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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Had to bite my tongue on this one.

Guest: “Hi, I’d like to make a reservation for tonight. I’m with [company] and I am a [rewards program] member of the highest level.”
Me: “Okay……Oh, I’m sorry sir, you must have given me the wrong number. The account that came up was for a [second lowest tier] member. My mistake! Is [address] the correct address for you?”
Guest: “Yes.”
Me: “Hm, that’s strange. I guess you’ll have to call corporate to see what happened to your [highest tier] status. Did you want their phone number, sir?”
Guest: “…..No….Thank you.”
You do know we FDA’s know everything about your life, right? We own you.

By: badmothar

people are tryna tell me to spin this whole thing on the person who made the post and theyre tellin me that they’re a pedophile and whatnot, and that’s obviously not the case.

the person isn’t a bad person, and they’re not doin anything wrong. in fact, they think that they’re doin the right thing and doing a good service, but their good service is restating what i already said. they’re just someone who didn’t get what i said. though, to be fair, they shoulda came to me and asked me about it to clarify what they thought i was sayin instead of straight up screenshotting it without @-ing me so i wouldn’t even get the opportunity to explain it to em.

it’s not a big deal, people just like to get mad about things. im a pretty big target who hasn’t done a lot of bad stuff, so people are gonna be eager to tear me down for “rep” or to “prove that theyre a good person” somethin. it’s silly.

Remember when Alex KILLED Kara’s aunt and let Martian Manhunter take the blame AND lied to Kara?

Remember when James lied about being the Guardian?

Remember when Eliza lied about how Jeremiah were taken?

Lyra just lied to Winn and almost made him go arrested.

now Mon El is clearly disgusted by who he was, he feel ashamed, he is trying to be a better person… but he lied, so he clearly don’t deserve a second chance… EVERYONE else deserves, except him… 

hm… Double Standards on the fandom again…

And YES, he should have told her, but then we wouldn’t have the drama and television without drama, is no fun at all… it was OBVIOUS, from the moment we learned he had a secret, that would be drama… And WE ALL know the musical tomorrow will bring some light, so why people are shocked? Disgusted? and etc… we all knew this… I knew Mon El was scum, he was a douche, and I also know he is trying to be a better person, and everybody deserve a chance for redemption… 

now if u also watch OUAT, defends Regina’s redemption and judges Mon El, then just shup up!


Hm, yes hi, i wanted to release this when i had more pages finished but people are behaving badly in and outside the fandom and i want to bring positive vibes to the rest of the people who dont give a shit about some random anime popularity contest and how badly it was administrated, thank u vry mch .

I’m doing a little enchanted AU comic because i saw this movie some days ago and goddam its really cheesy and silly and lighthearted i just felt it needed to be a yoi au fjdkgh, i haven’t though much about it so that’s why the comic seems really weird and rushed hahaaha, also im not a native english speaker so if you find something gramatically wrong please tell me! ok that’s all hope you like it!!

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So I got this idea because from what I have been told there’s a lot of different Japanese writing styles…

Can you imagine the day winding down and Inuyasha and Kagome aren’t married yet but she’s back from the well and they’re all sitting around after dinner and as it looks like everyone’s about to head off to sleep, Kagome crouches down next to Inuyasha and looks around suspiciously and whispers a tad too loudly (so Miroku accidentally hears):

“Hey, psst…”

“Hm?” And picture Inuyasha bursting with blushes at the seams cause she’s like a hair away from him.

“You wanna…you know do that thing later.”


“That thing we do alone-”


And Miroku is just like: 😳😳😱😯🤔😏🤗

So on his way out he’s nudging Inuyasha in the ribs, wiggling his eyebrows, and Inuyasha is the completely oblivious coconut he always is and stares at him really strangely.

Anyway later on Inuyasha and Kagome go off alone and do that “thing”:

Kagome pulls out all her notes and ink and spare paper and teaches Inuyasha how to write. And they sit together really close by the fire and sometimes Inuyasha learns and sometimes Inuyasha just watches her and pretends to.

“So I know you know how to write your name, so let’s do my name-”

“I know how to write your name.”

“You do?”

“Yeah.” And he’s distracted with his nose deep into her notes and missing the way Kagome is like 😚😚😚

“You know how to write my name…”

“…yah, I just said-”

“You know how to write my name 😊”

And he finally looks at her and the face she’s making causes him to stuff his own face back into her notes cause he’s not a half-demon, he’s really just a grumpy bashful tomato.

