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I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THIS, IF SO, I APOLOGIZE! But like, the RFA+ V & Saeran with a female MC that likes to be the dominant one? (Like, not just sexually, but generally doesn't really like to be looked down upon/seen as inferior/weak. Like, how Jumin loves to want to "protect" MC and sees her as fragile but she's having none of his shit)

A/N: I! FUCKING! LIVE! FOR! THIS! I am such a dominant women in most aspects and as MUCH as I absolutely LOVE Jumin, I cannot stand the whole “must protect lil baby MC” liKE BITCH I CAN THROW YOU. LEAVE ME ALONE ~Admin 404

Anyway, I hope this is okay for you! I tried to think of what would make someone dominant;;


               -He went with Saeyoung to confront the hacker because he wanted to prove to you he could be a man

               -A man protects his beloved!!!!!

               -And it was adorable. You appreciated that he wanted to protect you and when you officially met, you let it go

               -But as your relationship advanced, he quickly realized that you were way more dominant that he has assumed and he /liked/ it

               -Hearing and seeing you take charge for even simple things like deciding where to have lunch got him excited

               -There was no wondering what you were thinking because you were so blunt and you were so independent, he loved it so much

               -Would he protect you? Yes, over and over again if it comes down to it.

               -But his personality is naturally more relaxed and playful so he’s a lot happier with you being more in charge of the relationship instead of him!

               -And he is always so proud of you? You’re strong willed and will fight to get your way no matter who you’re talking to and never let people look down on you for any reason

               -He’s just like your puppy? He follows you around, always excited! You can get a certain tone to your voice and he’s calmed down and waiting for whatever you have to say. he especially loves it in the bedroom


               -You loved him but you HATED that he was always:

               -“Princess! Just leave it to me, I am your prince, after all~”

               -Not to mention he loved to just pick you up and spin you around, putting you down only after you demand it

               -“Haha, MC, you’re so cute!”

               -Yeah buddy you’re gonna think I’m real fucking cute when I thrOW YOU

               -Ladies shouldn’t do this and ladies need to do that but you??? Were just yourself???

               -You knew you were sexy just like he knew he was, you weren’t about to pretend you were some cute little girl and just hide what you got

               -Constantly wearing whatever you want. Whether it contours to your body and shows your curves or it’s something low-cut and shows what you’ve got. You’re comfortable and you know you’ve got it going on

               -He loved that about you, but he also constantly tried to cover you up because??? Now everyone can see how beautiful and sexy you are?? And he just wants you all to himself instead???

               -So even if he begs you to change your outfit, you tell him if he doesn’t have to hide what he’s got, then neither do you. The two of you become the Sexy Duo™ and as much as he /loves it/ he also /hates it/ because nO ONE LOOK AT HIS MC. DON’T DO IT. NO


               -You’re both very strong independent women but the both of you accidently… try to out dominate each other

               -You both co-own the coffee shop but no one can tell who the boss is because you’re both… in that position

               -Both call the shots and both thrive in the position of power

               -But god she has so much respect for you??? You take no one’s shit and you are so calm when met with criticism

               -Her favourite part is that you take absolutely no excuses.

               -If there’s a reason you didn’t succeed, you never turned to excuses

               -“Oh it was the other persons fault” “The machine messed up” Nothing like that

               -If someone’s order is messed up you take full responsibility because it was simple human error, you know that! It was your fault and you will stand there even as people scream at you

               -And she thinks that is amazing? You’re such a strong, powerful soul to just stand there and deal with people yelling and screaming and even when you go home, she expects you to let your emotions loose and cry but… you don’t?

               -She knows the two of you fight for that sort of dominance aura but in all honesty it’s things like this that make her just bow down to you because you definitely deserve it


               -He always wants to protect you and he thinks you’re so tiny and fragile

               -If he wasn’t personally protecting you, he has about 50 body guards all around you at all times

               -Which really pissed you off because you were fully capable of taking care of yourself.

               -After all, you handled the whole situation with the hacker and the whole Fiancé Fiasco™, you were strong

               -But as stubborn as he was, you were too.

               -He’s always asking if you’re okay and if you need anything but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that you aren’t afraid to ask for things you want. Even sexually

               -So it really threw him off when, at a dinner party, you pulled him aside and looked him in the eyes, straight up telling him you wanted him then and there

               -He choked on his wine he was not expecting that

               -You noticed how he reacted and decided that maybe this is what it would take to get him to /listen/ to you about not being some quiet, pretty little princess

               -From then on, you’d have to tell him exactly what you wanted at any given moment, catching him off guard. But it was fun watching him scramble to regain dominance and provide you with what you wanted


               -He knew you were the dominant one personality wise and he was Living™ for it

               -He could be in bed all he wanted, you were fine with that, but most of the time you’re calling the shots

               -Which is a good thing because you really help with his impulse control!

