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Brash Hope Part 2

Summary:  You had a fling with Dean Winchester fifteen years ago.  Now he wants back into your life but, like all things, it’s complicated.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OMC Dylan

Word Count: 3468

Warnings: smut (unprotected sex), fluff, ANGST (canon typical violence, death)

A/N: This is part two.  Get caught up HERE and I warn you MAJOR angst ahead.  I was anxious to attempt this one as it’s my first time writing angst.  Feedback is appreciated!

It never would have happened without these very wonderful, talented and amazing people:

@wheresthekillswitch my wonderful beta.  You add polish to my scribbles and I am forever grateful.

@arryn-nyxx your beautiful aesthetic captured what exactly what I hoped for in my story.

@pinknerdpanda thank you for sharing your angst expertise with me.

If you’d like to be tagged please send me an ask!

Dean’s POV

I’m looking down at Y/N, her eyes and voice deadly serious as she touches my face.  I can’t help it; I lean into her hand as she speaks.  I’m shocked as the unbelievable words fall from her mouth.

I have a son?


Dean moves towards the house.

“No,” you put yourself in his path.  “He has no idea about you.  All he knows is that I was on my own when I had him.”

Dean looks down at you with eyes full of sorrow and a glimmer of hope, but he says nothing.

“You weren’t in the picture and it wasn’t like I could call you.”

“I know,” Dean says finding his voice.

Dean’s gaze is fixed on the porch.  On your son.  On his son.  After a long pause he looks down at you.

“Can I meet him?”

“Yes, but not tonight.  I have to talk to him about it first.  Then you can, ok?”


That night you tell Dylan about his father.  The tears and anger you’re expecting.  You still aren’t sure how Dylan is processing the revelation that he’s going to meet his father.  His initial anger quickly becomes curiosity; he has so many questions but you think it best to let Dean answer them. The next day you call Dean inviting him over for dinner. At five your doorbell rings and when you open the door there he stands with flowers in his hands and a nervous smile on his face.

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Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! …Part 2!! To reiterate… I have been made aware that a LOT of the creators in this community are feeling down, unappreciated and uncared for. Which means I have some MORE things to say. And again… this will be long a** post… But! … Please bear with me?

Off we go!!

@bleucheeks :  So, I’ve seen a ton of really great prompts from this blog, but I never realised that they wrote as well? But they do! And they write Haikyuu!! so Imma be binge reading all those fics that’s for sure!! The ones I’ve already read were so good, so I’m really really excited for the others!

@thehallowedangel :  Honestly one of the sweetest humans ever? Like I dunno just everything I see you post is A+, and you’re just super wonderful and ilysm? Also, you’re one of the first people I ever followed and your posts and reblogs always make me ridiculously happy!

@beloved-whumpage :  SUCH A GOOD WRITER!! And a really lovely person! I’m super excited for everything they put out because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good? And like… everyone should follow them? Yeah. That’s a statement, not a question. Everyone should follow them.

@ambulancemcclain :  This one here is a Wonderful Person like always. It just amazes me how many incredible things you reblog, and I just never run out of stuff to read when looking through your posts! And the comments you leave are so kind and encouraging, and you make the universe brighter!

@shiveringsickies :  Def the cutest. Def has a heart of pure gold. Basically, she’s a queen? And I love everything she posts. The end. Okay, not really the end cause I have more to say but yeah… :) You write the cutest little Shiro! Like I just… I don’t even know how to describe it! It gives me all the feels all at once, and I just want to hug him and wrap him up and hold him and… Ugh! Why you do this to meeee??? I love you!!

@403secret :  I admire your writing SO much! You’re another of the blogs I followed pretty soon after joining Tumblr, and I’m so so so glad I did because you’re absolutely incredible! And I love your blog so much!

@princess-tentacles  :  Writes the best fanfic. Draws the best fanart. Mods the best whump week (Voltron). Reblogs the best stuff. In conclusion, IS THE BEST.

@bigbadsnez :  YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING HEADCANONS!!! I love them all so much and always want to write them, but I’m never brave enough to say so cause I feel like I’d prob butcher them all! But your headcanons are the best! And so is your writing! I love your fics!

