hmm i wonder who's taking pictures

WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT. A. MINUTE!! You guys see the look on Sonic’s face, right? Take a good long look at it…..hmm, I wonder what – or WHO – he’s looking at that’s making him have such a pleased look on his face ( ô u ô ) okay, NOW look around the edges of the picture; it’s kinda blurry, no? Okay, if you are not a SonAmy fan, then you can keep scrolling if you’re not interested – but those of you who do ship SonAmy keep reading!! *DEEP BREATH* okay, get ready to squee X3 I think that this picture might be from a scene where Amy is fantasizing about something – or a certain someone…….!!!! I leave you with my speculation and your assumptions ( = w = )

hello kaylor shippers I have a nice little something to make this drought a little more bearable. As we all know, Karlie was seen arriving at Taylor’s apartment on Friday with a purse, a paper bag, wearing some kick ass sunglasses, and her K necklace that matches Taylor’s T (x)

wow look at that slitted skirt it would be so easy for taylor’s hand to accidentally slide up it … oh wait they have other guests there

…who left that night. hmm i wonder why there were no pictures of karlie leaving, maybe she stayed over to do normal gal pal stuff and left the next day

we do have this candid from friday (day after taylor had friends over) that was released around 1 in the afternoon.. strange that karlie seems to be wearing the same necklace and sunglasses, carrying the same purse, happens to have her hair pulled back into a wavy textured ponytail much like one would after taking out a french braid (aka how she wore it yesterday), and is carrying the same paper bag - which happens to be lighter than before

whatever was in it (candle perhaps?) has been left at taylor’s apartment

but wait two hours later candids of karlie with a bigger bag (along with all previous essentials) and a jacket are posted and the paper bag looking more full at the bottom. could it be that she went home, picked up an overnight bag, and went back to taylors? that seems logical but she did have a workout session friday morning (x) and we don’t know when all the photos were actually taken. this could’ve been a gym bag. my best theory is that she left taylor’s that morning and had her bag already waiting for her at the gym, which she took home after her workout. anyway karlie stayed the night with taylor yayayayayayayayay kaylor’s alive back from the dead

The Sign of Red

I swore I wasn’t going to watch this again tonight. I swore I wasn’t going to analyze the whole episode before HLV. Oops. I wanted do one scene and it turned out to understand that scene I had to watch the whole episode…again. I did the whole thing. Apparently I cannot be stopped.

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Go Outside Radio ep 1 translation text version!

This is my translated text version of Soraru and Mafumafu’s “Hikikomoranai Radio” episode 1! Mi suggested I put it up as text in addition to the video with subtitles which you can find here, so that’s what I’m doing :) Might be good if you just want to skim it or read it quickly or something? Enjoy!

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