               -“MC CAN I-” “No Saeyoung you can’t jump off of the roof I’ve already told you this”

               -“I’M GONNA BUY ANOTHER BABY” “No Saeyoung you gotta pay the electricity bill first”

               -“MC I bought a goat” “Take it back”

               -He even loves that you’re dominant physically too like, all he has to do is climb on top of you and that was it

               -You wouldn’t let him being on you stop you from getting up and doing whatever you have to

               -Sometimes you’re just carrying him bridal style around the house while he’s dressed up like a princess and Saeran literally hates the both of you

               -But all messing around aside, he really admires that you’re so strong, and you’re always there for him when he can’t be and he couldn’t love anyone else more than he loves you


               -He’s really laid back and such a push over

               -It doesn’t take much to be a dominant woman around him;;;

               -But his favourite part about you being the more dominant one, was that you were able to tell people no

               -Getting invited to a lot of events he just doesn’t want to go to… he can always count on you to stand your ground and tell them no thank you, without feeling guilted into going

               -Another aspect of your personality that he loves is that you’re never one to complain or whine about anything?

               -Every now and then you open up to him and will complain about things that are /truly/ bothering you

               -But otherwise, you’re all smiles and the strong one that everyone can depend on

               -And he loves it!! You’re always there to lend a hand to your friends and listen to their problems, suggesting some ways to fix any of their problems

               -You’re always walking with your chin up, no matter how you feel, and he is In Love™

               -Never once thought of you as “weak” because someone who could just show up at some strangers apartment solely to return a phone is?? Amazing???? And brave?? And just- who would think that is weak?


               -He would never let someone overtake his dominance, he worked so hard to acquire it and it just wasn’t happening

               -So quite often, the two of you would butt heads. The love is still there of course, it’s usually just stupid things like “I’m picking the movie” “the fuck you are”

               -But he liked to think you were physically weak??

               -You’re this cute, little thing there’s no way you’re capable of protecting yourself

               -So he’s always really close to you so he’s able to protect you

               -There have been multiple times where he had pushed you behind him just to tell some guy off and you /hated/ it

               -At one point, he put his hand on your shoulder, getting ready to put you behind him but you had enough

               -Grabbing his hand and forearm, you flipped him over your shoulder and onto the ground, both him and the other guy completely in shock

               -Looking between the both of them, you flip them the bird and just walk away

               -He’s embarrassed but holy /hell/ he is attracted to you 10 times more because he had no idea you were capable of that?? You just flipped him over your shoulder like he was nothing??? Beautiful??


me thinking about buying literally anything: hmm…..idk……i could probably hold off for one more week

my gf: hey…….you don’t have to get it but i’d really like [functionally useless item with no purpose other than to bring her joy]

me: How many do you need. I already bought four but I can go get more if you want them. I love you so much

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Hi again~ May I prompt Jason and Dick with number 17? Thank you! <3

17: Hugs from behind


“Red Hood.”

Jason grins, sharp. He keeps it out of his voice though, when he says “You ever get tired of hacking into my audio?”

“You ever get tired of making it so hackable?”

“Fair enough. What can I do for you?” 

The computerised voice tells him, “We’ve got all eyes out for N. We think he’s okay, but he’s MIA.”

He stops, crouched on a low rooftop. “… and if I find him?”

“Stay cautious. Keep an eye on him, and stick with him if you can. Someone will swing by to collect him.”

Nice and vague. Some sort of altered state, then. “Any injuries?”

“None we know about.” There’s a hesitation, which never sounds quite right through the voice modulator. “And Red?”


“Be nice to him. Okay?”

“I’m delightful,” Jason says, lining up his next jump. There’s a faint burst of static to signal Oracle signing off. He wonders if he imagined the sigh.

And it’s later, when Jason’s halfway forgotten about Nightwing. Not least because he’s well outside of Nightwing’s usual route. 

Which is why, after he’s planted some sweet, mildly stolen bugs in the lair of a known asshole and drug-pusher, and is making his sneaky rooftop exit, he’s completely startled by the feel of arms snaking around him from behind.

He’s most of the way to breaking the hold and kicking some ass before he feels the sigh brush his collar, the familiar, squeezing pressure of a patented Dick-Grayson-Hug. 

“Li’l wing,” he says, as greeting. His voice is muffled, face pressed into Jason’s back. He can feel the man’s nose digging into his neck, right at the start of his hairline. 