@kotyonoksnz :  Ohmygosh! Okay, so this blog right here has absolutely gorgeous art! Like… sometimes I just wanna cry cause her stuff is so good? I don’t really know what else to say… just that I cry. Oh! And her OC’s!! Venn, Theo and Anika!! Guys- *sobs* these OC’s are just- *sobs* unbelievably wonderful! I love ‘em so so so much!

@outtacommission :  You write Pidge SO FLIPPING WELL!! Like it honestly liquefies my brain when I see people getting characterisation SO RIGHT. Anyways, this is the blog I always stalk when I wanna read good Pidge fics.

@confetishcake :  M'kay. So… /technically speaking/ I can’t actually view your blog…. what with Tumblr’s new “safe mode” and all but the facts still stand that your art is flipping beautiful!! And since I followed you before that update I still get to see your SFW stuff and just <333

@squidbiscuit :  Another blog I can’t view. /Technically/. Who lets technicalities stop them though? I sure don’t. ESPECIALLY when it comes to art like yours. You draw the greatest stuffing/emeto art ever! I love it all so so so much!!!

@godhelpthesickies :  Can I just give you a hug? Is that alright? … I want you to know something. You’re really, really great. And I know you’re going through a heard time right now but please don’t forget that. You’re really, really great. Also, you’re such a good writer! I love the stuff you write for BMC and Voltron tons and tons! *hugs* **only is accepted** <333

@fevers-and-flus :  Hmm, where to start?? You’re just incredible? *squinty eyes* Are you even human?! You literally write the best Keith EVER!! I die a little every time I see one of your fics! Like I always think my heart is gonna stop while I’m reading it and just! *deep sigh* You’re freaking incredible. No one is allowed to argue.

@doublecheckyoself :  You reblog the greatest stuff!! I was scrolling through your blog yesterday, and I found so many incredible artists that I’d never heard of before so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

@musick-em :  Oh gosh! Your writing is incredible!! You actually wrote the first Voltron fic I ever read!! I can’t wait for more fics!!

@illesty :  Hey!! You’re a super great writer!! I love all your Klance fics so, so much!!

@coldandfloozy :  I love, love, love you Voltron fanfics! They’re so good!! I especially love the way you write sick Lance! It’s just A+++!!!

@whump-dump :  I found your blog a while ago through a Shance fic you wrote for Ki! I love the way you write them!! They’re so flipping cute, and I just wanna wrap 'em up and cuddle 'em!!

@elsiemcclay :  You are an amazing writer!! I found your blog fairly recently, but you are honestly incredible! I love everything you write! Also, I’m sorry school sucks so much for you right now, and I know you feel alone, but you’re really not, and if you ever need someone to talk to I’m 100% here.

@potato-fan-girl :  Ah! Okay! I love all the fics you post! You’re a really great writer, and I basically die over all your Klance fics because Klance is my fave!! I just can’t get enough of those two, and you’re over there handing them to me on like a silver platter! So thank you, thank you!!!

@tis-sue :  Hey!! Heen is so flipping adorable!! I love all your art, but he’s just so, SO cute and I just can’t! I love him so much!! Everyone needs to see him! Everyone! Follow this blog and see Heen! Yes, do it. You are all obligated to do so. *grins*

@ya-nurse :  You legit draw and write the cutest Klance EVER!!! I always wanna wrap them in blankets after seeing/reading your creations!!! I love you!

@caramelfuzz @ithadtobesneezing @wemermaid4this @ittybittysickficblog @flushed-and-fevered @appynation @sicklylittlesnowflake @apvrrish @notfeelingsowell @youremarvelous @youreburningup @emuyh-art @sickyaboi @hotarubi-e @feverhalo @sniffleprincess @lance-mcpain-is-my-mcgain @snifflesnuff @graceless-fever :  These are all blogs I’ve only just found! (thanks to @ambulancemcclain) I’ve scrolled through your guy’s posts, and I love you all! I can’t wait for more art/fic!! And how have I not found you all before now?! It’s an /outrage/! It’s a /scandal/! (hehe, catch that one?) No, but seriously…. please be warned…. I have a tendency to go through and like…. /EVERYTHING/…. sorry in advance! :)  <333

