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Just out of curiosity, what are the main things that still need to be done for the demo?

Hi anon! Thanks for the question <3

Hmm, currently, we’re missing:

  • 3 sprites for common route (Charming’s parents + best friend)
  • Expressions for the new princes
  • Main menu CG
  • Some parts of the GUI + coding
  • Scene 1 of Beau and Ellis’s routes
  • Scripting the expressions in all the scenes
  • Re-editing

Some other stuff we’re hoping to do but may not finish in time and isn’t actually necessary for the demo would beeee opening video / theme song / extra screens which would have stuff like world map.

Hopefully we’ll finish the essential stuff by July 1 ;o; We’ll try our best.

I’ve been writing and rewriting the words that are supposed to describe how I feel about you now. I don’t hate you, but I don’t love you either. And I don’t love you, but I do care about what happens to you. And I wouldn’t be here to give you the world but I do wish you the best. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to remember us. Do I keep the good memories and all of the words that I really hope you meant when you said them? Or do I hold onto the worst of us as a reminder of who we’d never be?
—  🖤

Not when I finally could have you…

Finally did it! the draft had been piling on my computer for a month lol 

This takes place in secret01 episode 6 (I think). i was feeling a bit frustrated since mc didn’t really interact much during the secret episodes. So if the secrets were to have a bad ending, this is what i imagined would happen… i guess? ;;v;;

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Hi butterfly, I am rereading AGOT and the absence of Stannis while Ned is trying to piece together Jon Arryn's death is really striking. I know that Stannis sends out letters stating his claim to succeed his brother first thing in ACOK, and also that he is a dutiful brother that would not have plotted against Robert. So my question is, what is Stannis doing in between the deaths of Jon Arryn and Robert? And when does Melisandre join his retinue? Thank you!

After Jon Arryn’s death, Stannis removed himself to Dragonstone, believing that Cersei had poisoned Jon to cover up her secret, and that he might be next. He was also somewhat ticked off that Robert planned to make Ned Hand of the King and not him, with a combination of “if my brother doesn’t trust me enough to make me Hand, he certainly won’t believe any proof I have of Cersei’s adultery.”

On Dragonstone, Stannis began to gather his strength, sending out envoys to Stormlands houses and houses sworn to Dragonstone with demands of fealty. (The Stormlands houses rejected him, alas.) Also note that when he left King’s Landing he took most of the royal fleet with him, and for the whole year any ship that came within sight of the island was not allowed to leave. He also hired sellsails, Morosh of Myr and Salladhor Saan. By the time of the ACOK prologue, there were 3000 men training on Dragonstone (very few compared to Renly’s forces, unfortunately), and the harbor was crowded with ships.

Melisandre had arrived on Dragonstone some years earlier. At the time, she was considered only to be a red priestess, at least by those who traffic in gossip, who also noted that Selyse had taken up with her. However, once Stannis came to Dragonstone, she began to work on converting him to her beliefs. By the time of Ned’s execution, Varys was reporting that Stannis had brought a shadowbinder from Asshai, showing that more of her history and powers were becoming known.

Anyway… yes, Stannis is very much the missing man during AGOT. His absence, the mystery of his absence, and the potential threat he represents are discussed in many chapters, from Bran II (where Cersei is worried that Robert will listen to Ned, unlike Stannis), to many of Ned’s, to Arya III (where she overhears Varys telling Illyrio he’s gathering an army), to Tyrion’s last – where Tywin calls him “a greater danger than all the others [Renly, Robb] combined”, but also wonders why he hasn’t done anything yet. All this buildup leads to the prologue of ACOK, where Stannis is finally revealed… as both all he was described and also slightly underwhelming as well (petty, grudgy, complaining). If you’re interested, @racefortheironthrone has an excellent overview of Stannis’s character as he appears in the prologue, here. Hope that helps!

g o t 7 : sleeping over

 there was a request for this one so i hope it lived up to expectations xD i’m thinking of creating another part out of this though. perhaps waking up with GOT7 and mayybe a how you’d fall asleep? idk so please let me know by  requesting! here is my masterlist :) have a good day!!

warnings: none :))
words: 1′139

 제이비 J A E B U M
- if JB was coming to yours for a sleepover he’d be sure to overpack bringing several pillows even though it’s unnecessary
- whenever he stays over he always leaves with a hoodie or a t-shirt missing hmm ;)
- you savour those quieter evenings with Jaebum and love watching the sunset together. i was going to say music would softly be playing in the background but i think JB would love having your hand in his on your lap as he hums or sings 양심없이 (don’t care) softly aH
- and those unnecessary pillows? calls for a pillow fight
- his hair would get so fluffy ^.^
- you’d settle for bed quite early and enjoy the comforting silence as you fell asleep resting your head on Jaebum’s shoulders

