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2017 4CC FP

Wasn’t that exciting!!  I had excitement from Hanyu’s 4 minute Fp you normally get from a 2 hour action movie!!!  It gave me energy enough that I stayed the whole day despite waking up early to watch him!!  With a cold, fever and headache!!!  How’s that!? (how many energy drinks does that count?).

This is what I like about this guy!!  He’s a fighter who never gives up!!  He looks like a harmless Pooh but inside he has spirit & courage of the bravest men!!  God bless him and protect him.

Ok.. calm down!!  Honestly I was watching the Fp live and praying the whole time, I didn’t see the spins nor his step sequences!!  My eyes were locked on his jumps only until the end!!  I didn’t notice that he didn’t do the biellmann spin nor any other move OO just jump safely and I’ll enjoy the program later!!

When he popped his 4S, I went into space.. somewhere near Pluto.. noooooooooo.. but I teleported back to earth immediately when his second 3A combination changed and he jumped another jump!!  Wait!!  Was that a Quad just now??  And from the score I knew he did and got crazily excited and then the 3A jump came last!!  Oh my god Oh my god.. He did it.. (screaming & crying without a sound cause everyone’s sleeping)!!!

To be honest.. when he popped his 4S combination, I was wondering if he’ll attempt that 4S he practiced at the end as some fans reported!!  But I’m glad he went for the 4T instead!!  So relieved..

To change jump layouts is not that easy, I remember Oda the Japanese skater said once that it’s impossible, it’s too difficult.  Cause you ought to make mistakes.. that’s how Hanyu’s a genius!!

((Another thing that amazed me -he never stops to amaze me- he actually changed his 3A-2T combination into 3A-3T.. now that, i didn’t notice at all.. so he was preparing from the 6th Jump, he removed the 2T to put it with the 4T!!  Just subarashii, he’s really a crazy genius.  In the picture above the changes he did are in yellow))

If only he didn’t do a combination with that popped 4S.. he could have used the third combination with the last 3A and won!!  But that’s asking too much of him!!  He would be super human if he did that!!!  What he did was already great!!  It was an emergency, he panicked maybe and did a one turn jump in a desperate attempt, but patched that mistake greatly after that.

Though he didn’t win the gold!  I’m so satisfied with this FP, personally I think he deserved the Gold! His artistry is first class –even in state of panic-, and he moved and surprised everyone with those sudden changes even his coach didn’t expect it, I would give him points for that too.. but what happened happened! And it’s not like Chen didn’t deserve it.. he’s one tough rival who popped suddenly!!  I’m sure Hanyu is uncontrollably excited!!  ((Which will put more worries and nervousness on us, his fans and his poor coach))!!

Congratulations to Shoma too.. lol, I’m gonna start calling him the bronze champion.. he’s always third!!  Shoma ganbare.. and work on your stamina..

Yoku Ganbatta.. See you in Worlds!  Ja mata.. 

Doing Connor’s Hair; Headcannons

requested by: anon

thank you so much! I love this idea!

shall we begin?

-Con loves playing with your hair, he’s always been intrigued

-a lot of the time he watches you when you’re getting ready, curling your hair, braiding it, etc.

-one day you glance at him in the mirror while you’re curling your hair and he’s enthralled

-you get a great idea

- ‘babeeeeeeeee.. can i try something’

- he gives you a suspicious look


‘can I do your hair? pretty please!’

- he meets your eyes in the mirror and he’s trying really hard to not give in

-you can see him fighting back a smile

- ‘pleaaaaase’

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Opposites Attract

Requested By: @jackmutherfqknfrost

I’m not sure if request are open but if they are I have an idea for a Jughead x Reader prompt. I’m not sure if you have seen Sons of Anarchy but its pretty much about a motorcycle gang. Anyway, I was thinking that the SOAs could be a rival gang of the Serpents and the reader is the daughter of the leader of the gang, but Jughead doesn’t know. Maybe there could be some conflict between Jughead and the reader when he finds out. Idk, I thought it would be an interesting idea.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Everyone in town knew that the SOA’s and the Serpents were enemies of one another. Over the years they clashed, whether it was over clients, family, and money. No one dared to cross into the territories they owned, until you did. You were the leaders daughter of the SOA, and Jughead was the son of the Serpent leader. You knew this, but Jughead didn’t, until one day when he found out, creating a conflict nobody was prepared for.

Warnings: Some swearing, a few fights, sad plot twist ending

Word Count: 2,970

A/N: This was really fun to create and write, I did kind of put my twist on the plot though so I hope you like it! I had never seen SOA before so bare with me. It gets kind of intense so be prepared. I really wanted to go into depth of what could happen in situations like these.

Originally posted by n-a-m-i-n-e-k-a-i-r-i

It was like every other night in the town of Riverdale, you were in Pop’s diner with your friends, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead.

This was the go to place to hangout, you all were basically regulars there.

Everything was great, you were all laughing, drinking milkshakes and overall just having a fun time together.

The next thing that happened seemed to go in slow motion.

You had felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, making your focus drift from your friends to see who was calling you.

When you saw it was your father you instantly knew something was wrong, he never called you unless it was important.

You excused yourself out, walking outside and pressing your phone to your ear.

“Y/N! You need to get home now! Something happened.” Your father yelled into the phone, making your whole body freeze.

You were waiting for him to say more, but instead he hung up the phone.

You blinked rapidly trying to process what he had just told you, something happened.

You didn’t have time to explain to your friends what was going on, you just rushed back inside, grabbing your keys and mentioning that you ‘had to go’ and ran out the door.

When you arrived home, you saw everyone in your club there, making your heart drop.

You shoved your way through everyone to find your dad talking to another club member.

“Dad what’s going on?” You spoke frantically, looking at him with panic filled eyes.

