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Itachi saying the future of the Uchiha rests with Sakura with a far too knowing look, while she blushes and looks away. What do we make of this Miss Kuri hmm?

*twiddles thumbs*

Who are you talking to nowadays? Who’s keeping you up at night with wonderful things to say? What do your nights look like?
—  🖤
I’ve missed hearing from you. But I really miss the days when I smiled whenever your name popped up on my phone’s screen. I just never thought that we could reach a point when the thought of you made me a little anxious.
—  🖤

Not when I finally could have you…

Finally did it! the draft had been piling on my computer for a month lol 

This takes place in secret01 episode 6 (I think). i was feeling a bit frustrated since mc didn’t really interact much during the secret episodes. So if the secrets were to have a bad ending, this is what i imagined would happen… i guess? ;;v;;

I’ve been writing and rewriting the words that are supposed to describe how I feel about you now. I don’t hate you, but I don’t love you either. And I don’t love you, but I do care about what happens to you. And I wouldn’t be here to give you the world but I do wish you the best. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to remember us. Do I keep the good memories and all of the words that I really hope you meant when you said them? Or do I hold onto the worst of us as a reminder of who we’d never be?
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A Taste of Your Own Medicine (Draco x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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Request:  Draco imagine where Hufflepuff reader stands up to him and yells at him, much to his surprise, and he begins to form a crush on her because she’s more intriguing than he initially thought? - Anon

The reader is a straight up savage in this

L/N: Last name

H/C: Hair color

E/C: Eye color


As everyone at Hogwarts knew, Draco Malfoy was definitely not one to be nice to people unless they were at his so-called “status.”  Hufflepuffs in particular.  He saw Hufflepuff house to be the ones that were too kind and weak to fight back, which is why he, Blaise, and Goyle picked on them the most.  The professors had also basically given up on trying to stop Draco and his gang.  None of them wanted to deal with the wrath his father, Lucius, knowing the power he held.  Most students that were victims of his bullying got used to it and didn’t bother to do anything about it.  You, however, were getting sick of it.

Today was one of those days where Draco felt like making fun of an innocent person in hopes it would raise his low self-esteem.  To his luck, everyone was being assigned new seats in potions.

Snape was towards the middle of the list.  “Mister Weasley and Miss Brown,” he said in his usual colorless tone and pointed to a table.  Ron shuffled to his seat, with Lavender all giddy very close behind him.  “Hmm… Miss L/N and Mister Malfoy.”

You internally groaned.  Perfect.  Just perfect.

You slumped into your new seat, Draco now next to you.  In the corner of your eye you could see he was looking at you.  You turned around to meet his glance.  He smirked.  You stared at him for a brief moment as to say “try anything and you’re dead.”  

The first half of class was okay.  Neither of you spoke to each other.  Draco had his chin resting in his hands, clearly not interested in whatever Snape was talking about.  Eventually his boredom got to the point when he knew exactly how to cure it. (Or so he thought).

“Hey, L/N,” he whispered.

You rolled your eyes.  You knew what was coming next.  “Leave me alone, Draco.  And my name is Y/N to you.”

“Ooh, feisty one, are we?”

His highly obnoxious games continued for the remainder of class.  He insulted your house tie, friends, Hufflepuff in general, all stuff you had expected.  But then he took it one step too far.

“Your family, all filthy muggles, correct?  Disgraceful.  Mud–”

The sound of your chair screeching backwards interrupted his sentence.  The whole class got even quieter than it already was.  Snape stopped talking.

“Alright, Draco, it’s about time you get a taste of your own medicine.  Just because your Daddy’s boy and you live in a huge mansion does NOT make you better than anyone else here.  You think money can buy happiness, you think just because a witch or wizard is related to a non-magical person that automatically makes them a piece of garbage.  When in reality, you’re the piece of garbage that thinks he can go around making others feel bad about themselves hoping it will make you feel better about yourself.  You think everyone is supposed to love you and bow down to you but the truth is everyone is sick and tired of the crap you give them every single day!”

The whole class stared at you, including Draco.  This was a first for everyone.

“MISS L/N!” Snape yelled.  You were already prepared for what happened next.  “Fifty points from Hufflepuff and detention!”

