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Don’t Fear the Reaper pt. 4 (Leto!Joker v. Reader)

[[TRIGGERS: Violence, sexual themes, light smut, cursing, ehh I don’t remember if there’s drugs but they may be mentioned.

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              I’m suddenly frozen and I look down at my phone to see Elena’s text of how much fun she was having with her mother. She said she wouldn’t be back until late because her and her mother were having dinner at this fancy place I’d only ever heard her talk about. I feel sick and I know I can never let her find out.

              Joker rolled his eyes, “He was an example, sweetie. Falcone did the cement shoes himself,” Joker explained, leaning back in the chair and clearly amused by my deer in headlights look I was giving him. “Elena’s dear old dad was not a good guy, in fact he was playing both sides of the fence and then relaying the intel to Penguin. Seems that flightless bird was promising him his own criminal empire, but as irony would have it Ozzy filled Maroni and Falcone in on what Carmine’s son-in-law was up to.” Joker brought his hands together, laughing. “Elena’s mother was there too. When you set an example of what will get you killed in one of the worst ways to go, you set up an audience,” Joker said, clapping his hands together once and spreading his arms open wide. He laughed after doing this, obviously finding something about it funny. “You see, even we crime lords have to keep some kind of order in our ranks or we just have utter chaos.”

              I know he’s still talking but I’ve stopped listening. I can’t believe all of this happened while Elena and I had been out one night, maybe three years ago. She’d hooked up with some rando (I came home alone, passed out hugging the toilet.) Her mom, who had watched her husband die, called to say that Rodger, Elena’s father, had been missing since lunch time the day before. A week later, they find his body at the bottom of the channel. Elena was devastated. She’d actually been very close to her father, he’d seemed like such a good guy. Little did I know he was a serious back stabber. God, what would happen if she knew? I held my breath for a minute, not sure as to what I was doing but hoping I could catch up with my brain. I close my eyes to relax myself before I go into a panic attack or something and suddenly I feel hands on my cheeks and feel breath on my face.

              “ANNA!” His voice is so loud after tuning him out, I jump. J is also a pretty loud guy when he wants to be. It feels like someone has squeezed my heart for a moment to mess up the flow of my blood and I open my eyes to meet Joker’s. I realize his and my eyes are very similar; they are intensely blue and usually our pupils are dilated (well, I guess that could be a side effect of smoking but my eye doctor did tell me I have “Belladonna”eyes.)

              I feel my face get hot at our close proximity. “Yes, Mr. J?” I whisper, sounding a lot more meek and timid than I had meant to. His sudden outburst has caused my body to shake like a nervous dog. He realizes this and strokes my face with one of his hands (the one with that mouth tattoo.)

              “You weren’t breathing for a minute, ya made me nervous,” he said, sneering a bit and hissing between his teeth. “I did lace that blunt with some Acid and I was worried that may have been too much for you.”

              My eyes open wide and I quickly shove him away from me, stand, and set my tea back down on my vanity. “You did WHAT?! It’s fucking three in the afternoon, J! I’ll be comatose by the time Elena comes home!!” I’m screaming. I don’t know if I care that my neighbors can hear me, or anyone on the street for that matter. Joker is sitting on my floor now, since he’d been crouched when I shoved him over, and he starts laughing at me. My eyebrows come together, I’m about to slap the silly out of him when he speaks.

              “I’m only pulling your leg, dollface. Just good kush in that fatty, but man I wish I would have had a camera for the look on your face. Whew!” He wipes a tear that doesn’t exist from his eye, still chuckling. I clap my hand to my forehead, a long sigh escaping my lips. “Oops, looks like you had a little accident though.” Before I can even look down, J’s finger stabs me right in my crotch. I yelp, jerking away from the touch and look down at what he’s talking about. I must have spilled my tea when he’d startled me moments ago and I didn’t even notice. He stands in front of me chuckling playfully. “Jumpy little thing, aren’t you?” He turns to my bed, shrugging off his purple trench coat, tossing it on my bed. J reaches his arms up to stretch, his left hand grabbing his right wrist while those fingers stretched up to the high ceiling. I swallowed hard, unable to keep my eyes off of the muscles in his back. Everything about his upper body was lean and lithe, but I knew there was strength behind that milky white skin of his. I can’t believe how pale he is.

              As his stretch comes to an end and he turns, I have already advanced on him. I’m hardly aware of my own movements as I look down at my hand and watch as it reaches out to touch Joker on the chest. My index and middle finger gingerly make contact with the jester skull and trace a small part of the outline of it. My eyes meet his at last, and he has a curious look on his face but has the most playful smirk on his lips. Even a bit of silvery teeth are peeking behind his lips.

