My outfit yesterday to meet with my dear @mouldyfruit was very comfy
Shorts | @hm (for men)
Shirt | @zara_worldwide
Blazer | @monki (via@asos)
Sneakers | @nikewoman (ID)
Bag | @alexanderwangny (rockie)
Sunglasses | @hm

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It’s 11:30 a.m. I am trying to remember the curve of your lips and the way your body would breathe when I said your name.

I haven’t seen you in months but when I walk into an empty room I still expect you to be there.
When I feel my mind slipping away and the malady of my self consume my knee caps,
I still reach for your hands.
Like you are the only fertile place that bodies like mine can grow.

This place is a shelter for me-living inside of your ghost.
I know it is not sane.
I know I am real and you are real and you have friends that have never heard you speak my name.

My moon.

I am writing your name across my palms and holding onto stars; begging them to shine your rhyme scheme across the sky so I can spill myself into your mouth just to prove I still have it in me.

My darling.

How do I tell you that love has so many faces but never ceases to have your eyes?

—  series//poems about losing you.

Part 2 is here! And my wrist feels like crap! :D Oh, what fun!


Little Jammy Hood - @blogthegreatrouge

Error - @loverofpiggies

Ink - @comyet

Goth - @nekophy (Wolf Design - @echoiart) (Aftertale - @loverofpiggies, Reapertale - @renrink)

Palette - @angexci (Inktale - @comyet, Dreamtale - @jokublog)


I had the laziest weekend imaginable (think Netflix, pajamas and tea) but somehow still couldn’t get myself to wake up this morning for work. Just another case of the Monday blues I guess. At least we have a long weekend to look forward to this week! I’m so grateful for the extra day off (since I don’t celebrate Easter) to plan and pack for my trip to Europe. Crazy to think that it’s coming up in only 2 weeks! Needless to say, I’m counting down the days already.

Also wanted to thank you guys for the nice messages you sent me about my recent styling posts! I’m glad you liked them so much, which means you can definitely expect to see more soon. I think I might do a packing/styling post for my upcoming Europe trip, so you can see how I style outfits while I’m on vacation. Until then, enjoy this OOTD from last week!