“Gladly, professor,” you replied smugly and sat back down.


Class ended not too long after that.  You were greeted by Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs–and even a few Slytherins–praising you for standing up to the Draco Malfoy.  Word got around Hogwarts quickly.  When McGonagall got wind of it, she slipped Hufflepuff house those fifty points back–with an additional five.


That night while all the Slytherin boys were sleeping, Draco lay awake, thinking about what had happened in his potions class earlier that day.  That L/N girl had the nerve to speak to me that way?  What a git.  Nobody speaks to a pureblood Malfoy like that.  We’re partners in potions for the rest of the year, I’ll make sure to ruin her reputation.  Maybe get rid of all that beautiful H/C hair… Wait.  Draco, you idiot, it’s not beautiful.  More like a disheveled frizzy mess… Regardless of the way it accents her cheekbones and matches perfectly with her E/C eyes and flows down her neck like a graceful waterfall… Oh God.  You bloody idiot you’ve fallen in LOVE with her!  No… no I can’t let that happen.  A MALFOY NEVER APOLOGIZES!  Well in that case… it looks like you’re going to be the first.

Please let me know what you thought of it! 

Morning kisses -/Fionn Whitehead.

Hi, it’s Tia! I haven’t written in ages, however my love for Harry has been ever growing lately and I’ve kinda, really badly fallen in love with Fionn, hence the imagine! There aren’t many of him, so I thought I’d write one, so I hope you like it! 

Also, if you’d like to request any imagines involving Harry or Fionn, then send them in my ‘ask’.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. x


For Fionn, his whole day consisted of promotional interviews for the movie Dunkirk. Having an early rise at six am, just so he has enough time to get ready and grab some food before he has to leave for his hectic day. His alarm clock sounded, corrupting a loud obnoxious noise in the quiet bedroom that was only filled with his light snoring and the crinkles of the bed sheet from the movement of the both of them. Your left leg was hitched around his waist, while your head rested in the crook of his neck and chest. His chin pressed on the top of your head while his right arm was wrapped loosely around your waist. A groan escaped his mouth as his slumber was disturbed.

“Turn that off, will you,” you groaned while cuddling closer to Fionn’s body.

“Well I would, if I could move but you’re on top of me, and that makes it hard,” he chuckled, then pressed a kiss to the top of your head, smelling the strong aroma of your shampoo from the shower the night before. A muffle of sounds escaped your lips, for where your face was pressed against Fionn’s body, it became unintelligible. You untangled yourself from his and moved to the other side of the bed. Fionn then was able to turn the alarm off and then laid back in his spot on the bed.

“Got a long day today, don’t I?” Fionn asked rhetorically before a sigh escaped his pink tinted lips. You turned to lay on your back and intertwined your fingers in Fionn’s, that being the only thing preventing your proximity being any closer.

“Hmm, you do. I’m gonna miss you all of today, I’ve got no one to hang with today,” you mumbled back while turning your head to look at Fionn, who brought your intertwined hands up to his lips, where he pepped vehement kisses on your knuckles.  

“Hmm, I’m gonna miss you too,” Fionn said while turning his head so that he was looking at you. Your noses brushed against each other, where you locked eyes with his. Fionn moved slightly so that he could kiss your lips. His lips wrapped around yours for a mere second until you pulled away, much to Fionn’s dismay.

“Oi, why you pullin’ away,” Fionn moaned, while he perched himself up on his arm, to get a better look at you.

“Mornin’ breath, not the most delightful smell, is it,” you replied back, before mimicking Fionn’s position so you could look at him better.

“We’ve been together for two bloody years now, you think I care about blimmin’ morning breath,“ Fionn replied while rolling his eyes.

"Yeah well I do,” you replied back, while rolling your eyes, however, the smirk on your lips held a contradiction to your words. Fionn hummed before his eyes scanned down from your lips to your body, which gave him the perfect reminder of what events happened the night before. You wrapped your arm around Fionn’s shoulder and moved closer to him.

“What you smirkin’ about, mister?” You questioned, however you were aware of the answer. Fionn smirked and removed his eyes from your bare chest to your eyes. You moved in closer and connected your lips with his. He smirked into the kiss and swiped his tongue on your bottom lip for entrance. You grabbed at the ever growing hair at the bottom of his neck and pressed a hand to his cheek, bringing him down so that he was on top of you. You opened your legs so that he could situate himself between your legs, making it so you two were closer together.

