hmm i'm not so sure about this one but

Looking at Kemeticism
  • Me: hey so here are some offerings, uh I don't have a specific deity in mind. Anyway here's some info about me, let me know if--
  • Sekhmet: hi
  • Me: uh hi who are you
  • Sekhmet: I'm Sekhmet you called and I have arrived
  • Me: okay well let me make sure, um here send me a sign
  • Me: *has dream*
  • Sekhmet: hello yes here is your sign it's me alright
  • Me: *next day after reading up a bit and being nervous about Sekhmet* okay well maybe I interpreted that wrong, okay Sekhmet if it's you then...hmm I never see rabbits so show me a rabb--
  • Sekhmet: how about this one
  • Me: ...
  • Sekhmet: or maybe this one?
  • Me: uh well I--
  • Sekhmet: here is another one. And another. Let me know how many signs I have to give you for you to get the idea through your thick skull. :)
  • Me:
one fine evening in Uchiha residence
  • Sasuke: somethings bothering you?
  • Sarada: no Papa i just thinking.
  • Sasuke: hmm?
  • Sarada: what if my hair is pink like Mama's. I think would be prettier. 
  • Sasuke: hmm.
  • You knew that I've been traveled in a lot of village and there were a lot of pretty women around there. Prettier than your Mama.
  • Sarada: *sigh*
  • Sasuke: But it didn't matter because what made me chose your Mama was not because what she looks like but what made her on the inside. She is one of the strongest person i've ever met and i'm not talking about her physical strength that we both agree that she is strong. But she is a woman with the strongest heart i ever seen. She healed everything that i once thought it couldn't be healed. She willingly sacrificed herself for the ones she loved. She loves life. Her patience and loyalty is incredible. She annoyed you everyday just to make you sure that she loves you so much. And that's for me is more.. more than any other women.
  • And Sarada...
  • Sarada: hmm?
  • Sasuke: on the outside you may be look a lot like me. But on the inside...
  • you're more like your Mama *poke her forehead*
  • Sarada: thank you Papa.
@ dutch protection squad members

i’ll be going to abunai (anime convention) this year. i’m really looking forward to taking pics of the Kags cosplayers and buying all the Kags merch (if i get permission of the cosplayers i’ll put the pics on the blog) :D anyways if you’re also going it’d be cool if we could meet and scream about Kags!! 

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What if Ranpo and Chuuya going into the book was a convenient reason for killing them off. They're going to be in there for about four days, according to Poe, and I don't know about Poe's ability, but I'm pretty sure that people die after three days without water.

Pretty sure people don’t get sucked into books too~~

Hmm, but it wouldn’t make sense to kill them off right now, unless Asagiri is going for the shock factor. The “rule” was to find out the perpetrator in the book, after all, but Ranpo can stall for time and coerce Chuuya into protecting him because he’s the only one who can figure out the real criminal. Plus, I think Poe creates an alternate world, so they get stuck in a place which mimics the real world. That means they can eat the food there to avoid starvation, and so on.

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Is Jinkook actually becoming more popular though? I really want them too, but many of their moments are so subtle, e.g. them always being near each other in BV, I'm afraid people will overlook them. Recently, they've had more moments that are more obvious, but people keep labeling them as mom-and-son, which is so annoying. Do you think Jinkook will actually become much more popular? What about Jinmin and Taejin?

hmm i’m not really sure what to say other than that jin ships other than namjin have a tendency to swept to the side? (i love namjin dont get me wrong its one of my absolute faves !!) namjin has been the predominant powerhouse ‘mom-dad’ ship that ppl have often taken for granted b/c of its popularity, which often leaves their interactions with the younger  other members as parent-child bonding? (often the maknae line and hyung line are polarized by nature due to their classifications/age range) 
all i can say is that hopefully ppl will shed light on maknae line/jin ships !! jin harem is a go !! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

