List of things I must complete today:
• Fit2Work
• Working With Children’s Check
• Hand-wash Australia Certificate
• Lab Quiz (done)
• Book immunisations
• Vacuum house
• Dishes
• Clean room so it’s presentable for Ilo
• Buy folders and books

Monday: First day of O-week. I was high on adrenaline for a total of three hours plus a massive sugar high because there was free ice-cream. Plus a photo-booth, pizza, half a dozen clubs including a Glee club which I thought I would join just to say ‘I’m in Glee club’, freebies pertaining to Uni (like coffee vouchers, ah, yes please!), Nursing area where the women dressed as Florence Nightingale and served red toffee apples, red coloured drinks, red jelly etc. One girl moved interstate to study here, another moved internationally with her boyfriend. Those two stories were inspiring; changing their whole lives to be here.

Tuesday: I had nothing on at University so I spent my day with Sam after he finished up at Uni.

Tomorrow: 10AM - 3PM lecture. I’m feeling a little ambivalent. I know we won’t be sitting down for that long but I do not like being enclosed in rooms for very long; I feel like I’m missing out on the world. But then again I’m going to be learning the ins and outs of my units and lectures, etc.
Sam and I will hang out after for a few hours then Ilo’s coming with me to a Uni party.