Your dad let out a deep sigh, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Y/N, one of our warehouses.. it was destroyed..” He spoke sternly, making you freeze once again.

“Which one?” You questioned, making your dad close his eyes and take a deep breath.

“The one with all our guns. They’re gone Y/N, even yours.” He sighed angrily, giving you a hug.

You didn’t know how to express how you felt in that moment, whether it was sadness, or anger, but you knew one thing was for sure, you wanted revenge.

When you arrived at school the next day your friends asked you what had happened, you wanted to tell them the truth, but you couldn’t, so you made up a lie like usual.

Nobody knew you were the leaders daughter of the SOA, and that’s how it was meant to be, if people knew, it would get ugly real fast.

After a month had passed since the incident you still felt that rage deep down, your father had told you he suspected the Serpents to have done it.

You however didn’t want to believe that, but there was really no other group that hated the SOA like the Serpents did.

Months went on, things were finally getting back to normal, the SOA’s warehouse was repaired and restocked.

You and your friends were happy and living a somewhat 'normal’ teenage life, until the death of Jason Blossom.

This tragedy brought lots of attention towards the Serpents and the SOA, which made you infuriated.

You knew that people would try to blame your family, but it was getting out of hand.

You wanted to be able to vent to your friends, but if they found out they would probably disown you just like anyone else would.

Deep down that rage from months ago were still there, and it was slowly sneaking out whether you wanted it to or not.

“Y/N.” Betty waved her hands in front of your face, snapping you out of your trance.

“Hmm?" You hummed, looking up at the blonde haired girl in front of you.

"I was asking you on what you thought the title should be for this weeks paper.” Betty smiled eagerly, making your roll your eyes slightly.

Thankfully she wasn’t paying attention, but at the same time you wish she had.

“Okay so do you like 'Jason Blossom, Accident or Murder’ or– 'Jason Blossom, Caught In The Middle Between Two Rivals.’” She glanced up from her computer a bright smile on her face, until she saw yours.

You sat there with a stone face expression, the sound of 'rivals’ made you fill with rage.

“You know what Betty, it’s not always about rivals!” You shouted, grabbing your belongings and rushing out of The Blue and Gold.

Left behind was a stunned Betty, unsure of what had just happened, and where all the anger came from out of nowhere.

You weren’t going to lie, it felt good to shout, but at the same time you felt terrible, it wasn’t Betty’s fault, she didn’t deserve that.

You couldn’t handle being at school the rest of that day, so you decided to go to Pop’s, the one place that was open twenty-four hours a day.

You ordered your usual milkshake and sat down in the booth you and your friends always sat in.

You leaned your head back against the cushion, trying to slow down your breathing, you heard the bell from the door ring signaling someone had entered the small diner, to your surprise this mystery person sat down across from you.

You opened your eyes to see the one and only Jughead Jones, a playful smile on his lips.

“I didn’t see you at lunch, and after hearing what happened with you and Betty I thought I’d come check on you.” He grinned slightly, placing his bag next to himself.

“Look Jug, that’s really sweet, but now’s not really a great time.” You sighed, looking down at the table, avoiding eye contact.

He noticed your uneasiness, instantly knowing something was up.

“That outburst you had back at the school, what was that all about?” He questioned, making you start to take deep breaths again.

“She wanted my opinion on the paper.” You replied with a monotone voice.

Jughead nodded slowly, trying to put pieces together in his head.

He was about to speak again when your phone vibrated, it was your father once again.

You didn’t even have to answer it to know something else horrible had happened.

You excused yourself, leaving a tip and rushing out, making Jughead even more curious.

What you didn’t know was that he was following you, soon being the biggest mistake he had ever made.

You shoved your way through the crowds of people, seeing your father.

What came next was something you never expected, there were firetrucks and ambulances.

Once again, everything was moving in slow motion.

You saw some of your family’s homes broken into, some that caught on fire, some totally demolished.

You felt as if your insides had just been ripped out of you.

Then came that rage feeling once again, but this time you couldn’t contain it.

Out of nowhere angry tears started falling, along with a scream you didn’t know you could manage to make.

This surprised everyone, nobody knew how to react, only your dad did, who held you tightly.

Once you calmed down you decided to take a look around, you knew the Serpents had to of done this.

You were sick and tired of their shit, covering up their mistakes, dealing with their attacks over and over.

You turned to leave, but stopped when you came face to face with Jughead.

Your eyes widened, as did his.

“You–” He began, but shut his mouth unable to speak words.

You just stood there, unsure of what to say.

You’re the SOA’s daughter?” He questioned, pointing at your dad with an angry look on his face.

“Like you’re one to judge Jughead? You’re the son of the Serpents!” You shouted, your voice hoarse from the scream and crying.

This caught Jughead off guard, he was unsure of how you knew this when he never even knew who you really were.

“At least my friends knew who I am, unlike you.” He glared, making your insides boil.

You let out a sarcastic laugh, walking up to the brunette haired boy.

“You’re one to talk about loyalty my friend.” You crossed your arms, glaring at the boy in front of you.

“What are you talking about?” He questioned, unsure of what you were trying to hint at.

“Well I’m sure your friends know you have a South Side jacket and that when your not with them, you’re a completely different person.” You smiled innocently, making him glare at you.

“I’m sure they don’t know your dirty little secret either.” He spat, wiping the smile off your face quickly.

“And they never will.” You glared, backing away from him.

Jughead stood there still, watching you walk away from him.

He didn’t understand what just happened, or what he had just found out about you.

This changed everything.

The next day at school was awkward, you and Jughead weren’t speaking, which didn’t go unnoticed by the group.

“Okay guys I’d love to play guess the problem, but I’d rather you just tell us.” Archie spoke up, taking a bite of his sandwich.

You and Jughead both looked at each other, glaring.

“Guys seriously what’s going on.” Veronica questioned, clearly annoyed.