  • Ghira: *Ghira walked into the livingroom to find Her daughter Blake playing a game of chess with her new her Yang.*Miss Xi-,Ahem. I mean, Yang. May I have a moment of your time please?
  • Yang: Hmm? Oh sure. *Yang got up giving a kiss on the cheek to Blake.* I'll be right back, kitteeeeee*Yang began to say before becoming nervous.*
  • Ghira/Blake: Your find.
  • Yang: Oh thank god. I wasn't sure if... you know. *sighed in relief as she walked up to Ghira.*
  • Ghira: Hahahaha, no worries. *Ghira laughed patting Yang on the back, surprised Yang didn't even flinch.* I did the same when I first called my wife that in front of her father.
  • Yang: Hehehe, glad I'm not the only one then. So what did you want to talk about?
  • Ghira: Well Yang. You see I know that you and my daughter have been spending quite a lot of time together on your travels and *Ghira began, taking a deep breath* sharing the same bed.
  • Yang: *at this Yang's face turn bright red* Mr. Belladonna I swear we did nothing what you may thought we may have. *quickly ensure her girlfriend's father before Ghira held up his hand*
  • Ghira: No need to worry. I know very well that you have respected Blake. After all you were also traveling with you sister and uncle along with a few friend. However, I must ask you during your stay here that you stay in the guest room when going to bed.
  • Yang: Of course. You don't have to worry.
  • Ghira: Good because if I catch you sneaking into my daughter's room at night I will throw you off my island.
  • Yang: Ahaha, Good one.
  • Ghira: ... *stares at Yang with a blank expression.*
  • Yang: *Yang laughter dies down and is followed by a gulp.* Yes sir.
  • ~Later at night~
  • Kali: Sweetie. It's 11 o'clock at night. Why don't you come to bed. *Kali said as she opened the door to Ghira's study to find him at his deck, watching the screen of his computer intensely.*
  • Ghira: I'll be right there darling. I just need to make sure of something.
  • Kali: What are you looking at? *Kali questioned with a raised eyebrow. walking to her husband's side. Once there her glanced at what he has been looking at.* Is... Is that the hallway the guest bedroom is?
  • Ghira: No.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: ... Yes. *Admitted under her wife gaze* But I swear it's only to make sure Miss Xiao-Long keeps her promise to stay in her- *Suddenly they both hear a door open from the computer and turn to see Yang walking out of her room.* AH-HA! I KNEW IT! SEE! I KNEW THAT SHE WOULD-
  • Kali: Head to the bathroom which is in the complete opposite direction. *Kali pointed out watching as Ghira look back at the screen to see Yang enter the bathroom and after a moment exit and return to her room.*
  • Ghira: ... Oh.
  • Kali: Come to bed dear. *Kali said pulling her husband to bed.*
  • ~Next morning~
  • Kali: *Kali walked to the guestroom.* Miss Xiao-Long? Are you awake? Breakfast is ready. *Kali called out softly once she reached the room about to knock when suddenly the door opened, completely surprising her to see who.* Oh my.
  • Blake: ... Hmm? *Still half asleep, wearing Yang's shirt, Blake blinked as her drooped cat ears twitched before realizing who was standing in front of her waking her up completely as her ears shoot up while her cheeks turned red.* ... MOM! H-HEY GOOD MORNING! I, uh, How's it, uh... How'd you sleep?
  • Kali: *Blake watched her mother hide a giggle behind her hand with a devilish smirk.* Oh I slept well but your father tossed and turned worried that Miss Xiao-Long would sneak off in the night to your room. How about you my dear? Did you sleep well?... If you or your girlfriend slept at all, that is?
  • Blake: *Steam raised from Blake's head out of embarrassment.* I, we slept fine. Yep, That is all we did. Just slept.
  • Kali: Alright then. Well Breakfast is ready so please wake up Yang and tell her to get ready.And don't worry you two can take as much time as you need. *Kali smiled giving her daughter a wink and hug before turned to walk away but quickly added.* Oh. You may want to tell Yang to wear a short sleeved shirt instead of a tank top. It seems like, well Like mother like daughter. *with that Kali walked away leaving Blake confused as she closed the door and turned back to her sleeping lover waking up.*
  • Yang: Mmmmh. *Yang yawned gettig out of bed and stretch revealing to Blake scratches on her back from the night before.* Good morning Kitten. You sleep well?
  • Blake: *Blake could only nod with her blush renewed only not from embarrassment as she felt a harm between her legs and thought.* We can be later for breakfast. Yang technically did what dad asked.