One of his arms were by the side of your head, so he could support his weight and not fall on you, while the other was squeezing your hips, lovingly. His head moved from side to side, allowing him to gain more access to your mouth.

A second alarm sounded the room, interrupting the two of you, as Fionn’s busy day called for him. A moan escaped Fionn’s lips, for he pressed a fervent peck on your lips and placed his head on your shoulder blade. An ‘hmph’ escaped your lips as Fionn allowed his whole body weight to be on yours.

“Get off me old man,” you moaned and attempted to push Fionn off of you.

“Well, who’s the one getting insulted here, cause’ if I’m an old man, you just snogged one,” Fionn smirked, before reaching over to the alarm clock and turning it off.

“Oh shut it, you,“ you chuckled before quickly pecking his lips and pushing him off of you and getting up from the shared bed.

"Now, come on. You need a shower, you smell like sex,” you said. An 'oi’ escaped from your lips as Fionn pinched your bum.

“You’re such a cheek,” you chuckled and walked to the door of your ensuite bathroom.

“Now are you going to get up and join me in the shower, or…” you trailed off, as Fionn scrambled up from his place on the bed to the bathroom where you were.

“You call me a cheek, but your intentions aren’t any more innocent than mine, love.”

“It won’t hold!” Even says, mild frustration in his voice as he tries to get the yellow flower to hold in Isak’s hair.

“Your ears are too weird.” Even put his tongue in the corner of his mouth, eyes focused on the flower and hands moving away very slowly when he finally got it to stay in place.

“Excuse me,” Isak huffs offended “I have the best ears! My ears are made for flowers.”

Even lowers his hands to his side, shifting his gaze from the flower to Isak’s green eyes and raises his brows.

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhm.” there is a fond and wide smile spreading over Isak’s face. He grabs for Even’s hand without needing to look down. Interlocking their fingers.

Even’s lips turn to the side with a smile as he tries to keep a straight face, nodding his agreement. Isak belly fills with warmth at the way Even looks at him. He moves half a step closer to Even (more was not possible, with every breath their chests now touched then and again) and tilts his head back to keep looking at Even.

Isak leans in for a quick but soft peck. How the hell do you make even monday mornings great? They keep smiling at each other for a minute, until Isak voices that question out loud.

Even laughs, turns his face away and back again the way he does, dipping a bit in the knees as he does. They are alone at the tram stop so Isak wraps his free arm around Even’s waist, nuzzling his recovered nose with his boyfriend’s. Even lets out a pleased hum.

“Hmm I missed that.”

Isak smiles even wider at that, cheeks almost hurting from it, bc me too. He nods, which bumps their noses together again. 

“Evi?” He asks, swinging their entwined hands gently back and forth. At the inquisitive sound Even lets out he continues: “I love you.”

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Hi butterfly, I am rereading AGOT and the absence of Stannis while Ned is trying to piece together Jon Arryn's death is really striking. I know that Stannis sends out letters stating his claim to succeed his brother first thing in ACOK, and also that he is a dutiful brother that would not have plotted against Robert. So my question is, what is Stannis doing in between the deaths of Jon Arryn and Robert? And when does Melisandre join his retinue? Thank you!

After Jon Arryn’s death, Stannis removed himself to Dragonstone, believing that Cersei had poisoned Jon to cover up her secret, and that he might be next. He was also somewhat ticked off that Robert planned to make Ned Hand of the King and not him, with a combination of “if my brother doesn’t trust me enough to make me Hand, he certainly won’t believe any proof I have of Cersei’s adultery.”

On Dragonstone, Stannis began to gather his strength, sending out envoys to Stormlands houses and houses sworn to Dragonstone with demands of fealty. (The Stormlands houses rejected him, alas.) Also note that when he left King’s Landing he took most of the royal fleet with him, and for the whole year any ship that came within sight of the island was not allowed to leave. He also hired sellsails, Morosh of Myr and Salladhor Saan. By the time of the ACOK prologue, there were 3000 men training on Dragonstone (very few compared to Renly’s forces, unfortunately), and the harbor was crowded with ships.

