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Where do you think does Mitch's insecurity stems from? Which part of his body is he conscious of and why? I keep wondering about this myself because, I think Mitch has a pretty hot bod. Very hot bod. He has a nice chest and has a flat stomach that looks like abs or at least a hard stomach underneath the shirt. Sure, he's a bit stringy/lanky, but it's obvious he's strong and lean-muscled. I find his torso attractive and if his posture's better, he'd have a pretty nice silhouette, too.

Hmm.. I mean, I don’t think I can vouch too much for what is actually canon but this is all… Opinion and headcanons SO HMM,… SCRATCHES CHIN.. 

I feel like… A lot of us see Mitch as really attractive but then again we are very thirsty fans that fell in love with these characters. Even if… A person, Mitch in this case, has a… “Nice body” doesn’t mean it’s healthy or even if it is, doesn’t mean that Mitch likes it. Insecurity y’know.

So… I’m guessing it stemmed from his dad, that’s what I think at least. This is 100% a theory bc.. We know nearly Nothing about his dad so I’m just gonna try my best.

We know that his stepdad was very abusive, and they probably never had enough money to even eat, which made him very lanky and thin… And, again this is a guess, but all of that abuse and trauma really takes a toll on a person. There can be Mitch’s own conflict of… Hating how he wasn’t strong enough to fight back or protect himself/his mom, that he was always so weak and small.

And there’s just… Insecurity man. A lot of self hate builds up for your face, your body, your personality, which leads to this idea of believing you should be punished or even, the idea of eating and treating yourself right is, kind of sickening.

I think Mitch deals with a lot of things like… Thinking himself as disgusting and “not good enough.” And Especially thinking himself to be like his stepdad, he doesn’t want to equate to that image, he wants to be better than that at least. So yeah, I believe a lot of the insecurity and hate is stemmed from his dad!

RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 6 Reaction

-*sees* title… well shit! This is probably gonna hurt…

-YES! We finally found out more about Ruby! I guess she isn’t a big fan of traveling very far. Guess it makes sense with where she grew in a small island and all. But if she dreams to be a huntress, traveling is something she’s going to have to get used to.

-oh man… what happened to this place… it really looks like something out of Mulan. Maybe Ren can relate…??? Hopefully

-YES! He knows about it! But wait, how come Nora doesn’t know…? Hmm I guess they didn’t grow up together their whole lives.


-Well at least Ruby seems concerned about Ren and his relation to the village. I wonder if there’s more of these villages around actually. Ren did say Mistral was creating a whole city, not just one village.


-Pfft! Look at good little Whitley clapping, I swear he doesn’t look like he really cares about how well Weiss performs, same with daddy dearest.

- oh man! We actually get to see a party hosted by the Schnees! This is neat! I’ve only imagined how it would be like and so far what I read in fanfics and what I thought are pretty close.

-Weiss looks so uncomfortable and I hate it. ;A;

-really? She literally took ONE STEP away from you Jacques. Weiss isn’t going to be one of your sheep in a herd that just follows you.

-Yeah! Weiss! You fucking fight just to have *some* freedom of walking freely in your own party.

-uh, ew who is this guy talking with her. She clearly doesn’t want to associate herself with ANYONE there.

-Henry huh? interesting, I wonder if we’ll be seeing him again later as some antagonist with Weiss’s side of things.

-OHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOO!!! YES! That’s right! You tell this guy to leave Weiss! He is a waste time and patience. God I just love her and her constant rebellious nature against all this high class bullshit.

-Oh man… she really blew up on everyone. Well, you can’t really blame her because these people really don’t know and she hates it.

-HOLY SHIT!! SHE JUST SUMMONED A BOARBARTUSK!! HOLY CRAP WEISS! I’m like proud and concerned because it didn’t seem like she could control it… Weiss, honey, are you alright?? ;~;

-god how I wish Winter was here with you now…

-AHHH~! Yes!! Ironwood is like the best dad to our main girls I swear. I love you for doing this. Shut that snow cone/KFC looking guy up James!

-awww poor Weiss looks so confused! ;A;


-ooooh Ren senses something… OH SHIT! ITS TYRIAN! nooooooooooo oh god! Please run away now! Don’t fight him! ;~;

-wow! Way to go Ren! Nice fighting!


-wait… why does Tyrian have so much interest in Jaune…? IS THERE MORE ABOUT HIM WE DONT KNOW? What is it? IS HE ALSO A SPECIAL WARRIOR?? I am so curious???

-YES! RUBY AND NORA YES!! I live for their teamwork holy shit!