“Nothing.” You replied, taking a sip from your water.

“Everything is fine.” Jughead gave a fake smile, making you roll your eyes.

The bell soon rang, everyone took this as their chance to get away from the tension.

Later that day you were once again sitting in the booth at Pop’s when Jughead appeared.

“Listen, I know things aren’t great between us, but I think we should talk.” He sighed, sitting down in front of you.

“Alright.” You replied, resting your hands on the table.

“I know that our families are enemies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be.” He looked at you sadly, making you slowly realize he was right.

You let out a sigh and nodded, agreeing with him.

“You’re right Jug, I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” You apologized, and he soon apologized to you too.

“I want to know what’s happening though Jug, someone keeps attacking and I’m not going to be able to keep myself contained.” You sighed angrily, making him place his hand on top of yours.

“We’re going to find out whos’ doing this I promise." He gave a reassuring smile, making your stomach flutter.

You always had a thing for Jughead, he had that mysterious vibe about him that you loved.

Plus he was also the complete opposite of you.

After the talk in Pop’s you went back home, Jughead walking beside you.

What you didn’t expect to see was a fight about to happen right before the both of your eyes.

There they were, your family and the Serpents, standing before the two of you.

You and Jughead looked at each other before running to your families.

"Dad what is going on?” You asked frantically, but he wasn’t concerned about that.

“What were you doing with that Serpent boy?” He questioned angrily, making you look at Jughead.

“He’s my friend, you know this.” You tried to explain but it was no use.

What happened next was like it was slow motion all over again.

It all happened so fast.

One minute you were standing next to your dad, then the next there was a loud 'ring’ that went throughout the air, echoing.

You glanced down at your shirt, seeing red, lots of it.

You heard shouts saying to 'call 911’ and to 'get help’ but it was hard for you to stay focused.

You remember moving in front of your dad, protecting him from FP who had fired at him.

You remember hearing Jughead scream and try to protect you, but he was too late.

“Y/N! Y/N stay with me, everything is going to be okay.” Jughead held you in his arms, brushing the hair out of your face.

“Hey look at me.” He smiled worriedly, holding you close.

You blinked rapidly, breathing heavy.

“Isn’t it– funny– how–” You coughed, spitting up blood, making Jughead bite down on his lip.

You took a deep breath, looking up at the brunette haired boy, realizing how in love you actually were with him.

He looked down at you, fear clearly written all over his face, an ambulance was heard off in the distance.

“Y/N what were you trying to say?” Jughead questioned, looking at you sadly.

You blinked a few times, then spoke up.

“How– opposites– attract..” You smiled sadly, tears rolling down your cheeks.

Jughead let out a little laugh, making your stomach flutter once again.

“Yes Y/N, it is.” He smiled, seeing your dad rush over to you to help get you into an ambulance.

In that moment Jughead knew he was in love with you, he was angry he had never seen it before until now.

Jughead rode with your dad in the ambulance, he never once let go of your hand.

Doctors were doing everything they could.

You looked at your dad, then at Jughead, you gave a sad smile.

You squeezed your dads hand, then Jugheads.

“I love you dad, and I love you Jughead.” You choked out, more tears falling down your cheeks.

“I love you too Y/N, so much sweetheart.” Your dad smiled, kissing the top of your hand.

“I love you too Y/N, I’m sorry it took me that long to realize it.” Jughead smiled, rubbing the top of your hand with his thumb.

That day everything changed, the small town of Riverdale wouldn’t just be remembering Jason Blossom, but also Y/N.

Your dad was a mess when he found out you didn’t make it during surgery, and Jughead, he was a complete disaster.

Archie, Betty, and Veronica weren’t much better, but they stood strong to help Jughead.

A few days later they held your memorial, people gave heart filled speeches, laying flowers down.

Opposites do attract, whether they’re good or bad, even if there is bad, good is  still deep down somewhere and that’s what Jughead lived by.

He was always going to remember you, his other half.

Happy Together

Originally posted by jorindelle

Fandom: Vikings

Pairing: Ivar x reader

Summery: Reader and Ivar spend some time together on the beach.

Warnings: None

It was early morning and the sun was already two or three hours high in the sky, meaning the towns people were only now waking and beginning their daily chores. You, on the other hand, had woken long before by night terrors and had decided to clear your mind by taking a stroll down by the shore.

The sand crunched and shifted underneath your feet as you walked along the edge of the water, the waves lapping up and drenching the bottom of your dress. You had been a fool taking only a thin shawl with you on your walk. It did nothing to prevent the cold onshore breeze from sending violent goosebumps all down your body, but you were already to far from your hut to turn back now and swap it for some warm furs.

“(Y/N)!” A familair voice called out. Startled, you dragged your eyes up from your feet and looked around. You hadn’t expected anyone else out by the water at this time, let alone your good friend, Ivar. He was waving at you, only a little further away from where you stood, his hands fumbling with a flat stone which he threw into the water, watching it skip across the surface before sinking. “Come here.”

Hitching your skirt up with one hand, you hurried your walking pace.

Finally reaching him, Ivar moved over so you could sit beside him on the cloth that had been laid out upon the sand. 

“Never expected to see you out here, Ivar.” You said, smiling. “I thought you were terrified of the ocean.“

“Well, I’m not in the ocean, am I?” Ivar jested. turning to face you. A smile graced your lips as you took in his appearance. The two of you had known each other since you were children, yet every time you looked at him you became breathless. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks, and you supposed he was used to that from you by now. The sudden pause in your expression when you looked his way, followed by a weak smile and the blush that gave it all away. You particularly loved how he looked back at you. The brilliant smile he’d give in return and the intense look in his mesmerizing blue eyes. 

“No, you aren’t.” You agreed, looking back out at the water. “What are you doing out here?”

“Thinking about England.”

