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[M] Learning Curve.

Pairing: Jungkook / Reader

Summary: Submission doesn’t suit everyone and, as far as Jungkook is concerned, you wear it better than he does. 

Count: 8.4K 

Warning(s): Smut, Sub!kook but also Dom!kook (lmfao pls forgive me), dirty talk, spanking, and a pinch orgasm denial because who wouldn’t want to watch Jungkook squirm. 

A/N: Just leave me alone to die.

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If you had to guess Jungkook’s least favorite thing to do, you would say that renouncing his power was likely it. In bed, anyway.

He always made sure to remind you that he was in charge of your pleasure, no matter what the situation. He administered it as generously or as sparingly as he saw fit. It hadn’t always been so, but Jungkook settled into his role as the dominant one quite naturally. 

Evidently though, your leniency had taken its toll on his once obedient nature. You allowed him to grow confident in his ability to disarm you fully with just one brush of his hands over the right parts of your body, or dirty, whispered words against your neck, or the heat of his body pressing against yours. You had become forbearing, allowing him to push the limits of your control until he had effectively slipped it from your grasp entirely.

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phineas and ferb episode


PHINEAS: ferb, what do you want to do today?
FERB: [blinks]
PHINEAS: hmm… you’re right ferb. since there’s no true ‘self’, whatever ‘we’ want to do today is just playing into the social dogma of what can or can’t be done. 
FERB: [thumbs up]


ISABELLA: whatcha doin?
PHINEAS: rejecting the social dogma!
ISABELLA: cool. can i help?
PHINEAS: sure. but i think asking kinda defeats the purpose. i think you just do it.
FERB: [nods]

ISABELLA opens her mouth to speak but is interrupted as BUFORD and BALJEET enter the scene

BALJEET: whatcha doin?
BALJEET: oh, sorry isabella. i did not see you there. 
BALJEET: so. what are you guys doing?
PHINEAS: we don’t know yet. we’re trying to get a little bit nebulous with it today
BUFORD: explain.
PHINEAS: well, is anything we do really our own decision? what’s autonomy like in modern society? we’re trying to get out of that bind. 
BUFORD: sounds to me like you’re just playin into the whole thing, dinnerbell.
BUFORD: you really want to break down social constructs? try something like this.

BUFORD pulls back his arm and delivers a strong punch to the TREE. it rattles and a single leaf floats gracefully down, landing on the tip of phineas’s nose

SYNCHRONIZED, the other children OOH and AHH in reaction


Title: Madeleine

Rating: PG

Timeline: Home Again

Category: MSR

Summary:For the anon who asked: Since you mentioned it, Drabble of Mulder finding Scully’s Darkness Falls jacket while they are in an established relationship?

Author’s Note: These went in a different direction then I had planned, but these things so often do. The title was inspired by Proust’s “madeleine moment.”

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Viktor and his thoughts on Otabek
  • *Viktor sees Otayuri togther Angel Viktor and Demon Viktor appear on his shoulders*
  • Viktor: You're right!
  • Angel: But look how cute and happy Yurio looks!
  • Viktor: He never smiles like that at anyone...
  • Viktor: Yeah I mean he DID kidnap him hmm...
  • Angel: Oh please do you honestly think someone like him would hurt Yurio?
  • Demon: HE COULD!!!
  • Angel: But he doesn't! Sure when Yurio gets married and leaves us for him....
  • Angel: Please Viktor you know you want Yurio to be happy with him or else I wouldn't exist...
  • Angel: From what??? A loving relationship??? A happily ever after??? We didn't call him a Hero for nothing~
  • Demon: ...
  • Viktor: ...
  • Angel: ...
  • Demon: Can we at least act scary and threatening when he's around???
  • Viktor: Pleaseeeeee~ I like seeing him tremble at the sight of me!
  • Angel: Why not? Just make sure Yuuri is with you when you do??? I can only do so much to stop you from trying to kill him...

niru2002  asked:

Hi there, I...uh...have been watching ur comic & animation. They are very great & amazing, especially undertale/Aaus stuffs...well, I just cut to the chase. I've been drawing some comic and I was wondering when u drawing comic, how did u set the resolution of the page. Mine wasn't clear when I upload on tumblr (sorry for being so shy and my bad english, I really really like ur artwork)

Hmm I’m not sure If I’m uploading in the right way, but I usually post comic pages in 900px width and 720px height for little pics like the UVS studio comics D:

Double Date

Here is my Captain Swan Secret Valentine gift for the lovely @kmomof4​!

Summary: When Emma goes on a double date with her best friend, Elsa, and Elsa’s boyfriend, Liam, she certainly doesn’t expect that her date will be Killian Jones, a man she detests for his ability to occasionally defeat her in court.

