Flufftober Day 22

Wiping tears away (supreme edgeberry)

“I j-just don’t get it!” Fell flinched at the slight anger in Blue’s tone, seeing Razz do the same a bit to the side of him. Part of him felt a surge of satisfaction that the asshole was just as cuffed as he was, but he quickly shoved it down. This was supposed to be about Blue, dammit, his own personal feelings about his lover’s edgier counterpart aside. “I don’t understand why you two can’t get along!”

Fell quickly moved his gaze away from the smaller’s glare, trying to ignore the twisting in his soul that came when he saw the hurt in his eyes. Beside him, Razz folded his arms over his chest as he tucked his chin down to his chest, staring at the floor. The bastard was just staring blankly at the floor, not even having the decency to look like he regretted it at all since the entire damn argument was his fault-

His train of thought was derailed when he heard the hitch of breath in front of him, head snapping up to see Blue rubbing at his sockets as his form trembled and shook in small sobs. “I just w-wish you two didn’t h-hate each other!”

He pulled his gloves down, sockets watery as he moved his gaze back and forth between the two of them. “I love both of you, and I w-wish that you could at least tolerate each other!”

Transparent blue tears began to leak out of the corners of his sockets as he doubled over, scrunching his eyes shut and wrapping his arms around his abdomen. Fell widened his eyes, rushing forward to console him at the same time as Razz, hand coming out to wipe away some of the tears on his face. Razz gently took one of Blue’s hands, pressing a kiss to the back as he wrapped an arm around Blue’s waist, comforting him in an embrace. He knelt on one knee so that he was about the same height as Blue, wiping more of the tears away as he pressed a gentle kiss to his temple.

A broad arm wrapped around his ribcage, pulling him closer to his lover at the same time that he saw the arm Blue snaked around Razz’s waist close him in an embrace. He tensed up as he was pressed flush beside Razz, struggling to keep a look of distaste off of his face as he maneuvered to comfort, pulling Blue into his chest. Glancing up, he caught Razz’s gaze, and a flicker of understanding passed between them. They would try to get along.

For Blue’s sake.

Both of them moved in tandem, placing Blue in between them as they surrounded him in comforting embrace. Fell closed his eyes as he listened to the sobs change from cries, to hiccups, to shaky breathing, pressing a kiss to the top of the other’s skull. He would always do whatever he could for Blue.

sometimes i think im overreacting and i dont have The Disorder at all but then i re-read the diagnostic criteria and its a personal fucking drag


She’s an angry little bean

(I put way too much effort into them and not enough into the backgrounds oh well who needs backgrounds anyways pfft)

based off this vine:


(I love that vine way too much for what it is)

On a much less serious and more upbeat note than the last book, I present to you:

The Pants Project by Cat Clarke

Liv is a young boy who has just started middle school. He has two moms and a younger brother, and he loves them both dearly. What he doesn’t love, however? The fact that his new middle school has a uniform. And the girls have to wear skirts.

Because, you see, Liv is a closeted trans boy - and he very, very much does NOT want to wear a skirt.

Thus begins Liv’s campaign, joined by new friends, to let anyone at this school wear pants if they want to! It’s an absolutely adorable book. Liv’s two moms are great, and the book nicely deals with the homophobia he faces for having them, there’s a fantastic side cast (included a disabled character! but sssh spoilers) and quite frankly this book was a JOY.

I read it all in less than one hour in the park, and I absolutely adored it. A must read for anyone seeking novels abt trans characters, especially trans boys, bc Liv is an absolute gem.

This was a really nice book, and I absolutely recommend it.