hmm idk how much i like this

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

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jimon + 'you found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and i don’t want to tell you i was trying to rob you but idk how else to explain this and i don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when i’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life’ au (only if u like it if not just ignore me sorry !!)

sjdsjdjsdjs i love this prompt i’m sorry it took me so long to answer. also i think this derailed a bit but i was having too much fun constructing an entire au in my head for this world, so. 

“Hmm.” A voice echoes from above Simon. “This isn’t what I expected.” Simon freezes, his fingers tightly gripping the window ledge as a handsome and strangely familiar blonde wrapped up in a form-fitting grey sweater leans out the window. 

“This isn’t what it looks like.” Simon says quickly, and then groans because it’s probably the most suspicious thing he’s ever said. In his ear, Clary is furiously whispering through his earpiece for him to get out, drop down and extract yourself, what do you think you’re doing, Simon - 

No?” The blonde asks, a delighted smile crossing his face. “It looks like you were about to break into my apartment.” 

“Well, I wasn’t.” Simon says insistently, and he shivers. “Look, if we’re going to do this, either call the police or let me in, because it’s freezing out here and my fingers are going to fall off - “

“You’re awfully talkative for a thief.” The man mutters, before he leans down and hauls Simon in by the shoulders, surprisingly strong. They tumble to the floor, and Simon scrabbles for purchase, accidentally groping the man’s very fit torso in the process, before he pushes off and rolls away, getting up and staring warily at the man. 

“I’m Jace.” The man says, sticking a hand out to shake. Simon stares at it and shakes hesitantly, noting where the front door is and how fast he can run to it. He knows the layout of the expensive flat from the plans Clary got him, knows everything from the painting studio down the hallway to the sleek-looking espresso maker he can see sitting on the kitchen counter. 

“S - Robin.” Simon says, tripping over his own name. “Robin Hood.” 

“Yeah.” Jace sticks his hands in his pockets, shifting his weight and raking his eyes up and down Simon’s body. Simon suppresses a shiver, strangely attracted to the man in front of him, oddly charmed by the way his blonde hair is falling softly in his face and his sleep pants are rumpled, like he forgot to fold them properly. “You steal from the rich and give to the poor, Brooklyn’s newest superhero. Or,” he adds, as Simon flushes and tugs his mask and cowl tighter across his face, “depending on what circles you move in, a supervillain.” 

Hot anger rushes through Simon, and he tamps down the instant urge to turn invisible and pummel the guy. So far, nobody’s been able to cotton on that the reason Robin Hood and his accomplice Red Riding Hood - and seriously, what newspaper was in charge of giving the him and Clary the most obnoxious names in the history of the world? - get away with all their heists is because he can turn invisible and Clary has super speed, and they have Magnus helping them from his command center with keeping surveillance of the city. He needs to keep it that way, even if Hot Blonde Mysterious Dude - Jace - is attractive and checking him out even though it looked like he was going to rob Jace just a few minutes ago. 

Though to be fair, he was going to rob Jace, who’s the adopted son of one of the more powerful families in the city. He’s here for the money, and to investigate what shady deals the three eldest Lightwood children seem to be involved in, since Magnus constantly sees them ducking in and out of buildings they definitely shouldn’t be in. 

“It’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.” Simon says, shrugging and starting to edge towards the door. “For example, it may have looked like I was going to rob you, from your perspective - “

“I think it’s fairly explanatory what a handsome thief is doing hanging off the window of a wealthy man’s apartment.” Jace says dryly, crossing his arms and smirking as he steps closer to Simon. Simon grinds his teeth, torn between flirting back or telling the man to fuck off. “I’m not going to call the police, Simon, chill out.” 

Simon freezes, his blood turning cold as he hears his real name, and he immediately turns invisible, leaping backwards and sending a lamp flying. Jace’s mouth drops open and he looks horrified with himself as he stumbles forward, eyes fixed on a point five feet to Simon’s left. “No, shit, don’t go - I’m sorry, I’m Angel, I should have led with that - fuck.” 


Oh no. Simon’s face drains of color as he considers possibly catapulting himself off the roof of the apartment building in embarrassment. Angel is part of the other trip of superheros working in Brooklyn, fast and strong and equipped with a set of distinctive russet-colored angel wings. He, Archer, and Whiplash dole out vigilante justice, and are well-loved by the people. 