Emma’s footsteps echoed through the hallway as she left the courtroom at a consistent, brisk pace. When she was halfway to the exit, she heard the sound of someone running behind her. She picked up the pace slightly and grimaced.

“Come on, Swan. Don’t be like that.”

When she realized she could not outpace the man behind her, she swiveled on her left heel and found Killian Jones standing two feet away from her, panting slightly. He had already loosened his tie and undone the top button on his shirt.

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to say you did well. Is that a crime?”

“Hmm. Let me think about it,” Emma responded, tilting her head slightly to the right and looking pensively up and down the man in front of her. She certainly didn’t mind the perusal. When she reached his face, she noted that he seemed amused as well. Straightening again, Emma finished, “I’m sure I can find a reason to prosecute you.”

“Why, Miss Swan,” Killian responded, moving forward slowly, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you just wanted to see me with a pair of handcuffs.”

Before Emma gave herself a moment to picture what Killian might do with those, she said, “Good thing you know me then.”

With that, she turned back around and headed toward the exit. This time, the footsteps didn’t sound behind her.

“Swan,” Killian said loudly as Emma continued walking with a confident clack-clack of her heels on the white marble. “It’s bad form to walk away from someone in the middle of a conversation. I thought we were getting somewhere.”

Emma was glad that she was walking away from Killian. That way, she knew he couldn’t see the small smile and slight flush that she felt on her face. Later, she would attribute the flush to the sudden chilly wind that hit her as she left the warm building and faced the winter weather. The smile, however, she couldn’t explain – at least not in a way that she liked.

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Gonta, Junko and Ouma Friendship Event

Gonta Gokuhara: Ah-, Good morning. I remember you’re from another class… erm, Enoshima-san… right?

Junko Enoshima (queen sprite): You say you have nothing but a vague recollention of My Majesty, the very anthropomorphication of charisma, the world’s center of attention! Those are fighting words, feral boy!

Gonta Gokuhara: S-sorry! I’ll properly remember you next time-!

Kokichi Ouma: Good morning, Gonta, what a beautiful day! By the who is this haughty girl? Is she from our school?

Ah, such a cocky blonde can only be Iruma-chan. But Iruma-chan, you look very different today~.

Junko Enoshima (mushroom sprite): You compare to Iruma-san of all people?… This is so despairing that it makes me want to die…

Gonta Gokuhara: D-don’t say something so sad! Cheer up, Enoshima-san-!

Kokichi Ouma: Yup, you’re Enoshima-chan. No way I would forget my beloved Enoshima-chan.

Yeah, Enoshima-chan was my first guess…but… hmm, hm…

Sorry, did you always look like that!? We don’t talk much so I can’t be sure!

Junko Enoshima (moeblob sprite): Huuuuuh, aren’t a meanie. Ever since I was born, I have always been this drop dead gorgeous!

Gonta Gokuhara: Ouma-kun… Saying those kind of things to a lady is not gentlemanly!

Junko Enoshima: But Ouma’s doubt might be a valid one.It’s not particularly unusual to see various people with the same appearance, you see.

Gonta Gokuhara: Huh-? Really? But there’s only one Enoshima-chan, right?

Kokichi Ouma:  No way could be 2 or 3 people as flashy as her! She’s no Togami-chan!

Gonta Gokuhara: Huh-, there are 2 or 3 Togami-kuns-?

Junko Enoshima (librarian sprite): I have a twin, an impostor and an alter-ego, totalling 4 individuals with my face. That is a lie, however.

Kokichi Ouma: Wait, don’t copy my lying thing~! I’ll get mad, even if it was my bestest friend Enoshima-san!

Gonta Gokuhara: Uuuuggh-, Gonta has no idea what’s going on anymore… There’s only one Gonta, right?

Junko Enoshima: Don’t worry, there can’t be anyone else as easy to fool as you~! 

Such a Joker (22/?)

Jim POV:

“Valeska has red hair, crazy laugh. Might be rolling with a pretty young number.” Harvey says to a suspect mentioning my daughter in the process. I clench my fist and breath deeply.

“I-I don’t know anything.” The man says scared. “You believe him?” “ Nope.” “Me neither.” “It’s the truth! But, hey, I-I can help you guys, you know, spread the word and stuff.” He says putting his hands up. 

“Valeska killed a friend of ours. Anybody hides him, anybody protects him, they go down, too, you got it? Now spread the word! Harvey yells.

I go sit at my desk and rest my head in my hands. “Ugh (y/n) what have you gotten yourself into?”

(Y/n) POV: 
Jerome, Tabatha, and I go to visit Jerome’s father. We stand in his apartment snooping when the door opens.

“Who’s there? I know someone’s there.” The old man says in his scratchy voice.

Jerome jumps and cover the mans mouth. “Hi-ya, Pops. Long time no see.” I giggle at his bad pun. “Good one baby!” “Thanks dollface.” Jerome winks at me.