You blinked twice. “England?“ 

“That is what I just said.” Ivar smirked. “I wish to go there someday - discover it’s riches for myself.”

Letting out a content hum, you thought back to the stories your father had once told you of the far off land and how he had fought along side Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar’s father, the first time they had arrived. 

“And what would you do there, Ivar?” You asked him.

Ivar grinned at you and shuffled around as to rest his head on your lap. “It’s what we would do there, (Y/N).” He said, gazing up at you as your fingers ran through his short hair. “Because you would come with me. Would you not?”

“I’d follow you to Hel and back.”

Ivar huffed happily and looked up at the orange and pink sky above. “I often dream of battle with you by my side, as beautiful as Freyja herself.”

“Don’t say that.” You warned him as not to upset the Gods.

“It’s true.” Ivar chuckled, a dazed look coming upon his face as he remembered the dream. Taking your free hand, he planted a loving kiss into your palm. 

Neither of you said another word for what felt like a eternity, the two of you just enjoying the other’s company. It wasn’t until the sky had turned blue and the fishermen had set out when Ivar spoke again.

“(Y/N)?” He mumbled.

“Hmm?” You looked back down at him, removing your fingers from his hair and laying your hand out behind you, the other still in his tight grip.

“Kiss me.”

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that Tim isn't allowed to be on interviews without someone else because of one time when he was on no sleep and someone asked about the robins and he answered "Marry, Fuck, Kill" style

anon, ANON I AM CRYING JESUS TITS. Because I can just see it my god

“So Mr. Drake-Wayne, your adoptive Father is heading Batman Inc but he mentioned it was initially your idea. How did you come up with it?” The pretty young reporter asks, Tim blinks out of sequence, one lid after another. Is today Tuesday? No wait last week was Tuesday so that makes today…

“I like birds,” he says quietly because it seemed like a completely reasonable answer in his head. He does like birds, except when those birds are trained by ninjas try to kill him and are lil jerks who steal socks from his drawer. Dami doesn’t even take Tim’s boring normal socks, he takes the soft fuzzy Batman print socks the little demon. Tim will take revenge by… putting… wet tuna, yes in his pillow case. Yes. Good one Timmy, thank you Timmy.

“Oh really? You like the Robins? Who do you like best?” The reporter asks giddily, hoping to confirm the prevalent rumor that the Wayne boy is attracted to men. Tim himself misses the subtext because he’s distracted by the fact that her hair looks like a bees nest. Hmm, bees?

“I think,” Tim begins calmly and seriously, “I would Marry Nightwing. He’s very strong and supportive and I think he would be the most helpful with my many emotional needs.” Tim shrugs, “plus he seems like the kind of guy who would take out the trash without being nagged, any one with the self-confidence to wear a spandex onsie in public must be considerate like that.”

“I guess I’d Fuck Red Hood, cause y'know Robin is underage and all and also the bane of my existence.” Tim pauses in consideration mostly because the florescent lights above him seem brighter than normal, a coded message? “I mean yeah he’s brutal in the streets but I imagine he would be better in… no wait that dick gave me a wedgie two weeks ago. I change my answer, I want the pretty blonde Robin. I bet she could kill me with her thighs and I, for one, would relish that since I haven’t slept in 6 days.”

“And yeah I guess that means I have to kill Robin but like that seems super unfair because like, the brat seems like he’s gone through a lot and Batman would be sad and I’d have to fake my death and go on the lamb and have to rely on wedgie assholes like the Hood to get me safely out of Gotham and establish a new ID out of the country where Batman can’t track me down cause Batman is a lil bitch who can’t admit I’m better than him like hello man, ever heard of out with the old, in with the new you old goat? Anyway, how about I just push the kid around a bit and then buy him an ice cream. I’m totally not mad he’s Robin or anything, not anymore, only a little bit.”

There’s a long drawn out pause, Tim just smiles but his eyes are like glass, wide and unseeing.

“Are there any more questions?” He squints his eyes at the camera, “is that Bruce? Hey B wazzup? Wait? What do you mean the interview is over and we’re going home? I don’t understand.”

fantasyartist12  asked:

*Puts Tootless Next To Bendy* hmm. I GIVE UP! YOUR HAIR IS LOOK LIKE TOOTLESS'S EARS!*Runs out*

Bendy: I`m not gonna bother knowing what the hell is this and if is real or not….

Marini4: This is my first time drawing a dragon especially toothless XDD

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MM reactions when MC gets sent to jail.


  • he would probably be shocked
  • I mean the only time this kid’s ever seen a jail cell is on tv
  • BUT he would be so relieved when you called him and told him you were just speeding through a school zone
  • he was confused why you got put in jail instead given a ticket
  • you did happen to leave out the fact that you argued with the cop for 20 minutes first


  • he would actually be pretty scared for you
  • “No, Zen, I’m in a holding cell because I bought you some beer and they thought I had been drinking and driving. I’m just calling you to tell you I’m coming home.”
  • “BUT WHAT IF YOU DIE IN THERE MC! YOU- oh, you’re coming home? okay see you soon.”


  • disapproving mom
  • she would try to understand why you littered instead of waiting to throw it away
  • but she would just shake her head
  • although, when the judge let you off with warning, she was pretty happy
  • “I hope this taught you a valuable lesson… I don’t think I could survive if you were put in prison.”


  • “Hey Jumin, I just wanted to let you know that I’m in jail, but-”
  • you didn’t even get the change to explain to him that it was a misunderstanding
  • you just looked like one of the most wanted serial killers ??
  • but then he showed up at the holding cell
  • and tried to pay your nonexistent bail
  • when you explained that you weren’t really going to jail he huffed and muttered something about “a waste of time”
  • he was still happy that you were coming home with him though


  • LOL 
  • I mean neither of you knew that it was illegal to set off fireworks in your city ????
  • but luckily
  • the judge owed seven a favor something about erasing his phone history? hmm…
  • “I would’ve looked horrible in an orange jumpsuit… It would clash with my hair!!”
Mallory (Lin/Reader)

so this is a sort of Version One to the College!Lin fic promised to @burninglaurens , who also came up with the name of Mallory in my moment of desperation.