Angel is also obnoxious and attractive and started following Simon around when he started using his powers to be Robin Hood and constantly flirted with him and infuriated him, and now Simon’s been stupid enough to not connect the dots between the superhero he was crushing miserably on and his target for the night, oh God

A set of wings are unfurling from Jace’s back, even as Simon holds perfectly still, hidden by his invisibility. Jace looks around, and calls out, “Simon? Did you leave?” He waits a few seconds, and then sighs, tucking his wings tightly against his body and flopping onto the sofa to grab his phone, dialing a number and pressing it close to his ear as he runs a hand through his hair. 

“Alec?” Jace asks, and Simon could kick himself because obviously the Lightwood siblings are crime-fighting superheros. That would explain the shady behavior, at least. “Yeah, Simon came by tonight as Robin Hood. He didn’t know I was Angel, and - “ There’s a pause on the other end of the line, and then Jace laughs bitterly. “No, I think he’s gone. He shifted to invisibility and my windows still open, so I think he climbed out - no, obviously I didn’t ask him out, are you crazy? He hates me right now.” 

Simon makes a disbelieving noise, his heart speeding up his chest, and Jace freezes, slowly turning his face to the sound.

“Call you later.” He says into the phone, and then he shuts it off. “Simon, you’re still here.” He squints suspiciously in the general area of where Simon’s standing, and mutters to himself “If he’s not here, I’m going to feel like such a fucking idiot.”

Simon exhales, focuses, and turns visible again, and Jace visibly jumps in shock. 

“I have to get used to that.” He says, and he bites his lower lip. “You heard.” 

“Yeah.” Simon says, eyes wide. 

“Well, now you know.” Jace spreads his arms wide, his expression defeated. “You’re shit at hiding your identity, and I like you. I’m sorry.”

“So Angel swooping in and interrupting my fights,” Simon says slowly, “that was you…flirting?” 

“I thought I was doing okay.” Jace defends himself, and Simon cuts him a look before he glances down at his watch. 

“I still have work to do tonight. There’s a flat in upper Manhattan owned by a Camille that’s just begging to be trashed and redistributed by Robin Hood.” Simon says in a rush. Jace watches him carefully, his eyes dark, and Simon half-smiles at him. “But…you know, maybe - if you want - we can go on a date tomorrow? Just Simon and Jace. No - no this.” He makes a vague motion with his hands, gesturing to his own mottled green-black uniform and Jace’s wings. 

Jace laughs, genuine and carefree, and nods, stepping closer to Simon. “For now,” he says, smirking, “how about a kiss for luck before you go off to be a criminal?” 

“You’re such an asshole.” Simon grumbles, and then he cups the back of Jace’s neck and pulls him down for a kiss, groaning softly as he realizes that Jace’s lips really are as plush as they look, and that Jace kisses like a champ - slow and wet and deep - and that Jace’s slight stubble scraping along his face is apparently the hottest thing Simon’s felt. Frankly, it’s unfair how much Simon likes this. 

“Okay,” Jace pulls away, his face flushed and his breathing ragged, “go save the world. Or just Brooklyn. Break into someone else’s house.” Simon grins and salutes him, taking a few steps back and leaping out the window to climb back down the building. “Don’t kiss anyone else, though! I better be the only person you steal a kiss from!” 

Simon grins even wider, and puts a hand to his earpiece as he uses his other hand to swing down a floor. 

“Red,” he says, “I think I’ve found my Maid Marian.” 

Jace is going to hate his new nickname.

not blog relevant but does anyone else find it slightly unnerving when you’re looking at a blog that doesnt have any tags or personal posts or anything? it’s just silently reblogging all sorts stuff like… oh hello there… not much of a talker are you…i dont know how you feel about anything here… hmm….. are you a bot?… a ghost??? A GHOST BOT???

me thinking about buying literally anything: hmm…..idk……i could probably hold off for one more week

my gf: hey…….you don’t have to get it but i’d really like [functionally useless item with no purpose other than to bring her joy]

me: How many do you need. I already bought four but I can go get more if you want them. I love you so much

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in the trailer we see lance piloting both blue&red we see him flying blue in what looks like the terrain of the place that is seen the beginning when hunks says they can't form voltron&we see him in the red seats idk this just is kinda weird to me cause why show him peacefully talking,fighting in blue,then forming voltron w red it just seems like an odd format?idk i'm def looking too much into this but it just seems kinda weird but really excited to see how the switching effects lance&the team

hmm mmm my two cents on it based on what u’ve pointed out + what i can remember from the trailer, is that they probably solved/figured something out later on? Like possibly the terrain is relevant for more than 1 ep so earlier on, they couldn’t, but later on they could through some means? 