We place old man in a chair tied down. “So, how you doing? Ah, the silent treatment, eh? Here, I’ll tell you a story. You remember Kansas City, Dad? The circus went through town every spring right around my birthday. There was this guy.
Him and my mom used to drink and fornicate and beat the crap out of me. They’d make a whole night out of it. And I remember one time it was my ninth birthday him and my mom had just finished round one of boozing, boning, beating up Jerome, and were deciding to take a little break. Anyway Mm. I was outside the trailer, and you were there.
And you said, “Why are you crying, Jerome?” “It’s my birthday. And my mom and the snake guy are beating me. ” then you said, “This world doesn’t care about you “or anyone else, Jerome.
Better to realize that now. ” And that was it.”

I cross my arms over Jerome’s shoulders and hug him. “Such a bad father Mr. Cicero! How could you treat such a nice boy like that?” Jerome kisses my arm. “You see, there’s this guy, Dad. He believes in me. He believes in (y/n) and I. He thinks I’m gonna be a star. And, tonight, all of Gotham will see that, too. Except for you. ‘Cause you’ll be, you know, dead.” Jerome laughs.

“Jerome” his father tries to speak. “Is this the part where you say how sorry you are? Hmm? How you should have believed in me, how it’s not too late to start again? News flash, Dad: it’s too late.” Jerome growls.

“You don’t have to do this.” I laugh throwing my head back. “No. I’m pretty sure he does.” “I was a bad father, but I did love you. To kill me for that.” Jerome rolls his eyes. “That’s not why I’m gonna kill you. Plans to Arkham Asylum. Look at these.
Ah. Letters between you and your troubled son.
Innocent at first glance, but Detective Gordon you remember him, right? he’ll feel little bumps. A secret message written in Braille between you and your son, discussing my escape. Finally, the knockout gas used to disable the orderlies.
'Cause, you see, Dad, this guy I was telling you about, he’s the one who broke me out of Arkham.
He doesn’t want anyone to know about that.
Obviously. So the police will find these letters, mmm, and they’ll think, “The blind old fool really loved his son. What a wonderful father.” Oh. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.” Jerome wipes his father’s eyes dramatically.

“They’ll never believe it.” “Ah, sure, they will.
Cops are dumb. Isn’t that right (y/n)?” “Oh the dumbest!” I laugh.

“There’s nothing to eat in this dump. Finish up and let’s go.” Tabitha says frustrated. “Sorry you’re gonna miss my big night, Dad. But, hey, you’re psychic. So, tell me, do I kill?”

“You Will be a curse upon Gotham.
Children will wake from sleeps screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Well say hi to Mom for me.” Jerome says seconds away from stabbing the man’s brains.

“GCPD! GCPD! Mr.Cicero, it’s Detective Gordon.
We need to speak with you about your son.” Jerome motions for me to run out to the fire escape, and I listen not wanting to be caught by my dumb cop father.

Jerome POV:
Jim waddles out of the door all loopy and such. “That gas sure packs a wallop, huh?” He tries to raise his gun at me. “That’s cute.” I laugh and take his gun away only for him to place his hands around my neck. “I’m sensing anger.” I say laughing. “You killed Sarah Essen. Now I’m gonna kill you.” “Correction! Your daughter pulled that trigger! Ah she’s a good girl Gordon. Let her be free!” I laugh and point the gun at his head.

“Don’t shoot him. How about a little flesh wound?” Tabatha says kicking him in the face and knocking him cold.

(Y/n) POV:
I brush my dress down getting all the wrinkles out so it lays flat and nice against my body. “Hmm someone looks delicious!” Jerome says kissing my neck and rubbing his hands all over my sides. “Well you know. Only the best.” “Only if I could take you out of this. Oh you don’t know what I’d do.” “3 years of fucking and something new? Surprise me.” I say wrapping my arms around him and bringing his lips to mine. “Hm that comes later tonight babygirl. To celebrate our victory! Now let’s get going. Don’t want to be late baby. Can’t miss the show!” He laughs and drags me oh the door.

When we get to the banquet Jerome, Barbara and I go through the back door. “Get the magician.” I say to Babs. As the magician that is supposed to perform tonight walk through the door we tackle him and tie him up placing him in a chest.

“Thank you for filling in on such short notice.
But how did you hear our magician dropped out Mr?” “Rodolfo. Well, you know, magic.” Jerome says in his ridiculous accent. “Oh, I won’t be needing that.” Jerome says and we shut the chest.

I walk over to J and adjust his suit. “Be careful out there J. Give them the best show they’ve ever seen!” “Oh no problem there baby. Stay back here. I don’t want you getting caught.” I tug on his suit smirking. “Yes sir.”

“Without further ado, please allow me to present to you the Great Rodolfo.”