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It's homophobic to cancel a show during pride month if that show has a gay character? So one month before or after would have been fine? Good think it's not during any other national day or month, Netflix would have been an even bigger bigot :)

hmm are you aware of the ‘…it’s homophobic’ meme, anon (like when your gay ass is craving ice cream but your freezer is empty and you murmur this is frankly homophobic?)? bc that’s the spirit in which that particular post was made (at least what i think you’re referring to)… but sure the fact that they announced the show cancellation on the first day of pride month is kinda ironic don’t you think? and it somehow makes it worse when you’re prepping to celebrate that, to get one of the most diverse shows out there get struck down…

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hmm. then i'm pretty sure it's about ethnicity

But even that is just grasping at straws. 

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad:

The protaganist from the first game was born in Syria 

Ezio Auditore da Firenze: 

Is Italian and was born in Florence

Ratonhnhaké:ton: AKA Connor Kenway: 

Was half Native-American and half British 

Edward Kenway: 

Was Welsh

Aveline De Grandpré: 

Was French-African 

Adéwalé: (Only playable in Assassins Creed 4 DLC)

Was born in Trinidad 

Arno Victor Dorian: 

Is French 

So in conclusion, The team at Ubisoft has made one of the diverse series of games we’ve yet to see. 

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Hmm Juby, Though i'm sure this question has come up before, What cover did you spend the most time on?, I bet this is a hard one Ahaha!."~

That IS a hard question

I think in terms of overall time it’d be Yonjuunana just because I kept changing the mix for 2 months while was debating wether to continue singing at all haha

But if we’re talking about certain steps of the process…

Lyrics: Death Should Not Have Taken Thee

Recording: Realistic Logical Ideologist

Mixing: Children’s War

So many long nights basking in the glow of the fluorescent screen

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Hi there ! I need some help about leaning kanji. I'm not sure how to start. Do I learn by radicals if I do can you direct to some books or a website that will help me with that method. Or do I just learn through vocabulary. I'm a bit overwhelmed since it's so much. Can you recommend a method to learn kanji ?

Hello! Hmm… First you need to know the reason as to why you want to learn kanji. Since the method will be different depending on your purpose. 


They are more complicated than the Chinese versions since it has more than one way to read it (kun-yomi/ on-yomi) . And it also have more than one meaning. But you can think of it this way…

Learning kanji is like being introduced to a new friend. Differentiate similar shapes of kanjis, is similar to differentiate your twin friends.

And to know how to read one kanji when it’s being combined with another kanji, is like learning someone’s nickname within a specific circle of friend! John is called Johnnie when he’s with his girl, but may be called Jo by his buddies.

So how do you able to memorize them? It’s by exposing yourself to them as much as possible. You won’t remember much about somebody you rarely meet. But you will instantly recognize your best buddies walking gesture even from far right! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

So basically, best method to acquire kanji is by using them by reading them in a sentence. Keep exposing yourself to a specific kanji until you mastered it. 

Now to answer your questions:


Purpose: Enjoying Japanese books/ mangas/ games

1. Follow the curriculum of JLPT material from N5 to N3 (including vocabulary & grammar). Since even if you master hundreds of kanji, you will not be able to understand the language without learning verb conjugation, particles, and grammar patterns.
2. Learn the kanji through vocabulary, and create mnemonics for it’s shape & reading. Don’t worry about official radicals, you just need to be able distinguished the kanji from other similar shape. You can even make your own version of radicals! Call it a christmas tree or folding chair, anything that works for you!
3. After finishing N3 materials, start expanding your vocabulary by reading simple Japanese books/mangas/blogs.

If this is the very first time you want to acquire Japanese, check out our blog’s lessons index . We try to create JLPT based lessons from the very basics. It’s currently not much but we’ll keep adding more materials. We hope it will help you to learn Japanese easier~


Purpose: Cramming for a JLPT test, which doesn’t require you to write the kanji

1. List all kanjis that will be reviewed.
2. Create mnemonics for each kanji you have problem with, to help you remember the shape & spelling (like the one you found in this blog).
3. Expose yourself to the kanji as much as you can in a sentence (not as single kanji quiz).

Find Japanese example in online dictionary such as Tangorin

First try to read them with the furigana on top, then try to hide the furigana later on. A good amount would be 10 sentence, and then move on to next kanji. Don’t cram to hard, get a rest for every 1 - 2 hours of cramming.


Purpose: Cramming for KANJI school test which require you to write the kanji and fully mastered the reading / meaning of a single KANJI

To tell you the truth, we believe that this is not an effective method to learn kanji if your purpose to learn is to understand Japanese. The best way to acquire kanjis is by using it (reading).