“Oí, stop looking into it; I know how to write Shippo’s too.”

But it’s only because he had asked Shippo in the first place how to write Kagome’s 😌

i said during this season that i really wanted isak and eva to talk, at least just a little, and that, to me, the season wouldn’t feel “complete” it they didn’t. and they did and it brought closure to isak’s story but also to eva’s, which is not something i expected to see, but it was truly wonderful to witness 

eva in season 1 had to deal with insecurities, about herself and her relationships, but the eva we saw talking to isak seemed to have come such a long way. she seemed so confident and content and welcoming when isak came to talk to her. when he asked her if he could sit down, she didn’t respond with a hesitant “hm, yeah, sure” like someone probably would when they’re approached by a friend/former friend they haven’t truly talk to in a year because they weren’t exactly on good terms. instead, she was like “yes! sure, sit down!” without any hesitation and with a genuine smile on her face, and she seemed so happy to be talking to isak, and there was no animosity at all between them

and when isak wanted to apologize to her for what he did when she was with jonas, when he was blaming himself for ending their relationship, she quickly corrected him and stated that she took responsibility for what happened between her and jonas, she said that her and jonas were the ones to blame for what happened to them. and i was so incredibly impressed by her in that moment? because she chose to concentrate on what went wrong within her relationship and she decided to learn from that instead of just putting the blame on isak, instead of simply using isak as a scapegoat and telling herself that she should blame him for everything. which she could’ve done, which is definitively something a lot of people would chose to do, because even though isak wasn’t the real, main reason why things ended between her and jonas, what he did, lying to her, that wasn’t right, and it could’ve been seen as the reason for their breakup if she hadn’t taken the time to consider all the factors that led to the breakup. but eva didn’t chose the easy, simple road. she chose the one that was rougher, longer, with more bumps in it, but in the end she came out of it stronger, more secure 

and the eva we saw in this last episode was an eva who had taken responsibility, who had forgiven, who had moved on, who had grown, who was free from her grudges and it was so good to see her like that, and it made me so proud 

The Thing About Chips


1) SHERLOCK: And what about John Watson?
SHERLOCK: Mmm. Have you seen him?
MYCROFT: Oh, yes – we meet up every Friday for fish and chips.

2) SHERLOCK: Fancy some chips?
MOLLY: What?
SHERLOCK: I know a fantastic fish shop just off the Marylebone Road. The owner always gives me extra portions.

3) (Dropping his chips to the floor, he races down the stairs with Mary following.)


4) SHERLOCK: Chips.
FAITH: Chips?
SHERLOCK: You’re suicidal. You’re allowed chips, trust me. It’s about the only perk.

5) FAITH: Amazing.
FAITH: I meant the chips.

6) THERAPIST: It was lovely. We had chips.

7) THERAPIST: In fairness, though, he does have excellent taste in chips.


8) SHERLOCK: No, we’ve spoken since then. You came round to my flat a few weeks back; you pretended to be a woman called Faith Smith. We had chips.

Eight times chips are mentioned or shown and under very different circumstances: 

  • Myrcoft’s sarcastic answer to Sherlock’s Big Question, the only thing he seems interested in after his return: John Watson. 
  • Sherlock’s thank you invitation to Molly
  • Sherlock going home alone to eat the chips, being called upon by Mary, dropping the chips on the floor to go and save John
  • Sherlock connecting being suicidal and eating chips, he seems to be talking from experience. 
  • Faith making a joke that reminds me very much of John’s way with Sherlock. On the downside this reflects John not being amazing by Sherlock’s deductions anymore and not wishing to be Sherlock’s friend anymore. 
  • Therapist Eurus mentioning eating chips with Sherlock when talking to John. 
  • A slightly dismissive joke about Sherlock’s deduction skills. 
  • Sherlock mentioning the chips to Eurus when meeting her as Eurus for the first time

In the Sherlock universe, “having chips with someone” symbolises connecting to other people and it reflects upon the Holmes brothers as well. 

Mycroft is sarcastic, he did not meet John for fish and chips = he did not connect to his brother’s best friend just as he does not connect to other people in general. 

Sherlock inviting Molly and Faith to have chips with him, is a deeply felt, non-sexual way of connecting with other people, something Sherlock has learnt by now and Mycroft has not. 

