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Day 1: Friends and Rivals

Love Love Peace Peace: Vulcan Edition! (With an IDIC mirror ball)
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ugh i agree with you about alec going with his instincts, the omamori was a dead giveaway along with every thing else. HE KNEW ENOUGH im bummed about it

You know, I was dissatisfied at first, too, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how what happened can be read as the total failure of the Clave as an institution and how even Alec is not free of it. I know a lot of people were displeased with the fact that no one looked into Magnus’ claims when it would have been so easy to do so. And initially, I felt the same way largely because this show has a history of messy writing and simply not being very thoughtful.

However, I think there’s something to be said about our own sloppy judicial system and a combination of human fallacy and genuine corruption that has led to so many wrongful convictions (usually minorities). A lot of it comes down to people not properly doing their jobs because their biases affected them so heavily, often without them realizing it. In this case, it was not necessarily a racial bias (although in some ways it was bc of the Inquisitor dismissing Magnus as ‘oh that eccentric warlock again’ instead of realizing he was behaving genuinely weird), but still everyone believed Valentine could not be trusted and no one wanted to hear what he was saying, more concerned with their own emotional discomfort and not being manipulated than their search for the actual truth.

I don’t know if the series has the capability to examine this in great detail, if at all. But it’s something I’ve considered for myself on and off regarding what occurred, this concept that what happened to Magnus could have been so easily prevented – and that the genuine frustration we feel about how it was not is not dissimilar to the frustration one may feel when reading about mishandled evidence or witness testimonies, or about how someone was simply told that’s not important and they believed it instead of looking into it to verify.

Difference between being good human being and being a terrible human being.
  • Interviewer: So some fans think your character might be a bisexual. What do you think about that?
  • Chloe Bennett: That's cool...hmm, when I think about it she probably is bisexual. IDK where that idea came from but I am open to it.
  • Interviewer: So about your character's friendship with...

Black Velvet

Bookburners is a neat collection of everything I hate: Fantasy set in the modern world, the supernatural world being responsible for historical faults (e.g. demons did 9/11), an outsider being drawn into a team, an outsider learning about the hidden magical world, etc. It’s also 800 pages long. 

I loved it. I was on the edge of my seat for many of those 800 pages; I cried at least three times; I love many of the characters*. It uses its material (demons etc.) in really interesting ways. All of the authors (it’s a collected serial shared world) are very good - Max Gladstone is the best, of course, because Max Gladstone is amazing, but his whole team is great

Wholeheartedly recommended. 

  • [sakura n sasuke hanging out sitting on the sofa w their tinders open]
  • sakura: hmm.. cute.. cute.... very cute.. ohh shes so hot
  • sasuke: .... ugly.. ugh pass.. gross..... hmmmm looks unnervingly like kiba, fuck no....
  • sakura: [has a match] ohhh nice i got a match
  • sasuke: [looks over] why dont **I** ever get a match
  • sakura: well lets see. go on
  • sasuke: [swipes 2 the next guy] ......ugly
  • sakura: what why hes kinda cute
  • sasuke: annoying bio with too many exclamation points. next [swipes again].... hmm no i dont think so
  • sakura: thats suigetsu and youve banged him
  • sasuke: hmm? anyway moving on.. [swipes]
  • sakura: oh i think hes ok
  • sasuke: yeah i guess [still swipes left]
  • [this goes on for a while]
  • sakura: hey you ever tried like swiping right instead of left
  • sasuke: well im sorry SOMEBODY here has standards
  • sakura: well IM sorry that youre such a picky BITCH. have fun moping after naruto i'll be at my house eating pussy, asshole

In which Robbie Thompson speaks for all of us. (x)(x)

Ok so I forgot to mention it this morning when I got my results bUT AAAAA

I got a 4 ( outta 5 ) on my AP World History exam and I screamed all morning

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I seriously find you a disgusting person for shipping mclennon and even going so far that you do this "library" thing. It's disgraceful and shows how ugly you are inside

um, idk if you tryna break my spirit with this or smth but you gotta try harder tho. i’m a telemarketer

man i have like a lot of trouble with some.. fundamental concepts of christianity…. like even beyond the alienation and rejection that i personally experienced in the christian communities i was exposed to, i just have like some basic theological Issues u know


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