One kanji have more than one way of spelling and meaning when they’re being used in a sentence or combined with another kanji. To learn just the kanji without it’s proper use in a sentence will be very ineffective since your brain won’t treat it as something useful and will get rid of it as soon as you finished the test/study. It’s similar as how you memorise dates for history test.

In any case, this is the best method for this purpose:

1. List all the kanjis that will be reviewed in the test.
2. Create mnemonics for all of it’s meaning & reading (do it only for kanji which troubles you)
3. For complex kanji, check out its OFFICIAL RADICALS from dictionary apps, and create mnemonics of the shape.

• List of official radicals

4. Write it out a lot of times (keep remembering the official radicals while writing since you will need the radicals later on for another kanji). Take a rest every 1 - 2 hours of cramming.


Happy learning!

something i came up with after listening to Makoto's birthday message to Rin
  • Makoto: Rin, how are the cats? Are they used to you already?
  • Rin: Yeah, Shiro is doing good as always and Haru is less agressive now you know? He even lets me carry him
  • Makoto: .......umm.. Rin?
  • Rin: Shut up! Don't say it! Please don't say it!
  • Makoto: Did you name your cat Haru?
  • Rin: ahhhhh i told you not to say it, Makoto! And don't you even think about telling Haru about this!
  • Makoto: haha ok ok i won't say anything
  • Rin: *menacing aura* I'm serious here Makoto, a word about this to Haru and i'm gonna-
  • Makoto: Eek- i know already, please don't look at me with that face!
  • Rin: Good.
  • Sousuke: Your cat's name is Haru?
  • Rin: Sousuke!
  • Makoto: Yamazaki-kun!
  • Sousuke: Rin, you seriously named your cat after your crush? How much of a shoujo manga protagonist can you be?
  • Rin: shut up! And Sousuke, i'm pretty sure i don't need to tell you this but you better not-
  • Sousuke: Say anything about this? Hmm, i wonder...
  • Rin: Sou-su-ke
  • Sousuke: Ok i won't say anything with one condition
  • Rin: What?
  • Sousuke: Tachibana, gimme a kiss?
  • Makoto: Eh?
  • Rin: Haaaaah?
  • Sousuke: I'm saying that if Tachibana gives me a kiss i won't tell
  • Makoto: i just- i mean- i don't... know
  • Rin: Makoto, don't listen to him he's just fucking around right?
  • Sousuke: Yeah Tachibana i'm just joking
  • Makoto: Is that so? Haha thank god you really fooled me Yamazaki-kun
  • Sousuke: yeah, besides i don't need a forced kiss like that
  • Makoto: Eh?
  • Sousuke: Cause i'm gonna make it so you'll want to kiss me just as much as i want to kiss you *smirks*
  • Rin: ...................
  • Makoto: ............
  • Rin: Makoto, what the hell are you blushing for?
Text RP starters inspired by Big Hero 6
  • [text]: I was out fighting crime last night in a kaiju suit. It's a thing; I swear I wasn't drunk.
  • [text]: Puberty got to me and now I'm crying in a corner for it.
  • [text]: My sibling just found a new way to go out with a bang and I'm not exactly happy about it.
  • [text]: Nearly killed someone by making them jump out a window. Better luck next time, I guess.
  • [text]: I'm looking at things from a new angle, but all I see are inappropriate imagery.
  • [text]: Can you come pick me up? Oh, it's nothing, I'm just under attack from a supervillain.
  • [text]: You think someone has to help? I have some concerns
  • [text]: Why is a robot asking me about my threshold of pain
  • [text]: On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say I'm fucked at level 10, all the way.
  • [text]: We're in danger right now and my friend can only say "oh no" in the dullest tone ever. Yeah, I could use some help now.
  • [text]: Why are you taking selfies with a _____ in the background?
  • [text]: Woke up today realizing my sibling is gone. It still hurts.
  • [text]: I got attacked by lots of tiny robots today. My life sucks, I know.
  • [text]: I'm making super suits for everyone. What would you want yours to look like?
  • [text]: At first I hated the idea of nerd school. Now I practically live in it.
  • [text]: This guy told me to "prepare my bot" and I have some concerns about it.
  • [text]: It took me 84 tests for this shit to work. I need a drink.
  • [text]: Ah, the single life. It only means I can stress eat and worry about loved ones while they're out getting arrested or something.