“Big bird,” he returns, cautiously. Touching a gloved hand to Nightwing’s gauntleted forearm. And, “Hey, you aren’t hurt, right?”

“I’m okay.” And he doesn’t move, except to shift his head slightly. Press the side of his face against the fabric of the Red Hood’s leather jacket. 

Even with the lifts in the Nightwing boots, Jason still has a good couple inches on him. In his peripheral, he can just make out the top of Goldie’s head. So he slouches his shoulders just a bit, and reaches a hand over his shoulder. Brushes it over Dick’s hair.

“Then what the hell are you doing?” Jason asks, but it’s friendly enough. He hopes.

“I’m sorry,” the older man says, but he still doesn’t move. “I’m sorry, Li’l wing.” He grip actually tightens, then. Briefly. He says, “I know you don’t like hugs from me.” It’s only then he starts to draw back, shaking Jason’s hand off his head.

Jason turns around, grabbing at his wrist and pulling him back closer. Actually completes the motion by pulling him into a hug, a real one this time.

He knows he’s going to regret this, tomorrow. But for now he can feel the faint trembling in Dickie’s muscles, the distinct downturn of his mouth. The faint sheen of sweat across his face, his struggling breath. How unsteady he is, on his feet.

Gruffly, “Nothing wrong with hugging you.” 

“I know you don’t like them,” he repeats, but he returns the hug nonetheless. Even if it lacks enthusiasm. “I’m just bad at telling you how much I love you, otherwise–”

“Okay,” Jason says, uncomfortably. Awkwardly patting the elder’s back. He can’t remember the last time he wanted to escape a conversation quite this badly. But he knows what the guilt’ll do to him.

“Sorry I’m hard on you sometimes,” Goldie mumbles, and Jason puts a hand on his jaw, and tips his head up with difficulty. “You’re an amazing person. But I see you mess up. Let yourself down. It’s hard.”

“Yeah,” Jason says, absently. Dick seems entirely unbothered when Jason flips up his mask lenses, obediently keeping his head still to let Jason check his pupils. Blown wide, of course, glazed and faintly bloodshot.

“Had to find you,” Dick’s saying, while Jason nods along. “I had to make sure you knew.”

“I know, Big bird,” he says. “I know.”

“Oh thank God,” and Dick sinks forward, further into his arms. Exhausted. “Seemed important.”

And Jason shifts his arms, supporting most of his brother’s weight at this point. Dick doesn’t seem to mind, though, turning his head into Jason’s shoulder and burying his face. His eyes are closed.

“B’s gonna be so mad at me,” he sighs, after a minute.

“Why’s B going to be mad at you?” Jay asks, adjusting his hold. Making sure the guy’s a little more comfortable.

“There was. Stupid trap thing, at a warehouse. I got hit with… something. I don’t know. I freaked out an’ left.” 

“He’s coming to pick you up now,” Jason offers, quietly. Because there’s no way O’s missed any of this. “I don’t think he’s mad, but I can talk to him for you if you want. I’ll at least stick around ‘til then, okay?”

“You’re pretty great, Jason Todd,” Dick murmurs, starting to shiver.  

“And you,” Jason says, holding tighter, “Are just okay, Dickie.”


Rajigaze Dec 30

Ruki: Okay, let’s go to the next one~

Aoi: Okay~

Ruki: Uhh-huhuh, ring-name… “I want to be the floor that Ruki walks on.”

(both giggle)

Ruki: “Ruki-san, Aoi-san –” oh shit! No! I can’t read this one, this is next month’s theme.

(Aoi giggles)

Ruki: Oh, this one! Here we go. Ehhh, ring-name, “Mai Mai.”


(both giggle at the name Mai Mai)

Ruki: “Ruki-san, Aoi-san, good evening.”

(Aoi still giggling at the name Mai Mai)

Ruki: “This is unrelated to the theme, but I have a line on my palm known as the ‘Spiritual Line’ in palm reading. Apparently people who have this line can sense spirits, but I can’t. Ruki-san, Aoi-san, can you or any of the other members sense spirits? Or, if you have any interesting stories about your palm reading, please tell us!” I see…sensing spirits. But I think people who are most scared of ghosts are the ones who can sense them!

Aoi: Hmm – idk about that…sensing spirits…that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve seen one, right?

Ruki: Yeah I think so. But if they’re scared, doesn’t that mean they can kind of feel them?

Aoi: Yeah, I think it’s just an instinct!

Ruki: Like their hairs stand up

Aoi (laughing): Yeah

Ruki: Pin! pin! pin! (that the sound of hairs standing up???)

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah, but man u wanna talk to me about instinct…

Ruki: Oh, that’s right! You hate [ghosts n shit I guess], don’t you?