Melisandre had arrived on Dragonstone some years earlier. At the time, she was considered only to be a red priestess, at least by those who traffic in gossip, who also noted that Selyse had taken up with her. However, once Stannis came to Dragonstone, she began to work on converting him to her beliefs. By the time of Ned’s execution, Varys was reporting that Stannis had brought a shadowbinder from Asshai, showing that more of her history and powers were becoming known.

Anyway… yes, Stannis is very much the missing man during AGOT. His absence, the mystery of his absence, and the potential threat he represents are discussed in many chapters, from Bran II (where Cersei is worried that Robert will listen to Ned, unlike Stannis), to many of Ned’s, to Arya III (where she overhears Varys telling Illyrio he’s gathering an army), to Tyrion’s last – where Tywin calls him “a greater danger than all the others [Renly, Robb] combined”, but also wonders why he hasn’t done anything yet. All this buildup leads to the prologue of ACOK, where Stannis is finally revealed… as both all he was described and also slightly underwhelming as well (petty, grudgy, complaining). If you’re interested, @racefortheironthrone has an excellent overview of Stannis’s character as he appears in the prologue, here. Hope that helps!


Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Shiro/Keith (Sheith)
Rating: Explicit, PWP
Length: 861 words, complete
AO3 Link: [X]

This is inspired by the fanart, “Breakfast,” by the supremely talented @theprojectava!  I will include a link to that fanart within the text of the story, as it coincides with the story’s end. ;)

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Punishment part 2 ( smut)

part 1

Warning: oral, spanking, tickling, orgasm denial.

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(Your pov)

Peter threw me into his room and locked the door. I backed away from him but he just grabbed me and tossed me on the bed.

“Now before the fun part of your punishment starts, we need to get the first part over with.” He grins darkly.

He doesn’t give me time to respond because when he snaps his fingers he’s sat against the headboard of the bed with me over his lap. My jeans were replaced with a skirt and my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried to scream but there was gag in my mouth, that piece of shit…

Peter laughs at my attempts to get away, he pins me down with one hand and lifts my skirt with the other.

“Black underwear huh? Naughty girl.” I feel my face heat up at his comment, this is so embarrassing…

“Now I’m going to give you 25 spanks, and since this is your first punishment I will only use my hand, next time you won’t be so lucky.”

He pulls my under off and gently rubs my cheeks. I almost start to feel like he cares, then the first hit comes.


I let out a yelp but its muffled by the gag. Peter chuckles and gives me 5 more smacks, alternating cheeks.

With rest of the hits each one was harder then the last, he used more force with each one.

When he finally got to the last one, a few tears were running down my face. Peter flipped me over and held me. For a split second he looked hurt, seeing my tears, but it quickly went away.

“aww did the baby not like her punishment? Well to bad.”

He pushed me off of him onto the bed, his eyebrows raised when he looked down at his pants. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened, there was a wet spot on his pants, from me.

“well, looks like someone did enjoy her punishment. Ready for the next part?” he snaps his fingers again.

This time I’m still gaged, but I’m laying against the headband with my hands tied above me. My legs are spread and bent at the knees, tied to the sides of the bed.

I look at peter in horror, he just grins at me and crawls towards me on the bed.

“hmm, theres something missing…Oh right.” He waves his hand over me and the rest of my clothes are gone.

He looks me over and smirks in approval. “Now for this part of your punishment I’m going to edge you 3 times, then make you wait 20 minutes before I let you cum.”

I groan, but he ignores me and runs a finger across my pussy making me squirm.

He lays down and puts his face right in front of my pussy. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting. But he just laughs and starts kissing up and down my thighs.

I surpress a groan, actually wanting him to eat me out. By now my nipples are hard, just wanting him to stop teasing. He notice’s and brings his lips up my stomach and wraps them around my right nipple, rubbing the other with his thumb.

I moan, arching my back. He switches then goes back to my pussy.

His tounge licks up my pussy and I buck my hips into his face. He holds my hips down and continues licking and sucking all over my wetness.

His tounge circles my entrance then plunges in. I moan into the gag, then he brings his thumb up to rub my clit making me scream.