  • [text]: A friend of mine told me this great method of recycling clothes and now I'm just like "say goodbye to doing laundry for a month". Wanna know the secret, too?
  • [text]: So I'm presenting at this exhibit and I'm not sure what I should show them to make myself look smart. Any ideas?
  • [text]: Oh, you're having problems with ___? Maybe you should stop whining and woman up sometime soon, hmm?
  • [text]: Nothing says family bonding than melting someone's face off with my world-famous wings.
  • [text]: I bring extra pairs of underwear everywhere; need one?
  • [text]: I've been arrested for ____ and yet I haven't learned my lesson let. I'm such a bonehead, can't you tell?
  • [text]: Have you ever heard of someone obeying traffic rules in a car chase?
  • [text]: Hey, did you know the words "mi casa" is actually French for ___?
  • [text]: Can't believe I turned down that guy's offer; he was gonna offer me more money than someone at my age can hope to earn, too!
  • [text]: Don't question why I'm teaching you karate. You need it.
  • [text]: This person keeps adding all these upgrades onto me and I'm just like how the fuck does that make me a better companion to him?
  • [text]: Ever known someone you so desperately want to laser hand right now? That someone would be you, by the way.
  • [text]: Where the fuck did this guy get the idea that he's the leader and we're just his "intrepid friends"?
  • [text]: My sibling's washed up at such a young age. I might need your intervention at this point now.
  • [text]: The phrase "hairy baby" has such a different meaning to me right now, thanks to you.
  • [text]: I keep making jokes about a dead hottie; is there something wrong with me?
  • Dean: Hey, Cas, wanna play a little game?
  • Cas: It depends.
  • Dean: On what?
  • Cas: On whether I have to get up. You're comfortable.
  • Dean: *laughs* You don't have to get up for this game.
  • Cas: Ok then. What's the game?
  • Dean: It's a guess game. You have three guesses to find what I love most about out relationship.
  • Cas: Hmm... Maybe it's our cuddles, like this one? I sure love this part of our relationship.
  • Dean: They are fun, but no. I'm not as lazy as you are.
  • Cas: You don't have to be lazy to enjoy cuddles.
  • Dean: Maybe not, but you ARE lazy.
  • Cas: I never said I'm not.
  • Dean: Good. Now, what's your second guess?
  • Cas: Let's see... Maybe the morning sex?
  • Dean: *laughs again* As much as I enjoy those, no, they aren't my favorite part of our relationship.
  • Cas: Oh, so maybe I should just stop doing it-
  • Dean: Don't you dare to even thing about it.
  • Cas: *laughs* Don't worry, I enjoy them too, there's no way I'll stop them.
  • Dean: Good.
  • Cas: And so I'm left with only one guess.
  • Dean: Indeed.
  • Cas: If I get it wrong, would you tell me the answer?
  • Dean: Maybe.
  • Cas: How much would it cost me? A week of washing the dishes? Two of making the laundry?
  • Dean: Slow down there, babe, you haven't even used your third guess yet.
  • Cas: Maybe it's the fact you're calling me 'babe' all the time? You seem to like it.
  • Dean: No, it's not it, but you were getting closer. And for that I'll tell you the answer.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Cas: Dean?
  • Dean: Yes babe?
  • Cas: You said you'll tell me the answer.
  • Dean: I know.
  • Cas: Then why aren't you telling me the answer?
  • Dean: Well, I didn't say WHEN I'm going to do it.
  • Cas: Deeeeaaaan. I demand you tell me right now.
  • Dean: Hmm, how much are you willing to pay?
  • Cas: 1 week of washing the dishes.
  • Dean: 3 weeks.
  • Cas: 2 weeks, and a week of taking out the garbage.
  • Dean: Deal.
  • Dean: The thing I love most about our relationship is the fact that I can kiss you whenever I want.
  • Cas: Oh. And why's tha-
  • Dean&Cas: *kissing*
  • Dean: well, it's because of how much I wanted to do it before we were together, and now I can.

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[1/2] Hey! D'you think killing Magnussen was a freelance job offered to Mary, instead of her going to kill him for her own reasons? I haven't read any meta disproving this, so I'm not sure.

[2/2] But if we hold on to the former theory, d'you think her ‘client’ was Mycroft? He Mary and hadn’t interacted until TAB, and Myc knows just how dangerous CAM was, and that he had to be eliminated somehow. Any thoughts? :)

Hi Lovely!

