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Q & A Transcript with Alex Hirsch at MomoCon 2017

Question: Before you decided to make Bill the main bad guy, did you have another character in mind that would have been the villain? 

Alex: Yeah, um that’s a good question. Uh, so, when we came up with the villain of the show, I knew that… I knew that Bill was involved. And I knew that Ford had disappeared due to some deal gone wrong with some villain next to the mystery of how Gravity Falls was all assembled. 

Um, but, I didn’t yet decide that Bill was that character in the very beginning, y'know? I had always imagined it was some sort of evil character somewhere kinda hidden in the woods. I wasn’t sure I could go with the Bill idea cuz I thought it would be too much like Twin Peaks, but as we got further along the series we discussed it among the repairs and we were like, ‘none of our other villain ideas were as good.’ Bill, Bill was weirder than anything else we thought of. Um, I remember there were other ideas. Strange monsters and government officials; some kind of cthulhu– some weird crazy old man. But nothing was ever better than Bill, so it ended up sticking. Probably somewhere around, y'know, season one– midway through season one, we started thinking we might be– might be on point.

Q: Was Grunkle Stan ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother? 

 A: Oh, oh that’s such a good question. Wait, let me think about that for a second… Uh… lemme see… I don’t think so. I don’t think Stan was ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother. Because, by the time Stan traded identities with Ford, uh… McGucket had already gone off the deep end– Was already y'know, had already created the Society of the Blind Eye; had already lost his own memory. So Stan would’ve really only known McGucket as a local obnoxious fisherman. 

And McGucket, probably somewhere deep in the back of his mind, was eerily just drawn to Stan in a way he just couldn’t put his finger on, because he thought maybe he knew him, but– I don’t– I think Stan was ignorant of that. Um, I think Stan… I think Stan looking through the journals probably should’ve put two and two together, but Stan’s not the best at book-learnin’. Uh, so… my guess is Stan wouldn’t have known despite that uh, that there’s a lot of tumblr art out there showing them as like the Scooby-Doo gang. I don’t think Stan ever really knew McGucket before.

Q: What episode do you believe came out the strongest and the most well rounded overall? And is it the same as your personal favorite episode?

 A: Oh gosh. Um. That’s a great question. Hmm… I probably feel, personally, that the strongest episode is uh, “Not What He Seems” just because it’s such a dramatic episode. Like, we know– We’ve never had an episode that dramatic. But, when we first pitched it to Disney executives… they thought it was bad. [laughs] Um, Because it didn’t have a lot of jokes in it? Like, I remember normally when we’re pitching our episode, executives can usually gauge how good they are by how much people laugh. People didn’t really laugh for that one, because it’s really tense. So we thought, maybe we’d screwed up. But, when the animation came back we were like, 'Oh! It’s GOOD that it’s tense. Like, it worked!’ Um, So, I dunno if that’s my favorite episode, but I think– that’s the episode we should’ve won an Emmy for, and I’m still pissed we didn’t. [laughs]

In terms of favorite episode, like… I dunno. I think the first episode that I really felt that the show was really starting to feel the way I wanted it to– “Time Traveler’s Pig” in season one. Like, that was an episode where Dipper had an interesting story, and Mabel had an interesting story, and uh, felt nostalgic, and based around the summer, and had a big secret callback to even previous episodes, so– I just remember when we first just got that episode back in color, I was like, 'hey I think maybe I like how I’m making this cartoon show,’ so I think that has a particularly fond place in my heart, y'know.

Q: Is Disney bringing you to SDCC or NYCC later this year to promote the journal and other books coming out? 

 A: Right, um, yeah, Disney– Disney… Disney-general and me, have like– we’re divorced. Like, they kept the house, and the pets. Y'know what I mean? It’s… we don’t like get dinner or anything. But, the Disney Publishing department, separate from Disney Television, they’re really cool, and enthusiastic, and energized. And they wanna make new cool stuff. Um, so I think it’s possible I might be at D23 this year, and it’s possible I might be at Comic Con, but I don’t have anything confirmed yet.

Q: In the scene where Bill is trying to convince Ford to join him in the Fearamid, were there any other jokes or story beats that were considered? 

 A: Which episode specifically are you talking about? [Q: The We’ll Meet Again scene.] Yea yea yea, We had a– Every scene that you’ve ever seen in the show has a ton of ton of stuff we’ve thought of and had to cut for time or other reasons. Um, I remember there was definitely a version of that where Bill was a lot trickier. Like, he sort of more successfully lied to Ford about like: 'We’re actually going to make the world a better place. Though I present myself as this chaos lunatic that’s just my personality.' Like, 'here’s ways in which we’ll IMPROVE the universe.' 

Um, but it felt out of character. We thought it was much more like Bill to just draw smiley faces in oceans and eat the sun and just– hope, that the force of his charisma could convince Ford that that was a good idea. But uh, I feel like– I feel like Bill can be really really tricky when he wants to, but by the time Weirdmageddon showed up he’s so impatient, and he’s so convinced that he won, that he was no longer like, this brilliant chess master he used to be. He’s like, 'alright let’s do it! Do what I want or I’ll eat your face.’ Like, no more– No more, like– He wasn’t as smart a tactician as he used to be, y'know?

Q: Was “We’ll Meet Again” always the song you were going to use? 

A: Oh yeah, it had to be that. It was like… I think I’d just seen Dr. Strangelove recently around that time and it stuck in my head. It seems to me, if Bill has a taste in music, it would be, like, old timey music that ranges from either weird to obnoxious to obscure. 

Uh, Disney wanted me to cut it cuz it cost them a bunch of money to get the rights, even though it’s so old, it still cost them money to get the rights. And I just… said, please. Over and over and over again. I would send an e-mail that just said, 'please.’ And send another e-mail that said, 'please.’ And I would send another e-mail that said– Yeah. [laughs] Eventually I wore them down that they’re like, 'alright we’ll spend thousands of dollars.’ [laughs]

Q: Are real comics coming? 

 A: You want comics? Would you read Gravity Falls comics?
[Audience screams]
[Alex leans his ear forward]

A: It’s a terrifying noise isn’t it, Michael? I was at a… Gravity Falls gallery, and like, they didn’t tell us how many people would show up, and it was like, THAT noise echoing from every corner. And uh like, I think I lost a year of my life. My hair started going gray, and it was like, 'oh my god, this is too much love! It’s terrifying.' 

