hmm what is it

What's Writers Block Like?

Imagine… hmm… imagine eating a piece of cake… but someone takes it away before you finish it… and they lock it in a safe… which gets locked in a safe. Basically a bunch of safes in a safe. They burn the key codes and refuse to tell you and leave. Leaving you to find it out on your own to get that piece of cake with no clue how.

That’s how it feels.

  • Jaune: hey partner
  • Pyrrha: Hmm?
  • Jaune: does the value of one life matter beyond what it is capable of providing to the world or is it a mere sum of the abilities possessed by the life itself
  • Pyrrha: He's doing the thing again.
  • Ren, getting up: Alright, I know what comes next.
  • Nora, leaping into the air: DOG PILE ON JAUNE
  • Jaune: i have fucced up

anonymous asked:

Idk if this counts as a request but I read this fic on your blog where yuuri moves to St. Petersburg with victor and they "break in" the new apartment and now I can't find it, do you know what it is called?

Hmm… I’ve read a lot like these, I’m not sure which specific one you’re talking about!

Anyone know what this fic is?


“Even if you could look me in the eyes and tell me you were leaving him–”

“But Elliot, I-”

Elliot’s head was spinning. They were standing so close, her scent was intoxicating.

“No,” he said roughly, “Why can’t you take no for a fucking answer, Clementine?! You came here in the middle of the night, dressed like that, coming from god knows where, and practically begging me to help you cheat on your fiancee…”

He pulled her arms back down to her sides and took a step closer, clenching his jaw.

“What? Do you get off on that? Hmm?” he growled, his face inches from hers, “You like it when I’m pining for you, knowing I can’t have you? Is that what you want, Clementine? Is it?”

By request (which are open):

Chris Evans helping you when you’re sad:

  • pouting 
    • “Babe, what’s wrong?”
  • trying to get Dodger to cheer you up
    • “Give kisses, buddy.”
  • holding you close to him
    • cuddling
    • stroking your arm and back
    • kissing you all over until you start giggling
  • trying to give you a pep talk
    • “you deserve to be happy”
    • a sad smile while he talks to you
      • “what’s getting you down, honey? hmm?”
        • such an understanding look on his face
  • doing something to distract you
    • baking
      • but you just end up eating the dough while sitting on the floor
        • putting icing on your nose
    • a hike maybe????
      • but then you just end up making out against a tree
        • until dodger barks at you
    • a long car ride
      • music blasting
        • he sings at the top of his lungs and holds your hands
  • he just wants you to laugh and be happy
    • making a fool of himself 
      • telling stupid jokes
      • or doing a stupid dance
      • or singing badly

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Aphrodite and Artemis? :3

Aphrodite: What do you love most about yourself?

Hmm, I do love that I’m open-minded. I come from a very strict-thinking family, but I’ve learned to see things from different points of view. Even if I can’t agree with someone I can at least try to understand them. 

Artemis: What are you hunting for in life?

Y’know, it sounds silly but I think I’m just hunting for happiness. At first I thought maybe understanding but…. even though I’m curious, sometimes things just aren’t worth prying into?

Honestly, I want to be happy. And I want to share that happiness with others :)

I got several annoying things  need to do today so starting out with a silly fun tag seems nice. I was tagged by @adrielswitchyways thank you <3

1. Are you a religious witch? Which religion? I’m casually religious I suppose. I favor the Norse pantheon, specifically Freyja.

2. What is your preferred herbs? hmm I like rose petals and clove and rosemary. 

3. What is your preferred gem? Quartz. any kind.

4. Do you do divination? Which kind? Tarot mostly. I like black mirror scrying too, but I need to make myself a good one. OH and my letter tiles. 

5. Favorite Tarot card? the lovers. typical of me :P  

6. To Curse or not to Curse? for me personally, curse. I’m good at it and if I wanna do it, it means there’s a good reason.

7. Do you have a familiar? nope. 

8. Favorite candle color? I probably use pink most often, followed by green and black. my favorite candles are the pretty ones with herbs and glitter in them lol

9. Favorite rune? dunno! I never practiced enough with them. 

10. Do you celebrate the solstices, full moons, etc? Not really. I know I notice every time there’s a full moon, I like to kinda take the moonlight in a little and let it kinda cleanse me, but I don’t do that as much lately. Other then that, I usually celebrate October 31st and Yule… any other celebrations are just whenever.

11. Do you wear a pentacle? sometimes! 

12. Do you have a broom? Nope, never had a need for one. If I was ever to get one or make one it would be for decoration :P

13. Do you have a pendulum? Yeah, a pretty quatrz one. 

14. Do you have an athame? nope, but I’d never say no to a cool knife.

15. How often do you meditate? I need to start doing it daily.

16. Do you do yoga? Another thing I need to do more often. Mostly for my mental health, it’s not a spiritual thing for me. 