And there is another interesting parallel: There are two times Sherlock invites a woman for chips and both times Sherlock thinks he has lost John. 

P.S. I’d be happy if a native speaker wants to have a go at the additional idiomatic uses of “having chips”. 

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A quick reminder to all Rivamika shippers [SNK Season 2]

It’s true we didn’t see much of Levi or Mikasa in the new Season 2 trailer, but hear me out. Pay attention to THIS SCENE. I’m going CRAZY just thinking about it. Why?

Poor Armin! But it has nothing to do with Rivamika, hm? Where did it come from anyway? Oh right, it’s the carriage scene from chapter 37, “Southwestward”…

…which is basically the chapter that started it all for many Rivamika fans out there, featuring the first major Rivamika interaction since chapter 30 / episode 22!

Yes, it will be a while until we get to see all the Rivamika goodness from the Uprising arc animated, but I’m here to remind you that THIS SCENE is going to be featured RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING of season 2, at least in the first 3~4 episodes and it’s enough to keep us hyped until the latter half of this season. 


anonymous asked:

how doesnt aphobia exist....... ??

hm okay alright well lemme tell you my friend in the nicest way possible, like since yall caught me half asleep its gonna take me about two hours until i actually get annoyed

aphobia, isn’t necessarily a thing. yes, i agree that media can be very romance orientation, and sex orientated. HOWEVER- that doesn’t warrant systematic oppression towards aces or aros. yes, it can be annoying, however if an ace or aro person has ever experienced ‘violence’ or ‘microaggressions’ in any way, they’re more easily explained by other types of oppression, as opposed to ‘aphobia’.

for example, if a woman were to say she doesn’t enjoy sex, and people were to call her a prude, etc, that’s due to misogyny. or if, a woman were to say she’s not interested in dating or pursuing a romantic relationship, and people tell her she’s being ridiculous, etc etc etc, thats also due to misogyny.

now if a man were to tell people he isn’t interested in sex, and people made jokes about him, calling him a virgin that can’t get any, etc, thats more due to the unfortunate nature of hypermasculinity.

now, a lot of people of colour have different expectations about romance and sex due to racist stereotypes. (just know, i’m 100% behind poc who identify as ace/aro- you are not a stereotype, and don’t let people define your sexuality for you) like, most woman who are black, latinx, indigenous, etc, are expected to exhibit hypersexual traits, and once they don’t, they’re called ‘white’ on the inside, bullshit like that, that’s all due to racism, not so much aphobia.

also just know if you’re cis hetrom ace, or cis aro het, i’m kinda iffy about you. because, let’s face it- ace/aro community tends to exhibit a lot of homophobic behaviour, and if you don’t experience homophobia, you should really shut up.

oh yeah, there’s also that. ace or aro people have been exhibiting a lot of homophobia during this whole discourse. they do things such as shaming people who have sex, people who display hypersexual traits, and lumping in people who experience same gender attraction in with straight people for the sole purpose of them experiencing sexual attraction- despite the fact that people who experience same gender attraction already gets the aforementioned bullshit from straight people. all. the. fucking. time. (i.e. oh, if you’re gay, you don’t have to flaunt it. oh, i’m sick of people slipping in a gay couple in media- can’t everyone just be normal?)

so yeah, aphobia isn’t really a systematic oppression, but rather, other oppressions misread as aphobia. and the ace/aro community should be careful about wanting to be included in the lgbt community, and saying they’re oppressed, if they’re gonna go and exhibit homophobia.

i hope that about explained it for you. as a gay guy who goes between hypersexual/sex-repulsed (due to trauma) i’m sick of this shit?

Okay, lets talk about Beauty & The Beast - Bechloe Edition

Seriously…That moody little fucker Beca Mitchell would be a great Beast.  Yes, she’s short (as @i-am-bechloe-trash pointed out) but that makes for an even better transformation at the end!

And picture it… Chloe’s love for music and constant need to break into song would make Beca’s reveal of her extensive music collection seem like a dream come true.  Imagine how many slow dances they could have in that ballroom…

Fat Amy as Mrs. Potts?  Hm… Mrs. Potts is kind of the voice of reason in the movie… so maybe that should be Aubrey.

Bumper as Lumiere?  

Tom as Gaston?

Instead of a crazy inventor father… um… a magic practicing brother, Benji.

What else?  I want to hear other ideas on this!