마크 M A R K 
- Mark wouldn’t even knock on the door if he was coming to yours since he’s such a frequent visitor
- most of the time you just presume he’s staying over when he turns up at your apartment
- but when you’ve planned a sleepover with Mark you’d love how you’d notice he was here by the smell of your favourite takeaway downstairs
- you’d spend hours playing video games like Overwatch, always dropping funny comments at one another about who’s the better player
- you’d sit on his lap as you both held your controller co he could teach you how to become a sweat at the game. he’d kiss you’re hair whenever a new round of the game was starting “ready jagiya?”
- to Mark sleeping over felt like a huge escape from tiring dance practises and he’d enjoy watching as you talk with him as you faced each other on the bed
- slowly, everything will get quieter and Mark would shuffle closer to you, softly kissing you’re forehead because you’re always the first to go to sleep

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- you’re sleepovers are full of instant ramen pots after the one time he tried to cook you a dish that didn’t end up to be edible
- sleepovers are the time where Jackson really feels so comfortable and doesn’t try to impress you because everything is so calm and intimate
- for a while you’d channel surf but you’re both too busy talking about your day and exchanging stupid jokes to even think about watching the channel: in this case it’s teleshopping
- the hours talking on your bed would seem to go incredibly fast in each others company. you’d have both started talking with it being light outside and were still talking in complete darkness when the sun had set
- sometimes Jackson would give you his hoodie and you’d go on a short walk to find something other than instant ramen pots
- your nights wouldn’t be late or early, together you’d talk about more dreams and ambitions you have before actually fall asleep beside each other to sweet dreams 

진영 J I N Y O U N G 
- i feel like you and Jinyoung wouldn’t plan sleepovers often therefore when you do stay the night at GOT7′s apartment it’d seem more special
- respectfully the other guys wouldn’t interfere when you choose to put on a romance movie in the lounge 
- making a warm drink together became a tradition from when you first started dating. the kitchen would always be left in a mess lets the leader clear it up
- both of you love to share popcorn as you watched movies, a huge blanket would cocoon the both of you to feel each other’s warmth
- Jinyoung always surprises you with new movies that you’ve never seen before
- for 90% of the film though he’s admiring your expressions as they change throughout the movie and sometimes you’d catch him doing so
“what? is there something on my face?” “yeah, let me just-” *throws popcorn at you*
- most of the time the couch would be your bed as Jinyoung and you would get so snug where you were laying, you’d end up falling asleep tangled together

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- your sleepovers would turn out to be for a straight up week since Youngjae’s schedule is so packed. but when there’s free time you always are with him constantly
- sleeping over at each other’s apartments means so much to you since when you were only friends and before debut you’d always be having sleepovers
- as friends he’d always intend to sleep on the floor but you insisted that you’d both be comfier if you were in each others arms. for the first few months of being together he’d be sweet and always check if you wanted him to sleep on the floor
- i feel like Youngjae would love a relaxing evening with a brightly coloured bath bomb involved
- when you were at GOT7′s apartment you would always greet the boys for a while before going off to Youngjae’s room for cuddles

뱀뱀 B A M B A M
- he wouldn’t have to worry about bringing anything but himself since everything he owns is practically already at yours. things of his folded in your drawers, glasses lying on your desk and his shoes by your front door
- together you would spend a lot of time looking at memes and watching crack videos dabbing contest?
- BamBam lowkey loves pamper evenings and he’ll own the overpriced moisturiser that makes you giggle when he rubs it in your skin and down your neck
- midnight snacks? BamBam magically reveals food he’s somehow been hiding all night
- being in each other’s presence was a big enough excuse not to sleep for thE WHOLE NIGHT “it’s 5:05 Bammie” “we’ll go to bed soon” “how is it 8am already?” “shh we’ll go to bed soon”

유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- a toothbrush of Yugyeom’s would already be in your bathroom since he’s always over whenever GOT7 aren’t busy
- Yugyeom always finds the excuse to sing, and as soon as the sleepover starts music is blaring as you both are singing as loud as you can and holding you close as you dance on the bed
- together you’re professional den makers. but since he’s so tall his feet would stick out the end so he’d end up spooning you
- it’d be around 2am when you’d both be incredibly sleepy to the extent where you can barely keep your eyes open
- so tired to the point where you’re also loopy and laughing at the strangest things
- the quiet noise of music playing will drive you both to sleep just as the suns beginning to rise