Hmm, this is an interesting theory, one I haven’t considered, to be honest! It’s hinted at in TAB that Mary is working with Mycroft in some capacity, and Sherlock is aware of it. While I think it’s Mary having Mycroft at her whims, and Sherlock figured it out, it’s actually a good theory about Mary being hired to deal with Magnussen and everything going horribly wrong. Killing Sherlock was not part of the plan but Mary did it anyway, for her own selfish reasons.

Hmm. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I haven’t seen any myself.

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There's this Steven universe (amv??) that was floating around MONTHS ago on tumblr and I'm so upset I can't find it bc there's a shit ton of those on YouTube. Like a ridiculous amount. I'm pretty sure it was released after the second Steven bomb. And it actually made me cry it was so well done and it was mostly about Steven and Rose and I want to scream I would pay to find it again AH

Hmm…. The only ones that comes to mind are these two

Steven Universe - Unofficial Trailer [HD] (Spoilers)


The Best Traits are Hereditary (Steven Universe)

if anything, you might be thinking or TBTaH one

both make me cry

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So that's what those are for!haha I didn't get that. I'm so slow! Hmm... How about EF/SB OQ or SQ with one daring the other to eat something exotic. Note: the dish can also be

Micro Fic:  Miniature Armored Sea Dragons for Dinner

Outlaw Queen

Rated T

They live in coastal Maine…

“It looks… like a miniature dragon.  Are you sure it’s edible?”  Robin said, moving the plate around to get a good look in the eyes of the lobster.  He even moved his head down to eye level.  "Is it always this color?“

Regina was amused and passed him a set of crackers for the shell.  ”No it turns that color in the boiling water.  It’s a local delicacy in this realm.  You’ll like it.”

"You are amused,” Robin looked up at her but was still on eye level with the strange beast.  

“You are looking at it like it’s about to attack you.”

“You presented an armored sea dragon to me to eat.  Have you ever eaten dragon?”

Regina said deadpan.  ”I try not to eat my friends, I have so few of them.”

Robin raised an eyebrow.  ”You are going to have to explain that to me sometime.”  

“Hmmm no, actually I’m not,”  She demonstrated with her own lobster.  "You pick it up and twist like this… the tail is the best part…"

“I’ve eaten a lot of strange creatures of the forest before…”  Robin poked the claws to make sure it was dead.

Regina started laughing and Robin looked up.

“Fish… you’ve never had shellfish.”

“I’ve had fish before, m’lady.  Just ….”

“Oh I’m going to have so much fun introducing you to things.”  Regina laughed.

“And I’ll let you if I get to hear that laugh more.”

“Maybe… ”  She reached over and took a bit of the tale meat and dipped it in butter before offering it to him to eat.  He took it from her hand and popped it in his mouth with a smile.  

“The laughter might not be the only appealing thing about letting you introduce me to this world, Regina…”

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Well, I love this song by Rixton, Me and My Broken Heart. So may I trouble you and that beautiful mind of yours to prompt this song for me, please? Thank you much! Mwah.

I’m so sorry I took so long with this, Sophie!

Set after 5x10. Let’s forget the whole adoption/ San Francisco situation for this here shall we?

 After her shift’s done, Gail does drag herself up to Holly’s house. As much as she loved the impromptu make-out session in the interrogation room, she knew she had quite a bit of questions for Holly, or at least one important one. But she wasn’t sure whether she would ever manage them. She knew the moment she saw Holly, all sane thought would go out the window and she would be quite probably pushed against a wall with Holly moaning into her mouth, and there wouldn’t be any time for questions. And after all that, perhaps she wouldn’t need to ask anything at all. So, hinging all her hopes on that feeble hope that perhaps she would feel different afterwards, Gail waits outside Holly’s door, gearing up for one ride of an evening.

The moment Holly opens the door and she sees her, Gail knows she done for. Soon enough, she’s pushed against the closed door, with Holly kissing her hard, leaning into her and before she can manage a word, she’s already being pushed on to the couch, with Holly on top of her. Gail knew this was bound to happen, that they had to do something about this burning heat that was between them before they could truly talk, anything up to that would be just words said for the sake of saying something, so might as well skip all that.