Comics. I would love to do Gravity Falls comics. Um, I have so many… One of the tough things about a half hour show like Gravity Falls is every now and then we think of an idea that we really liked, but it was too short for a half hour; 'oh that’s only five minutes of story’– Or it’s too specific and weird. And so I have tons and tons of ideas of the show that y'know we’d like to explore this character, we’d like to show this secret, this storyline. So, I’d love to do comics. But, that’s up to Disney Publishing, and I’m trying to convince them. So, hopefully, I’ll have something exciting to announce in not too long.

Q & A with Stan and Soos

Q: Is Dipper adorable or manly?  

Stan: Dipper smells like baby wipes. Even if I cut off all my shoulder hair, and taped it to him, he wouldn’t be 1/10th as manly I am.

Q: What would you do if Mabel told you she had a date to prom? 

Stan: I would… invite the gentleman over, have some coffee, tie him to a chair and interrogate him for 10 hours, and maybe throw him in the pit. [shrug] Hands off my neice, kid!

Q: What would happen if Soos met Giffany again? 

Soos: Oh yea, I recently downloaded this couple’s therapy sim? Uh, I think she and I would have to talk about our issues and pass around a conversation pillow, and really work out these struggles. Cuz she’s got some problems, dude.

Q: Soos, why are you so perfect? 

Soos: Yeah, uh, my grandma said that a whole bunch of doves flew down and formed the shape of a perfect angel over my crib. I dunno, dude I guess I was just born that way.


things to note:

  • klavier playing with his hair is more or less canon as his perceive thing. it happens in the anthology, but it’s also what apollo catches him on in the AA5 DLC (the one that wasn’t released outside of japan)
  • klav seems to have been suspicious about his brother for YEARS as shown in 4-4
  • the game carefully mentions that both brushel and misham felt like they were being watched, and that zak had been running off around the world constantly putting road behind him since his disappearance (not entirely unlike touring with a band hmm!)
  • klavier doesnt break up the gavinners solely bc of daryan. there are at LEAST three or four months between turnabout serenade and turnabout succession
  • klavier is shown to be kinda anal about a lot of things and tends to worry about stuff that might not make sense to other people. he totally loses it over his keys going missing until he figures out why. anything remotely suspicious where he cant track it back to someone he trusts seems to set him off (ie apollo eavesdropping on his phone call is easily forgiven but his things suddenly suspiciously going missing and not working with no reason sends him into Panic Mode)

anyway its all but canon in my mind now that the band largely became a front for klavier to get away from his fear that kristoph would kill him

anonymous asked:

Hi! Why do you think harry chose pink for his album? I don't think it's because "its rock&roll color" is it? In the french interview he said it MEANS something to him but hmm.... do you have any idea ?

I do have an idea. My answer involves a lot of speculation, so take it with a giant grain of salt. My quotes on the Quotidien interview is taken from this transcript. The video is here.

Stepping back a bit, I do feel conflicted about speculating on a question like this. As the interviewer said, millions of people (including me) dissect Harry’s every tic under a microscope. I don’t think I could be 100% consistent under that kind of scrutiny. Yes, he is a celebrity– and the promotion of his creative work inevitably involves revealing something of his personal life, so that his audience can feel more connected to him. Allowing access to stalkers is part of this strategy– to make him seem reachable, intimate, yet iconic and larger-than-life. They are loathsome and invasive. But they are also useful.

We’ve all been discussing the Harry Styles™ mystique: Harry’s quality of never being completely known or understood, his way of saying nothing while saying something and vice versa, his desire to separate his professional from his private life. This is why audiences are obsessed with whether he “presses the Instagram button with his own finger.” We want to eliminate a layer of uncertainty in the speculation, to know that we’re one circle closer to the real Harry Styles. 

He’s mentioned that Sign of the Times has a personal meaning to him, but explains its meaning in vague, general terms. The lyrics, while seemingly personal and urgent, are not specific to a circumstance. We circle and hover, but never get closer. 

What about Cameron Crowe’s Rolling Stone article, stating in no uncertain terms that the album is “ten songs” about “women and relationships”? Here’s what Harry says

  • I: You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?
  • H: No I think, honestly, the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman it kind of feels like, I don’t know, I put a lot of work into this. I don’t feel like it involves around woman. It’s a lot about me and things I’ve never said before. It’s more about me.

It’s not about a woman. His first word is, “No.” Then he softens his statement by redirecting it to himself (personal life), then his hard work (professional life), things he’s never said before (a mixture of the two). In a Harry way, he circles the question back on itself– my music is about both me and my music. It’s a statement about nothing. But in saying that, it answers something– it’s not about women. 

So let’s see what he says about the color pink:

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mediumsoft  asked:

Do you know why Sangwoo pats Jieun on the head in chapter 16? Maybe to calm her down or something but that seems like a weird way to calm someone down. Also are there any other things that are in ks that would go over a non-koreans head? Thanks!

I think Sangwoo mainly knows how to flirt/be friendly with people through low-key bullying or condescension. I don’t think he likes being around other people, except for Bum, and every kind thing he says is forced through the gritted teeth of disdain. So a lot of the things he does to “joke” are really passive agressive swipes. 

How to be charming, by Oh Sangwoo. 

As for things relating specifically to Korean culture…hmm…I already mentioned that “hiking dates” like the one Sangwoo says they’re going on are extremely common, right? And the hotel they’re staying at and the owner are quite normal. I feel like some of this stuff might seem weird or surreal to Westerners, but it’s all quite mundane. Except for the buried bodies. 

I went to tons of these places. You walk up the mountain, and then go back down the mountain, and then go back to the hotel, and then everybody gets blotto until they pass out. And they play awful, awful drinking games. I hated these more than almost every other aspect of Korean culture. No, I will not play your stupid game where you guess who in the room has worn handcuffs before, or gone out without underwear, or whatever, and everyone who guesses wrong has to take a drink. If I want to drink, I will pick up a drink, put it near my face, and then drink it. 

Um, OK, I guess I went off on a tangent there. 

I guess there’s this thing with the apple on Jieun’s grave.

I mentioned before that offerings of food, especially fruit, are common at funerals, death anniversaries, and certain holidays. 