I feel something building in the stomach as he tounge fucks me. Then he replaces his thumb with his mouth and sucks and licks my clit, putting two fingers inside me. I’m a moaning mess by now.

The knot in my stomach is about to burst but before I could cum peter stops everything and sits back. My pussy clenches around nothing and I glare at him.

He chuckles, “I told you love, this is apart of your punishment.” I whimper just wanting him to touch me again.

He waves his hand, a vibrating dildo appears and a bullet vibrator.

He turns them on and rams the vibrator into me, making me scream. Then he puts the bullet vibrator against my clit. I moan and wine knowing he won’t let me cum, but it feels to good to not enjoy it.

That familiar feeling rises again and of course before I could cum, peter pulls the vibrator out and takes the bullet vibrator away from my clit.

I wine and buck my hips, trying to reach him.

“Come on, you knew it was coming.” He laughs.

I just roll my eyes.

“now for your last edge, I thought I’d try something different. I’ve seen people do this sometimes on my trips to find more lost boys.” He’s says pulling out a feather.

I look at him confused, was he going to tickle me? Where?

My question was answered when he glided the feather up my pussy, I squeaked, not realizing I was ticklish down there.

He grins, and spreads my lips with two of his fingers. The feather explores all over my pussy, my laughing was muffled by the gag.

Once the feather moved to my clit I lost it, it tickled so bad but felt amazing to. I moaned and giggled over and over.

The feather went from circling my clit to going back and forth over it. I was close and peter could tell, he made the feather go faster but stopped when my climax was just about to happed.

“Now I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” And just like that, he was gone.

*20 minutes later*

It felt more like an hour since I was so frusterated. But when peter came back all I wanted was to cum.

“now you have a choice, how do you want me to Make you come?” For the first time that night he removed my gag.

“I want you to eat my pussy.” I panted

“as you wish.” He smirked and didn’t waste anytime wrapping his mouth around my pussy. His tounge licked all over, paying extra attention to my clit.

I moaned and arched my Back. “fuck peter, dont stop!”

Peter put three fingers into my pussy, pushing them in and out and licked my clit over and over.

“peter, I’m I’m-” Before I could finish, peter moaned against my clit and finally that pushed me over the edge. I screamed his name and he helped me ride it out.

Once I calmed down, peter waved his hand and I was untied and tucked under the covers.

Peter kissed my forehead. “you alright?”

I yawned, “yeah, just tired, I’m sorry for running.”

He smiled, “its fine, sorry I was so harsh earlier, I shouldn’t have forced you to choose who to kill, I was just so mad that you tried to leave and send for your father.”

“I forgive you.”

Peter smiled and walked towards the door, “I’ll come back to check on you in a little while.”

“Peter wait!” I called

He stopes and turns ariund, “yeah?”

“why didn’t you just make me have sex with you? Why just give me pleasure?” I asked

“rape is unspeakable, I will only have sex with you if you wish it.”

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Can you write something where you and Niall have broken up and she contemplates going to his party for his single and she sees him with another girl and she gets really upset? You can end it however you please, thank you! :)

Six months.  Six months since you’d last felt his hands on your skin.  Six months since you’d heard his breathy giggle close to your ear.  Six months since you’d been happy.  He’d tried to warn you that the distance would be hard.  That his time would be stretched between the studio and promo.  You’d assured him it would be fine……until it wasn’t.  Looking back, the actual break up was completely unnecessary.  You’d been too stubborn.  Too hurt.  You’d wanted him to run after you, beg you to come back, promise things would get better.  He’d been hurt and confused, analyzing every last word you’d spoken trying to figure out where he went wrong.  In the end he’d let you go.  Not because he wanted to, but because he thought a little space to cool down would put things in perspective.  

Neither of you picked up the phone.  For six months.

Now you were in the back of an Uber, sat outside his sprawling LA house.  You could see the house ablaze with light over the wall and hear the faint sounds of splashing water and lilting laughter from the party guests around the pool.  You picked at the corner of the invitation in your hands.  Simple beige cardstock with his new logo embossed in the center.  He was throwing a party to celebrate the success of his latest single.  When you’d pulled the piece of paper out of the envelope it felt like all the air was sucked from the room.  You hadn’t even listened to the song yet, too afraid of the emotions it would dredge up.  

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