But ditto!! I’m excited to see how they all work now * v*)/

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Yeah honestly I thought the final boss for botw was really disappointing. Compared to the ganon blights there was a lot less creativity in the way that you fight each phase. I see how they tried to make it "epic" but it really just felt like a hand holding tutorial section, if that makes sense. Honestly though I don't know how else they wouldve ended such a wonderful, amazing experience. Idk, I'm just rambling. Overall I still REALLY enjoy the game despite It's downsides!

Hmm yeah. Fighting Calamity itself was pretty much the same during the entire battle, except for the time when you had to reflect the laser beams. That’s the only part where I truly “struggled” because I get 9 out of 10 parries (is that even a word?) wrong. 

Also, fighting Dark Beast Ganon was just…… Once I equipped the bow of light, it was over in five minutes. He doesn’t even try to attack Link aside from the laser thing he shoots out of his mouth, he’s super slow, etc.

So yeah. Maybe they used all of their creativity and resources on the Divine Beasts, but it’s hard to imagine the perfect way to end the game. I honestly can’t imagine an epic final boss fight that would be fitting for BotW. 

Nevertheless, BotW is still a good game and I love it. 

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I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves? Hmm…I would say a 7 or 8

G: How do they flirt? Definitely compliment the other’s appearance first

Y: What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to? “Why did I think this was a good idea?” on a weekly/daily basis.

B: Do they have any allergies? Uh maybe like, peanuts or smth.

R: What are their hands like? Idk mate, I guess the only word that comes to mind is pale lol

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out? Well, I guess pointing out how he could’ve hurt someone or done something that wasn’t his fault would get him pretty uneasy. and to actually physically hurt him, just throw him somewhere idk i’d assume he’s pretty light.

W: Can they dance? Yes

S: How stealthy are they? Hm, I’d think he’s great at sneaking around and stuff and possibly a good pickpocket

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I'm not sure if this has been addressed already or not since I'm a couple of chapters behind on Halcyon days, but just imagine them wanting to get a pet and Kamilah is like hmm should we get a dog? a cat? And Ana just comes home one day with a fcking hawk and is super determined to tame it and it just goes horribly, but Milah doesn't let her quit because "you brought berta home now go and get her down from the attic or you're sleeping on the couch" idk I just love them so much ok

Pet-related stuff here, here, and here!


Kamilah asks how in the fuck she managed to get a hawk, but Ana doesn’t have time to answer before the hawk tries to peck at her face. She can’t figure out how to tame Berta; it just flies around the house wrecking stuff, leaving half-eaten rat carcasses around, and pooping everywhere. Kamilah’s patience starts to wear thin and Ana willingly takes to the couch until she tames this feathered beast. But the last straw was when Ana found bird shit all over her Bey albums, and finally lets the hawk go. Where? Only she knows.

Fast forward a few years later, 4-year-old Fareeha is playing in the backyard while Ana prepares lunch. The girl bursts into the kitchen excitedly, so Ana turns around, and freezes.

What the fuck.

Fareeha is holding her hand up - which is thankfully wearing a baseball glove, because perched upon her hand is a tawny, sharp-eyed hawk. The bird is calm and quiet, merely observing the humans with its beady eyes. Ana’s mouth works in vain, until she finally finds her voice.


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I was reading around here in tumblr some bits of Graham's Bottom Bunk lyrics and I'm shook?? I mean I know he usually writes about very very personal experiences, and a lot of them where about sexual frustration but this was?? He's even very explicit the whole time and kept the "he" pronoun? What you think Heather? Also this amuses me to no end considering that Damon once said he does like/listens to Gra's songs but he gets umconfortable as they're a lot personal and he knows him well lmao

My answer to that is Graham is…gay

Lmao no

But really he kinda is. Okay, seriously, let’s break this down:

He slammed me in the door / got me feeling sore (back door?? Hmm)

You’re very pretty and you’re tanned (Damon is tan, so ok) / but I’d rather sleep with my right hand

Okay, so taking off my shipping hat here, the straightest way I can interpret this song is: the person in the first line about the door is someone different from the person with a tan (a lady who likes to be rough with him in bed maybe?) and this is just Graham talking about how sometimes rough sex is too much for him? Cause he’s smol and shy and sensitive, idk. 🤷‍♀️I’m gonna go with the gay tho.