“Ha! Greetings, ladies and germs! I am indeed the Great Rodolfo. Please ogle my lovely assistant.
Ooh! For my first act, I’ll require a volunteer. Let me see. Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck goose!” Jerome points to Bruce Wayne.

Babs goes out into the crowd and brings him back. “Hello, young man. Does this handsome gentleman have a name?” “Bruce.” “Bruce! Well, Bruce, this won’t hurt a bit. Is there a doctor in the house?”

Jerome sticks one of the blades in the box along with the other one getting the audience to gasp and applauded him. “Give ‘em a wave. Some people say Bruce has a split personality. For my next illusion, I’d like to call to the stage esteemed Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane.”

From then on all hell breaks loose. Jerome kills the deputy mayor and gunfire is started along with the rest of the show because who can stop at just there? Ha! Not J.

Lee’s phone rings and Jerome picks it up. He ten looks at me and smiles. “Are you outside? You are, aren’t you? Oh, goody! I swear to God, if you’ve hurt her Breathe, James. I haven’t touched a hair on your girlfriend’s pretty head. See for yourself.
This is live television after all. The feed just came back.”

“True, but not the point. Hey, let’s talk about what I want. $47 million, a helicopter, obviously, the dry cleaning I left at Mr. Chang’s be careful, the man is a crook, your daughter and I to live happily ever after and, mm, I don’t know, a pony. Uh You got ten minutes, or I start killing people. Remember, this is being broadcast to every home in Gotham, so, you know, don’t let people die. Bye.” Jerome laughs into the phone and hangs up. “I think that went well.” “Enough! You need to pack up your pathetic little sideshow and leave.” Glavan says walking up to the stage. “Is that right?” Jerome asks with a sexy smirk. “It may be presumptuous to speak for all the citizens of Gotham. But we are sick of you! You’re a small, vicious man with a pathetic need for attention. Enough, man. For God’s sakes, enough.” “I’m curious what your leverage is here, Mr ?” Theo Galavan” “Well, Mr.
Theo Galavan, if you don’t sit down, uh, I’m going to shoot you. In the face.” I know there is some human decency left in you.
you said something about living happily ever after? If you need to take a hostage, take me. But let these people go home to their families, to their children.” Babs hits him over the head knocking him out. “Boring.” “Right?”

Jerome continues to play around with people making me laugh harder behind the curtains. “Hold very still. Oh. I can’t look. Someone tell me how it turns out.” He placed his hand over his eyes and pulls the trigger to the gun only for water to come out. “Damn! Turn around.”

Jerome turns the man around and shoots the Apple off his head. “Well, clap!” Jerome says and immediately the crowd begins to clap.

“Well I think it’s time for tonight’s first official victim, you all know and love, poor rich boy, parents murdered in an alley, and my favorite volunteer.
Where is Bruce Wayne?! You know I’m an orphan, too, Bruce.I killed my parents though. Where are you hiding? Bruce! Where are you, buddy? Kill his butler.”

They get rich boys butler all roughed up. “Last chance, Bruce, but it’s about to get very butler brain out here.”

“I’m bored.” Babs says rolling her eye. “Shoot the butler.” “Stop!” Bruce yells as he steps out.

Jerome places the blade against Bruce’s neck. “Seems like we got ourselves a pickle. What do you say, Brucey boy? Want to boost our ratings, huh? Smile.”

Galavan get up and stride to Jerome. “I said, enough!” Jerome turns around. It all happens so fast. A knife is plunged into my jokersters neck.
“NO!” I scream and run over to him. I fall to my knees beside him while blood spills from his neck and mouth. “Jerome. No. I love you!” I sob over him. “Doll face no tears. Smile. I want to see that beautiful smile.” He places his hand on my cheek and wipes my tears. Seconds. In seconds the light leaves his eyes and his skin grows cold. “No! No! You bastard!” I scream at Galavan.

Jerome’s body is moved out and transferred to the morgue while I am put on expected trial for murder and being insane.

Luckily my father doesn’t have that type of stomach for his own blood. He can’t send me to Arkham. He can’t even send me to a jail cell. That’s why I’ve been sitting in my room for over the past week. Barely eating. Barely breathing.

A knock on my door is heard and second later it’s opened. “Hey sweetie. I got some food if you want it. I know you don’t want to but you need to (y/n). Please for me.” My dad sits on the end of the bed and rubs my calf setting to food on the table.

“I’ll do anything honey. Just say it.” I wipe my eyes and roll over to face him. “I just need time. I need to think. Clear my mind. I need distraction.” “I can get you a job. A job is a great distraction!” “In time daddy. I’ll be ready.” I say flipping on my side again. “Of course (y/n). I’m sorry you’re feeling so low.”