Of course, you never, never take a bite out of an offering. That would be extremely disrespectful. So I think this is Sangwoo’s way of paying his “last respects” to Jieun, while at the same time giving her one final “fuck you.” 

iamnmbr3  asked:

Is it just me or is there a disconnect between how Tony is portrayed in CW and how Marvel treats his portrayal in that movie? Like, when I watched it for the first time, I thought he was clearly in the wrong and acting in an unjustifiable manner. Same for other people who have watched it with me. But then I feel like a lot of Marvel people act as though it was "morally ambiguous situation" or as though "both sides were right" or whatever when that really, really was not the case AT ALL.

Oh I totally 100% agree with this. Like i get that they had to be kinda on the fence about it bc the concept of getting people to choose a side is what drove the marketing campaign, but from the way they were talking i was like hmm will i be swayed? Instead I walked into the room 100% Team Cap and somehow left the cinema even more Team Cap than before I saw the movie. I’d put this under a read more but it’s 3am and I’m on mobile so apologies, bc it’s gonna be long. I have a lot of things to say on this topic.

There was nothing morally ambiguous about it. There was no “both sides were right and wrong and it’s hard to choose”, like that mentality makes no sense to me. Or rather it does make sense, but I wish it didn’t.

Steve’s stance in this movie regarding the accords was about taking responsibility for your own actions. About having the power to choose only to use their enhanced abilities to help and do good. About owning the consequences of their actions if they choose to help. It was about not handing those consequences off to someone else. It was about not allowing people with agendas to potentially send them into a situation where they’re using there abilities to hurt rather than help. Which given what happened with SHIELD, you can’t exactly blame him for.

Tony’s stance regarding the accords was one that was much more driven by ego - something that drives a large amount of his decisions throughout the MCU at large as well as the rest of this film, as noted by Natasha. Tony felt guilty. He knew his choice to create Ultron against the suggestion of basically everyone is what led to the events in Sokovia. On top of that he gets cornered by a grieving mother who says she also blames him for the death of her son in Sokovia. Tony doesn’t want that guilt. He wants someone else to make the decisions for him. He wants someone else to say “yes you can be here” and “no you can’t go there” because that way, when things go well and they save the day with little to no casualties they get to be the heroes, they get the press. And we know Tony loves to be the showman, he loves the attention, bc as previously mentioned - he’s driven by ego. However when things do go wrong, he can appease his conscience by saying “I didn’t choose to be here, you gave me the order to be here, that choice was yours, that responsibility is on your shoulders.” - He wants the glory with none of the responsibility. He also wants the accords to cut down his workload so Pepper will come back to him. He literally says that. Tony stans are super quick to call Steve selfish for helping Bucky, but conveniently ignore the fact Tony says that Pepper left him bc he was spending too much time focused on the suits and being Iron Man, and he hoped the accords would give him a medium between the two so he could fix that.

And then there’s Steve and Bucky. I cannot physically wrap my head around the idea that people call Steve’s actions in this movie selfish. Especially given where Bucky ends up at the end of this movie. Steve’s actions were not dictated by the simple fact he wanted his friend back. They were dictated by the fact that no one else was trying to help him. No one else believed there was any world in which Bucky was innocent. No one else was trying to look out for him. And when has Steve ever done anything but look out for the little guy, the underdog? Even when he was the little guy, he was still looking out for anyone without someone in their corner. Had Steve made any choices different to the ones he had, Bucky would have died. Had he let someone else go to Bucharest to get him, Bucky would have been shot on sight, despite not being guilty. The government laughed at the idea of even giving Bucky a lawyer, they’d already decided his guilt, so had Steve handed Bucky over when Tony demanded, Bucky would have been given a trial by people that had decided his fate and already believed him a traitor to his country. He wasn’t being selfish, he was trying to save a life that no one else thought was worth saving.

Tony was so caught up in his stance being right, he didn’t even register that Steve had stopped even fighting about the Accords. When they met at the airport Tony was still there about the accords and about bringing them in, and he would not back down from that. Steve wasn’t there about that. And he told Tony this. He told him that Bucky hadn’t been the one behind the UN attack. He told him who actually was. He told him about the other soldiers in Siberia. He told him about Zemo travelling there and the danger posed if he activated 5 Winter Soldiers. He told him that he needed to get there before that happened. Steve was trying to do his job as an Avenger, to help people. Tony was too caught up in his own need to be right to realise that. Tony was willing to let all that shit happen rather than admit he was wrong.

And then at the end. When Zemo plays the video of The Winter Soldier killing his parents. Tony stans try and justify his reaction by saying it was instinctive. That he reacted to seeing the guy who killed his parents in front of him. But Tony stans just see what they want to see instead of what was actually there. Tony’s reaction was not to Bucky. His reaction was to Steve. He saw the video and he didn’t react. He asked Steve if he’d known, and when Steve says he hadn’t known it was him, he asks him again. And when Steve admits he had known, that’s when Tony reacts. That’s when Tony goes for Bucky. Which the writers have said was Tony recognising Bucky was the thing Steve loved most, and wanting to take it from him to hurt him for not telling him. He knows it wasn’t Bucky that killed his parents, he acknowledges it more than once, but he doesn’t care.

And Tony gets away with it. He gets excused for it. He breaks the rules of the accords he was so strongly in support of, and he gets off scot free. Meanwhile Sam and Clint and Scott and Wanda are locked in an underground prison cell. And it’s because Tony is the epitome of both White Male Privilege and Money Can’t Buy Everything But It Can Buy Anything. He’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s white, he’s male, and that means he does shitty things and gets away with it. He doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of his actions because his consequences are never so severe he can’t buy his way out.

You remember in Captain America: The First Avenger, Erskine says to Steve “A strong man, who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion”? Apply that to Tony and Steve in this movie because it explains the way they behave perfectly. Tony is the first man described. He grew up in wealth, he grew up in a powerful family with a powerful name, he always had privilege, and now in this film he wants to use that privilege to pass off the responsibility that comes with his power. Steve is the second guy. Who was the little guy, who had to fight for everything he got. Who lived majority of his life as the little guy, and even with his bigger body and new abilities, still has the mindset of the little guy. Still knows and remembers all too well what it was like not to have any sort of power at all, and how important it is to use that power to help the best way you can. And knows you have to be respectful of everything that comes with that power, including taking responsibility for it.

