hmm i just saw this on facebook and felt like analyzing ichigo's expression

I really wanna talk about Ichigo’s expression in that panel on the bottom right corner. In Ichigo’s mind, this isn’t Riruka protecting him, this is Rukia jumping in front of him to take whatever attack was directed at him. I also don’t doubt that this is Rukia deciding to jump in front of Ichigo and not Riruka… “Just exactly like their first meeting…” . Anyway, to me his expression is like a mix of emotions. Fear, concern, confusion. It’s tense, really tense. It’s like he’s in slow motion, like his life just flashed before his eyes. If you look at Tsukishima’s expression, it’s similar yeah, but it’s not the same expression. He’s in motion, you can tell by the vertical lines through out his panel but for Ichigo there is no motion. It’s like he’s stuck there watching Rukia jump in front of him. He has no time to react, to stop her from getting hit, to protect her and his expression reflects that immensely. To me it shows how much he truly cares about Rukia. When she’s in danger it’s like time stops for him while for others it keeps moving (like Tsukishima)… but that’s just how I see things.