“Daddy wait.” “Yes?” I get up and hug him. “Please don’t send me away.” I say crying into his chest. “Never again. Never.” My father kisses my head crying with me.

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53 with Jungkook in Jimin's lap pretty please!

Decided to write this for Jikook Fluff Week Day 1: Domestic Sunday!!!!

53. “Sit on my lap.” I made a typo at first so sit became sin, yeah sin on my lap

Jungkook yawned as he flipped a pancake with one hand. He and Jimin hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, but he still wanted to do something for his older boyfriend. Jimin had been working over night a lot lately and couldn’t spend time with Jungkook as much as before. This was a rare day off and he was going to make the most of it. 

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Life lessons

This picture gave me all the thoughts… Sorry!

Life Lessons masterlist

Packed lunch? Check.

Book bag? Check.

Sobbing child, clinging on to your leg, who didn’t want to start school? Check.

Sense of guilt that sobbing child hadn’t been able to meet her new teacher when all the other kids had, because you couldn’t get the time off work to attend the open day, and there’s no other parent around to take her? Oh yes, check.

Usual sense of guilt at being a single parent, assuaged by adding an extra chocolate biscuit to lunch bag? Check. Sigh.

Additional guilt at attempting to overcome first guilt with bribery and food. *Deep breath*. Yeah, got that one covered.

Overwhelming urge to turn to drink even though it’s not yet 9am? Check and CHECK.

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Chaos and Adventure (ME Fic)

I was @qbert0​‘s Holiday Harbinger gifter, and wanted to write something to go with the dice bag. You mentioned that you liked fShep/Liara and Garrus/Tali as a secondary pairing, that you enjoyed the whole gang’s adventures in the Citadel DLC, and requested no heavy emotional angst, so I tried to write a bit of fluff that captured some of those themes. It was a fun piece to write and I hope you enjoy it!

Post-game, ambiguous as to ending but Shepard is alive, pretty much pure fluff.

Judging from the length of the line outside, the rebuilt Ryuusei’s Sushi Bar was even popular than the old one. Even in civvies, Shepard was quickly recognized and waved to the front of the line. Liara had wondered if she would prove to be on some sort of restaurant blacklist, but if the maître d’ was aware of Shepard’s role in the demise of the sushi bar’s previous incarnation, she gave no sign. “Welcome, ma’am, Ryuusei’s is honored to have you,” she said smoothly. “This way, please, the rest of your party is waiting for you.”

Liara took a moment to look over the place. The renovation had been extensive (and doubtless expensive). Fish swam contentedly below her feet, unaware of the tragic fate of their predecessors. The wood paneling was carefully aged as if to suggest that the restaurant had been in continuous operation for decades, and certainly had not been invaded by mercenaries or swarming with Reapers at any point.

The maître d’s brow was furrowed in a look Liara had learned to interpret as impatience. She fell in beside Shepard as they made their way across the restaurant. Garrus Vakarian gave a quick wave from across the way – of course, he had spotted them first. Tali’Zorah’s attention appeared to be completely absorbed by the “NEW Dextro Menu!” in her hands, but she quickly glanced up as the maître d’ pulled out Shepard and Liara’s chairs.

“Shepard! Liara!” she said. “It’s so good to see you!” Liara didn’t need to be able to see Tali’s face to know that she was smiling. “It’s been too long.”

“Well, if some people could tear themselves away from their homeworlds more often…” Shepard said teasingly.

Garrus spread his hands. “You know how it is, Shepard,” he said ruefully. “One meeting after another, datapad after datapad filled with decisions to be made… It’s enough to make a turian think about resuming his vigilante career. I’d have thought the Reaper advisor would be, eh, off the hook with the Reapers gone…”

“Ah, ah!” Tali waved a finger in mock indignation. “No Reaper talk.”

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Out of Your League (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Word Count: 1012

Request/Summary: “Hercules x reader 5 and 38″ - @hydroartitst444​ 

Prompt List  |  Ask Box  |  Masterlist

AU: Modern

Warnings: None

A/N-I’m sorry this ended up having so much Leggy, I couldn’t resist my ship.

“They’re cute, you should ask them out.” Alexander’s voice in Hercules’ ear dragged him out of his daze.

“Way out of my league.” Hercules responded, continuing to stare at the person across the room.

“Okay, can you at least stop staring? It’s kinda creepy.” John commented. Herc straightened his posture and turned to look at his friends.

“Who?” Peggy asked, leaning into Lafayette and throwing her head back to finish off whatever fruity drink was in her hand. He ducked his head down to kiss the top of her head.

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I’m Not Sorry (Logan/Rogers x reader)

Request: Will you do a Steve/Logan aka Wolverine reader fic where you are a mutant with the power of immortality/invulnerability and you had a relationship with Logan in the past but you were devastated when you thought he died and years later you’re an Avenger and in a relationship with Steve and he asks about Logan and you tell him that he’s dead and you’re over him but really you know he’s alive and you visit him and Steve finds out please you and Logan are just really good friends

This is a bad idea.