That was longer than i thought it would be so tl;dr - i agree, there was a HUGE disconnect between the marketing of it vs the reality of it in the film.


serintelixente  asked:

Hey Ship, I'm kind of terrified of moths. My evolved brain sees moths and says "oh yeah, that can't hurt me, and it's kind of pretty too!" However, my lizard brain says "oh shit! No! No moth!" And I feel the need to run away. A few months(?) ago, you posted a drawing of a moth-human character in a coat and cap. Now, I think of moths in tiny clothes when I start to freak out about them. It helps (thanks!). Do you have any cool moth facts that I can remember to make moths less... alarming?

Ohh man, I’m glad that helped! That’s adorable! I know a lot of people with unexpected moth phobias. I wonder why they’re so common? Moths don’t get the bad media representation that spiders do, and they can’t bite you.

Hmm… moth facts. Well, there really aren’t any deep, fundamental differences between moths and butterflies that should make one creepy and the other cool. They’re closely related and only differ cosmetically and behaviorally in a handful of ways - like frogs versus toads. Most survive on a purely liquid diet, while some do not have functioning mouthparts at all.

Saturniidae moths are large and spectacular - you’re probably familiar with Luna moths at least. They’re docile, have soft fuzzy bodies, and typically live for only a few days - all that time as caterpillars and in their cocoons was saving up for the Big Day to come out in flashy disco suits and find another disco moth to hook up with for one last wild dance.

anonymous asked:

so vld is confirmed to run for 8 seasons right? if that's the case and say sheith will be end game, at what point in the series would you want them to be canon?

hmm thats tricky. i know a lot of people would probably prefer it sooner than later, but i would much rather have relationships that werent rushed or forced. also, i dont think either of them is in a good headspace for it right now. keith in particular with his abandonment issues and constantly “afraid that he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose shiro” isn’t ready for a relationship. His immediate readiness to sacrifice everything for shiro without even questioning it is admirable, but i dont think shiro would ever want that. obviously shiro would still risk a lot for keith, still does things like trying to fight off everyone at the marmora base for his sake. but id argue bom proves that before shiro, keith had nobody (aside from his dad, who he already lost)And even after bonding with team voltron, he still doesnt think any of that matters if he loses shiro. 

also, if we still go by the fact that keith’s worst fear is feelings, i think it’ll be a while before he’s ready to confront them. particularly if doing so runs the risk of losing his friendship with shiro. 

Of course, we also know that keith is somewhat touch averse despite this craving for some kind of intimacy (you can see it in the way he immediately tenses up and then slowly relaxes anytime he’s hugged with the exception of shiro). In a way, this problem also extends to shiro. shiro, who thinks that the galra have twisted and warped him into a weapon, who feels that he can’t even trust his own body or memories, who struggles with this notion that he is both unworthy as a paladin and a leader. If you look at kuro and crystal venom, shiro’s worst fear seems to be turning into exactly what the galra tried to make him. and then he finds out that zarkon was the previous black paladin, that black saw the same fire in zarkon she saw in him, and all that fear and doubt is compounded. so i could imagine shiro would be very hesitant about having a partner now, not to mention how any physical contact he experienced during that year in prison always resulted in pain. ironically, the first gentle touch he receives on earth isn’t only human, but also galran. the fact that keith reaches out to him again outside the shack without hesitation is also notable, especially compared to when shiro holds out his galra hand to lance. 

you see lance’s hand stop and it flinches away, and he stares at shiro sadly before offering a smile and reaching back. just to be clear, i dont think there’s anything wrong about lance doing this. it shows he’s empathetic and its really crashing down on him what kind of hell shiro’s been through. and you see how choked up keith looks when he first sees shiro after all this time. but when he’s actually in front of shiro? he stays calm and grounding, tries his best to reach out and act like nothing’s changed. keith never hesitates, never shies away from shiro’s touch or startles from it the way he does around others. and after his time in space prison, i think shiro needs that honestly. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that shiro seems to hold people more at arm’s length after kerberos. With keith their easy, casual intimacy with one another certainly helps, but i imagine a romantic relationship would still be a big adjustment after everything they’ve both been through. 

ideally i could see them working up to something like flirting or dating around seasons 5-6. of course, then you also have to ask: what would cannon sheith look like? becuase honestly, i think the answer is: not very different. They already seem to be pretty open about their affection, and we already know shiro is keith’s most important person. I can see them maybe holding hands occasionally or being more into hugs. maybe going on “space dates” every now and again on more lowkey missions like the space mall. but voltron is also a sci-fi adventure, so romance wont be the focus. It’s also a matter of what they can and can’t get away with in terms of censorship (which is really shitty, i know) but thankfully staff already said netflix seems to allow for more opportunity with representation. and this is the same studio who said they wanted to make it expressly clear that korra and asami were together. im thinking the most romantic voltron will get though is like pining, the exchange of little physical reassurances (hugs, shoulder touches, pats on the back, ect), and a mutual confession. maybe a kiss good luck or goodbye during a really emotional scene. 

anyway, season 3 will be a lot of background info and flashbacks i think, which we really need. i feel like the direction of their relationship will end up depending on whatever they had going prekerberos, especially if either of them had feelings for the other that they never confronted before voltron. i think everyone would take some time off from their relationships for season 7 and most of 8 though, you know, put stuff on hold while they gear up for the final battle. a big emotional farewell before the last fight would be really good though. 

and see now, the thing about relationships that i think a lot of people forget when it comes to “cannon ships” for an action adventure series like this is that…well…if a ship becomes cannon at some point, it doesnt mean that they’ll stay together for the rest of the show. sometimes it happens fast and burns out, or people break up and make up a lot, or they try to work things out but just drift apart. so i think id much rather it happen later than sooner because, with show like this, i think that gives them a better chance of staying together? like, the thought of keith being in a relationship with allura and then shiro or vice versa seems to be treated like something impossible, but relationships dont work out and partners deicide to see other people all the time? its even possible keith will have the occasional one episode romantic interest that’s never revisited, like the mer-alien that kissed lance. so anyway, im not too worried if it takes them a bit longer to get together. 

Would you rather be right or liked? Would you rather compromise on your values and your authenticity to be popular and be what the people want or not? You know, it’s that whole thing, especially if you’re a creative person. It’s like should I just do what I like, which is just being right, or should I do things I think will be popular so I’m successful? That’s the YouTube dilemma. And I think generally, as various existential philosophers have said; what’s important is authenticity. ‘Cause if you try to be successful or popular or liked by people but you’re not being authentic to yourself then you’ll never really be happy. And that's true you know, you can think what’s more important is the money or the whatever or the whatever, then you’ll get there and you’ll be like hmm…. Where as lots of people, you know you might not have everything you want, but if you’re true to yourself then in moments of quiet thought where everything else is stripped away - you know when you’re lying awake, at night, in bed, in the darkness, staring at that ceiling - you’ll think well, yeah, everything is shit but I love myself.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 24th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (26/?)

