okay look like,, pls remember that ur friends/family/partner(s) arent ur therapists. if ur treating them like one, u should pay them something like £50-£250 an hour (therapy is expensive) and maybe they can use that money to save up for a psychology course and acquire the knowledge and skills to help you and provide you with safe resources that will help u to heal and not rely on ur friends suggesting the things that helped them and may not help u and itll be safer for both of u

Life is meant to be lived, goddamnit, and if I have to sacrifice the things that make life worth living just to trudge through and act “normal”, well, I can’t. Maybe that’s immaturity. Maybe it’s some kind of mental deficiency or disorder. Or maybe instead of focussing on what makes me so weird, we could focus on what makes you so adamant that my life story be a fantasy.

Somebody help me Halloween is coming I need to choose a costume

Personal ;One of my favourite tropes is a troubled demon falling in love with a gentle, loving prince(ss)/angel

Omg I just thought what if CHROM was the angel/Prince to save the troubled demon/god. OOF