Your hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly that the color was stripped from your skin, leaving them pale and cold with nothing more than an aching tingling in them to let you know that you still had a hold.  It would have been easier and faster to fly to where Logan was last known to be in Minnesota, but it also would have been easier to track.  You had left the compound hours before without telling anyone where you were going, without telling Steve, and every minute that passed left you with an overwhelming anxiety that the phone would ring to find him angry on the other end of the line.  

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I read your theory and it got me thinking that in s3, when Even "looked" like he was messing w/ Isak meaning he was the bad guy, no good for Isak, was a user, etc. That was bad impression that people thought of him. And look how that turned out for them? He was good guy all along with a good reason why he did what he did. Look at Yousef? He's good guy and gave hella of impression, right? So that means... later on, he'll look less and less perfect. Something we'd never thought of him? Hmm.

Oh my gosh bless you my gorgeous angel <3 this is exactly what I have been trying to say but i’m not sure if it’s been making sense until you just cleared it all up so beautifully. 

thank the heavens for you seriously. 

I don’t think I need to add much to this because you have just said everything that I believe in the most about what’s happening right now. Yousef is too perfect. there is nothing suss about him which is what makes him suss. 

he is set up as this beautiful domestic caring boy who is into Sana….and it is because of this that I think this impression of him is going to be completely smashed. 

Just like our negative perception of Even was smashed apart and we got the truth. 

Julie likes to do a 180 and prove us wrong.

wanna know why? 

because it fits into this idea that most of the time when you meet someone you misunderstand them because you don’t know who they are or what their going through. So by making us believe a character is one thing, just to prove that they are so much more, is so powerful for us to continuously learn and experience. 

Roommates With Benefits

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{this leaf boi is evil… but we all know: love is evil backwards}

[leafyishere x reader]

TITLE: roommates with benefits

GENRE: smut, fluff

WORDS: 4 879

WARNING: mature-ass content, filthy dirtiness, sinful, fuck, escape now

AUTHOR: leafyisherefics

REQUEST  Anonymous said: Okay I have a request 😏 You and Leafy are roommates in college and you both like each other, so one day you guys are studying together and it leads to sex😂Yeah, but I’m not into daddy stuff or dominance kink stuff. Yeah so uh I’ll be checking to see when it’s done 😏 Thank you!

Your name: submit What is this?

You hurriedly wrote down the notes that the teacher had somehow written on to the whiteboard in inhuman speed, your finger starting to hurt from writing in your notebook for forty-five minutes straight.

Several students in the classroom had already grown bored of listening to whatever repetitive and boring history-stuff the teacher was on about and had started whispering and even watching videos on their phones. But you were determined to get all the notes since you really needed a good grade on the next test.

“Could you pass the eraser?” Calvin, who was sitting on the seat next to you, asked, but you would not let it disturb your concentration.

“Help yourself.” You were quick to answer, unconsciously biting your lip as your head swung up and down, changing focus from notebook to whiteboard in a steady rhythm.

Calvin slightly stretched over and grabbed the eraser as you had to tilt a little to the side since he got a little in the way. You thought you heard a small giggle on your right, but ignored it completely.

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December 16, 1991 (Tony Stark x reader)

Not a request, just my sick mind at play.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

Tony closed his eyes and grimaced, knowing exactly what was happening on the screen in front of him, having had seen this scene replayed at least a hundred times now.  He wasn’t sure why he had made sure to take it from the base in Siberia, and really wasn’t sure why it had become a part of his daily life to watch it at any given point in his day, but he only knew that he couldn’t stop.  It was like some masochistic addiction that his mind wouldn’t allow him reprieve from, filling a need within himself that could never be satiated.

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vampire series • chapter one

alrightttt , so here’s the first chapter. it’s significance is so small, it’s just for you to get an idea of how life is for both groups before everything starts to happen and things like that. it’s not exciting but I still hope you like it -

Jeon Jungkook was simply different, that much was obvious.

Unbelievably intelligent; vampire compulsions, instincts permanently wove into the lobes of his brain, seared into his only functioning organ the second he was bitten that late night in the alley behind the café, but the unusual part was the affection, sentiment, warmth he felt smear along the insides of his vacant chest and charge through every void blood vessel, all of the uncontrollable, intense emotions he experienced that were triggered moments after the slightest glance towards one human, you.