It isn’t long before the two are panting in each other’s mouths, clothes discarded around the living room, and after the sweet high of release, they take a moment to catch their breath. Holly’s resting her head near Gail’s bare breasts, and Gail’s running her fingers through her hair and staring at the ceiling ,feeling at peace after what could only be too long. Gail can hear the muted buzzing of her phone from somewhere, but she’s ignoring that completely.

And again the nagging thought comes back to Gail. That annoying night at the bar, where Lisa belittled her, where Holly didn’t say much to defend her. And all the suspicions are back again. The very emotions she had been hoping wouldn’t surface again and yet here they are. The thought that maybe all that she’s is to Holly is fun. That maybe Holly does think of her as a nothing but a random cop. She just can’t shake the way she’s feeling spite the fact Holly’s right there in her arms, running her fingers softly along her bare skin and it should have been bliss. But Gail couldn’t enjoy it. It was breaking her heart to break the calm that was prevailing.

‘I just want know something.’ Gail begins, not daring to look at Holly. A part of her doesn’t want to know the answer, she knows for sure that she’s in deep, and if Holly Stewart was damn capable of breaking her heart, she’s sure she would never recover from that.

'Hmm.’ comes Holly’s reply, who’s still mindlessly running her fingers along Gail’s skin, loving the feel of it.

'You don’t think I’m just fun do you?’ Gail continues, trying so hard to not come off as too vulnerable. But she’s dying to know. That she isn’t just one of a string of girls to Holly. That isn’t all just fun. Because that would just be devastating, but there wouldn’t be anything she could do about that, because she’s sure she’ll burn herself in that process.

Holly does turn her head to look up to face Gail, who manages to muster some courage to gaze at her.

'Gail, that was just something I told Lisa to get her to shut up. She was worried I was getting caught up in some straight girl mess.’

'Well, are you?’ Gail needs to know where she stands in this scenario.

'Am I?’ Holly asks back, Gail realizing that only she could answer that one.

Gail knows she’s head over heels in love with her, but then again, she wasn’t ready to say that. Not now anyway. She sighs and considers the question, feeling Holly’s gaze on her.

'You’re not. I’m sure of that Hol - that I’m not some confused straight girl.That this isn’t some straight girl mess either.’

'And you’re not some beat cop Gail. I know that hurt you, but you’re not. You’re not.’ Holly re-affirms Gail, slowly moving up and kissing her hard, and Gail doesn’t have much of a choice but to agree. It feels good when Holly’s right there, kissing her like she does, and she groans as she feels Holly get up and move away from her.

'I’ve got to get dinner ready sweetie.’ Holly laughs giving Gail another kiss as she picks up her shirt off the floor and walking off, leaving Gail on the couch.

Alone, on the couch, the thoughts come back again. It doesn’t feel too bad when Holly’s kissing her and saying all these sweet things, but when she’s alone on the couch here, the doubts come back again. Sometimes she wishes she isn’t this insecure, but she really can’t help how she’s feeling now.

The phone’s buzzing again and Gail’s losing her cool completely with it and everything she’s feeling spite everything just Holly told her and Gail grabs the phone off the table. She realizes it wasn’t her phone that was buzzing all this time, it was Holly’s. And there are 3 calls and 4 messages, all from Boob job. That throws Gail a bit. If only this woman could shut up and leave them alone already.

'We are NOT in sixth grade Holly. Stop giving me the silent treatment and PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE.’

'For the millionth time, I’m sorry I screwed up things with your one true love with Ms.Blonde Cop, it’s been 3 weeks, talk to me already!’

'I can’t believe YOU! ’

'Can my jerk-ass friend pick up the phone please!”

Gail smiles at the messages, and the childish part of her is glad that Holly isn’t talking to Boob Job. The second message makes her smile a lot. Seems like she wasn’t the only one in too deep.

She smiles, disregarding her clothes which are all over the floor, and walking to the kitchen.

And the second Holly catches sight of her, she knows one thing for sure.

Dinner was going to have to wait.

sergei-prokofiev  asked:

i sent a bunch of stuff to grace about the apple tree yard thing (notably that the page for it on the bbc website was deleted about four hours ago, that the only promotional material anywhere is the one trailer and that all news articles on it (all four hmm) take their information from the interview done by the telegraph) and i'm pretty sure you're onto something

god, i sure fucking hope so. i’m not holding out hope that the show is fake (i know for a fact it isn’t), but that it’s serving as a placeholder for the 22nd 9pm spot, and that its first episode is actually airing on the 29th? i can hope for that