              “What cha’ think you’re doing?” he says, his voice a subtle purr and I feel goosebumps raise on the back of my neck. Joker takes hold of my hand, but he’s soft about it. He even starts to rub my hand, somewhat massaging it. It feels good so I don’t take my hand back.

              I can’t help but find this overwhelming feeling of lust a bit funny. I chuckle but I try to hold it back and fail miserably. I use my other hand to cover my mouth like I’ve just belched in front of the mayor of Gotham. “I don’t have any tattoos. Yours look like they were done well. I know some people who have bad tattoos,” I’m ratting on but that feeling that something is funny is still tickling at my insides. It has to be the blunt.

              I only see the toothy grin on Joker grow as my quiet chuckles reach his ears. He’s no longer rubbing my hand but has lightly taken his hand to my wrist, down my elbow, and up to my shoulder. Some of his fingers slid under the tshirt I was wearing. He didn’t go any further and trailed his fingers back down my tricep, and cupped my elbow with his hand. The whole time he’d been watching my face, gauging my reactions to what he was doing. “Thank you, dollface. Want any for yourself?” Joker asks, that purr of his flows over my body like a warm honey. I feel more goosebumps on me, breaking out on the rest of my neck and on my arms; I know he can feel them. Wow, I don’t remember the last time I felt this kind of unadulterated want for another person. Mister J has hardly touched me and I want him to cut off my clothes with the knife I can see peeking in his front pocket (its neon purple, it’s hard for me to miss.)

              I should back away but I feel this magnetic pull that I cannot deny. I want to be close to him; I want to be closer to him. It’s almost like J can read my mind and takes a tentative step closer and I remember he’s asked me a question and even though I’m aware of the thick as pudding (haha) sexual tension, Joker may just be playing with me to see how far he can go.

              My mouth feels very dry as I speak, “I don’t know. I don’t really like pain,” I admit sheepishly. This answer obviously amuses J by the look on his face. I can hear small and very soft chuckles coming from deep within him. The look in his intense eyes is playful, but I can see something hiding behind them. Something is waiting to show itself to me.

              “How unfortunate,” he says simply, gripping the back of my arm hard now. J spins me quickly so I’m facing away from him. Joker used the same hand to grip both of my wrists behind my back and he shoves me forcefully against the closest wall, which happens to be right next to the open window. I can’t help but squeak as the air escapes my lungs at the force he’s pushed me here. I whimper, unsure of what he’s going to do next but my body acts on its own as my back arches to push out my bottom. I can hear a deep, animalistic growl come from behind me and a chuckle here and there. I can see down on the street and see a group of people meeting and more walking past; they would only have to look up to see me here.

              I can hear the group laugh and that’s about the time I hear the sound of a stiletto knife clicking into place. I feel nervous now but unable to move. I know I haven’t done anything to upset him so he’s not looking to hurt me… Maybe not like that, anyway.

              The knife slides into the backside of my jeans and cuts through them easily. He’s even sliced through the panties I had been wearing. “I like how trusting you are,” I can hear him say behind me, but his mouth is touching my ear. He finishes cutting and then quickly throws the knife into the other side of the window, making it stick there.  J has pulled my pants down to my knees; those people on the street can totally see my vagina if they look up. This whole thing has excited me more than I ever thought it would, I can feel how aroused I am without having to check for myself. I whimper a little again. My brain is telling me I should behave myself but my body is betraying me. Mister J grips one of my ass cheeks, squeezing hard before moving on to the next one, doing the same thing. “Dollface, you have a perfect bottom,” he says, tightening the grip on my wrists so it hurts a little.

              I take this as a cue. “Thank you, Mister J,” I reply, my voice meek and quiet again. I’m also slightly nervous about the people below hearing me. If I can hear what they are saying I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to hear me too. Traffic is doing a really good job of drowning us both out, though.

              J clicks his tongue to the roof of his mouth and he suddenly slaps my right ass cheek so hard that I yelp loudly. Luckily, the people outside hadn’t heard because of a bus going by. “Wrong.” His voice is sharp, and he slaps the other cheek with just as much force. “Again,” he demands. J then massages the cheeks he has abused which causes a struggled moan from me. It still stings but his touch feels soothing at the same time.

              I’m unsure of what he’s trying to tell me he wants and I’m wracking my brain for anything. I then remember on the phone how he’d called himself “Daddy” and I instantly know this is what he means.

              “Thank you, Daddy.” I say in the same tone as the first time. A pleased growl vibrates my ear as another slap on either cheek sounds loudly through the air, the stinging coming soon after.