@toosicktoocare @nerdlycharming @mypoorfaves @tossing-cookies @feelingalittlesick @fluffyllamas22 @sneezehq @taylor-tut :  You guys were all tagged in the first post, but I tagged you here as well because you were suggested to me again by ambulancemcclain ! You’re all super awesome! Don’t forget it!! *all the hugs*

Thank you @fluffyllamas22 @doublecheckyoself  @ambulancemcclain @cabbagespoon for suggesting people!! <333 *hugs*

GAH! That’s a total of 74 (I think… I may have miscounted) blogs (including the first post) that I love and that everyone should check out!! And I’m still sure there are people missing (actually I know for a fact there are people missing because there were actually more people rec’d that I couldn’t include since I can’t find their blogs due to 'safe mode’… I apologise for that), so please let me know… *grins* or you could add them yourself!!

Hey, Mama! (Taehyung x Reader, M)

“You know, little mama, exactly what I want.” 

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demonic-chaos  asked:

Three! :D

3. Who forgets everything so the other leaves notes all around the house? 

((UHMMM…SO HARD TO CHOOSE ??? Darn, wish you had picked for me – I’m going to go ahead and say both. Elias leaves Chise notes on when their study sessions are, when to meet for lunch, stuff like that. Chise only leaves him notes if it’s super important or if she just wants to get his attention.

Like so: ))

Elias wakes at his usual time; a bit past the brink of dawn but a few hours before late morning arrives. He opens his white pupil and finds that the spot next to him is empty. He finds it’s a natural occurrence to check beside him when awakening. Something along the lines of his kind being protective over their desired mates. Nothing to fret about; Chise was probably either in the gardens or practicing her conjuring.

He climbs out of bed and throws the blankets off of him lazily. His movements are almost robotic. When Elias came to the door, he had to stop in his tracks. On the upper middle - placed to his height, may he add - was a piece of paper taped to the door. He unstuck it with a scaly hand and held it up to read the scribbled message on there.

When you’re ready, meet me outside for the date.

Ainsworth held the paper in his hand groggily. He was flipping through the figurative dictionary in his head. A “date”….yes, he remembered now. That romantic arrangement matter. Was it already time for another one so soon? Admittedly, he wasn’t very good at keeping track of subtle manners like these. Perhaps Chise had been keeping track of their evenings together in a calendar somewhere.

Elias tucked the note away and slowly swung open the door. He made his way to the bathroom beside his master bedroom and quietly closed the door behind him. He paused for a brief moment and found that there was very little sound in the house. He could hear the Silky doing something below that was far from the kitchen. Was the brownie not preparing anything this morning?

Unknowingly, the magus inwardly smiled. What on Earth could Chise have planned now?


When he’s dressed in his usual vest and enclosed with his black robe, Elias decides to take his leave. He checks that his clothes are properly flattened before he walked over to the front door. As soon as he lifted his skull, the magus found another piece of paper within sight. This one was taped to his level as well and had been attached to the front door.

He grabbed it and read the writing. He noticed that it was a tad bit more sloppy on this card.

“Head north and take 7 steps west. I’ll be waiting.

“Hmm.” Elias muses. He opens the door and discards the second note in his robe’s pocket. As soon as he’s face-to-face within the spring scene of England, the magus lifts his skull in the direction of the sun. He stands there for a few moments and soon holds a hand up.

As traditional and odd like it sounded, Elias used his horns as an occasional way of navigation. It was too complicated to say how he came with the system, but he soon learned how to sense which direction his skull faced according to his horns. He turned on his heel in the northern direction and takes 7 steps west like instructed. He finds himself facing the direction of a hill.

He heard a couple of voices coming from the area. Elias walks over and passes through the slope with ease. As soon as he was at the bottom, he spotted a batch of red hair. Green eyes met with his and he found Chise turn to face him. She was wearing a red dress that came to her lower thigh, her necklace, a sun hat, and her pair of red sneakers. Another one of her adorable outfits, might he mention.

“-Ah!” Chise waves her hands in front of her exaggeratedly, trying to hide whatever was behind her. “Cover your eyes!”

Elias’ response was to drape the cloth over his skull. He watched as Chise eyed him wearily from afar and stubbornly cross her arms.

