HH-Graffiti 3148 von Pilot Pirx


And when you’re intimate with somebody
you have a responsibility
of a heart, of a brain, of a feeling.
Even as friends
take it as gift not burden
and let it resonate within you.

I feel like I’m talking while
referring to a script.
A slight obsession of time
and when things should be done.
Always attending to the clock.
Always ignoring the bleeding.
Never saw it done any other way.

And when you say things to me that are so unbelievable,
and me so filled with regurgitated
I can’t help but feel cheap.

It’s like falling from the sky and
someone offers you a parachute
midway to the ground.
I’m the type of person to curtsy for the necessity.
Polite even when I’m 10 feet from oblivion.

I’m the type of person that ruins a good thing.
Taking shots too early to avoid the wound,
picking a strawberry too late and eating the rot,
showing that I love you desperately and it’s over.

Im trying to be better than everyone else.
That’s the way god demanded it,
wasn’t it?: Competition.
But I’m so tired of the feeling,
and I know we’re too good for it.

I remember looking at you and being so certain.
More so than anything else.
And then the sheets clung to our bodies, and I was more than hooked.
Attached to your feeling,
your physical poetry.

But then the plane flew
and it swept us off our feet.



You see, I wanted to start again, give it more feeling, since many people told me they would like to see how was her life on the city, so since I now have a better script, I want to do things right. The got inspired by the song I Could be the One of Avicii. But I still wondering if this beginning is better or the older one.


Animation with BTN opening song, music box