Cuddles are good from @alloftheprompts set 908

You wake up in a cold bed. Just one blanket covering your body and no Bucky there to curl into. Even his side of the bed is cold. It makes you worry. Usually Bucky wakes you when he has a nightmare, lately there have been more than usual but that’s what happens when the weather changes, as winter approaches.
You slide out of bed and tug on a pair of sweatpants, it’s cooler in the tower than it is in the summer. Your feet are quiet on the floor as you wander through the building. Where is he? You note that several of the blankets from the living room are missing and get a suspicion that you know where Bucky has gone.
It’s too damn early in the morning to trudge up the stairs so you push the button for the elevator. The doors slide soundlessly open and you press the button for the top floor. They close and the elevator begins to rise, you lean your head against the wall and close your eyes. God you’re so tired, 3:30am was not the opportune time to be awake. You almost don’t notice the doors slide open until they start to close again. You punch the open button and stumble your way out of the elevator, then down the hallway to the small room that you know he’s in. It’s almost a closet the room is so small but the last time you’d found him here he told you it made him feel safe. The small space with only one entrance and no windows was something he needed. You tap gently on the door before and call to him through the door.
“Buck?” You say softly before opening the door, “I’m going to come in okay?” You open the door slowly and aren’t surprised to find him on the floor in a giant pile of blankets and pillows. “Hi baby.”
“Hi doll. I’m sorry if I woke you.”
“You didn’t. I woke up and you were gone so I got worried.” You tell him stepping into his nest of blankets. He slides the blankets over enough for you to climb into the cocoon with him, which you do. You curl into him and tug gently on the ends of his long hair. “Nightmare?”
“Wanna talk about it?”
“Okay.” You agree sleepily and he hums softly before wrapping an arm around you. “Do you want me to go?”
“No. Stay with me, cuddles are good.”
“Okay.” You give him a soft kiss on the cheek and the side of his mouth quirks up slightly.
“You missed.”
“You missed.” He turns to you then and kisses you softly, “You need to work on your aim.” He teases.
“Hilarious.” You mumble tugging one of the blankets up past your shoulders. “Love you Buck.”
“Love you too baby.” He says softly, snuggling into you, his arms wrapped gently but firmly around you. In this world there’s no safer place for you to be.

Whiny Baby
  • Baby, missing daddy: *whining*
  • Daddy: Baby?
  • Baby: *louder whines*
  • Daddy: Baby girl, if you wanna tell me what's wrong, you gotta use your big girl words.
  • Baby: *passionate whining*
  • Daddy: Ah ah ah, you better not start throwing a tantrum. You can tell me what's wrong, baby.
  • Baby: *mumbles*
  • Daddy: Hmm... are you missing something?
  • Baby: *nods*
  • Daddy: What are you missing, princess?
  • Baby: *points at Daddy* You.
  • Daddy: Aww baby, well you'll see me tomorrow.
  • Baby: *whining again*
  • Daddy: Nono, shh. Or I'll put you down for a nap to get rid of the grumpies.
  • Baby: *gasp* I quiet. I don't need a nap.
  • Daddy: That's what I thought.
stars in her eyes

A/N: Late submission for InuKag Week: Stars :D 1700 words of fluff. 

Kagome was drunk.

Kagome was druuunk.

It was something Inuyasha was trying to not focus too much on, since he decided to wait outside of the comfortably warm hut everybody was huddled inside of. He tried desperately to focus on all the other uninhibited things that echoed brokenly into the darkness.  

It was almost well past midnight, and the stars were out in full display, but he could still hear the sounds of their tittering voices, Miroku’s robust chuckling and Sango’s high pitched trill, seeping through the cracks of a makeshift doorway. Kaede’s rough scolding voice, heavy with tease and pestering good will. Shippo piping up that it was ‘incredibly unfair’ he wasn’t allowed to have a swig of the ‘good stuff’.

Kagome, shrieking every once in a while with her clear and ringing laughter. Inuyasha found himself smiling privately, as he leaned back against the cold bark of the tree behind him. He could picture her perfectly too, knees underneath her, red at the joints from how long she had been rubbing them against the wooden floor boards, mouth open and gaping as she released muffled laughter under her hands. Hair a mess, eyes glistening and glimmering in the firelight.

He had been inside surrounded by music and high spirits, but after a few indirect (and direct) innuendos on the nature of his relationship with the back-again priestess, he felt hot and uncomfortable. He’d made a gruff comment about needing to get some air with a reddened face and disappeared before anyone could stop him.