Length: 2,169 words

Warnings: None

Summary: It takes one girl to bring and your best friend together.

Note: reviews give me life <3 Version Two is a possibility 

Her name was Mallory. That was one the two things you knew about her.

The other thing was that Lin — your best friend — liked her.

Although like was a bit of an understatement. He was more or less infatuated, pining after her from the moment she entered the room. You couldn’t blame him. Mallory was beautiful, and no one could deny that she and Lin would make an attractive couple.

Not even you, it seemed, as you encouraged Lin to go talk to her.

He shook his head. “Don’t be ridiculous, Y/N. She’s drunk and we’re at a party. I’m not going to go and talk to her.”  

You rolled your eyes at him. “If not now, when?” You questioned, and Lin raised his eyebrow at you. To avoid a wisecrack comment courtesy of Lin, you continued on. “Just go and get her a drink. Ask her to dance. Have a laugh. Who knows, she might enjoy it and by then, I’m sure flirting is acceptable.”

“Like you’d know anything about flirting,” teased Lin, making you send a deft punch to his arm. Lin swayed on his feet, grinning at you. You were about to grin back before seeing Mallory move in your peripheral vision. Her dancing had stopped, and she approached the drinks table with as determined a look as a drunk girl could master.

“Go,” you said suddenly, pushing Lin forward. “Go now.”

Lin looked confused, stumbling as you gave him another firm shove. “And leave you? Y/N, it’s getting late, and I’m your lift home, remember?”

“I’ll find someone else,” you assured him, giving him an encouraging nod. Your eyes swept the room confidently, though you doubted anyone would bother giving you a lift home. “If not, I can walk.”

Lin gave a happy, albeit nervous, thumbs up as he turned and approached Mallory and the drinks table. You sipped your own drink, fingers tapping nervously on the plastic cup as you watch Lin awkwardly stoop to talk to Mallory, you watched the two laugh, and winced as she dug her brightly painted nails into his dark shirt as she led him to the dance floor.

There was a third thing you learned about her: Mallory was a surprisingly good dancer. She was beautiful, her dark and generously moisturised skin almost glowing under the harsh florescent lights of the party, her dark, glossy hair swishing this way and that as she wrapped her arms loosely around Lin’s neck, drawing him closer—

You looked away, a mild disgust overcoming you. Disgusted in the same way you might be if Lin was your brother, you decided, which he practically was anyway. The two of you had been met in the first weeks of college and, after hitting it off right away, you’d stayed friends until this very day.

You doubted much would change was you left college, but you still after a strange sense of protectiveness at the thought of you going your separate ways.

Sneaking a glance back at Mallory and Lin, you saw her pull him ever nearer, whispering something with her mouth pressed to his ear. You looked away, grimacing as you downed the pitiful remainders of your plastic cup.

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Artturi Lehkonen #1

Requested by Anon:  I was wondering if you could do an artturi lehkonen drabble that’s fluffy?? Have a good day😊

*Thank you so so much! I hope this is worth the VERY long wait. Enjoy!! :) and I hope you have a great day as well.*

Word count: 832

Originally posted by puckducky

The apartment was suspiciously quiet for a non-game night. Walking over to the kitchen, you noticed that there was something cooking in the crockpot and chilled champagne was inside a bucket full of ice. It’s not any of your birthdays, you just celebrated your anniversary, and the Habs still haven’t secured a playoff spot so… why is there champagne and pot roast in the kitchen?

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Markhyuck fluffy drabble;sing sang song soulmate:

Title: sing sang song soulmate

Kind: A fluffy drabble, a soulmate au which person A(donghyuck) and person B(mark) had been hearing the same melody since they had born. And no one else can hear it other than them. And they meet in an old bookshop when mark hums “their” song.

Warning: none

Note: i might write a sequel(did i spell that right ?😅😅) if anyone wants it 😊

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“Hmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm”

Donghyuck turned his head so fast that he almost broke his neck. Cause who the hell was humming “his” song ????!!

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm”

His eyes wandered in the crowd and found a fluffy looking blonde hair a few steps forward him. The boy was bowed his head down while looking at the book in his hands while also humming donghyuck’s song.

“U-uhmm e-excuse me ?”

Donghyuck could swear he felt his heart stopped when the boy looked up. Calling him just “beautiful” or “handsome” would not be enough to describe him. He was just so…so breathetaking.

“Yeah ?”

‘Fuck! even his voice is so amazing!’

“W-what song you were humming just a few seconds ago ?”

“Oh” the blonde boy laughed and his laughter was like the sweetest melody ever to donghyuck’s ears “i don’t know too to be honest”

Donghyuck felt his breathing pace got slow.

“I had been hearing it in my head since i had born”

And that was the moment donghyuck literally lost his breathe and choked on air.

“Hey are you okay ?” The boy asked and rubbed donghyuck’s back slowly. “Don’t die in front of me please” the boy said and laughed, clearly just joking.

“I’m fine” donghyuck could say only 3 minutes later when he finally could breathe normally again.

“Thank god.” The boy said then his tone changed “why did you ask about the song i was humming ? No one ever asked me about it before”

Donghyuck took a deep breathe then let it out “cause i had been hearing the same melody since i had born too”

That was when the boy really looked at donghyuck. Looking at his face closely, studying his facial features starting from his eyes to his cheeks then nose then lips then his eyes again. And then smiled at donghyuck sweetly.

“I can’t believe my soulmate is that beautiful. I am indeed very lucky. Oh i’m mark by the way. Mark lee”

“Lee donghyuck”

“Oh we have the same last name”

Donghyuck chuckled at mark’s surprised face cause just how many more people had the same last name in the world. The answer was so many. But it was still a sweet little detail that his last name was same with his soulmates’ last name.