It’s also funny to me how bothered Graham is about the Gramon stuff–on a purely like what the fuck level I totally get it, but from what I understand he like, regularly clicks on fic links and reads them. He also searches tags of himself on Tumblr (or did until the masturbation material incident a few years back) So I think his response is in someway an insecurity maybe….but hey, I’m going to hell for writing it so don’t listen to me. 😌

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You have very quickly become my favorite OW artist. Seriously, the detail in your work and your art style make it loom amazing. Really looking forward to what you what's next, keep it up :)

Thank you moon! I’m happy you like how the art looks now and I’m hoping it will evolve quickly for the better soon! I’m super hungry to level-up! :D

Yup yup there’s more in the works~ ;)

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name: geetanjali

nicknames: geeta (hard g!! long ee’s!!), tina if you’re the starbucks barista

zodiac sign: capricorn (but in india i’m a sagittarius bc?? stars??)

height: 5′2″ maybe 5′3″ i have no answers here

nationality: america!! contrary to what the racists think

favorite fruit: MANGOS contrary to my previous answer

favorite season: OOH fall in new england!! but i dont know what its going to be like in texas :’(

favorite book: oh nooo umm?? i have a soft spot for agatha christie and will reread them all the time so um murder on the orient express i think but right now i’m reading this really dope book about the deep atlantic?? idk how can anyone pick this is stressful

favorite flowers: OHH sunflowers and dahlias!! also irises hmm i really love big dramatic flowers 

favorite scent: piney woodsy stuff, i always get pine tree themed candles, also i’m partial to eucalpytus

favorite color: ah, all shades of purple, warm burnt oranges, deep dark reds

favorite animal: elephants!! all elephants. also octopuses.

favorite beverage:  not to be That Guy™ but dark red wine, pretty much any whisky, and milk lmao

average hours of sleep: you mean like closing my eyes? being unconscious? cant relate

favorite fictional character: diana prince, ginny weasley, buffy summers, veronica mars, etc lol #predictable

last thing I googled:  scorpionfish in an effort to accurately organize my marine life tag

number of blankets you sleep with: ughh just 1 flat sheet and a light comforter but they’re too light!! how do people with deep seeded neuroses live in hot climates. i want a weighted blanket.

dream trip: i’ve always wanted to do a breakfast tour of great britain but ukw last christmas i went to kruger national park with the bf & his family and that was the most mindboggling thing i’ve ever done and i want to go again. but i want to go everywhere.

blog created: umm my first post was in…2008?? but i started using this in 2012 in earnest idk what i was doing in between

number of followers: lol uh like 360 so…my impact is minimal

…TAG 20? i dont have that many friends & most of. them arent active anymore but ok here goes

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angsty asks for jake/mc in multiples of five? <3

thank you dear <3

using he/him pronouns again 

EDIT: my mc’s name is eli de loyola lmao

angsty relationship asks

5. how do they hide their pain when they’re upset? do they try to hide their pain?

pain, what pain? jake mckenzie doesn’t do pain. (he hides it behind quips and snarky replies, behind feigned indifference and a curled smirk)

anger is different of course. jake has no qualms in letting people know if he’s upset with something.

eli doesn’t hide it when he’s upset or in pain. eli’s transparency baffles jake sometimes, but endears eli to him all the same. maybe it even lets jake think that you don’t have to Conceal Not Feel all the time

10. if something already happened to tear them apart, what would make them come back together? is it even possible?

[spoilers] um, fuck i guess the whole “jake has a bounty on his head and is wanted by the authorities” thing could tear them apart? but i have a feeling that even if.. say jake has to stay away or if he does that “break his heart to save him” trope, eli would find a way back to him. no matter what.

15. who misses the other more, or really thinks about them more?

eli misses jake more (when he’s not around) while jake thinks of eli near constantly, even when they’re together (’cuz he’s already counting the moments where they’ll have to be apart christ this guy is painful for the soul)

20. do either of them have any vices?

um i feel like jake would fall into hedonism and alcoholism if Something Bad Happened Lmao

25. what’s the one deal breaker for either of them (lack of communication, fear of commitment, etc)?

jake can’t be with you if you don’t get his references. you gotta trust him to get with him, sunshine! trusting him and showing that you’re able to keep up with him is Key to winning his heart

eli is the same way, they’re two peas in a pod lmao. for some reason jake himself trusts eli with his life so you know they’re good in the hood

30. who’s the first to blame themselves?

if anything happens to eli, jake would never forgive himself.

