hm.. yeah

Writer Problem

In Science class: I kinda want to write

In art: Hm yeah I want to write

In PE: Definitely wish I could write 

In math: REALLY want to write atm

In language: Just give me a damn laptop and let me write

In band: UGH I need to wriiiiite


Finally at home: …

oh there’s a new anime out-


am i the only one who gets hit by this…wave of emotions every time i hear the first few notes of this song? don’t get me wrong, i adore the whole soundtrack of the show and all the songs make me feel a certain way, but the feelings i get when i listen to this are even stronger, deeper? 

it’s like the tiniest lump in my throat, this slight heaviness and i feel like i just need to. stop and take a deep breath. and it just takes me back every single time. no matter where my mind is at, this just takes me right back to that precise moment right before the smiles and the laughter and the stares and the look in their eyes. it’s like being on your way to somewhere and this grabs you by the shoulders, turns you around and sends you the opposite way on this path of memories and emotions. and you can’t help it, you can’t ignore it. and it’s like a strange kind of nostalgia. like that precise childhood memory that stays with you. that you, for some reason, remember so vividly. it’s warmth and a slight tug on your heartstrings

and the thing is that, looking back, you know that this isn’t where feelings first emerged for the two of them, but this was the precise moment where it all became so real. it was this meeting in the middle. isak and even became isak and even. a pivotal moment. and when i hear this, it’s like hearing the first line of this movie or a book that you hold close to your heart, this story that just stays with you. it’s as though if these first few notes were words, they would say and now this is how it all begins 

Women tend to lean forward, nod and make eye contact when they’re listening attentively. Men are more likely to lean back and shut their eyes. Since it looks suspiciously like men have chosen this particular moment to have a snooze, it’s unsurprising that women think they’re being ignored. Men understandably get annoyed when women try to prod them ‘awake’, since they had shut their eyes in order to be able to listen better.

Women say “M-hm,” and “Yeah, yeah…” more often than men.
Hello? Did you hear a word I said?

Minimal responses mean simply “I’m listening”, whereas men understand them as “I agree with you.” The result is that when men hear “M-hm,” they think the woman agrees with them, and it’s infuriating when it turns out she doesn’t. Naturally, when a woman doesn’t hear “M-hm,” she thinks the man isn’t listening.

Women tend to acknowledge the previous speaker’s comment in some way before making a contribution, while men tend to launch straight into their own point. In mixed conversation, this can make women feel like they’ve been completely ignored. Hello? Did you hear a word I said?

—  Philippa Law


Seriously though, if a friend declares war on you just because you like the same person, they’re not really a good friend…

i said during this season that i really wanted isak and eva to talk, at least just a little, and that, to me, the season wouldn’t feel “complete” it they didn’t. and they did and it brought closure to isak’s story but also to eva’s, which is not something i expected to see, but it was truly wonderful to witness 

eva in season 1 had to deal with insecurities, about herself and her relationships, but the eva we saw talking to isak seemed to have come such a long way. she seemed so confident and content and welcoming when isak came to talk to her. when he asked her if he could sit down, she didn’t respond with a hesitant “hm, yeah, sure” like someone probably would when they’re approached by a friend/former friend they haven’t truly talk to in a year because they weren’t exactly on good terms. instead, she was like “yes! sure, sit down!” without any hesitation and with a genuine smile on her face, and she seemed so happy to be talking to isak, and there was no animosity at all between them

and when isak wanted to apologize to her for what he did when she was with jonas, when he was blaming himself for ending their relationship, she quickly corrected him and stated that she took responsibility for what happened between her and jonas, she said that her and jonas were the ones to blame for what happened to them. and i was so incredibly impressed by her in that moment? because she chose to concentrate on what went wrong within her relationship and she decided to learn from that instead of just putting the blame on isak, instead of simply using isak as a scapegoat and telling herself that she should blame him for everything. which she could’ve done, which is definitively something a lot of people would chose to do, because even though isak wasn’t the real, main reason why things ended between her and jonas, what he did, lying to her, that wasn’t right, and it could’ve been seen as the reason for their breakup if she hadn’t taken the time to consider all the factors that led to the breakup. but eva didn’t chose the easy, simple road. she chose the one that was rougher, longer, with more bumps in it, but in the end she came out of it stronger, more secure 

and the eva we saw in this last episode was an eva who had taken responsibility, who had forgiven, who had moved on, who had grown, who was free from her grudges and it was so good to see her like that, and it made me so proud 

Louis: Some people GENUINELY think we’re in a relationship!?!?!?! Can you believe?

Harry:  😍Hm? Oh…  😍 yeah I know…  😍 it’s  😍 it’s funny isn’t it  😍 How people could  😍 😍 think that  😍 😍 😍 about….. 😍 😍 US…  😍 😍 😍