“I know you can see through that, Elias.”

“Guilty.” Is all he manages. He quickly adds, “My eyes are closed. I promise.”

As best as they can be, He wanted to mention. When not tiresome, it was difficult to fully shut his pupils. The best remedy was to curve them so that most of his sight was concealed. He heard Chise sigh in relief as well as some footsteps and mumbling. He catches the sound of Ruth’s voice. He was mentioning something about frosting.

He listens as the two of them bicker before their voices fade. Elias tilted his skull and awaited further instructions. He soon felt a small hand come onto his back and gently usher him forward. The magus obliged and walked as far as Chise would let him. She soon gets on her tip toes and jumps to tap the end of his skull.

“-Open them!”

Elias threw the cloth back behind his skull and took a look at her “surprise”. It was an ordinary picnic bench hidden just beneath one of the autumn-colored trees just outside of the household. On the table lay many plates of food and desserts, either concealed by a transparent cover or another plate. Elias made sight of sausage, bacon, eggs, fried toast, baked beans and mushrooms.

The middle of the table consisted of covered miniature muffins and pastries. He also found a pot of coffee as well as brewed tea placed to the side. Ruth was currently sitting on one side of the table in his human form, discreetly eying the meal in front of him. Elias paid no mind to Chise’s familiar as he took a step forward and admired the culinary art.

“Ah. The Full English, isn’t it?”

“I thought a breakfast date would be a neat idea…” She brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear shyly. Truthfully, she wasn’t even sure if Elias would like it.

“Did the Silky make this?” He asked.

“Nope!” The redhead proudly boasted. “Made it all myself this morning. I got up really early to prepare our date. What do you think?”

“I’m sure it’ll taste delicious…” Elias eyed the Grim at the table. Ruth’s response was to chug the cup of orange juice he had in his hand. Chise scowled at him and stubbornly made her way over to the table.

“-Ignore the third wheel, Elias.” She took the cup from him. “He insisted on being here.”

“Third wheel?” He inquired.

“It’s like….” Ruth waved his hand in the air. “A person who tags along with a couple. Usually at the worst times. But I can’t help it if you two are over here with a feast on the table. I know you can’t finish it all, Chise!”

He passed Chise an innocent look(which was rare nowadays), and resulted in a pitiful sigh from her. She rubbed her temples for a second, as if considering the option. She ended up giving him a firm nod.

“Fine, Ruth. You can stay. But no talking!”

Ruth held a hand up and only zipped his lips shut. He started gathering the food on his plate and Elias took this as a cue to sit down on the other side. Chise soon joined him and sat right next to him - their knees touching underneath the table. The two of them started to gather their helpings and immediately went to digging in.

Their meal consists of playful touching from Chise and romantic looks from Elias. It also consisted of Ruth rolling his eyes or looking away from them whenever the two flirted. He soon had his interest on the food and ignored what the couple was doing entirely. Chise took this chance to give a peck to Elias’ skull and happily chewed down on a piece of a blueberry muffin.

“I wonder…” Elias examined his piece of fried toast. “Just what gave you the idea of leaving notes on my doors, Chise?”

She swallowed the piece of muffin and blushed. “-Well, I…I drew inspiration from the ones you leave on my desk in the afternoon. You know, the times of our sessions together and lunch you write down. I thought it’d get your attention if it was a little more personal.”

He nuzzled the top of her head. “You’re right. It did get my attention. I think I’ll take the idea from you.”

She started fumbling with the rest of the muffin in her hand. “W…What do you mean?”

“Our next one.” He explained. “Another date, I suppose. What will it be, now? The 10th one?”

“Eleventh.” She corrected, and laid another kiss on the the side of her husband’s skull.

[i7] Nanase Riku Birthday Photobook Part 2: Riku and Takanashi Productions

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Tsumugi: Thank you for joining me today!
This is a project established in order to commemorate the release of the Riku Photobook, as well as to learn more about the real Riku-san.

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VK is for VKontakte!

@deerkang I did the thing!

Pairing: RusAme, AmeRus.