It wasn’t abnormal, for a vampire’s dark world of murderous desires and other messy articles of such to abruptly plunge into the disastrous pits of infatuation because of a mere mortal. Living figures with thumping hearts and blood-stuffed veins unknowingly had the ability of making the edges of that same dark world tremble, quiver, convulse with one twinkling flash of their teeth in a single brilliant smile. However, Jungkook’s world didn’t exactly plunge; he unexpectedly tumbled into the ditch and bounced painfully back and forth off the walls until the bottom was reached, but then he heard the effortless, beautiful tune of your voice and he was sinking hopelessly deeper beneath the base of the pit, hands desperately scratching at the surface for anything, for you. He’d only seen you for one minute, listened to you speak for less than that then you were gone, yet he was already drowning in everything involving you.

Present Day; 1.54 am

His stiff spine was crying out to be straightened from being balanced against the solid wall behind his bed for too long, hunched over in the same position in his dark bedroom since you had fallen asleep four hours ago. Comfortably wrapped up in the bone-chilling embrace of him underneath the feather blankets draped over your bed, your breathing went calm with relaxation but not before Jungkook’s ears pricked up at the soft murmur of I love you that slipped from the rosy flesh of your lips. He froze and chills shook him deep until he was uncharacteristically shuddering in his thin layer of icy skin, a tangle of envy and insecurity weighing down on his absent heart and the more he replayed the words in his head, remembered who they were whispered to and harshly reminded himself that it wasn’t him, it wasn’t long before he was sniffling and trying to keep his lips from quivering.

Jungkook heard the exhausted sigh of his father in the room beside his own and quickly wiped at his damp face when faint footsteps creaked a path over the old hardwood flooring of the hallway. His father padded in on quiet socked feet and wore revealing boxer briefs that hung loose on his slim hips, nudged the door closed behind him to notify Jungkook that he wasn’t going to leave possibly for the rest of the night; however long it took to soothe his troubled youngest. Again.

Namjoon shuffled closer to the edge of the mattress, Jungkook’s head tilting back with how tall he stood over him, wet eyes shining over under a ray of moonlight peeking in from the cracked blinds and giving his father all he needed to tug at the thick blanket tucked away beneath the bed and mutter for the teen to lay down. Without moving, he follows the movements of his leader as he cuts the swirling breeze off by closing and locking the window, twisting the blinds shut so the outside couldn’t be seen. Jungkook wanted to protest, he needed to see you when you got up to use the bathroom in a few hours like you did every night or when the time came for you to wake up at ten, but one stern look from Namjoon had him keeping his lips pressed tightly together and his hands bracing themselves to hoist his heavy body up and shimmy down the bed. Once he’s properly laid out, Namjoon flaps the blanket loose from its enfolding and cloaks the younger child in as much warmth as he was capable of feeling, made sure he was swathed completely from his toes to his collarbones before gripping the back of Jungkook’s desk chair and rolling it closer.

“You don’t need-“He tried to stop his father from sinking into the worn leather of the seat but he wasn’t acknowledged until Namjoon was sat too straight to be comfortable and curious eyes were locked onto him, hands neatly folded over his bare stomach. Jungkook respectfully averted his gaze and sucked his lip into his mouth. “I’m fine if you want to go back,”

“I’ll rest right here for tonight.”

There were no spaces between the raspy voice for disagreement so Jungkook didn’t attempt to reply, nervously nibbled at the skin on the inside of his cheek to distract himself from his dad prying into his thoughts. When he does finally move his eyes back up, he flinches when he finds his father’s face a few inches from his own. The invasion of personal space, especially so suddenly, effectively would’ve sent his heart jumping into his throat in shock if he had had one. His eyes squeeze shut and his head turns away in an instinctual cower when his father’s arm raises and moves toward him. He’s embarrassed when the feeling of firm knuckles carefully and quickly swipe along his still slick cheekbone, just beneath the smooth arch of his eye, retreating back as fast as they had appeared once Namjoon was satisfied with dry skin. The chair squeaks as he leans back, burrows himself further into the stiff cushion while waiting for his son to turn his way and extract from hiding in his shoulder.

“I thought you-”

Namjoon shakes his head in dismissal, having already listened to the full sentence form inside Jungkook’s mind and disliking the fact that it would even cross over in his thoughts that Namjoon could ever be abusive, especially to him. His youngest, his most protected, his most cherished, most watched over. Which was precisely why he was going to stay perched right in his current spot until he knew for sure he was okay, was thinking about something other than you when it was only causing pain for himself, instead of being a decent father and separating his growling twins that were fighting like children over what movie to watch in the living room.

He should transfer thoughts into their minds, should yell at them to shut the fuck up because if they woke his human before he got his needed eight hours, he would break each of their bones torturously until they learned their lesson, and they didn’t heal unless he allowed them to. Jungkook on the other hand, he’d simply flash his pearly fangs at him in a half ass warning but leave it at that because not only did he unconditionally love him too much to ever hurt him, his human did as well and one threatening gesture thrown the teenager’s way would have Namjoon scolded into the next year.