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Dating Mephisto Pheles would include
  • Anime marathons & cuddling
  • Arguments over who’s the best girl in anime (love live - Kotori, don’t argue with me on this)
  • Being surrounded by snacks
  • Playing the pocky game
  • Playing video games together, and him moping on the times you beat him, and cheering him up with a kiss
  • Singing along to opening & ending songs together 
  • Sitting on his knee, no matter the place, in his office, public, his mansion
  • Taking bubble baths together
  • Being extremely powerful at what you do
  • Cute nicknames “Come here Princess/What’s wrong kitten?/Come sit on Daddy’s lap and tell him all about it.”
  • Finding his dog form adorable 
  • Trusting each other completely
  • Him sharing his plans with you
  • ‘Lending his clothes’
  • Him being mad that your wearing his rare af honey-honey sisters yukata but forgiving you because you look sexy in it
  • Doing couple cosplays together
  • Winning the best cosplay awards
  • Getting along with Amaimon, having minimal conversations, it’s not like Amaimon is really interested
  • Him showing you his tail to show complete trust
  • The kinkiest sex in existence 
  • Dressing up as his favourite anime characters for him
  • Having sex literally everywhere
  • Almost getting caught every time
  • Being caught a few times, once by Angel, which you suspect Mephisto somewhat planned
  • Rin walking in on you once, his eyes burnt out of his sockets in horror, much to your and Mepphy’s amusements
  • Being a “student” at True cross and being called to the principals office during class
  • “Hmm, what’s this miss Y/L/N, you’ve received two detentions this week for tardiness…hmm, how should I punish you?”
  • You recognising the smirk on his face and the gleam in his eyes
  • Being laid over his knee to receive your punishment 
  • Not only being spanked but he unleashes his claws as well
  • Him pulling back up your panties and cupping your cheeks wiping away any blood, licking it off his fingers
  • “I hope you’ll behave from now on little one, now go back to class.”

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If you’d like any other ao no exorcist characters please request it! I will also do ships and other head cannons, I’ll do mostly anything so just ask! 


Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Jeno - Ice Cream, Movies, and Kisses

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Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

Request: First time making out with Jeno

Authors Note: 

Hey, guys! I just wanted to take a moment to say that if you requested this, because there was more than one person that did, I am SO sorry for the insanely long wait. I tried writing this so many times and never felt happy with it. And though I’m still not very proud of it, I hope the end product is at least to your liking. 

ALSO, if anyone is planning to send me a request such as this but with a different artist, please only request for those that are at least 17 years of age (Which I believe Jeno is close to, if not already is). The reason I ask of this is because, as an 18 year old, I don’t feel comfortable writing something intimate about those who are much younger than me. Also, even though this isn’t smut and I already make it clear that I don’t write that type of stuff anyway, I in no way, shape, or form want anyone to think that I would ever be okay with the sexualization of minors. If you want to send me a request for people younger than 17 that’s fine! Just please keep your request appropriate for their age. 

P.S. I know this request isn’t sexual. I’m just making a point to mention this now because I’ve seen some relatively intimate and sexual requests going around for young members, particularly those in NCT Dream, Astro, and Seventeen, and I don’t want to see something like that in my inbox.

Now, with that being said, happy reading! :)




“Jeno…I’m bored.”

“Just 5 more minutes, Y/N.”

“You said that 30 minutes ago!”

“Just 5 more minutes and I promise I’ll be done, okay?”

You let out a huff, the side of your face unattractively smashed against your palm as you continued to lay on the floor of the SM practice room. You and Jeno had been at the studio for hours now and you felt like you were going to explode. When you decided to show up and bring him some food you had only meant to stay for an hour or so, but one way or another he convinced you to wait for him to finish so you could hang out. Yet, 3 hours later, you were still lying there with no end in sight.

“Jeno, you’ve practiced enough.” You encouraged, slowly making your way off your stomach and onto your feet. “You don’t want to practice to much and tire yourself out. It’s not good for you.”

“I’ll be fine, jagi-yah.” He reassured, his hands lifting into formation as he followed the heavy music in the background.

You let out a sigh, worry and concern heavy on your mind as you made your way closer to him. You looked at Jeno for a moment, your eyes traveling from his sweaty face to his fast moving figure. He was tired, exhausted even. He was pushing himself really hard for NCT Dreams comeback and you knew something bad was bound to happen if he continued like this. 

 “Please, Jeno.” You begged, your body now directly beside his as you placed a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go watch a movie or something. You can come practice with the rest of the guys tomorrow.”

Jeno gave you a frustrated sigh and turned around quickly, his body stance in a slightly defensive position. You assumed he was going to yell at you or tell you to give him a few minutes again, so you planted your feet firmly on the ground as you readied yourself. But he didn’t. Instead, he looked at you longingly, his sweat drenched face shining brightly under the yellow lights above him. 