Synopsis: America likes to let the world know the goings on in his life, including his relationship. When Russia mentions he himself prefers VK (Russian Facebook), America insists on joining him. And so Russia is subjected to pictures both candid and compromising. Romance, humor, with a surprising bit of fluff at the end.

VK is for VKontakte!

Russia supposed if he wanted some normalcy he’d have pursued a relationship with someone else. Though, that wasn’t even a fair statement, considering they were the eternal physical manifestations of the habits, history, and culture of entire nations. So, normal was not something to be had anyway. He therefore supposed among their kind, there was probably a hierarchy of normalcy, a ranking of some sort; some consider he, Ivan Braginsky, to be very low in that ranking, for some reason. This was quite ironic, considering how low he ranked many of them. But, to each their own.

Being in a relationship with America came with many twists and turns; Alfred would say the same about being with Russia. In this way, they complimented each other nicely. Both spoken and innate boundaries were laid out so that they may avoid as many awkward incidents as possible; there were mishaps, to be sure, but at the end of the day they still gravitated back toward each other and worked things out.

But it seemed there were always new things to learn and experiment with between the two.

“Hey, Russia, you have a Facebook, right?” America asked as he adjusted his position against the other’s chest, fiddling with his phone while the other read. When Russia’s only response was a distracted hum, America retaliated with a firm nudge.

“Hmm?” Russia intoned again, glancing away from his book. “Da, I do. I am not on it much though.”

“I can tell.” America had punched in his name and was scanning all the information viewable to the public. In truth, it showed a decent amount of activity, though it was about half as much as America’s. “I’m sending a relationship request,” America informed him, updating his status (up until now, it had merely read “in a relationship,” with no designated partner).

With a sigh, Russia fully lowered his book. After some awkward fidgeting, he had successfully retracted his phone from his pocket. Checking the website, he saw America had indeed sent such a request.


Immediately, anyone online viewing his and America’s pages began liking the update, some even writing messages; though, most of these amounted to smiling faces or single words such as “Congratz.” Russia smiled down at the bright screen; there was something heartwarming about seeing the simple confirmation that he and America were indeed a couple. In some far off recess of his mind, Russia wondered why he had not done this sooner.

Apparently, they were thinking along the same lines. “We should’ve done this when we first started going out!” he crowed, also grinning at his Facebook page, thumb tapping away as he liked every comment on his update.

The rumble of Russia’s deep chuckle was felt against America’s back as the nation behind him smiled even more. “Well, Fedya, the internet was not in existence when we commenced a relationship.” That earned him a cheeky grin. “I suppose,” Russia mused slowly, considering his words. “I enjoy being online, but I have my own website like this I can use.”

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Fic: The stain on your lips (matches the colour of mine) (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “Then, what do you feel guilty about?” He looks at her then, turns to meet her wide eyes, and he can see it there on her face. She knows. She always did.

Author’s note: So I got a prompt from the very awesome and talented knives-and-lint and I don’t usually do prompts but I really liked it, so I gave it a go. Original prompt is at the end.







He doesn’t hear the shatter of the crystal as it falls to the ground. He only sees the wine spill out from broken glass, soaking into the rug, spreading in every direction like ink being blown on paper through a straw.

It’s a bright, sparkling red in this lighting. He thinks of fresh blood gliding down skin, seeping into the collars of shirts and the front of blouses, bright red darkening as it seeps through every woven thread.

The whiter the blouse, the better the contrast.

It’s art.

Has his pulse racing, gums itching and veins yearning and he loves every minute of it.

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cycoviers  asked:

Hey, I was wondering what exactly are the songs from Re-Act and Re-mind (and that houkago shuuen game and unlucky final days)? there's so many new songs there and i don't get how they chronologically fit into the series ._.

Hiya you can see all of the songs listed at the CD/Songs masterpost.

Now about the songs and how they fit into the series…well the songs don’t actually provide much plot in the first place? Only the first four songs with PVs hinted at a plot…the others not so much. They’re more of “character songs” so you can get the feel of the character’s thoughts and/or personality.

Some songs may hint about events but other than that, all plot related knowledge is from the novels, SO for anyone trying to figure out the plot from the songs…I can only really say…good luck with that ._.