Tabimatsu: Infiltration! Matsu High School Festival! Story 3

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3 | Story 4 | Story 5

EP 003: Inga Ouhou / 因果応報
EP 003: Karma

remember kids, it’s always a bad idea to go and date girls without the rest of your brothers with you. matsuno osomatsu is a terrible influence, disregard everything he does.

Karamatsu: Heh… The bittersweet light of youth wraps around me! **Fantastic!!**

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  • Shepard: So. A turian on shore leave. You come here often?
  • Garrus: Is this that... first date thing we talked about? Oh, got it. Yes. Yeah. Oh, I come here often. Good place to blow off steam. Scenery's not bad either... though the view in front of me is even better.
  • Shepard: That supposed to melt a girl's heart?
  • Garrus: No. But this voice is...
  • Garrus: I'm Garrus Vakarian. Codename: Archangel. All-around turian bad boy and dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy. Also, I kill Reapers on the side. And you are?
  • Shepard: Commander Shepard, Alliance Navy.
  • Garrus: Hm. Shepard, huh? I might've heard a few things about you.
  • Shepard: Oh? Flatter me.
  • Garrus: Word is you're smart. Sexy. A wicked shot. Also, you kill Reapers on the side, too.
  • Shepard: Uh-huh. And do most girls fall for that?
  • Garrus: Well, sure. You know, this voice, and uh... and uh. I'm running out of banter here, Shepard.
  • Shepard: Make it up. Remember, we just met.
  • Garrus: Right, I mean... Yeah, all the girls fall for it. Let me show you...
  • Shepard: Wh-what are you doing?
  • Garrus: It'll be fun.
  • Shepard: Oh, no. No-no-no-no... No!
  • Garrus: Been taking lessons on the side.
  • Shepard: You're going to pay for this later.
  • Garrus: Promises, promises.
  • Shepard: Heheh...
  • Garrus: Now you're getting it.
  • Garrus: So tell me: Think a girl would fall for that?
  • Shepard: Oh, hell yes. I see you've been putting that reach and flexibility to good use.
  • Garrus: You know it. And it gets even better when you try it in bed.

Éponine: Boy do I.

R: Éponine, I’m sorry about the Marius and Cosette thing, but-

Éponine: Let me tell you about Grantaire and Enjolras. Buckle in, kids, this is a bumpy ride.

R: Oh Jesus Christ…this is untrue and I didn’t particularly want them-

Éponine: Grantaire and Enjolras have been obliviously in love with each other for going on three years now. It’s painful to them, it’s painful to me, and it’s painful to everyone. They can’t get their shit together and everyone is fucking tired of it.

R: He doesn’t-

Éponine: Oh shut your mouth, Grantaire, yes he does! God, you’re an idiot sometimes. Let’s see what our dear viewers have to say about it, hm? Let me know if this sounds like hate here, guys, because if it does then I’m blind as a bat.

Éponine: Okay, guys so when Marius argues with Enjolras, Enjolras argues back of course, but he manages to stay calm and collected. At least somewhat. When Grantaire argues with Enjolras, they both wind up screaming and red in the face.

Éponine: When Bahorel is drunk on the ground, Enjolras makes sure that he gets home safely through someone like Feuilly. But when Grantaire is drunk on the ground, Enjolras is the driving force in the hellfire that gets him safely home and in bed. Followed up by multiple texts and calls to whoever tucked R in.

Éponine: And does Enjolras get mad at anyone else for drinking during the meetings? Joly? Bossuet? Courf? Nope. Just R. Huh, wonder where all those big feelings are actually coming from!

Éponine: Now let’s reverse the oblivious pining, shall we?

Éponine: Who harasses Enjolras into fixing his speeches? Grantaire. Does he do this for anyone else? Combeferre? Courfeyrac? Nope. Just our good ol’ chief.

Éponine: Who is it that will go a week without drinking to make sure that a poster that Enjolras has requested is perfect? None other than our good buddy Grantaire!

Éponine: And who’s name is it, R, that I hear coming from your room at night when I know no one is in there but you and your hand? Enjolras’.

Éponine: Sound about right, R?

R: …

Éponine: Thought as much.

Just friends, right? pt 2

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: One or two curse words, cuddling??

Word count: 917

Summary: Bucky and the reader are madly in love but they both are unaware of the other’s feelings

Part1       Part3      Part4

Your POV

Bucky stared at you for awhile, not answering your question. He seemed to be lost in thought which was not uncommon for him.