-YAY!! Uncle Qrow saves the day! Ruby looks so happy too!! ;v; bless!!!

-overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact we got to know more about Ren, Ruby, and Weiss in this episode. There may be nothing groundbreaking but knowing a little insight about Ren’s background, Ruby’s frustration about traveling, and Weiss with how she actually is around her family is all SO IMPORTANT. I really appreciate it all, no matter how small the details are.

-the concert was amazing. Weiss singing is a gift from heaven, I swear. The party scene was interesting because I feel like the more Weiss rebels and stays true to who she really is (and not another typical schnee) the more she’ll be able to summon and use her powers. I’m so proud of her.

-the fight was good, not the most epic, but it was nice. I loved the teamwork with Ruby and Nora. I still wonder why Jaune is so special to Tyrian… hmm

-since this is the mid season finale, I’m pretty damn bummed about how it ended right when Qrow got there. I kinda wished they finished the fight then ended the episode.

But it was a good episode. Very informative and entertaining.

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I'm thinking it's a coincidence. Sangwoo could have planted it for the sake of the test and all that, but if it was Xanax it wouldn't actually have that much of an effect on Bum especially if he threw most of it up. Also, maybe it's just from my experience, but they don't look like Xanax - maybe like the cheaper versions of something look like that, but most Xanax that they would give out for anxiety issues or stress don't look like that and wouldn't have that effect at that dosage.

Hmm, maybe it’s Korean Xanax. I fo sho know that Yoonbum right off the bat said he had BPD but I wonder if Sangwoo knows it too ??? If so, when and how? Yall I have so many questions and season 1 just ended and we gotta wait 3 weeks for new information (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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I really made myself laugh today. I was retreading Over Fathoms Deep for the millionth time and I was like "hmm I wonder if there's any fanfiction for this" and I was just about to search and then I realised. Is there fanfiction for fanfiction?? Is that a thing?

Hello dear anon!

lol you are not ridiculous at all for thinking this actually! Because not only is it a real thing but guess what? Some fanfiction for OFD actually does exist and it is AMAZING!!! In fact, there are several amazing things that people have created inspired by OFD. If you look at all of the links that appear at the end of the most recent chapter on ao3 you will find them! But because they are so amazing that they deserve further promotion, I will also describe them here. Ahem.

First, are the gorgeous sonnets written by @fleurdelis221b, which you can read here:

Just to give you a tiny preview of their brilliance- I hope Fleur won’t mind me posting one here (you should go read everything she’s written btw not just this- she’s so so so talented):

Love, you lead me down into the darkness,
And press the blushing sunrise to my cheek,
Keep me in a constant state of undress,
Eyes shouting every word I dare not speak.
I do not think you brittle as the grass,
Well does my mind know that you will bend, dear,
And there is much I pray will come to pass,
I pray for all the time the stars will send here.
I promise you, there is no greater joy
To feel you come apart within my arms,
My blushing, begging, trembling, glowing boy,
My body is imprisoned by your charms.
Do not think I am shielding you from sin,
The woods grow dark the farther we walk in.


Ok, next, you have to read the brilliant @conversationswithjohnlock‘s version of OFD Sherlock and his passionate love for John. Omg it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my entire life. Just take my word for it and go straight here:

Oh, as well as this other piece of brilliance by her: and its follow-up:

Finally, you absolutely must must read the delightful spin-off story written by my dear friend @truthisademurelady, which details the daily exploits and exasperations of OFD Lestrade:

There’s no obligation to read any of these things of course but I hope you check some of them out because they are all written by extremely talented people and each of these pieces of writing are true gems in their own right. 

Fic of fic, it does exist, and it’s the best thing ever!

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listen pal, no one's saying you have to curse, but if you use words like "pooworthy" and "bullpoop" when trying to make a serious argument, you sound demented. Especially when the person you're arguing with isn't cursing at all. Like don't expect people not to talk down to you or make fun of you for sounding a child if you purposefully add unnecessary words to your arguments that sound like a word a four year old would use. Because it does sound like you're trying to sound cutsey.

Not even remotely your….Pal.

And pooworthy is awesome it actually has fans.

And look more shaming while being Ablelist garbage.

Gee now I wonder were I’d assume you’d be a TERF… (Sarcasm)

Again your block function works right cupcake?

Hmm I suppose you could be one of the pooheads i’ve blocked over the last few days over the discourse stuff. i mean you sound a lot like them too, kinda have that 4chanesque or Reddit kinda vibe.

