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...And Begin Again

Summary: He lost her once in a crumbling castle. He lost her again in a mist of darkness. And he’ll do whatever it takes to stop what’s left of her from fading away, before he loses her again. Spriggan Lucy AU. Nalu.

*blinks* Wow, this actually became a thing…. What a pleasant surprise! I thought there would be a hell lot more objections to this evil headcanon/AU baby @nanakoblaze and I created during one of our daily sinning sessions!

And with that latest chapter 455 of FT, whoah, coincidence much? Or is it…? So without further ado, here’s part two, enjoy! (Though i wonder, what would happen if i did write a part three with a different…naughtier ending…? Hmm…)

Parts: Part 1

Jet black painted nails tapped methodically against the cold marble surface, the clicking sound bouncing off the high domed ceiling and echoing throughout the stone walls of the circular hall.

Sat in one of the thirteen chairs surrounding the massive round table in the center of the room, the Goddess of Stars stared blankly at the gilded lacrima sphere before her, dull brown eyes lazily trailing the one red dot that inched ever so slowly towards Alvarez on the map displayed on the reflective surface.

“Antsy about meeting your ex-comrades in battle, Lucy?”

Golden armor clinked as the War Maiden leaned toward the woman clothed in stars, her lips curving up in a deceptively friendly smile, “I’m sure you still have some lingering feelings for them, especially that-“

“I threw all that away the moment I accepted His Majesty’s hand.” She replied sharply, tossing her long blond hair to look the armored woman in the eye, “They… He, means nothing to me now.”

“Don’t question my loyalty to His Majesty, Dimaria.” She said monotonously, but the silent threat behind her words hung thickly in the air between them as their brown eyes held firmly in a silent battle.

Dimaria leaned back into her own throne-like chair, calculative sharp eyes never leaving hers, darkening a shade when she said smugly, “But that wasn’t all that you threw away, right, Lucy?”

Bunching up the sheer shimmering fabric at her lap in her fists, Lucy remained silent, maintaining the emotionless mask that she’s grown very accustomed to during her brief stay.

From across them, listening keenly to this exchange, was the Emperor himself, his lips twitching up ever so slightly in a ghost of a smile, approving red eyes taking in the newest addition to his personal army.

The last pawn in his game with death.

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