“Buck, what do you want to do today?” you said and flicked his nose lightly to get his attention.

“Hm how’s about we go to your favorite place since you’ve been so good to me today” he smiled and motioned towards his breakfast.

“Bucky, you don’t mean-”

“Yes I do” he smirked obviously happy to have pleased you so much.

Your favorite place in the whole city was the botanical gardens. It was the only truly peaceful place in the city that never sleeps. Everywhere else there was always noise and commotion but in the gardens surrounded by nature, you felt truly at peace. Sure, central park had grass and trees but there was always activity and frankly too many people for your liking. Bucky on the other hand took comfort in being surrounded by strangers, so he wasn’t too keen on the gardens.

After he opened himself up to the world again and began to trust himself he didn’t like to be alone too much. He said that when he was alone his mind would wander to darker times. The loudness of the city distracted him and kept his mind busy. He also claimed that too much fresh air gave him a headache which always made you laugh.

He had come with you a few times to the gardens whenever you were feeling down, in an effort to lift your spirits. However, he made sure to jokingly complaining about how quiet it was the whole time. This is why him suggesting to go to the gardens was so exciting to you.

“Bucky promise you’re not playing a prank because I’m really excited now!” you beamed and grabbed his arm amidst your happiness.

“Darlin’, would I ever prank you?” he questioned with mock innocence.

“Yes you would and you have, too many times to count. That is beside the point, go get ready because we’re going to the gardens”

When you entered the garden it was around 10 a.m. and Bucky had been making you laugh the whole ride there. He was in an unusually bright mood.

“What’s got you in such a good mood Buck?”

“Ah you know I love hanging out with my best girl even if she did drag me halfway across the city to see some flowers”

“Hey I like those flowers and it was your idea” you said and shoved his shoulder. He chuckled and wrapped his metal arm around your shoulder and pulled you close as the two of you set out on your walk.

As the noise from the city started to fade away you began to feel more relaxed. Bucky slowly removed his arm from around your shoulder and went to hold your hand. You gratefully let him and your stomach bubbled with happiness from all the attention you were receiving from your favorite person.

Bucky’s POV

I would never admit this to her, but the botanical garden has grown on me. It is true that I don’t like to be by myself but anywhere that I go with her, I don’t feel alone. Everything about this place says volumes about Y/N’s personality. She is always so full of life and breathes out a nurturing energy to everyone she meets. She loves unconditionally and is passionate about what and who she cares about.

Her small hand in mine brought a sense of peace to me that I wished I could live in forever. I smiled to myself as she led me over to a bench to sit down.

I stretched my legs out in front of me and draped my arms over the back of the bench. Y/N sat close to me and drew her knees up. She leaned her head on my chest and started to hum softly to herself. God did I love this woman.

My flesh hand found its way onto her shoulder and my thumb rubbed gently back and forth. After a few minutes her humming ceases and she seemed to be asleep.

She was always so peaceful when she slept. Sometimes she would fall asleep in my bed after calming me down from a nightmare. If I was still awake I would just admire her peaceful face as she slept. It was the only time that I could really look at her without her realizing my feelings for her. I was always so scared to lose what we had together. We were best friends but I had always wanted more with her.

Your POV

Snuggled up with Bucky was your favorite place in the entire world. You felt your eyes get heavy and the tune in your mind slowly quieted.

Buckys hand gently stroked your shoulder and you could feel sleep coming. You were too comfortable for your own good. Just before you drifted off you felt Bucky shift under you. His head leaned down closer to yours and a faint whisper came out.

“Y/N I love you so damn much”

Your body went rigid and your eyes shot open.

“You what now?” You questioned frantically convinced that your ears were playing tricks on you.

Bucky stood up with a start and his eyes went wide as he looked at your shocked face.

“I- uh- I have to go” he stammered out. Before you could tell him that you loved him back, he was gone.


