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Chapter 13 Behind the Scenes 2

Ardyn: “Come back soon, won’t you?”

Ardyn: “I…shall have fun with your friends while we wait.”

(the greatest collage I have ever seen)

Noctis: “He really did spend that 10 years having fun…”
Ardyn: “So what’s your type?”
Gladio: “Hmm, y’know…” 

Imagine Your OTP

Person A has the hiccups that are rather annoying and make it harder for them to finish their work, to which Person B has noticed.

Person B: “Are you all right Person A?”

Person A: “Yes, it just these confounded hiccups that are the problem.”

Person B: (looks at them then smiles) “I might have an idea~

Person A: “Hmm what is-” 

(Person B kisses them which shocks Person A since they aren’t together yet though Person A is already in love with them)

Person A: (with a shocked yet love-struck expression) “Oh~”

Person B: (realizes what they did and blushes) “W-well it would seem your hiccups are gone. Good day Person A (Then goes in a hurry with a twitched side smile and mutters) “I love you~

Okay but this pic lowkey looks like they just got done messing around lmfaoooo

but my lovely southern trio <33

the sketch and lineart for this are under the cut (’: thought I’d share them

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What's something you think Scott would never do?

Man, Scott’s pretty fearless so that list is kinda short.

One of the rules I have for my interpretation of Scott is that he’s never an asshole to his brothers. In my universe anyway, he’s raised those four boys almost single-handedly at some points in his life. I’m pretty sure he will have made promises to their father and to each lil brother in turn that he’d move heaven and earth to keep them safe. So why would he be an asshole to any of them? That crap’s only cool in fictional stories. In real life it’s terrifying and exhausting and can border on assault when someone a foot taller and a lot stronger than you yells at you.

Scott’s got flaws for sure. He’s hot headed and impulsive but one thing he is NOT is an asshole. I don’t think he’d ever shout at his brothers. What right has he got to do that? I imagine they all volunteered for International Rescue and any one of them could turn around and walk away if Scott started being a dick.

So yeah. My boy likes to borrow plaid shirts and tease them sometimes if one of them’s being a giant nerd over Space Trek, but he’s not a dick and never will be. That’s canon.

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62 (Michael to Sara)

“Please, don’t cry.”

               Michael runs his thumb across the back of Sara’s hand as they walk, moonlight lighting the small walkway through the park. “I love this time of year,” she glances up at him, “The cool air, leaves of so many colors.” She leans on his shoulder, “Fall has always been my favorite.”

               He smiles down at her, pressing a kiss against her crown. “I think I’m looking forward to winter, I’ve had enough heat for a while.” She laughs at that, and he just clasps her hands more firmly in his. “Sara, I…wanted to ask you something.”

               “Hmm?” she looks up at him, “What’s on your mind Michael?”

               He takes a step away, then turns to face her, sliding down to one knee. “Will you marry me?”

               “Michael,” she’s looking down at him, smile tugging at her lips. “we are married.”

               “I know,” he remains on his knee, reaching into his jacket. “But that was the beginning of so much hurt…” he pulls out a box, flipping it open to reveal a ring that looks just like her grandmothers. “Will you marry me again?”

               She nods eagerly, “Yes” she offers her hand which he gently slips the ring onto. “Of course I will.”

               She tugs at his wrist so he stands, her hands slipping into his again. “We’ll do it properly this time, church, friends and family.”

               She’s smiling, “How about our backyard? Just those closest to us?”

               “Whatever you want,” he leans in, but stops just short of a kiss. “Hey,” there’s concern in his voice, reaching up to brush tears away with his thumb. “don’t cry…this was supposed to be a happy-”

               “I am Michael,” she offers a watery laugh, reaching up to cup his face. “You know as well as I do that tears do not always mean sadness.”

               He nods, pressing his forehead to hers. “I still don’t like seeing you with tears on your cheeks.”

               “Just kiss me Michael,” she leans up, lips hovering near his.

               He just smiles, leaning in to kiss her softly. “As you wish.”

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Thank you for all your jonerys posts. I thought I was the only one who shipped them

my man, my pal, my dude, my anon - you’re absolutely not alone (and i guarantee you, more people will jump on this ship very soon), i admit i stopped watching the show about two years ago because i missed one season and before i was able to catch up i missed another one but jon and dany were my otp since i’ve read the books years ago, i remember looking up what the “asoiaf” means and i was like “hmm, ice and fire, so dany and jon right?” it was so simple and yet so brilliant. these two are legends. and right now the fandom here (seriously check out reddit and youtube, people are so into jonerys there) is small, but quickly growing and it’s beautiful, so yeah, thank you so much for kind words, i’m not stopping with jonerys anytime soon :)

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Hey Momma. So, i recently got a new mic and ive been recording a few song covers. I want to have feedback, but im too nervous to upload it anywhere or share it. Its a dilemma and i dont know what to do.

Hmm, is there someone you trust to give feeback? A friend, family member, even someone in the same interest as you. 
Uploading is a big step, but if you get one up and see how people react, it’ll be a good way to evolve your covers.