Always be authentic and true to yourself. Eloquently put as always, Dan. 

Richonne “Say Yes” Review by Lauren Avila


I’m the queen of the world! Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m flying at the front of the most magnificent ship on television. Rick and Michonne Grimes are honestly one of the strongest, healthiest, and inspiring couples I’ve ever seen in any media form. I know it sounds cliche, and they are anything but cliche, but they complete each other. It’s remarkable really because independently they are already capable warriors who don’t NEED anyone but that’s essentially what makes this pair so amazing. Rick and Michonne on their own are survivors, but together they are an unstoppable force. This episode really was a beautiful tribute to each character but a undeniable display of their impressive teamwork. I loved this episode so much I can hardly express why. It was the little things that made me the happiest. I truly appreciate the hardwork that goes into The Walking Dead. The whole cast, crew, writers, and producers are in a caliber quite different from any other tv show out there. It’s such a gift to be able to pick up on new things each time you see an episode. As some fans might have noticed. There was a lot more to the episode than just what was at the surface, as often there is in any episode. Okay, so let’s dive in. There were parts of the episode that I was swooning over as a fangirl but other parts that I found I was completely fascinated by as a regular viewer. I found there was a lot of symbolism and signs going on especially regarding callbacks to other episodes and possible foreshadowing to the future. Let’s first discuss all the callbacks. As a whole, I feel like this episode sort of embodied their journey so far, individually and together. If you look enough into it (as a fangirl), you might even say this was like going down an AISLE of memory lane. ;)

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I know that like, people have been headcanoning Connor as dead, but I raise you this: Connor is dead AND Evan makes up a fake friendship with him, resulting in an out of control lie and a lot of hurt feelings.

hmm i could see that happening

maybe jared helps evan with the lie as well? maybe they like…write fake emails between evan and connor or something to prove they were friends

just an idea tho idk

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I noticed in a lot of people's art their line work changes colour, just askin to see if you know or does it do it naturally because of the type of program?

hmm there are a lot of tricks to doing this depending on what you mean? like, some people play with layer effects and opacity to get a bit of color to show through their lines

im not sure if this is what you mean, but in sai you can check this box to draw only inside the stuff youve already drawn on that layer:

in my own drawings, if the lines look like theyre changing color its because i’ll sometimes merge them into the coloring layer and paint over them :0c

a-very-small-slime replied to your post:

You can also do that in Photoshop using layer masks! That’s what I do c:

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If you dont mind me asking, how do you come up with your characters/creatures? Do you have any tips for this? (ps. i really love your art, and the art style, and the general sweetness of this blog overall. Thanks for being awesome!)

Hey! hmm I think its a combination of studying other artists I like and doing LOTS of quick sketches of real animals and people - if my designs start feeling dull or lifeless, its usually because I haven’t been sketching enough. Quick sketching from life and reference is great for lots of things, and when I feel like my brain isn’t in a good place to draw in a focused way, study sketching is very soothing, because its about just doing, not the outcome <3

(Making public since it might be of use to lets all go sketch tapirs or somethingg)

hmm so i know a lot of things are signs of fake system but some of the stuff y’all are saying are impossible for people with DID/OSDD aren’t actually impossible, just somewhat uncommon and calling them impossible rather than stating that they are unlikely is very damaging. things like:

  • recent media fictives. DID/OSDD has to form in early childhood but alters can form after you have it at any age. If you developed DID at age 6 you could get a new alter at 16 or 20 or 35. Therefor recent media fictives aren’t impossible even if having lots of them is suspicious.
  • controlling who fronts. I don’t know any systems that can always control who’s out but it’s not completely fake to have an alter who somewhat controls who is out and when nor is it impossible to switch on purpose. 
  • in-system death. while this is technically, yeah, impossible, it can defintely look like it’s happening. if someone in a system thinks another alter is dead or saw them “die” it can just mean that they are now dormant and that their brain’s interpretation of that is to make it look like death.
  • new alters forming without new trauma. while a truly new alter isn’t going to just split for no reason (if it seems that happened they may be an alter who’s been around a while) you don’t necessarily have to have something severely traumatic happen. it can happen simply from high stress rather than trauma (although i know the line can be quite blurry). some people with DID/OSDD are more prone to splitting. Also the whole “you’ll only get a new alter with new trauma AND when the other alters don’t fill a roll to handle it” is just… purely made up. It’s especially an insult to large or polyfragmented systems. i doubt that all of my like 150ish alters were created to have a unique job that no other alter could possibly fill.

there are others but really those are ones i see really often and it’s… it’s not good. It’s always good to be aware of what about systems is something made up by tumblr (system hopping, endo systems) but its also good to know which things are being said to be impossible when they aren’t.


I should have posted this earlier but I’ve been busy with hmm stupid stuff (lots of stupid stuff) and we’ve passed the 2000 for a little while now but ANYWAYS

Thank you so much to all of you for your support and your messages and your tags and everything ! I wish I could tag everybody in this post but it would take an eternity pls forgive me. I’d just like to make a special mention for some people who have been a precious help for me and this blog :

@akashikuroko It’s been one year now and I’m still very grateful to you for organizing AkaKuro Week and helping the KnB side of this blog getting more attention !

@gintamajustaway Thank you so much for reblogging every single Gintama post of this blog, it was a great help for me. And also for making the Gintama community on tumblr so pleasant !

@rinrinsamurai Yooo, just thought you deserved a special mention here~ Thank you for supporting my bullshit and for being you Uniscar ✨

I’d really like to put everyone names here but this post is getting too long already. I’ll keep trying to improve and draw better things (it will still be 80% of stupid shit haha) in the future, so pls continue to support me ! ♡

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How do you headcanon kuro's voice? Would he sound just like shiro? Love ur blog btw ❤️❤️

I should do a headcanon post about Kuro and Ryou and all some day :D
Hmm… I hc their voices to sound pretty much the same, but it’s the pronunciation and intonation that make all the difference.
Kuro grew up on a Galra ship and had a lot of interaction with the guards there, so he picked up the rather guttural sound of the Galra language. But since he’s not fully Galra he’s got a pretty smooth sounding voice and tends to purr more often than not.
… Which makes his voice sound like honey (and he makes the people around him melt with it even if he doesn’t do this on purpose).
This comes in handy sometimes, because he can easily talk his way out of almost any bullshit situation he maneuvered himself into. XD

Love you more - Jimin scenario

A/N: Okay so I’ve suddenly got major Jimin feels and somehow this song got me more Jimin feels so I will drown you guys  in the Jimin feels too. Listen to this song while reading this to experience it full. Have fun!

(Racoon - Love you more. Seriously this song is always giving me the feels ugghh)

Genre: Angst/ Happy ending (woooohoooooo!)

Wordcount: 2.9 k

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

It wasn’t what you could call a beautiful day, well that was what most people thought but to you it couldn’t be more perfect. It was lovely enough to lay down in the meadow between the dandelions to look at the clouds floating by. To feel the grass tickling your skin as the wind softly blew. Your eyes wandered back to look out of the window from the taxi, seeing people walking past as they all seemed to be in a rush. Not even sparing a glance at one another as they wanted to reach their destination as fast as they can. No one seemed to smile and you knew that out of all these people marching past, one just one would have still dreams, working for it to come true as the others just lived to work. At least that is what you read on their faces as you scanned each one of them.

Shaking your head in disagreement, your eyes found the blue sky again, blue surrounded by white patches, going on an adventure. you leaned your head against the window as your thoughts wandered back to a couple of months ago.

You were exhausted and all you wanted was to get home, leave your jacket, shoes and purse somewhere in a corner so you could plant your face in the couch and maybe, maybe your boyfriend was home and nice enough to cuddle with you as you both would rant about your day  but that was thrown out of the window when loud voices filled your ears once you opened the door. Letting out a sigh, you took of your shoes and put them neatly next to the others. You threw your purse and jacket in the corner and dropped the housekeys on the table.

Before entering the living room, you ruffled your hair and shook your head to get rid of the irritation which was already starting to boil. You noticed how you were never alone with Jimin anymore. He always brought someone with and left with them too, telling you he needed to get up early to practice and you understood that but it hurt. As if he was trying to distance from you, as if he was afraid to be alone with you.

‘’Hey guys.’’ You greeted them while you walked over to the kitchen to make some tea. ‘’Oh hello y/n.’’ Seokjin greeted you back with a smile who was sitting on the kitchen table, typing away on the laptop. Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi welcomed you back too but the other three just mumbled a ‘’hi’’  too much into the game to really acknowlegde your presence.

When you finally had put the water in the kettle, you crossed your arms over your chest and leaned down against the kitchen table, hoping the water would boil soon, so you could retreat in your bedroom,already feeling the pounding of your headache.

‘’I’m sorry y/n.’’ The sudden apology from Yoongi who had sat down at the kitchentable to join you and Seokjin surprised you. ‘’What do you mean?’’ You furrowed your eyebrows not understanding why he was apologizing. ‘’I can tell you’re not really happy with us being here.’’ he shrugged, turning around in his chair so he could face you. ‘’I mean, I understand.’’ Yoongi quickly continued as he saw the guilt written on your face. ‘’You must be tired and than you’re not waiting for a bunch of people lounging in your house.’’

You pouted your lips, feeling wrong you wanted to be alone and actually wanting them out of the house for now. ‘’It’s okay really. We understand. We were about to leave anyways.’’ Seokjin closed his laptop, stood up and patted your shoulder and gave you a reassuring smile, silently telling you, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

‘’Guys we should leave. it’s already late and we have an early schedule. So chop chop, get your shoes and jackets.’’ Seokjin announced. The rest of the boys mumbled and got up from the couch trailing behind Seokjin and Yoongi who were already in the hallway.

The waterboiler clicked, indicating the water was ready so you turned around to get your well deserved tea.

After quick goodbye’s you sat down at the table. The warmth of the tea soothing your headache and relaxing your body but that was for a short notice when you saw Jimin entering the kitchen with an annoyed look on his face. You just rolled your eyes and decided to ignore it, not wanting to fight. ‘’Did you send them away?’’ he asked you, voice laced with irritation. Turning your head around to look at him, you saw him standing with his back against the fridge, looking pissed. ‘’What’s wrong Jimin?’’ you sounded exhausted, your voice monotone. ‘’Well did you send them away or not?’’

‘’No I did not.’’ you answered his question and turned back to sip from your tea. ‘’And besides it’s my house so what if I did?’’ you added, getting annoyed aswell. ‘’Oh that’s just nice y/n. That doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want’’ What was he saying? ‘’Are you fucking serious right now?’’ You raised your eyebrows in disbelief, standing up from your chair to face him.  ‘’Yes I am serious y/n. Do you see me laughing?’’ he scoffed, stepping away from the fridge to stand closer to you. ‘’unfortunately not. I wish you were because you’re being ridiculous right now. It’s my house but you’re saying I can’t do whatever I want and that I have to suck it up. wow that’s real rich of you Jimin. really. Actually it’s really funny now I think about it.’’ you laughed humorlessly.

‘’I am tired Jimin. All I wanted was to get home, get in bed to cuddle with you and coming home to 7 people in the house is not what I need at this moment. So please.. please stop this nonsense and tell me what’s wrong’’

You were mentally and physically drained. Your boss who had been yelling at you for your incorrect Korean. The clients who have been nagging all day, wanting to speak to someone else since you were having trouble with understanding them because they were speaking so fast. So this was not what you needed right now. You needed his comfort, you needed him to tell you it was alright and you were doing your best.

Rubbing your hands over your face, to ‘wipe’ away everything from today before grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers together as you smiled at him. ‘’No y/n.’’ he yanked his hands from yours and walked away. Your heart skipped a beat when he dissapeared in the hallway. Was he leaving again? ‘’Where are you going?’’ You followed him, seeing he was putting on his shoes. ‘’Are you leaving again? Seriously Jimin?’’ quickly grabbing his other shoe you retreated back to the living room. Yeah maybe you were childish but you did not want him to leave. The past couple of weeks have been hard. It seemed like you and Jimin were on difficult roads now since the only thing you have been doing is fight which always ended up in him leaving, so you did what you could think of at the moment to stop him from leaving and that was his shoe.

‘’Y/n. give me back my shoe.’’Jimin sternly said when he stood before you, reaching for it but you turned away. ‘’Not until you tell me what’s going on? We are never alone anymore and when we do, you’re always angry. Have I done something wrong? ’’ The exhaustion you felt at first had been replaced by anxiousness. This feeling you felt right now, felt not right, not right at all.

‘’Don’t be so childisch now. Give me back my shoe.’’ He ignored your questions, still trying to get it back ‘’You’re not getting it back until your answer my question Jimin.’’ it was you who sounded stern now. Demanding an answer.

‘’For fuck’s sake y/n. Give it back!’’ He slammed his hand on the table, causing the little vases to rattle. You froze from his sudden outburst as you looked at him shocked. He was heavily breathing, his face was red, his hands were clenched against his side as he looked down, his fringe hiding his eyes.

‘’J-j-jimin. I..” you didn’t know what to say. If you were honest, you got a bit scared.

‘’Just give it back.’’ He demanded cutting you of, holding his hand out, daring to look you in the eyes.

Not wanting to provoke him any further you placed his shoe in his awaiting hand but before he could turn around, you pulled him into your arms, holding him tightly. The tears that pooled in your eyes, escaped the prison now rolling down to freedom. The pain you felt in your heart was unbearable. The emotions running wildly through your body, not knowing which emotion to choose from as you felt them all. Anxious, overwhelmed, tired, love and above all heartbreak. You could hear the crack in your heart as you silently wheeped on his shoulders. One hand clutching his shirt as the other rubbed his neck.

Jimin wasn’t moving at all. He just stood there with his hands by his side.  ‘’Please come back okay? I will wait for you. You know I will. Just try to understand your feelings. It’s not wrong to feel like this Jimin. It’s human. Lots of people feel like this. You shouldn’t bottle them up, not for the sake of others. Think of yourself Jimin.. you know I’ve been telling you this so please listen to me for once hmm?’’ You rambled on. ‘’It’s okay. You will be fine.’’ you sushed him, well you tried to comfort yourself more with those last words, knowing when the door clicked shut, your heart would drop but since it was for his happiness, you could handle it, you had to handle it. You catched on, finally understanding what was going through his head when you saw the hurt and confusion in his eyes.

You were so into comforting him and yourself, you did not notice that he wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in the crook of your neck. ‘’I’m sorry y/n.. I really am. I don’t know how to feel right now. I still like you but.. but for some reason it feels different than before and I’m confused.’’ Jimin softly spoke when he felt you stop rubbing his neck. He sounded a bit shaky and his arms felt suffocating instead of comforting what you hoped for.

Pulling away from the hug, you held him at arm distance. You just looked at him with a sad smile, tracing his cheek with your indexfinger, feeling the soft skin on yours as you tried to remember how he feels. “Now put on your stupid shoe and go. I will be waiting, yeah?” you giggled through your tears to lighten up the mood a little.


‘’No Jimin, please don’t say anything.’’ you started,not wanting to hear another apology. Cause what was he apologizing for? People don’t apologize in this kind of situations. You just watched him getting himself ready to leave.

You could see he didn’t know what to do. Jimin was fumbling with the strings on his jacket, ready to leave but not quite yet.

‘’Just so you know.. It’s not a break up it’s just that..’’ He paused, slowly walking over to you as his hands fell on your shoulders. ‘’I still like you I really do but to figure somethings out I think time apart will do us good.’’ he finished, showing you a light smile, squeezing your shoulders in reassurance. You nodded, sending him a little smile back. Stepping back, Jimin turned around and walked out of your house, leaving you in this empty hole.

That really were some tough 3 months. Three months without Jimin. 12 weeks without his laugh, without his voice. But you survived. He was right it had done you good. The first month you were pissed. Pissed at him. How dare he to leave your heart in that state. You couldn’t see things positive anymore. The sky wasn’t blue but grey and you hated those bright sunny days. How could the sun shine so fully and warm while you exactly felt the opposite. Scoffing at couples who dare to held eachothers hand in public and at people who dared to smile.

Yep you were pathetic the first month so you decided to leave the country for awhile and get on the first plane to your fatherland. Dropping everything to help your breathe normally once again and you were right, it had done you good. You had to get used to it at first since it had been a while you were here but eventually you got the hang of it and it went well. Yeah you still missed Jimin but not seeing his face everywhere helped you cope with this break thingy, whatever it was.

The other two monts went by quickly. You visited your family ofcourse, went to your favourite dessertshop, which was still there, luckily for you and just do things that sparked your childhood memories. And it was on that day, that you suddenly got a call from Jimin.

‘’Jimin?’’ you questioned when you saw the caller id.

‘’y/n! where the hell are you?’’ he sounded out of breath and you heard some shuffling in the background. ‘’and why are some of your stuff gone? Those drawers are pretty empty and your toothbrush is gone and so are you morning and night creams. Where the heck are you? Waa I don’t like this at all. If you are doing this to get back at me, than please stop right now because it’s working.’’ he rambled on and on. His gentle voice dripped with fear and his breathing quickened with every word he spat out.  Was he at your house? Of course he was… but did that mean? You couldn’t help but to smile at the thought.

‘’Jimin.’’ you giggled, placing your phone between your ear and shoulder, quickly running to grab your suitcase, throwing it on the bed and started to pack.

‘’Why are you laughing y/n!? This is not funny you know.’’ He whined. You assumed he sat down when you noticed his breathing seemed to be more natural. ‘’Calm down, you don’t have to worry I am already packing as we speak.’’

‘’Packing?! What do you mean packing? Where the heck are you?’’

‘’Packing as in packing Jimin. I don’t know what you’re doing when you’re packing but I am packing as in packing. You know clothes and toothbrush.’’ You jokingly explained. It was weird when he only had to say your name, your heart did backflips. ‘’and to answer your question i’m in (y/c/n). Don’t panick, I will get the very first flight to Korea. So wait for me, yeah?’’

Jimin mumbled, complaining that you were doing this on purpose, that you were an evil woman to scare him like that. After easing his worries, you uttered quick goodbye’s and jumped in the car heading to the airport.

Thanking the man for getting you safe at the house after you paid him, you snatched your lugagge of the backseat, threw the door closed and ran up to your house, your hands already searching your pockets for the keys. Your heart was hammering in your chest, and your face hurt from smiling so wide but the only thing you could think of was Jimin waiting inside your house.