The Incredibles AU
Part 1 (as a pilot version with scribbles)

YAS, i did it in the digital version, maybe not so neatly as i could

There`s some things i want to describe about this au:

  • I changed a little design of costumes (ahah, i wont get tired to do it, but i just added kind of hero`s signs) just to make them in this cartoon`s style
  • There are no kwamies, characters have their powers/abilities in genes, so they just … wear their costumes without transformation, i guess (wow, how is it possible). About their powers.. Hm, they`re almost the same, if someone is interested i will tell about that more.
  • I want to mention about the kids. Yes, everithing is almost perfect, if talking about Emma, Louis and Hugo as Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. But i have reaaally, um, strong headcanon that, firstly, Emma is the secong child and, secondly, her character is more like Dash`es as Louis is like Violet. You can say that`s all sounds stupid, but i wanna think about it like that. Sorry @luullaby, bc you mentioned about the kids first.
  • And the most important thing.. Turtle Nino as Frozono, yas. Ive never been so into this idea and Im not sure who created it, but, damn, i like it now. His costume was inspired more like by Frozono and another designes of Turtle costume. 

Jade Turtle is a good name for the superhero, i hope @thelastpilot you wont be mad :0 (or who created this name, im really confused, im so sorry, if im wrong about it).

Thats all, i still have no idea whats happening here, just tell me if something is really not okay (with me or with this au, idk)

Bedtime Love Story (Minseok x Reader)

Originally posted by imemegines

Genre: Fluff 

 Length: 641 words 

 “No no no you got it all wrong,” you protested. “There’s no way that he could be into her, she’s not his type!” 

 “Jagi, he told me himself. He seems very interested and…he asked me ask you to introduce them.”

 “But,” you hesitated before looking up at him. The look in his eyes was mixed with hope and pleading and oh gosh how could say no. 

“I’ll think about it.“ was your final answer. 

Minseok sighed. “Ahh come on Y/N. It’s the least we could do for him, don’t you think?” His arm squeezed around you.

He wasn’t lying. 

“Don’t you remember? Hm?” He lowered his arm down your back and before you could even say anything he was already tickling you. 

“Huh, jagi? Do you? Y/N? Yeah? Yes? Huh?” 

Instantly you shriveled down on the bed, failing at multiple attempts to push him away through the fit of laughter escaping your mouth. It wasn’t fair and he knew it. It was perfect leverage. 

“MINSEOK YES OKAY OKAY PL EA S E YOU WIN FIIINE.” It was time to give up, you were probably red from laughter and he was way stronger than you. Victory was nowhere in sight in your case. When you attempted to push his hands away, he held onto them so you wouldn’t fall off the bed.

For a second, everything was still. You looked at the person hovering over you, staring into your eyes with the look that made you fall in love with him all over again. 

Without Jongdae, the two of you would have never met. 

“Don’t you remember when you used to work in that cute little café?” His voice became softer as he began to intertwine his fingers with yours. 

“You know, it was him who introduced me to that place. And,” he inched himself closer, “I remember how embarrassed you got when I caught you staring.” He laughed when you tried to push him off, the cringey memory replaying in your head.

“That’s not fa-“

“And remember that night when it was pouring outside, when I finally had the guts to talk to you and drive you home?” You could feel his weight on you as he continued to close the space between.

“And when you knew I purposely stayed after hours, but you kept the place open for me anyway?” His hand came up to the side of your face, his thumb rubbing against your cheekbone.

At his touch, the past two years flashed before your eyes.

A small story of a shared, unspoken romance that quietly blossomed. Of stolen glances between the two, where he kept wanting to see more of you and you couldn’t wait to see more of him. 

“Did you forget when we finally got tired of beating around the bush that Sunday night after closing?”

"Okay no that’s not-" 

“Should I give you a little reminder?” 

His touch was always so gentle. The lightness of his lips against yours gave you butterflies as if it were the first time in that small empty coffee house. Slowly, his kisses became hungrier as your hand rested against his neck while his fingers found themselves tangled in your hair. 

When he pulled away, he carefully studied your face, caressing every edge and curve. God, you could swear that those eyes were made of starlight with the way they flickered in the dim light. 

“Don’t you remember, Y/N? The story of how I fell in love with you?” 

Of course you remembered. 

The silent “dates” at the old café.

The first time he “accidentally” held your hand to keep you under the umbrella in the pouring rain.

The mindless talking over the phone that lasted for hours on end.

The first time you went out together.

Especially that Sunday night, when the two of you were stupid drunk and stupid in love.

And the morning after, when you woke to him holding you so close, his face cradled in the crook of your neck. 

“So all this to hook Jongdae up with my friend, huh?” 

Minseok rested his forehead against yours and sighed.

“Jagiyaaaa” he whined.