35. do they have any regrets (regarding the other, or just in general)?

it’s canon that jake has many regrets regarding his life in the military :’(

eli regrets… letting his boyfriend walk out in broad daylight with a shirt tucked in like “jfc jake are you my boyfriend or my dad” “i mean you already call me daddy–”JACOB LUCAS MCKENZIE YOU SHUT THE F UP”

40. who sleeps on the couch hammock? can either of them sleep without the other?

in some alternate universe where everything works out and everyone is able to live calm domestic lives, eli and jake have a hammock instead of a couch. jake is usually the first one to storm out of the bedroom and sulk in the hammock… followed by eli whose code of honor doesn’t allow him to take the bed.

sometimes they end up shoving each other and shuffling around in the hammock into they either fall onto the floor or get entangled in it.. to which they eventually realize their ridiculousness and laugh and probably make out a little. or a lot.

45. who would be more likely to save who?

eli has a heroic streak so he’d immediately save anyone, regardless of who it is

but jake’s more experienced lmao. if it comes to eli, then jake would do anything to save him, a thousand times over and then some. 

50. if one of them were to come back after a long time, who would come to who? would it go well? would the other person take them back?

hmm i think jake would come back with a “miss me, boy scout?” and a smirk that slowly melts into a genuine smile. after staring at him for a long time, eli would gently touch his face to make sure jake was real… then eli would sucker-punch him in the face like “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE” before kissing him for real, because “what the fuck dude i missed you so damn much”

Rajigaze Jan 6

Aoi (reading mail): “Today I would like to talk about anger.” (this was last month’s theme smfh) “I also play rhythm guitar in a VK band –” What even is a VK band, I don’t like that term

Ruki: Where did that even come from HUHU

Aoi: “This story is about the lead guitarist. We’ve decided to play the GazettE’s ‘DOGMA’ at our next live. We’re scheduled to play in mid-January, but the lead guitarist hasn’t been practicing at all.” Hmm.

Ruki: Hmm.

Aoi: “I gave him the score and everything, but when he gets…into another song he just practices that instead and just – forgets a– all about the song he’ssupposed to–” THIS IS HARD TO READ!


Aoi: “Even if we confront him about it he doesn’t change.”

Ruki: Hmmm…..huh………

Aoi: And then they wrote something like we’re so pissed we’re thinking of kicking him out.

Ruki: Oh….is it okay that we’re reading this on the radio…?

Aoi: Yeah idk…..well…do you practice?

Ruki: Uhhhh prraaaaaacticceee?? What like before a live or something?

Aoi: Yeah or like, when we first started.

Ruki: Uhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh Iiiiii yeah I don’t really practice.

(Aoi giggles)

Ruki: I do a lot of image training though! (*I didn’t know but this is a training method where you imagine how something is going to play out and apparently this helps ur performance)

Aoi: Ahhh!

Ruki: Like I think about our choreography and stuff.

Aoi: Ohh okay…so like do vocalists not really have much practice to do?

Ruki: Hmm, well like, I would practice for recording though

Aoi: Ahhhhh~

Ruki: You know, to like, showcase our new skills, we would practice for that.  

Aoi: Ahh I see…I guess you’re just the type that if you play it out in your head enough you can do it?

Ruki: No no – like, I do read a lot of instructional books and stuff…

Aoi: Oh really?

Ruki: I bet u weren’t expecting that

Aoi: Yeah no! I thought you could just imagine [yourself doing well].

Ruki: No no no, I read/watch stuff!

Aoi: Ohh I see……

Ruki: I still can’t do shit though

Aoi: (giggles) Oh, really!?

Ruki: Idk not just books but like, I’ve watched like, instructional stuff made by foreigners, or interviews with vocalists…

Aoi: Oh wow, I didn’t think you studied that much…

Ruki: I even watched one with (*idk who he said :/) like, “I do this kind of stuff for my voice before a show…”

Aoi: Oh wow, that’s amazing…I guess there’s a reason why we sell so well!