But whatev’s you do know you can block me? I highly recommend it.

The craziest night of my life

So I had an actual insane night the other day and I want to share it. This is probably gonna be a long story so this is only if you have nothing better to do but laugh at me for the next five minutes. 

So the story starts when I’m getting ready to go on a date with this guy from tinder and his profile screams sugar daddy. His bio literally said “Date me cause your boyfriends broke.” So I’m like hell yeah POT date! And as I’m getting ready I’m like, hmm I wonder if my fellow sugar baby friend has been on a date with him. So I text her and she’s all like, DO NOT GO ON A DATE WITH HIM, HES SUCH  AN ASSHOLE. I was taken so off guard so I called her and I’m like wtf I’m leaving for our date in 20 minutes! And she tells me how they went on a date (to the same restaurant) and he was such a douche and tried to finger her in the restaurant, AND he’s not interested in sharing his wealth at all. So I’m like… well fuck its a free meal. LOL. So I go and of course he was such a douche. He was on the phone when I got to our table and he was on his phone for like half the date. The first thing he asked me was for my IQ score. And I was like… Um I don’t know? So he took that as me being stupid because I haven’t taken the test. He didn’t let me ask him any personal questions because he’s ‘too important to display his life to random people’. Like I asked if he had kids and he was like, “Thats not an appropriate first date question, is it?” And I was just like what the hell am I supposed to ask you on a first date then!? I could vent about that date all day but thats not the point of the story. 

So during the date I’m texting Blue and telling him how awful of a date I’m on (Yes we have a very open relationship). And he told me that he put his kids down to sleep and wanted me to come over for drinks. So I uber over to his house and we start drinking some vodka drinks on his patio. I’m telling him all about my awful date and how disrespected I felt, and he just kept making me drink after drink. And soon enough, I realize I’m kinda drunk. Actually, I’m really drunk. So we both decided that I shouldn’t spend the night cause I don’t want to cross that line with his kids so I uber back to my apartment.  And I finally made it back to my place after this crazy night and all I want do is smoke and go to sleep.

So I got to my cabinet where I hide my paraphernalia and realize ALL MY WEED IS GONE. My grinder, pipe, and like literally everything I have is GONE. So my first thought is that my apartment complex confiscated it because I requested a light bulb change and gave them access to enter my apartment when Im not there. FUCK. So I search my whole apartment and my stuff is no where. So I freak out and call my mom. Yes, I called my mom about my weed (keep in mind its midnight and I’m drunk af) and I’m all like “Mom someone stole my weed!” and freaking out on her and she’s just all like “calm down, the maintenance man probably took it knowing you can’t do anything about it, just buy more, go to sleep.” And I’m like, “Noooo mom that was my favorite pipe, I love that pipe, we had such good memories” and I’m spilling my guts to my mom. And I’m thinking I want to catch this guy who took my weed! There’s cameras in the hall! So I look in the hallway to see if there’s cameras in there, and theres some kid sitting at the end of the hallway looking at me like I’m crazy. 

So I finally accept that my weed is gone, and go sit on my couch and look over AND MY WEED AND EVERYTHING IS SITTING RIGHT THERE UNDER MY TV. So of course, I smoked a celebratory bowl lol. And as I’m chilling drunk and high af, I hear a knock on my door. And I’m all like OH SHIT ITS THE FUZZ (cause I’m faded). So I open the door… And it is the most attractive male I have ever seen in my life (that might be an exaggeration but everyone is the most attractive person you’ve ever seen when you’re as fucked up as I was). And I realize it was that kid that was sitting at the end of the hallway! And we have this conversation that goes like this…

Him: hey I locked myself out of my apartment

Me: oh that sucks, did you call the emergency number?

Him: yeah no ones answering.

And he totally knows I’m high cause I’m giggling at everything lol so I decided to just be upfront with him…

Me: hey do you smoke?

Him: yeah

Me: wanna come in and smoke a bowl?

Him: sure!

I SHIT YOU NOT IT SERIOUSLY WENT LIKE THAT. So he comes in and we smoke and get to know each other. We had to ask what each other’s names were like five times lol. And were totally vibing off of each other and the rest of the story is explicit😉 But long story short, were seeing each other tonight! So yeah, that was my crazy story about my crazy night. And that was the short version! lol

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Buffy asks Giles for advice about how to ask Willow out?

((this got just long enough to throw half under a cut))

“So, uh. Hey… Giles. I was, um…. wondering…”

“Hmm?” Giles asks, looking up from his stack of books. “Yes, what is it, Buffy? You seem a little…” He pauses, searching for the right word. “Perturbed.”

