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Everything about her brought to mind the old religion, and I knew that the resemblance was deliberate, intended to remind her subjects that as Hephestia ruled uncontested among the gods, this woman ruled Attolia. Too bad that I had seen the Great Goddess and knew how far the Attolian queen fell short of her mark.

1. Clint never thought that Natasha had any preference for any sort of food, since she was never the type who talked about trivial subjects like that, until he notices that she has a habit of adding red pepper flakes whenever she has pasta, which in itself is rare.

2. When in the comfort of her own living quarters, Natasha likes to walk around barefooted and has a severe disliking for anyone who couldn’t be asked to remove their shoes (Clint learned this the hard way when he had casually walked in from a morning run with his running shoes on).

3. Once before going on a mission the next day, Clint and Natasha had participated in a training session with some of the other agents. Clint hadn’t bothered to refill his quiver right after the training session had ended and had gone straight to bed, thinking that he could do it the next day. The following morning, his quiver was full. A casual remark about it while en route to their dropoff point had earned nothing more than an uninterested, “Really?”, but Clint had noticed the slight upward twitch in the corner of her lips.

4. Natasha Romanoff was rarely nervous, nor was she anxious, but when she did so in a non life-threatening situation, if you listened really hard, you could almost hear her humming. Further dissection of the discovery with Coulson revealed it to be a French song, but that was about as far as they got.

5. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Natasha hides small, discreet weapons, including pistols, in various parts of her living quarters - just in case one of her many and varied enemies decides to pay a house call. Fun fact: they are all silenced.

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ok here's the thing..

so personally for me Harry has to be the big spoon and Niall is the little spoon because of height difference and because Harry is so protective and he would like wrap both his arms around Niall

and I can only imagine Niall sitting on Harry’s knee and being all cute and giggly and shy and affectionate snuggling into Harry and stuff

bUT I still think Niall tops..

does that make any sense????