Ruki: No that has nothing to do with it huhuhuhuhuhuhu

Aoi: Well anyway, tell that guy to practice

Ruki: Yeah

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not sure if youve been asked this before, but when (or how) did you start getting into yoonmin? or was there like a particular thing that made you start shipping them? i feel so basic around everyone xP since i basically just started shipping them because I have this habit were I randomly ship my biases/favs together without any reason (ex: Kai/Tao in exo). i wouldve prob gone with jikook or something but im so glad i fell through the yooonmin crack (so nice c;) love all your art btw >////A////<

Hmm… how I got into yoonmin…

tbh, I’m not the kind to actually ship ppl or even characters, BUT idk what happened with BTS??? They’re like the only ppl I ever ship??? It’s weird??? And Yoonmin was the first and how did it happen…

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Yoongi has this image when u first see him, like the cold type that doesn’t say much but means a lot. At first I didn’t really look at him at all tbh (nowhesbaehow) but then I started paying him attention after the B-Free incident and he’s actually so nice and even though he says “i don’t give a fuck” he cares so much about everything and everyone!

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jimin, I feel, is actually a lot like me (personality wise) so I always end up looking at him and thinking what if we think the same (like work till you pass out, must improve and, unfortunately, the whole self-trust issues ;v;) so I kind of relate to him a lot and yeah… Besides, HE’S HOT AND CUTE LIKE HOW

Originally posted by cutemins

NOW YOONMIN… The first time I had any sort of “aw they’re cute together” kind of thought was when, at a fanmeet, Yoongi called Jimin out and hugged him and said he’s closest to Jimin and it was adorable. And then just, every time they interacted was just so cute!

like the red and yellow card.

Originally posted by cutemins

 the making Yoongi’s birthday gifts for the fans together

Originally posted by eyehealyou

 the safe driving commercial 

Originally posted by ziminz

 Yoongi GIVING Jimin a song

Originally posted by forjimin

 and the kissing punishment

Originally posted by jhopies

the decorating a cake together

Originally posted by taedpole

 the thing v

Originally posted by suga-hyvng

Jimin insisting from the begining of the game that Yoongi will win no matter what (which he did)

Originally posted by forjimin

Jimin’s precious reaction here

Originally posted by rninjoon

 And other things too, like Yoongi climbing up in Jimin’s bed; Yoongi helping Jimin put his jacket on at a concert, Jimin constantly praising Yoongi and everything he does, just… they just look so cute together, I can’t help it!

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I mean I shouldn’t be here either, yet here I am. Okay let’s do this thing and then we go back to being productive, deal? Maple, fireside& orchad.

haha! same dude. deal ❣️

maple - is there a hobby / skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

hellaaa lol i wanted to learn piano, bass, skating/longboarding, and like basic photoshop skills lol

fireside - if you had your dream wardrobe, what would it look like?

a lot of black with different textures, stripes galore. mmm a mixture of hypebae type of clothes and more classy? type of clothes. as you can tell, very much an array of shit hahah

orchard - share one thing that you’d like to happen this autumn.

hmm idk maybe take up a new hobby or read something that will mark it for me. two years ago bts’ album and haruki murakami’s after dark is like how i remember fall and like idk it just embodies fall feelings for me lol. so something like that to happen?? idk haha how to explain it


Do you see how much detail is in this one little scene??

Magnus walks in, and everyone is shocked. Alec is surprised Magnus showed up. Lydia is looking at him like, ‘what’s going on? why aren’t you shocked about this?” 

Once he laid eyes on Magnus I’m pretty sure his mind went fuzzy and only saw Magnus and forgot about everyone else for a second. He is staring at Magnus with disbelief and internally happiness.

Maryse see’s this and she isn’t happy. She takes action and starts a small scene. I think she recognizes that look on Alec’s face, because it’s love. Alec may not realize it yet but he LOVES Magnus. (I think Maryse maybe heard something earlier in the episode to make her act so rude to Magnus showing up)

In the 3rd gif, Lydia is still looking at Alec like she is realizing maybe Alec has feelings for Magnus. Alec hasn’t looked away yet, not even to look at his siblings. Izzy drops her pillow thing to her side cause she is relieved and shocked Magnus showed up, Jace is just confused like always.

Alec does not break eye contact with Magnus through the whole clip. Vise Versa with Magnus. 

Magnus shuts down Maryse because he is upset, and a little angry Alec is still going through with this. (Honestly if Magnus didn’t pop up the wedding would have carried on..)