Aoi: Yeah…


Aoi: I really don’t like them.

Ruki: The fact that you still remember that, you must really hate them…

Aoi: I really do – like, sometimes when we’re shooting for videos and stuff – didn’t I tell you?

Ruki: So were you scared at that place where we shot Undying?

Aoi: YUP

(*I have no idea what going on maybe Aoi sensed a ghost lmao)

(both laughing)

Ruki: U were freakin out so much

Aoi: Yep…

Ruki: Spirits man…

Aoi: Can you watch stuff like Biohazard?

Ruki: Oh yeah totally! I can watch horror movies no problem so

Aoi: I feel like we watched it! With Uruha…

Ruki: Yeah, and I can watch cursed videos and I’m totally fine (*I think he mean stuff like that tape in the ring where u supposed to die after u watch it)

Aoi (whispering): Nooooo I can’t……….

Ruki: Nah, I think u should watch it.

Aoi (whispering): Noooo… – oh yeah! You went to go rent it!

Ruki: Yeah!

(Aoi laughing)

Ruki: Yeah…but you know what’s even scarier, living humans. I’ve come to realize they are the scariest.

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Do the salty ask meme for GoT! Or The Office!!

Salty Ask List

  1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?* Sansa and Littlefinger. No offense to anyone that ships it but I think he’s icky and that after years of being used and manipulated by men Sansa deserves something better with someone whose motives are clear and uncomplicated, someone who actually loves her and doesn’t just see her as a useful perk on his mission for power. 

  2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?* Hmm idk about this one. I think that Brienne and Tormund is a popular ship now? If so, I only BroTP that one. I am hardcore Jaime/Brienne trash so I can’t see her with anyone else haha.

  3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion? Yes, but it wasn’t spiteful. I simply didn’t realize that someone I followed for an awesome gifset was a hardcore shipper of something that I don’t like and posted about it all the time. I just didn’t want it on my dash is all. 

  4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?* Oh man. Yes. I do. my NoTP is Jon and Sansa. It used to not be. I used to like it and even understood it watching season 6. I also read some great fanfics by a couple of people I follow. But the fandom recently changed how I feel about it. And the more I think about it the more I think that it would be OOC for Jon. But that’s a personal opinion of course!

  5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?* See above. Jon and Sansa. Not everyone who ships it is like that. In fact I’ve made good mutual friends with some people who ship it. But the radical ones and/or anti-Dany people were abusive to me and it turned me off of the ship as a whole because I started associating it with those people. 

  6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?* Not really. I don’t hate most pairings. Like I have tried to say above, I am cool with people shipping with that want. If anything, fandoms are usually the problem, not the ships themselves haha. 

  7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?* Not really. I guess the closest thing is that I used to be really into Sansa and Sandor/The Hound but now I primarily ship her with Pod. I realize that this is a 100% crack ship that will never be canon but I have become obsessed with it overnight haha. 

  8. Have you received anon hate? What about?* I’ve received anon hate about shipping jonerys. People who claim that it’s gross for being incest, or anti-Dany people who claim that she will emasculate Jon or something. Basically nonsense. I also tried to make a meta about similarities between Sansa and Dany explaining why I love them both that really ruffled some feathers and I got some anon hate for that. 

  9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? My least favorite characters are obvious ones. Walder Frey (may he rot in hell), Robin Arryn, Joffrey. I actually loved Ramsay because he was a really intriguing and terrifying villain. Plus he was sexy af. Gotta love my confusion about being attracted to an evil sadist. I like Littlefinger as a character even if I don’t like him with Sansa. Like Ramsay, he’s a cool villain. Great scheming. 

  10. Most disliked arc? Why? Right now, Arya’s. I feel like her storyline with the Faceless Men was really disappointing and anti-climactic. I don’t know how I wanted it to end, but the way it ended was bad, to me. I think that there were lots of plot holes and that after all the buildup, it just should have felt more cathartic. I did like her murder of Walder Frey though.

    Second place goes to Jaime on the show. I don’t know why he is backsliding like this. I expected him to see through Cersei by now, and that speech he gave Edmure Tully was totally out of character and just really ugly. I feel like he’s back to season 1.

  11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? Well apparently the fandom doesn’t like Dany. There are dedicated anti-Dany blogs, and I can’t understand that. I love her. Anyway, she is tied with Jon for my favorite character so I definitely love her despite the hate. I also, like I said above, really liked Ramsay haha. I am not sad he died or anything. I just think he was awesome. 