“Yeah we have”

“So tell me lee donghyuck, would you like going out of this bookshop and drinking some coffee together ? I know a very nice coffee shop near here.”

Donghyuck had always been the straightforward, daringly brave one in his relationships. Well okay in his one and only relationship he had in middle school that lasted 1 week. So he was so surprised when mark flirted with him that easyly. But they were soulmates so it was normal. Right ?

“I would love that mark lee”

The flirtious tone in their voices was as thick as the smell of old books in the bookshop.

“Good. Let’s go then” mark said and held donghyuck’s hand, pulling him out of the bookshop.

Donghyuck just let his soulmate pull him forward and smiled like an idiot who just fell in love with a boy he just met. Oh wait. He just did.

“What are you smiling at ?” Mark asked but he was also smiling like an idiot too

Donghyuck just shook his head and chuckled a bit “no reason”

Mark chuckled back and interwined their fingers “whatever you say dear”

“Dear ? Isn’t it a bit too early for pet names mr lee ?”

“Ah shut up i can see that you are already falling for me”

“Hey yo-”

Donghyuck, again, forgot to breathe when soft lips touched on his cheek gently. He looked at the blonde boy blankly cause did his soulmate who he just met pecked his freaking cheek ?


Mark pecked his other cheek this time and talked to his ear softly “it’s okay. I’m already falling for you too.”

Donghyuck blushed. He fucking blushed. Unbelievable.

“You’re blushing dear”

“It’s about to rain” donghyuck said,looking up at the sky, trying to ignore mark’s words

“It dosen’t change the fact that you are blushing”

Donghyuck sighed and looked at mark again. Maybe he had to accept that his heart really started to bloom a huge love for mark already.

“Yeah. It dosen’t really.”

Mark smiled sweetly and held donghyuck’s hand tighter “come on let’s go. I gotta make you fall for me compeletly”

Donghyuck laughed but let mark lead the way again.

Life was weird. Till 15 minutes ago donghyuck could never guess he will meet with his soulmate. But 15 minutes later, now, he was walking under the rain with his hand holding tight on his soulmates’ hand. Life was weird really. But it was good kind of weird. A kind of weird that made donghyuck’s whole day, and week, and his whole life that he will spent with his soulmate who was now getting angry at himself for forgetting taking an umbrella with him. They were gonna spend a life time together. But they just didn’t know it yet.

Fallen Stars - Chapter One

“Niall?” I call without taking my eyes off the newcomer. “Have you gotten any new residence files recently?”

He follows my eyes to the dark haired boy. “Harry Styles.”

“Hmm?” I look at him curiously.

“That’s his name,” Niall shrugs. “Came in this morning with…his mother, I think.”

Wilson asks, “Just two? They didn’t come in a group?” When Niall shakes his head, he comments, “Odd.”

“Very,” I mutter, mulling over my earlier thoughts.

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I will slowly, but surely, start posting this here! I’ve still got hopes the site will return! Lemme know what you think! -ash x

Brawling Love Part 13

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing probably, emotions

A/N: Sorry for not posting yesterday, I fell asleep at 1pm and slept the whole day away but I’ll try to post 2 times today.

You didn’t wait a day like Tony told you to. You didn’t even wait two. You waited five days until you mustered up the courage to speak to him. You practiced what you’d say to him, chose your words wisely because you didn’t want to say something wrong; to mess up.

You enter the common room, spotting Bucky raiding the mini fridge. With a deep breath you make your way over to him with a small smile on your face.

“Hey Bucky.” you catch his attention and he looks at you with no emotion. “Can we-”

Without letting you finish your sentence, he walks past you and into his room, slamming the door behind him. You stand there in shock, staring at the place he was once standing in. You lift your head, looking around at everyone who stared right back at you.

“What the hell was that?” you blurt. No one says anything in response. The short silence was interrupted by Steve clearing his throat.

“I’ll go talk to Bucky.” he says.

“Hold up there capsicle,” Tony stops him. “remember the last time you tried talking to him?” Steve lets out a sigh. “I’ll go talk to him.”

Tony exits the common room to go talk to Bucky and you scoff, shaking your head.

“Y/N.” Wanda comes forward but you wave her off, going back to your room as well.

Tony enters Bucky’s room, seeing him sitting up against his headboard. “Hey there bionic Buck.” Tony smiles.

Bucky glares up at him due to the nickname. “What.”

“Nothing just wanted to see how you’re doing.” Tony responds.

“Why would you want to see how I’m doing? You hate me.” Bucky says as Tony stood in front of him.

“You’re right about that.” Tony nods. “You did kill my parents-”

“Thanks for reminding me.” Bucky cut him off.

“But I do have a heart-”


“And I looked past that. We were working together to stop Y/N from seeing Ben.” Tony says.

“Is there a reason as to why you’re talking to me? Because it sounds like you’re just pulling words out of your ass.” Bucky sighed.

“Look, I just want to know why you stormed off back there, it was sudden and surprised all of us, especially Y/N.” Tony spoke.

Bucky scoffed. “Whatever.”

“So I’m guessing that talk you two had, didn’t work out?” he questioned.

“Talk? What talk?” Bucky replied. The talk with Steve?

“After you walked out of Y/N’s room I went in there to talk to her. She was gonna talk to you that same day but I told her to wait a day, you know, let you cool off.” he explained in little detail.

Bucky sat up straight. “She didn’t talk to me. Not until today.”

Tony rubs his facial hair. “Hmm. Interesting.” he looked back at the door. “I will be right back.”

Tony didn’t wait for Bucky to respond. He walked back into the common room and searched for you.

“She’s in her room.” Sam says before Tony could ask.