Magnus has love and hurt in his expression but also determination. He is looking at Alec like, ‘I dare you go through with this while I’m right here.’ He does not want Alec to ruin his own life by being unhappy with a girl. 

Maryse see’s Alec and Magnus staring at eachother and Maryse is looking at Alec like ‘what are you looking at get back on with it.’ or ‘tell him to leave Alec’ and we all know Alec won’t be able to do that. Maryse is recognizing Alec’s expression tooo well, that why she is looking back at him like that. She knows right then and there, I think, that Alec really doesn’t want to go through with this, but also maybe a hint of love from him in that expression.

Magnus is in the institute, Izzy invited him to the wedding which no one knew about, of course everyone is shocked on why a downworlder is there. (but Simon?? maybe they don’t know about him yet idk)

Magnus and Alec only has eyes for each other and people are recognizing it, which ISN’T OUTING ALEC. Alec is still playing it cool, his feelings are internal. 

and does anyone else notice how Hodge is standing up???? like sit the fuck down this doesn’t concern you…maybe an attack is about to happen…hmm..

So much detail in one little scene I can’t wait for the episode. These details are so beautifully done, so well put together. I love it. 


kagehina and tsukkiyama girlfriends bc why not?

anonymous asked:

You have a beautiful way of coloring. Do you have any tips for people who want to learn how to see color like that?

hmm i guess try using colors that are near each other+opposite each other… i think that’s a Thing

also maybe try in-between colors rather than the usual ones

aannd something that works surprisingly well is to just grab any random color and use it somewhere in the drawing. i think it helps you get a feel for it, or you’ll get something different at least

prettybeatpony  asked:

maple ,lantern , bonfire

// Omg thank you so much!! <33 I love these questions!! @prettybeatpony //

Autumnal asks  

maple - is there a hobby / skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

Hmm… Hmmmmm….such a tricky question because I feel like i have tried a lot of things at least once. Maybe… carving? I would love to make things from quartz because we have so much of it here but I can literally feel my hands hurt just thinking about it XD idk what tools i would need tho >.>

lantern - how did you meet your best friend? What were your first impressions of each other?

Ooooo well i’ve had so many best friends in my life and i’ve all met them so differently. My bestest friends in the whole world that i love with all my heart I met on tumblr actually, Im so grateful to have met such wonderful people. I’ve never had such good friends in all my life so I really do feel like everything happens for a reason.

But for the sake of telling a story, i’ll tell you how i met my best friends in elementary (k-8th grade) school and high school. My very first best friends ever i met in the second grade, we just sort of naturally because friends without any interesting story, and one of my best friends from second grade i was actually best friends with through my senior year of highschool but things happen ;-;

And my other best friend ( I had like four in elementary school but this one in particular) i met in the 7th grade and she joined school in the middle of the year so everyone had that ‘ omg did you see the new girl’ type thing going on. And she looked so much like an It girl you know? So pretty and rich looking, so me and all of my friends were kind of pouting because we were already the losers and outcasts, so i distinctly remember us saying, “ Oh no.. another popular girl…” and being so bummed. And that very first day me and friend road the same bus, and the new girl got on our bus too. Me and my friend were kinda joking around a bit morbidly and saying like, “ Omg what if the new girl got off at your stop.” and laughing like Hah hah hah 8′) bc we just didnt want anymore popular girls hassling us and i guess joking to make the best of the situation. THEN… lo and behold…when it came to my stop.. the new girl stood up and starting getting off the bus and i just stopped like @______@. NOO.

but.. idk what happened, as I was getting off the bus with her and walking down the road to our houses, I didnt really feel like she was a /that/ kinda popular girl. She seemed different somehow so I smiled and told her I liked her purse, she didnt say anything, looked horribly shy, and kept on walking not saying a word. Turns out she was my new neighbor only a few houses down. Every day on the bus i’d say something nice to her and we became BESTIES. We’d walk back and forth to our houses and cook things and share it and I remember once we made a HUGE sheet of no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and just sat there eating it straight off the pan XD Good times haha

bonfire - describe your dream house.

Ohhhhh definitely something big enough that i have spare rooms where i can put up a bunch of shelves for my collections. And where i can have a closet!! I’ve never had a closet before T~T. Not one I can use least ways.. I’d love to have a small walk in closet. As for how the house looks, mine now is already how I like, cozy and surrounded by TONS of green gardens and trees, i just wish it was bigger. Like if i could add on two extra rooms to my house right now i would be happy as could be.