              “Good girl,” he purrs in my ear, biting the shell of it and pulling on the skin ever so slightly. I’m still watching the people down on the street, the thought of getting caught up here like this turning me on like I’d never thought possible. I mean sneaking around with someone in the same house is close but there’s something about strangers catching you with your pants down is an entirely different beast. My whole body is ablaze and I wait in anxious anticipation for what Joker has planned next (although he doesn’t totally act like a man with a plan, more impulse than anything.) There is a moment of pause and my curiosity gets the better of me so I look behind me. J is looking at my drawing desk in the other corner of the room and he quickly turns back to me. “Don’t. Move.” The command is clear and I keep my wrists at my back where he’d had them as he strides over to the desk and plucks a wooden ruler out of the cup holder. He admires it as he walks back over to me, taking hold of my wrists again. “Ahh, art students. I’m glad you splurged on the wooden ruler instead of a cheap plastic one. It’s even got the metal straight edge!” He says excitedly, tapping the front of my hip with it. “Push that lovely ass out more, dollface,” he orders and I oblige. The people on the street would no longer catch a look at my kitty in this position, but they’d still see my face. I feel like I’m in Catholic school about to get punished and I can’t help but laugh a little.


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Tokyo Ghoul x Persona 4 Crossover

Ten Count Drama CD 4 EXTRA COMIC (Translation from Japanese Scans)

Translation by chidorinoyume@tumblr - Do not share without proper credits

It has been a while everyone! Back from my Asia trip~ And I have a lot of catching up to do! Hmm not sure if I should do a Japan Haul…. Anyways hope you enjoy the translation for the extra comic that came with the Ten Count Drama CD Vol. 4. 

I have screenshots of my own Japanese scans for this extra chapter. If you’d like to see them, please send me a DM and I can send you the link. This is to prevent people from sharing the scans without permission. 


Rainy days & first times. (Nate Maloley Smut.)

Nate smut requested by anon, I wasn’t given a specific topic but I tried! Hope you enjoy 💘

“Nate?” I asked my boyfriend

“Hmm? he said from my lap with his eyes closed since he was falling asleep

"I feel bad sometimes.” i said running my hand through his hair

“Why?” he mumbled

“Because I know you’re already lost your virginity and well you’re with a girl who hasn’t and I know you have your urges sometimes and I deny you and I feel bad, and I know on days like these, you know rainy days you’d wanna do more than cuddle but I’m scared.”

He then opened his eyes and looked at me and said, “Babe I know you’re scared and I respect that, and yeah sometimes I do have my urges but I can wait for you, you know I do have my hand to keep me company too y/n” he said smirking then laughing

I playfully hit his chest and then kissed him, “You know nate, I think I’m ready, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and im ready.” i said

“Lil mama, you don’t have to do this is you don’t want to, just cause you feel im not satisfied.” he said sitting up and looking at me.

“No nate it’s not that, I really am ready, and im ready for you.”

“Okay, once I do this and you feel any type of pain, tell me when to stop.” he said, I nodded in response.

he then stood up then held his hand out for me to take it, I stood and grabbed his hand then he lead us to our room.

he then let me walk in first then he walked in and shut the door behind him I was sitting on the bed, then he walked over and grabbed my hand and pulled me up and cupped my face then kissed me, his tongue then licked my bottom lip and then slid it’s way into my mouth, causing us now to have a full heated makeout session, he then picked me and sat on the bed so now I was straddling his waste, I could feel his member harden at the way I moved my hips on. he then started pulling the waste line of my sweats, I then stood up and he pulled them down, reavealing my black lace thong, “shit you’re so sexy y/n, you know how black lace drives me crazy.” he said practically moaning. he then stood up and laid me on the bed, he then took off his pants and boxers following then rubbing himself. “shit y/n look what you do to me Lil mama.” he said motioning me to look at his hardened cock. I then got on my knees and took him fully in my mouth “fuck baby girl keep doing that.” he said moaning he then released in my mouth and I swallowed. “not bad for a beginner babe.” he said winking then kissing me
I then laid on the bed and he pulled off my panties and returned the favor, he was so good at it, then as I was about to release he stopped, I then felt his tip at my entrance “tell me if it hurts baby.” he said the pain at first was now becoming pleasure. “Nate go faster.” “ride me then.” he said I did as told and got on top, “fuck y/n, you feel so good baby.” he said. after that I felt myself release and then him too. I then laid on his chest “thank you nate, for being gentle.”

“no problem baby, now let’s go to sleep, this has been the best rainy day ever.” and with that we both fell asleep.