush rug before the couch, reclined against the arm for support. Reports, maps, and inventories of troop numbers were neatly arranged around him on the floor.

It was late and he was down to his shirtsleeves.  The commander had long since shrugged off the fur mantle and armor despite the chill that lingered through the room.

There was a missive going unread in her hands.  A similar stack of papers sat on the other side of the couch, waiting with guilty presence for her attention.

She had been watching Cullen instead of completing her work.

He was intent.  The cuffs of his sleeves were rolled up to his forearms.  They had not actually spoken to each other for several hours.  She watched him pluck two papers from a stack to compare, scribble something on one, and then return them to different piles.  Sometimes he merely signed his name, a large looping but neat signature, and then stacked the paper off to the side.

He reached for a different map that lay in a roll a few feet from him.  The muscles in his back were easy to watch through the light shirt and Talia found herself ducking behind the missive in her hand, only her eyes peeking over the top, despite the fact that his back was to her.  He leaned back against the couch again with a weary sigh, his shoulder resting against her knees as he unfurled the map.

The touch jolted her from her reverie, but she did not move away.  She was almost ashamed at what a thrill the little contact sent through her. It felt like such a high honor that he had deemed her and her alone worthy of such close company.  Well, she thought it was her and her alone, but she was often gone for great swaths of time, so…

Silly, childish thoughts, her mind chided.  Stop this at once.  He’s the commander of your armies and you are leader of the Inquisition, not a girl and not a lady to be courted.  You haven’t been a lady to be courted for over a decade!

Despite the bullying from the wiser parts of her conscience her heart hurt.  It was nice to fantasize being something special to someone dear. And not so nice to be reminded of the harsh truths of reality.

“Cullen?” she called, voice soft in the old silence surrounding them and sounding far too wounded for the feared, powerful leader she was supposed to be.

Despite his fierce focus he turned his head to her at once.

“Something wrong?”

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Your style doesn't allow much in the way of racial traits outside of skin color. By no means am I saying that's bad or anything like that, in truth a less detailed style makes for a good style when it comes to animation, just that its understandable someone who's colorblind could miss them, hmm?

Yah, either way, the least thing I’m worried about is being like “hur i has to include gays so i can get social acceptance and inclusion”

So, I won’t do it unless I feel like doing it.

BTS Reaction


S/O’s younger relative wanting them to go on a bouncy castle with them.


Namjoon looks at you unsure whether this was a good idea in any sense of the word, but the sparkle of hope in his eyes was enough to urge him to follow your over-excited nephew.

“Just don’t break it! And please take your watch off!”

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Seokjin looked up at you as if pleading you to make an excuse for him not to go on the castle. It wasn’t that he didn’t like your cousin, but that he wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of being a fully grown adult in a jumping castle full of children,

“But Jagi, what if I fall and land on one of them? I’m not exactly small anymore” 

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“Are you sure I haave to go” Yoongi pouted at you. “No, not if you don’t want to you don’t” Yoongi didn’t seem at all satisfied by your answer, not that he would admit it. “But I’m sure it’ll mean a lot if you do go..” Yoongi rolls his eyes before walking off, but you catch the small smile he is now donning.

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It near impossible to find words that can express the look Hobi gave your little brother when he was asked to do something with him, but pure happiness might be a good way to put it. 

“Me?? Yes yes yes! Let’s go!”

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The guilt that overcame Jimin when those small eyes looked up at him was unbearable. He had only just twisted his ankle yesterday at dance practice and just walking around the show ground had been enough to put him into pain, little lone being on unstable ground, jumping…

“I’m really sorry, my ankle is really sore. BUT I promise that I will bring you back once it’s better and we can go on it for as long as you want”

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Taehyung was bouncing with excitement when he spotted the huge jumping castle, so when your niece looked up at him with big eyes and a bright smile asking if he would go on it with her, he was more than ready. 

“Hell to the YES! LET’S GO!!”

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It wasn’t a matter of if Jungkook would go on the jumping castle with your little sister, but a matter of who would ask first. Both of them had been throwing glances at the big inflatable and then back at each other, but neither had yet to say anything.

“Hmm I wonder who could jump the highest if they were to go into the jumping castle..” if anyone thought Jungkook was competitive, they had yet to meet your younger sister.

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