If you want to talk about the plot in general, I’ll just say that since the introduction of the Film Club, previous knowledge might not apply anymore… Haha the plot is quite in a cat box hmm?

(Just in case you didn’t know, the events of the Film Club happened before the Occult Club)

At the very least I can try to explain some of the albums

Re:Houkago was the “draft version” of ShuuenPro. It was only a doujin (amateur) release and meant to stand on it’s own. I should note it has it’s own conclusion. If anyone is curious about it -> see under the cut at the bottom.

Re:Write is the official release version of ShuuenPro and was rewritten *coughs*rewrite*coughs* to expand the story even further. The conclusion that was written for Re:Houkago no longer stands with the introduction of the Film Club.

Unlucky -Final Days- was just a fun Beach AU thing I think? It doesn’t really contribute much to canon plot I believe, especially since it was a doujin release.

Re:Mind is just more about the Film Club kids and how they are like. Any “events” are more about the circumstance of things.

Re:act has two new songs (Shougeki React and Nagareru Ni Hoshi Negau), covers of the main character songs by various seiyuu, a few new instrumental tracks, and drama tracks.

Edit: Sorry I originally said that there were no new songs but I was wrong, that was a oversight on part, my bad!!

I hear that the drama tracks have some new information but um we have yet to receive the CDs because we’re cheapos and chose the cheapest shipping option so we probably won’t get it till this week maybe.

I hope answered everything properly!

If you want to know something more specific feel free to ask but some things we might not be able to answer because there simply isn’t enough information to give a clear answer and we’d rather not spread our non-confirmed theories around.

Also I should mention, I don’t know as much about the Film Club as I could because half the group isn’t particularly fond of them or too busy to translate and I have to rely on their translations in order to know stuff (I’m the only main member that doesn’t know Japanese hahaha ;∀;). I’ll try my best to answer any questions about them nevertheless and ask the others to answer if they can!

- Sen

About the conclusion in Re:Houkago —->

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Cockles-ish things at Denvercon:

*Misha replied Dean’s b-day is his fave holiday (when asked by a fan and also ‘national pizza day’ lol) 😂

*His fave ‘yoga’ position is 69 (hmm, cockles?) 🙈

*So after the pie incident with Jared ages ago. A fan asked about it and Misha said that Jensen went to check on him (aww). And probably after making sure he was fine, he lied Misha again lol (probably less roughly though). 😅

*Misha said how Jensen often apologizes and takes care of him (probably after pranks), but also betrays him 😂

*At the J2 panel, the boys talked about how Misha wrote an email praising everyone for the success of episode 4 ‘Baby’. But Jensen was having none of it, basically replying that ‘you just want more time off and to see us work more. I see through you’ . 😆 I think is funny because Jensen really doesn’t like when Misha is off set for so many days.

*Apparently a fan said 'Dean’s robe’ and Misha confessed he heard 'deep throat’. I wonder who he was thinking about? 🙊

*Like always they were being grossly cute and giggly at the photo ops. 💕

What else? If I forgot something you can add it. Not much cockles this con, unlike the last one (not complaining though)~

Bulk Ask #4

They piled up again. Thank you for all the messages! Even if I didn’t reply to your message rest assured that I DID read it and you made me very happy and smiley!! 

I got some good questions and I got to post even more music playlists that I listen to!! So that’s a thing you can check out. Question #3 :”D

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Our Future

Summary: Dan and Phil actually own the “Future Phil Lester” and “Future Dan Howell” Twitter accounts, and use them to talk about how they want their lives to be ten years in the future.

A/N: I forgot I wrote this like a week ago on ao3. I’m sorry I’m keeping hidden fics from you guys DX but here it is! I wrote it for a friend who kind of requested it?? Enjoy! Oh, and FYI, these Twitter accounts are legit, and any tweets in this fic are taken from that account itself. If you want to know what they are, feel free to ask and I’ll hit you up with that link to them ;)

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 2,014

 Dan groaned as he woke up, rolling over and hitting the large object that shared the right half of the bed with him.

“Oof,” Phil said when Dan accidentally smacked him. He smiled down at Dan, setting his phone on his lap. “Good morning.”

“What are you doing?” Dan asked groggily, eyeing Phil’s phone.

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