“What? No. No, no, no. No perturbation happening here. I just, ah… had a question? To ask, uh… you.”

Giles waits for the question, frowning slightly. “Is something wrong?”

“No!” Buffy says again. “I just… I’m–I’mthinkingaboutaskingWillowout.”

“Sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’m thinking about asking Willow out,” Buffy says again, more carefully, like she can’t believe she’s actually saying this out loud to Giles. “And I was wondering if you had advice. Since, you know… you’re a grown-up. And Ms Calendar seems to like you, even though you’re old and stuffy, so you must know some things about it, and–”

“Yes, I get the idea,” Giles says, cutting off her rambling. He takes off his glasses and polishes them before placing them back on his nose. “You really want my advice?”

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Charity: Short, skinny, and blue?

Gretta: Mm-hmm. Grey hair?

Charity: “Ashen” hair.

Gretta: Yep, that’s Taz, all right. So… last night was really the first time he invited you back to his place? Wow.

Charity: Yeah, wow. That’s big right? I mean, six months and he hasn’t even hinted about going back to his place.

Gretta: That’s, um. Yeah, that’s big. Sounds like things are really, uh, getting serious?

Charity: Oh, I don’t know about serious. I was just starting to wonder whether or not he actually liked me.

Me: Hmm I wonder how much I’ve written for this AU. It’s probably only a couple hundred words.

*copies and pastes it into word doc* 1747 words

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Me: Hmm, it’s been a long time since I last read BCB. I wonder what’s going on?

BCB: LUCY ATTEMPTS SUICIDE, leaves for recovery, gone for long time, ABBEY CHOKES PAULO IN A BATHROOM, Abbey and Daisy break up (again), Paulo is on the verge of a sexual orientation DISCOVERY, IS FALLING FOR MIKE, Mike and Sandy’s long distance relationship is even more unhealthy now, LUCY IS BACK, AUGUSTUS IS STAYING WITH HER LOVELY FAMILY, THERE’S TWO LUCY’S


thatlastdanceofchances replied to your post “sometimes I just get angry about how many feelings I have about…”

Same here but not being a writer, I feel that I have no outlet for these feelings. Hmm it’s actually something I’ve always wondered about : does writing help with feeling less like you’re bursting with feelings or, on the contrary, having to put yourself in the mindset of the character makes it ‘worse’? Obviously, you can’t speak for all writers but I’d be interested to read your take on it.

Sorry this is super late! I meant to respond to this when you actually sent it but, uh, you know. Easily distracted and such.

It’s a little bit of both, honestly. Like, on the one hand, when I’m having an attack of The Feelings, sometimes writing will help get them out of my head, or express them in some way. But sometimes writing, getting into a character’s head, gives me an attack of The Feelings because I’m thinking about them and their motivations and emotions more than usual. 

I mean, the thing about writing from a character’s POV in general is that I tend to end up liking them more. So if I’m writing a character I already have a lot of feelings about, sometimes…yeah, it just turns into a whole Thing and I have to put my computer down and take a walk.

On the other hand, sometimes The Feelings can be channeled into some good writing fuel, if they can be contained and directed in a specific direction rather than just sort of…going everywhere.

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Hi ! It's super nice to be able to talk with you ! First of all, I want to thank you for being so nice and cheerful ! You're a wondeful person and your posts and shares are wonderful ! I particulary like to read your cute tags and your point of view, you're very interesting ! Hmm... I just saw somewhere that you speak french. OMG is it true ? xD Peux-tu m'en dire plus sur l'amour que tu portes avec Erwin, s'il te plaît ? With french words please ! Aussi, où as-tu appris le français? Thank you <3

Bonsoir, ma chérie! Garage, Baguette, Fromage! Hehe…Bien sûr c’était une blague! Mais je dois dire que c’est très difficile pour moi parce qu’il y a longtemps que j’ai appris le francais. Et je pense que tu as déjà remarqué que je ne suis pas très bien à parler ta langue. Je suis très desolée :(

My french teacher is probably lying somewhere crying because this is so bad :D I have been learning french for three years in school but that was…oh god…10 years ago. I’m still halfway decent at understanding what is said/written to me but I can’t actually speak it anymore myself :) So I’m really sorry, I’d love to be able to tell you about my undying love for gorgeous kind underrated brilliant Erwin Smith in french but I fear you’d be crying at the end about me tormenting your language. I might do it in english though one day, if you want :) And I do hope that this is what you asked for o.o

AND…Oh my god thank you for your kind words <3 That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in an ask and I’m not quite sure what to say? ;^; I consider myself to be a mix of super sugary and extremely salty at times and I’m glad that the cheerful side is what remains in your memory :D Thank you again and feel free to talk to me again any time, dear :*

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Ive been wondering who is your favorite colors au?