17. Whats your favorite herbal tea? any fruity teas are good.

18. Do you support manipulation magic? sure. 

19. How many altars do you have? Just a small one on my bookshelf, because there’s not much room for a normal one, especially not a working altar like I’d like. But oh well, that’s something for when we move I suppose. 

20. Do you do magic outside often? Not really. When I’m out and about in nature, it’s mostly to enjoy myself and recharge and whatnot. I’m more of an urban witch anyway.

21. Can you read palms, or tea leaves? nope.

22. Would you ever open your own metaphysics shop? ehhhh I don’t know xD it seems like a lot of work.

23. Is your third eye open? I don’t know what it means to have an open third eye, so I have no idea. 

24. Do you like Astrology? Whats your sign? I like astrology! my sign is Taurus. 

25. Favorite flower? Or Tree? I love all kinda of flowers. Peonies and roses are kinda up there!

26. Do you have an animal guide? hmmmm. not that I can remember. To be fair, I’m spiritually blocked lately and I forget things. 

27. Whats your favorite kind of magic? Sympathetic magic, I think! and I looove making spell jars.

28. What time do you feel most like a witch? When I’m walking powerfully and with purpose down the streets of a city. Sounds kinda simple but it’s a specific and magic feeling. 

29. Are you out of the broom closet? Pretty much. 

30. Are you a hereditary witch? Or self discovered? No one’s really hereditary though. You can’t be like “Oh I’m 25 percent witch on my mom’s side” cause like, witchcraft is something you choose.

31. Are you in a coven? Or solitary? I am in an online coven (I created it actually), and I’m so happy I am, too. One of the coolest things that’s happened to me <3

32. Do you want to be in a coven? How big? I like smaller covens. BTW no one HAS to be in a coven. Solitary is fine too. My coven is more like a supportive study group. 

33. When did you become a witch? it’s been a decade now. 

34. Do you make your own spells? Yep, and if I do use someone else’s spell, I’ll usually make it my own in some way.

35. Do you make your own sigils? Yeah I love sigils. I make a lot of them.

36. Why did you choose this path? At risk of sounding like a Bad Slytherin, I like the feeling of power. Not so much over others, but for myself.

37. Whats your favorite element? earth. and water. 

38. Do you do any misc. magic? uhhh I don’t know what would fall under misc magic. I do some spirit work, does that count? I have a spirit buddy, Grinner, although I’ve been neglecting him like I’ve neglected everyone in my life lately. 

39. Magic or things you will never do? There’s not much I wouldn’t do. I stay away from appropriation and killing animals… but anything else is okay.

40. Strangest way a spell backfired? An old boyfriend (my first boyfriend actually, my first love) broke my heart pretty bad. He was stupid then, a kid like kids are. But I was livid, and I cursed him, and although I know he got some of it, I got a lot too. I got flu-sick for like a month before I nullified the curse. OH and there was a stupid stupid stupid love spell I did on a different guy… he turned all creepy stalker-ish. I should have known better. But I do now. I don’t regret what I did. 

fluffyangstwriter  asked:

His laugh is adorable c: Hmm.. what inspired you to start this blog? 😁

Oh good question!! & ofc i love blue exorcist but before I had this blog I used to have an Instagram account for aoex posts but I had like 71 followers or something so I gave it up (I still use it but only for looking at memes cause uno memes are great) but I also used to write fanfiction but I stopped doing that and I was following a blog (and still am, there one my favourites) I think they’re called aonoscenarios or something? If she german person? I feel bad because I love their blog sm and I can’t even remember there name? Anyways they inspired me to create this blog

modern dregs in high school would make the most interesting squad. they’d represent everyone, their friendships completely demolishing societal barriers. like there’s that one kid with a serious glare, stuck in an everlasting emo phase who only wears black and never talks in class but is actually a lowkey nerd that practices magic in secret.

there’s an adorable but nauseating on again off again couple consisting of the loud mouthed and breathtakingly beautiful homecoming queen who has the whole school under her spell and the moody but talented star athlete who’s never done anything wrong in his life except for getting caught making out under the bleachers.

there’s also the socially awkward, perpetually mistaken for a freshman, straight A’s all of his life band kid that blushes and stutters at any sort of attention. he dates the most charming boy in school that treats the world like a stage (and he’s some sort of one man show), who’s now betting on luck to get him into college because his inability to sit still and focus makes his grades suffer.

there’s even a shady foreign exchange student that once accidentally on purpose set his lab station on fire and put it on snapchat, nearly getting expelled until he lied about not being able to comprehend the lesson.

and lastly there’s the quiet girl that spent so much of her time buried beneath books in the library no one knew she existed until she launched an anti-bully campaign that went viral because she publicly called out the school’s principal for doing nothing disciplinary about the harassment. now she’s the student body president and might be dating the emo kid?? who knows?? they’re good with secrets.


heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing