hmm a hobbit

Imagine playing hide and seek with the Hobbits and dragging Boromir into the fun

For iheartthelochnessmonster :)


It was early in the afternoon when you stopped for lunch and not long after eating you and the hobbits had found yourselves with nothing to do. Merry groaned in boredom and lay down on the grass, Pippin was looking almost too intensely at a blade of grass, Sam was resting his head in his hands and Frodo was watching the clouds.

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Kili’s Sexy Eyebrows

I spent something like 1 hour of my time doing this.
And yes I am proud *^*

This morning I opened tumblr on my mobile and in that 0.3 seconds before the refresh I saw a Winter Soldier pic doing this… and I thought “OH MY GAD KILI’S SEXY EYEBROWS ARE PERFECT FOR SUCH THING-”
And now here I am, posting.

Now I will look for the original post with Bucky and put HERE the credits

ps: I need to sleep more <3

Inner monologue

also known as Imagine being tied up with the company on the troll spit. Your head is between Bofur’s legs and your feet are sticking into Dwalin’s back. You try to reflect on your life so far.


Pairing - None
Words - 1,251

You were going to die.
You supposed there were worse ways to go.
Slowly being roasted alive was much better than drowning (in your opinion).
You’d always thought you’d die in battle, not because two dwarven princes couldn’t look after a couple of ponies.
You pulled against your ropes yet again, to see if maybe they’d loosen but to no avail.
“Would you stop kicking me Y/N?” Dwalin hissed.
To spite him, you pushed your feet a little more into his back.
“Oh you’ll pay for that girly,” He growled.
You smirked.
“I can’t exactly help it, can I? If I had a choice I wouldn’t be on a spit with my feet in your back and my head between Bofur’s legs!” You exclaimed.
“I’m not complaining lassie. I like this arrangement,” You heard Bofur mention from above you. You just knew he was wiggling his eyebrows.
You groaned as the rest of the company burst into roaring laughter.
The troll hit the spit.
“Shut up!” He hissed loudly.
For once, the company did as they were told.

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Blood Ties

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the lovely @we-are-the-echelon.

Prompts: “My life is my own to ruin.” and “His eyes brimmed with unspent tears but neither of you mentioned it.”

Olynna stood before the small round door, her eyes fixed upon the thick wood. The prospect of hunching through it seemed uncomfortable on its own, but what awaited her within was more so. Dwarves. She knew they were not fond of her kind and she had faced dwarven resent many a time before despite the fact she was not of the city which had offended their race. She sighed an elongated breath and bit her lip, making no move to knock.

She had promised the wizard her aid in the unexpected quest to the Mountain but she figured she would be little missed by the others if she walked away. She could not bring herself to step away however for she had never in her life broken a vow or fled a fight. Thus, she poised her hand and braced herself to knock and disturb the din within but her resolve was stunted by a deep voice suddenly sounding behind her.

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