“Hmm,” A questioning hum vibrating his throat, Namjoon’s tired eyes peel open and slide to meet Jungkook’s own wide, innocent ones.

“Are you sleeping,”

“Can’t sleep Bunny, haven’t since I was put on Earth,”

“Right, sorry,”

Namjoon’s eyebrows pull together in interest at the way his son fidgets around beneath the itchy quilt in a manner to pass the time and distract himself from the deafening silence or you, Namjoon wasn’t sure. But he didn’t stop him, tilted his head and silently watched him spin and roll and readjust himself a hundred times and more, until Namjoon slipped his eyes back shut and decided to listen. As long as he wasn’t crying over you anymore, Namjoon could peacefully rest for the time being.

The softest yet coldest fingertip was smoothing over the fine hairs of your eyebrow, tracing along the sharp bridge and flared nostrils of your nose, dipping down into the deep curve of the Cupid’s bow above your plush, parted mouth. Mark’s teeth glow strikingly bright in the otherwise pitch black room when he feels your nose twitch and wiggle beneath his feather light touches, amusement flushing through him at the small noise that escapes you as you’re disturbed from your sleep. You stay tightly tucked away in the seams of your dreamland after sleepily lip smacking and shifting unconsciously closer against his chest, legs weaving themselves between his own under the fluffy blanket messily strewn over you both.


Mark murmurs under his breath and outlines the beams of moonlight that pour in through the glass of the balcony door and dance across your exposed shoulder in pools of silver. He easily counts every fluttering eyelash and glimmering freckle sprinkled over your cheeks, maps out the curvy shape of your lips until they’re permanently scorched into his mind and he can’t help but swiftly stroke his thumb over the supple flesh before leaning in.

Mark’s mouth pressed against yours with the slightest of pressures, your bottom lip slipping perfectly between his and allowing him to gently draw it in, lightly scrape over it with the sharp pointed tips of his fangs. His eyes flick over your creasing eyebrows, thoroughly enjoys the many different emotions you seem to whisk through before your eyelids are snapping open. Your pupils dilate under his intense gaze, looking determined like he wanted to ravish you right then and there, teeth sinking deep enough to sting but not to pierce the skin. Instead, his red orbs are shielded and his fingers curl under your chin to tilt your head up and press closer, kiss harder, linger longer. He breathes the scent of you in until your cherry blossom face wash is burning the inside walls of his nose.

You’re whispering his name into his mouth impatiently and he captures you once again, tightens his hold on your jaw and tugs you closer so his tongue can teasingly brush against the tip of your own, only to retreat back and disappear behind his row of pearly whites. You whine and he smiles into the kiss, a light giggle bubbling up your throat as he playfully nuzzles the tip of your nose with his. He pecks your lips once, then again and again and you bring your hands up to brace over his chest in an attempt to push him back.


You’re pouting and he’s grinning from ear to ear and kissing your cute frown away with a murmur of you are absolutely darling, my human. An unimpressed grunt leaves you next and it causes your boyfriend to chuckle.

The silence surrounds you and his chest rises and falls soothingly beneath your palms, icy cold skin distracting you from the lack of pulse. He’s nosing along your cheek and stamping one last kiss to the corner of your mouth before he’s gathering you and the blanket up into his strong arms and hugging your body against his own.

“I love you,”

You snuggle closer and he sighs, chin propping itself on the top of your head and hand trailing down the curve of your spine to massage small circles into your back and lull you back to sleep.

“I love you, too. Sleep tight love.”

more characters will be introduced next chapter , and some more further along in the series. for right now these four are the most focused. I’m working on chapter two now and planning to have it up tomorrow so you guys don’t have to sit without vampire action for too long.

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Some gymnasts complained about Laudris and Durante wasn't exactly improving results and attempted to release three gymnasts to get scholarships back and shake things up, apparently they've been put back on the team

hmm interesting

I’m interpreting this as meaning 1) gymnasts complained about Laudris so they got fired 2) Durante wasn’t improving results and tried to shake things up with the scholarships which is why she got fired and then 3) they put the gymnasts back on the team to right the wrong basically?

tell me if this isn’t what you mean. that being said:

I’m not sure I agree that Durante wasn’t improving results – This year they just simply didn’t have the talent they did before. I think it’s impressive that they got to nationals at all after the rough beginning and that they got to super six the year before. But, I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes at all.

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Hiya! :D I just wanted to ask... I know your FAQ says you really got into art 5 years ago, but when did you get into animating?

hello~ yep. around 5-6.. im not sure. it all started when my school started giving loads of artsy projects one day. i panicked and tried learning everything in a week. after that, i kept going kek

i started animation a couple of years after (its in my deviantart. i would link it but my gallery is too much cringe. and old memes.)
sample of my old gifs:

^(this is from 2years ago)