He nods and walks over to your room, knocking two times. “It’s Tony, open up.”

You shuffled over to your door and pull it open. “What did I do now?”

“Not talk to Bucky like you agreed you’d do.” he responds, raising an eyebrow.

“I just - I was scared and I didn’t know what to say. I was even gonna write a letter and give it to him instead. You wanna see-”

“Stop.” he held his hand up and you sigh.

“I just didn’t want to say the wrong thing and make the situation worse. He told me he liked me and I just stood there silently I mean who does that?” you say, allowing your arms to fall at your side.

“You were shocked, it’s fine.” Tony says.

“I should try again.” you speak, walking past Tony and over to Bucky’s room.

“Y/N just wait-” he calls after you.

You ignore Tony and knock on Bucky’s door until he opens it. “Listen Bucky, I-”

“I don’t wanna talk to you.” Bucky cut you off. You open your mouth to speak once again but he slammed the door shut, leaving you to stare at the wood.

Weeks have passed by and every time you try to talk to Bucky, he makes an excuse or simply leaves the room so, you stopped trying three days ago. In those three days you have gone on another date with Ben, to get your mind off things.

Bucky went to his old ways as well, going on dates with girls, bringing them home, you know the drill. The whole team noticed how you two went from arguing all the time, to being friends, to not talking at all and they hoped you two would talk again. Even if it was you guys arguing.

“Y/N can you call Bucky down for dinner?” Steve asked, glancing at you from where he stood, mixing whatever was in the pot.

“No.” you respond.

“It’s not gonna kill you to say two words to him.” he says.

“What words? Fuck you?” you respond with a smile.

“Slow down there tiger.” Tony cuts in. “Steve’s right, it’s not gonna kill you to talk to him.”

“Why do I have to go tell him? It’s not like he’ll stand in front of me long enough to get a damn word out.” you huff.

“Just go.” Steve sighed.

“Why can’t Clint or Sam do it? They-”

“Y/N stop being childish.” he cuts you off.

you scoff. “I’m the one being childish but the guy who won’t spare me a glance isn’t. That makes perfect sense.”

“Y/N I’m not-”

“I’m going, alright?” you groan, standing up from your chair and walking down the hall to Bucky’s bedroom. You knock twice before opening the door. “James, dinner’s rea-” you stop mid sentence when you see him lip-locked with some girl on his bed. You feel your chest tighten at the sight.

You know you shouldn’t be jealous or heartbroken because you’ve been seeing Ben but you couldn’t help it. Your crush was still there despite him giving you the cold shoulder. Why couldn’t you get over him?

“Fucking knock next time Y/N!” he exclaimed as the female patted her hair down.

“S-Sorry. I’m sorry. Steve told me to tell you that dinner is ready.” you quickly shut the door, placing a hand on your chest as you took in deep breaths, trying not to cry.

You repeated the words ‘don’t cry’ as you made your way into the kitchen where everyone sat at the table. You make yourself known when you rummage through the cabinets for a plate.

“I served you already, Y/N.” Tony speaks up. You turn towards the table, seeing a plate where you always sat.

“Thanks T.” you murmur. You sit down, getting ready to eat when Bucky walked in, arm draped over the girl he was just making out with.

“Glad you could join us, Buck.” Steve smiled at his friend.

Bucky nods. “Do we have an extra chair for Sophia?” he motions to the girl beside him.

“Uh, I think-”

“She can sit here.” you cut Tony off as you got off your chair.

“Y/N there’s another chair we can bring in.” Tony tells you but you shake your head.

“I have some work to do in my room anyways, I’ll just eat in there.” you respond, grabbing your plate and going to your room before someone could stop you. Obviously you were lying, you just didn’t want to be in the same room as Bucky and Sophia.

Bucky watched you leave the room and sighed softly before turning to Sophia. “Sit.” he nods over to the empty chair.

Sophia walks over to your abandoned chair, about to sit when Bucky stopped her. “Not that chair.” she gives him a look but goes to sit down in his chair. Even though you two weren’t speaking there was no way in hell he’d let another girl sit in your seat.

Bucky serves the girl a plate of food before sitting down in your chair. When he finally looked at the rest of the team, they were all staring at him.

“What?” he questioned. They all shook their heads, mumbling ‘nothing’ as they turned their attention to their food.

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 2: First Date

Okay, day two… this one’s rated G. Gonna gift it to @battledress because she asked me for a fic a couple of days ago. Here you go, honey-bunny. Hope you like it. Thanks to @mizjoely for betaing, as usual… she’s amazing! Enjoy ~Lil~

-So, First Date, Was It?-

He was nervous about dinner, he could admit that much (at least to himself). But this wasn’t just any dinner, it was his first real date with Molly Hooper. Date, his mind scoffed. Yes, date. Now shut up! He had, of course, done his research about what woman expected from a suitor on a first date, then promptly tossed most of it out the window. Molly wasn’t like other woman. Besides, they’d known each other for nearly eight years, for God’s sake!

The table was set near the windows, and yes, there was a candle. He’d forgone the flowers, however. Giving a woman flowers was a blatant manipulation and he absolutely finished with manipulating Molly Hooper. It had taken almost two days to make the flat presentable (with a great deal of help from Mrs. Hudson). How it had gotten in such bad shape after the repairs, he had no idea. The meal, linguine with clam sauce, was nearly ready. The wine was chilling and the music was softly playing in the background.

He sighed. Nervous indeed. His only comfort was that Molly would definitely be more nervous than him. That thought relaxed him for a moment as he checked on the sauce once again.

Hearing voices, he realised that time had gotten away from him and that his Molly had arrived and was speaking with Mrs. Hudson. He grabbed his suit jacket from the back of a kitchen chair, putting it on as he walked to the sitting room. Counting her soft footfalls on the stairs, he opened the door just at she arrived on the landing.