Just as you wanted to put the keys in the lock, the door flew open and arms were thrown around your neck. This caused you to stumble from the sudden force and weight and well you fell down. But you didn’t care.. the familiar scent calmed your fast beating heart immediately as you finally felt whole again. The tightness of his arm around you did comfort you this time and you quickly returned the hug. ‘’I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.’’ Jimin whispered in your hair repeatedly, taking in your warmth and scent. ‘’I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for hurting you. God I missed you so much. I didn’t know what I was thinking.. I was a fucking idiot. A real fucking idiot. I’m an ass..’’ Laughing out loud, you smacked his butt to stop him from swearing at himself. ‘’Oooohh…’’ Jimin groaned. ‘’Gosh Jimin. Stop it yeah. First let’s get up. My butt is getting cold. ‘’Oh right. Of course.’’ He held your hands and hoisted you from the ground after he got of off you.

‘’Here let me wipe your butt.’’ He smirked, smacking your butt as he did so. to get ‘rid’ of the dirt. ‘’Jimin! stop it!’’ You scolded him, embarsassed because you were standing outside. ‘’Come here.’’ he said softly, cupping your neck with his hand to bring you closer. ‘’What is it?’’ you smiled, stroking his cheek in admiration. ‘’I missed you.’’ Jimin whispered and closed the gap, gently placing his lips ontop of yours. ‘

To you it felt like the first kiss all over again. Your heart exploded in little butterflies, as your stomach churned in excitement. Lips moving insync, hands gripping onto his hair as his tightened around your waist, holding your body as close as he could. The once innocent and sweet kiss turned into desperation and need. The moans that left his body aroused you more than you already were. The heat and love were overwhelming, you couldn’t take it anymore and broke the kiss lead him to sought after your lips and whined.

‘’Catch me.’’ You jumped, wrapping your arms and legs around him. ‘’Now shall we take this further inside?’’ you whispered and kissed his ear what provoked a moan out of him.

‘’I love you.’’

‘’Hmm I love you more’’


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hi! this is a bit of a strange question but i was wondering: how do you deal with fandom frustration? when you love fandom content but frequently feel frustrated by a large portion of the fan base? i'm a fandom baby in a lot of ways and sometimes though i feel like a jerk, it's so hard not to let other people overpower my experience. i love hearing your thoughts on everything in general, but. if you have the time i'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well. hope you have a nice day. :)

hmm! this is a great question and one I’m not 100% sure of how to answer, because for the most part I have had very positive fandom experiences. but when it comes to making your fandom experience as relaxed & fun as possible, here are my tips:

1) accept right now and forever that everyone does fandom differently, and everyone is in fandom for different reasons and to get different things out of it. it doesn’t matter if people don’t ship what you ship. it doesn’t matter if they write stories of which the summary makes you recoil in horror. they are not doing this at you. accept that you are going to do you, and everyone else is going to do themselves, and unless their shit spills over into your personal space (see point 3)) then there is literally no point in trying to control the fannish experience that anyone else is having. fandom’s a large space! there’s room for everyone! 

so the thing to do is:

2) CURATE YOUR FANNISH EXPERIENCE. I’ve been doing this since ye olde days of livejournal and do it even more intensely now. essentially: find the people you like, and the parts of fandom you like, and carve out your own corners where you can hang with like-minded people. you don’t have to be right in the thick of it, reading everything, interacting with everything and everyone. you don’t have to track all the tags which are crammed full of stuff that annoys you. you can take it slowly, and be discerning.

if you want to read meta, find the people who write it and follow them. ditto art. learn to embrace ao3’s excellent search function, and to use a tumblr blacklist. if you want to read fic and are bemoaning the fact that none of it is quite what you want: write your own! enthuse about your ideas on tumblr! leave prompts on kinkmemes! befriend some writers! I have to admit I am still pretty lost when it comes making friends on tumblr because the etiquette is bizarre and variable, but hey: the messaging system exists, askboxes exist, comments on ao3 exist. sure, different people have different levels of openness to making new bosom friends, but nobody minds being engaged. we’re in fandom to be fannish, together. 

3) if people are being jerks in your space, block ‘em. ignore ‘em. delete ‘em. I am not even remotely internet famous enough to be at risk of being deluged by trolls, but on the rare occasions that I’ve engaged in good faith and subsequently decided that I was being concern-trolled, I’ve noped cheerfully out of there. the few accusatory or unpleasant anon (because they’re always anon!) messages that have landed in my inbox, I’ve deleted without batting an eye. sometimes I share it with a friend via chat or email and we have a laugh about it, and that helps settle any residual hurt or irritation that I might feel. I’m a grown fucking woman. I keep a calm sympathetic face while being shouted at, cried on, confided in, manipulated, and projected onto, for a living. and I have zero qualms about policing the boundaries of the spaces I’ve carved out for myself–the fun, creative, relaxing, incredible places–in fandom.

4) manage your entitlement. just remind yourself every so often that nobody owes you the next chapter of that story, or the exact piece of art you want to see, or the paragraph-long comment, or the attention you crave, or the whole-hearted agreement you seek. remember that everyone has their own lives, and you’re never seeing the full picture. be gracious. be kind. try to resist the urge to snipe and snark and finger-point and complain in public; I enjoy a bit of fandom bitching as much as the next person, but I inflict it all on my friends, in chat.

5) the flipside of this is: show appreciation of the things you like. comment on that story. reblog that art with a furious tag spiral of capslock (creators LOVE tag spirals). put together a rec list–this is also a great way to show people what kind of things you like, so people who share your tastes know who to gravitate towards.

if you are frequently frustrated by a large portion of the fanbase, anon, then ask yourself: are you reading the comments? ie. are you making yourself engage with parts of fandom where people have THE WRONG OPINIONS and are writing your beloved characters THE WRONG WAY? if so: just scroll past. don’t read it. unless you really enjoy an argument, don’t feel obliged to reblog it with a detailed explanation of why they’re wrong: you’re gonna frustrate yourself and, yes, maybe end up looking like a jerk. just shrug and move on. maybe this isn’t the corner for you.

I have been following my own advice in this regard for almost 14 years. I’ve kept a handful of enduring and awesome friends from most of the major fandoms I’ve been part of, and I’m still making new ones, and I’ve (mostly) managed to avoid wank. I write what I like, and I read what I like, and I try to communicate generously and enthusiastically with people who are creating the things that I enjoy.

tl;dr - seek out the things that make you feel good, and follow them. weed out the things that make you feel bad, and ignore them. it’s fandom. it can be as serious or unserious as you like, but it IS supposed to be fun.