  12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? Idk about this. I think some people in the fandom are mad that Sansa’s arc changed so drastically from the book. If I am right about that, I don’t agree. I love what D&D did with show Sansa. I am sad that she suffered under Ramsay, but she is stronger for it and I feel like for the first time she is really in charge of her own destiny. She is badass and the queen of the North as far as I’m concerned. Very big improvement over hanging out at the Vale if you ask me. 

  13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Oh god. This will be very unpopular. I want Jon to take a break from the manbun. I get that people love the manbun. Fuck, I love the manbun. But I miss his flowing locks hahaha. 

  14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom? Unpopular opinion? Idk with all the negativity going around, it’s probably unpopular to feel positive. So I’ll just say overall I love this fandom. I have met some people through loving Game of Thrones who I consider to be true friends even though we only know each other via tumblr. I love my mutuals, especially my jonerys family. 

  15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show? Idk if this unpopular, but I hate the Sand Snakes on the show. I think most people do? So I guess this isn’t unpopular. Idk I tend to agree with most people haha. 

  16. If you could change anything in the show, what would you change? If I could change anything in the show, I would have Arya’s arc go better. Ask me again after season 7. If jonerys doesn’t happen, I’ll say I want to change that haha ;)

  17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen… Instead of Jaime continuing to follow Cersei, I would have him turn on her in the eleventh hour and reconcile with Tyrion. Cersei is an amazing woman, but she’s got to go. I think it is wildly out of character for Jaime to continue to support her after her political climbing has endangered the lives of their children to the point of their deaths. I just feel that as a character Jaime should have evolved beyond this. He should have wised up before now. He has a good heart. She doesn’t. Oops. Bet THAT is my unpopular opinion. 

  18. Does not shipping something ‘popular’ mean you’re in denial and/or biased? Absolutely not. Shipping something is entirely subjective and based on emotions. If you feel something about a non-canon or crack ship, that’s awesome. It means you think like an individual. It’s only a problem when you try to attack other people/ships out of anger that yours isn’t happening. 

  19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom? The ship war between J*nsa and jonerys.

  20. What is the purest ship in the fandom? Gendrya. Hands down. Haha.

  21. What are your thoughts on crack ships? They are so much fun! The more the better. I want to write about my secret one one day. It will get no reads but I’ll be happy haha.

  22. Popular character you hate? I don’t hate any characters, especially not popular ones. 

  23. Unpopular character you love? Like I said above, Dany, apparently. And Ramsay. Lol. 

  24. Would you recommend XXX to a friend? Why or why not? Of course. I force everyone in my life to watch Game of Thrones!

  25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX? My dream ending has Daenerys and Jon falling in love and successfully uniting the kingdoms against the White Walkers. They win the war at the cost of many lives. King’s Landing is destroyed in the process. It turns out that Dany isn’t barren and they have a child. But when King’s Landing is being rebuilt, Dany realizes that what she wanted all along wasn’t a throne, it was a family and a place to belong. She thought that meant carrying on her family’s dynastic tradition but knows now that she can be happy with Jon in the North. The Red Keep is rebuilt without an Iron Throne and Tryion establishes a senate with representatives from all seven kingdoms and Essos. I know this won’t happen. It’s my wish though haha. 

  26. Most shippable character? Jon Snow

  27. Least shippable character? Ser Pounce 

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Who do you think are the most popular blogs here that I can follow? 🙂

Hmm idk about most ~popular~ but the ones I love who you might have seen are @readinglikewildfire @elidexlorcan @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn @lronteeth @propshophannah @aelins @azrielsiphons @nessiansmut @feysandsmut and like honestly so many more! If you go through my reblogs and follow everyone I’ve reblogged from, odds are you’ll find some gems 😘

Where does it come from?
Who gives it to you? You know,
the stuff that tumbles from your fingertips
nearly too fast for you to keep up,
the colors and lines and words and notes
that feel like shooting stars soaring
through hailstorms, landing
deep in the swirling sea.

How do you take thoughts and
turn them into something you can
see or hear or touch?
And then, how do you take those
and turn them into 
something you can feel?

Much is said about artists,
about no heat and dirty floors and
cheap apartments and ink stains
and dark colors and bitterness and smoke
and torture and torture and torture–
it’s all true, isn’t it?

Does it matter?

You see a painting, how does it
make you feel? You hear a song,
read a poem, and you can taste it,
you can feel it surging through you
like a revelation, like atonement.

Someone took that grimacing knot
from inside them and forced it
(shuddering, screaming, violent,
and so, so helpless) into the world,
and for what? Some would say money,
or fame, or empathy.
I think it’s so they can
remember how to breathe again.

What I’m asking is,
how can I learn to create?

—  Dear Artists // j.d.k.