“That’s good timing,” she said, smiling, those adorable dimples beckoning him to kiss them.

It wasn’t the right time, though, or placement for that matter. No, no cheek kisses tonight. He had plans for both of their lips…later. He also had upwards of twenty-two ideas of how this date could end (each one more pleasing than the next).

“Evening, Molly. You look…” His eyes took her in: work shoes, khaki trousers, striped button up shirt, chunky sweater, her hair in a haphazard bun atop her head. She looked magnificent. “…lovely.”

“Don’t be glib, Sherlock. I got stuck doing a last minute autopsy and didn’t get a chance to change,” she said as she walked past him, tossing her handbag onto the sofa. “Mmm, something smells good.”

“Linguine with clam sauce,” he explained as he shut the door.

“From Angelo’s?” she asked excitedly.

“Ah, no actually…”

“It doesn’t matter,” she interrupted. “It’s my favourite. I’m sure I’ll love it no matter where you got it from.”

Deciding to wait until she tasted it to take credit (just in case she hated it), he directed her to the table and pulled out a chair. “Please, have a seat.”

“You’re quite the gentleman this evening.”

“I’ll just, ah, go get the wine.” He walked away with a confused look on his face. She wasn’t at all nervous. Which made him feel very conflicted. On the one hand, he was glad that she was so relaxed in his presence, but… it’s our first date, damnit! She should at least be a little nervous!

It wasn’t any better when he returned. She thanked him for the wine then made a horrible joke about cirrhosis of the liver.

Once they started eating, things got even stranger, or rather not strange at all. It was just like every other meal they’d ever shared.

“So I told him the same thing I told you about three years ago, once I grew a pair and stopped letting you run roughshod over me,” she explained before taking another bite.

“You said, ‘Sherlock Holmes, you might be a good looking bastard, but you’re still a bastard and I’m not your house elf’? I never did figure out what a house elf was, by the way.”

“No, you dolt! The other part. I told him to clean up his own mess or I’d leave it sit there until the Second Coming.”

“Ah, religious humour. Funny.” He smiled. It wasn’t funny. But this was a date. One laughed at their date’s bad jokes whilst on a date, it was required (one of the small bits of advice he had kept as he filtered through all the nonsense).

Molly shook her head and laughed. “Sort of. Where did you get this, it’s excellent,” she said, pointing to her plate with her fork.

“I made it, Molly.”

“No, really.”

“Of course I made it. Is that so unbelievable? I am a graduate chemist. Cooking isn’t difficult, just monotonous.”

“I believe that you’re capable, Sherlock. I seriously doubt that there’s anything you couldn’t do if you set your mind to it. My problem is that you never do anything yourself if you can get someone else to do it for you.”

Where had she learned to compliment him and insult him in the same breath? You! She learned it by watching you, moron! “Well, tonight is… “ He froze, looking into her big brown eyes, all thought evaporated and he was left gaping. After several agonising seconds he managed, “You like it though?”

Molly nodded slowly then went back to eating. Thank God!

The meal ended and Sherlock took the dishes to the kitchen, something which seemed to surprise Molly even more than his cooking. He had told her to have a seat on the sofa and that he’d return with dessert.

Her eyes followed him as he walked in holding two bowls of ice cream. When he handed one to her she let out an exaggerated sigh. “Oh thank goodness. I was afraid you’d made a tart or something. You’re starting to freak me out, Sherlock.” She dug into the double chocolate chip with a smile.

Though her behaviour was not what he had expected, he was relieved that she was enjoying herself.

When they finished their ice cream Molly leaned back and rubbed her belly. “Wonderful meal, Sherlock. I’m stuffed.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Sitting up, she reached for her bag. “I did. But I’ve had a shit day and I need a long bath.” She stood and started walking towards the door.

What? Sherlock followed. “Ah, well, thank you for… coming to dinner,” he said, unable to keep the disappointment out of his voice. Maybe I waited too long, he thought. Maybe there’s no actual spark left after all these years. Or maybe I’m just rubbish at dating when it’s an actual date, not pretending.

She stopped at the door and turned around. “What’s wrong?” she asked, putting a comforting hand on his forearm.

Oh, there’s the spark. “Nothing, Molly. I just had high expectations for this evening.”

Her lips quirked up. “High expectations? For what, dinner? We eat dinner all the time, Sherlock.” She suddenly look apologetic. “Did you want to do an experiment?”

And that’s when the penny dropped.

Well, this is unfortunate. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he said,  “Molly, this wasn’t just dinner. Think back to when I asked you to come over.”

She got a far off look in her eyes for a moment, then started looking around the room. He watched her look at the table, with the still lit candle. She looked toward the kitchen, then at his laptop, still quietly playing instrumental music.

Oh my God!” she whispered.

“Finally got it, did you?”

“This was a date! This was our first date!”

Sherlock just nodded.

Dropping her bag, she reached for him, grabbing his shoulders. “I’m so sorry. I really didn’t…”

“Yes, I see that now.”

“You cooked for me! The ice cream and music and the candle. Oh, Sherlock, the candle was a dead giveaway!” She moved closer. “I feel like an idiot.”

Reaching up, he cupped her face, tracing her dimples with his thumbs. “You’re not an idiot, Molly.”

“I’m sorry, Sherlock. What can I do to make this up to you?”

He smirked. “Well, my expectations did include a kiss.”

“Oh, of course,” she said with a sexy little smile. “All this trouble… it’s the least you deserve.” Pulling him closer, she stretched up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his. “Does that meet your expectations?”

Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her close. “It does. But it doesn’t make up for not realising that we were on an actual date.”

“Hmm,” Molly hummed, looking thoughtful as she threaded her fingers through his hair. “I assume you have some ideas about how we could salvage this evening?”

“Twenty-two to be exact,” he said before kissing her senseless.

Thanks for reading! ~Lil~