Hmm, that’s actually a very hard question. I don’t know them that much, I got a few ideas for Geno, Fresh, and assistant Colors but nothing for Error Colors except that’s an even more crazy scientist than colors. I really like Error Colors design though. So I guess Error Colors, not counting Classic Colors. but really I can’t decide, at least not before I develop them more. Colors is the most developed so far and even she still has continuity errors once in awhile, like she turned into a marshmallow for awhile then I had to look back and remember she’s a crazy scientist.


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“Funny” Loki said as he sat inside his cell “most of the guards around here look at me with disgust when they pass by my cell”.

You snorted. You were standing outside Loki’s cell listening to him talk.
“Hmm I wonder why they’d do that”.

Loki ignored your comment and continued.
“But not you. You talk to me, you listen. I’m starting to think you actually like me”.

Yet again your snorted.
“I assure you I do not. I just get bored is all”.

A smirked formed on Loki’s face.
“I’m sure”.

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I can't believe they actually had future Lucy watching over her present self written in the pilot script, and that other person with her had to be Flynn right? Knowing what we know now they obviously did eventually team up.

I know, right?! When I read that… mind blown. It would have been a super dramatic ending to the Pilot, but once again, I see why they cut it.

Was she standing with someone? It’s worded weird, but I think she’s alone. Standing outside her house, looking at herself one last time while she’s still innocent. Sad.

Anyway, I’ll never doubt their eventual team up. When Flynn told us it was going to happen in episode two, it’s all I can think about. And like I said awhile back about wanting the first half of the season to be about striving for freewill but the second half to be about fate being unavoidable, that seems to be becoming true. So bring it on. Because Flynn and Lucy work so well together! They are a well oiled machine. I love watching them in 1.10 when they first meet Benedict Arnold in the hallway and are trying to win his trust. Flynn and Lucy are such great actors. Such phenomenal liars. Speaking together like a well choreographed dance, like they rehearsed it. Their improv carries the team. Wyatt tries, but he’s nowhere near their level. Hahaha. Lucy brings him into the conversation and his eyes are screaming. But Flynn and Lucy. They are just so amazing and smart and efficient and compatible. How could they NOT team up? Anything else is just a waste.

i am on semi-hiatus.

might as well say it now than later on if people start wondering where i am

im just, busy with college. that’s really all you need to know. honestly the only few reasons im actually here is because a) i’m still interacting with certain people on tumblr like @crxzycombinatixn , @prospere-risu@minugahanax , etc.. aaand b) i’d sent memes to those certain people if i see prompts on my own dash.

this is also good for me to not tumblr as often? cause reasons.

yeah. hmm, skype and discord? skype: bellabellabellexd & discord: ysabae#7941
lemme know who you are first before i add.

i think that’s it. yeah. see ya, friends.

oh my goodness does german actually have all 3? like i think from duolingo Orange is “orange” but then i go to look it up and another option is “Apfelsine” and then the word for a bitter orange is “Pomeranze”…

Here's an idea I had for a while...

A Romance Roulette!

Basically every week I’ll try to write a love story around 3k words (or less, I’m quite lazy) and base the characters and the plot on true stories, everyday life and things I happen to witness… 👀👀👀

It was meant to be an exercise and I should have started sooner… I wonder if I’ll actually keep it up… hmm…

I’m going to tag it as #imahopelessromantic… because… it’s true… also, tell me if you would like to see how this goes!

See you next week! :>

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share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Pssh, anon! This is one of the brilliant and wonderful gratsu fans I’m talking about! Love her and enjoy her art! She draws klance/Voltron too!

Ah, let’s see? Ten facts?

  1. I’m Hispanic.
  2. I love pie. Especially apple and homemade raisin.
  3. Hmm? Eww! I HATE red velvet cake!
  4. Other things I hate are pineapple, tomato, pickles and mustard. (Why am I only talking about food..? )
  5. Rain is such lovely weather to be outside in. It calms my nerves.
  6. My major of study is Animal Science.
  7. I’m not actually a very touchy person in real life. Even though I act like that here…
  8. I think self-confidence and self-love is beautiful and in no way egotistical.
  9. I haven’t dated anyone in three years and that’s okay.
  10. I wasn’t always a multi-shipper…