“Fine…” He gave in, his voice an obvious mixture of annoyed and relived. “Let’s go to the dorm so I can change.”

“Yay!” You squeaked, quickly leaning forward and excitedly pressing your lips to his. “We should stop at the ice cream place next to your dorm, too! It’s the perfect weather for it!”

Jeno cocked his head to the side, a small smile forming on his face as he noticed how excited you were. “I don’t know. Ice cream AND a movie? That’s asking a lot…” 

You looked at him in surprise, slightly taken aback by his statement. Your gaze met his, his eyes shining with an incredible playfulness that, no matter how long you’d known him, always managed to surprise you. 

“Are you seriously turning down ice cream?” You asked, mock seriousness lacing your voice.

“No.” He reassured playfully. “I’m just saying, what’s in it for me? I could be practicing right now, but instead I’m taking you out for ice cream and a movie? What makes you think you deserve that?”

“Well,” You giggled, “I brought you food, I waited here for 3 hours so we could hang out, and I gave you a kiss! I think I deserve it, don’t you?”

“A kiss!?” He asked, faking surprise. “Really!? I didn’t even notice!”

You laughed, your arms coming up and crossing in front of your chest. “Should I be offended?”

“No it’s just….hmm….I must have missed it.” He declared, his hand coming up to his chin in a stroking manner. 

You rolled your eyes, your boyfriends acting skills making the entire situation way to obvious. “Are you trying to imply that you want me to kiss you again?”

“I mean if you wa - “ He began, his sentence not even getting the chance to leave his mouth before your lips softly connected with his. 

Jeno let out a sharp gasp, the feeling of your lips randomly connecting with his catching him off guard. After a few seconds to get over his initial shock, he responded immediately, his hands quickly making their way down your arms and around your soft figure, holding you protectively. You leaned into him slightly, your heart beating fast and heavy as hot tingles trailed wherever his hands had touched, the feeling slowly traveling around your waist and up your spine as the small kiss you had initiated slowly turned into something a lot deeper.

Jeno smiled against you, the velvety skin pressing harder against yours as his tongue slowly grazed your bottom lip. You froze for a moment, your mind becoming foggy as you accustomed yourself to the new feeling. You and Jeno had been dating for a while, and you’d definitely kissed before, but this was new. The two of you had never truly made out before and you weren’t sure you really knew what you were doing.

Then, almost as if he had read your thoughts, Jeno pulled away, his right hand slowly leaving your waist and cupping your cheek. You let out a shaky breath, your eyes meeting his before the embarrassment of your inexperience slowly began to set in. Jeno stayed silent, his thumb gently tracing the outline of your jaw before he gave you a small peck, that kiss making your heart beat just as fast as anything the two of you had just done. Then, with a sweet smile and reassuring eyes, he slowly connected his lips with yours once again, your brain immediately clouding in a mixture of joy and nervousness.

Jeno let out a soft sigh, his long eyelashes lightly fluttering against your cheek as he continued to kiss you passionately. You unconsciously shuttered, the intense nervousness you had felt quickly fading as you remembered who you were with and how much you knew he cared about you.

Warmth took over your body, all your worries gone and forgotten as you finally began to fully invest yourself in the kiss. Jeno’s tongue grazed your bottom lip once again, his finger lightly tapping underneath your chin as he smiled against your lips, not attempting to take it further. You opened your mouth slowly, the tip of your tongue gently meeting his and instantly making your heart stop.

You kissed for another minute or so, the need for air finally setting in and forcing you to pull apart. Jeno looked into your eyes immediately, his lips forming a giant smile as his hand left your chin and made its way into your own.

“Right…well…uh…I’m not sure how we ended up kissing like that” He laughed, the playful tone from before still evident in his voice. 

“Yeah…” You blushed, your usual confident and playful attitude failing to show itself. “I….it….it just kinda…you know.”

Jeno laughed, his eyes sparkling brightly at your adorable state. He gave you another smile, his hand gripping yours tightly as he pulled you closer to him, his lips meeting the top of your head in a soft and innocent kiss.

“Now,” He stated, pulling you with him as he headed toward the door. “How about that ice cream?”


We have Gryffindor protagonists (HP books)
Slytherin protagonists (Cursed Child)
Hufflepuff protagonist (fbawtft)
And they’re all fantastic. But hmm… aren’t we missing sth here?
Oh I don’t know…perhaps A RAVENCLAW PROTAGONIST


HOUSE EQUALITY FOR ALL (Every house deserves to shine folks. I’m not attacking any house here, simply calling for EVERY house representation.)