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Cha Cha: "Woah, you look really cool! Do you have a favourite food?" (from @daily-duskstone-duo)

Toby: “Aw! Thanks for the compliments! You two look way cool as well! As for my favorite food, well… hm…”

Toby: “I’d hafta’ go with citrus pokepuffs.”

Toby: “What about you? Can you guys like… eat? Other than souls, I mean. Chandelures have mouths, but what about Aegislashes?”

Toby: “…Nevermind. I don’t wanna know.” 


okay unpopular post but HEAR ME OUT

i feel like quintis might not work out, or at least will have some issues. he 100% loves her for who she is, but she…doesn’t. I mean, his habits aren’t the best but to be fair they are addictions he’s had nearly his entire life, and it’s almost impossible to change that overnight. I’m glad Happy is being tolerant of his slip-ups, but I’m worried she’s expecting too much. And I totally get that - she’s never had a stable thing in her life and his addictions don’t exactly provide stability, that’s fair. But I feel like she wants him to change who he is, while he would never in a million years want her to change anything, even her flaws. Honestly though, I think Toby’s so in love with her he really will do his best to change. I’m just concerned that’s an unsustainable relationship - he can quit gambling and dares but how much more can she ask him to change before he’s not even toby anymore?

but really i still love them, and i would actually like to see this issue come up between them. like maybe he feels frustrated that he’s changing so much for her while he loves her for who she is. She wants him to be her stability, and even if he is very good at being that there’s always going to be moments when he’s the weak one. And i’m sure her feelings come from low self worth and abandonment issues, and i would really love for her to confront her own issues. 

so ultimately i think they’ll stay together but i also feel like - and kind of hope - that this is one of the difficulties they experience. 

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Quintis + Cake!!!

“Why are we doing this? It’s not his birthday.” Asks Ralph who’s cheeks and fingers were either covered or smeared with icing.

“Because-” Happy takes out the larger tier of cake out of the oven. “I have a little surprise for him.” Happy grins.

“You mean the cake?” Ralph was confused.

“Nope, and before you ask, you’ll see.”


2 hours later

“HAPPY?” Toby yelled as he enters the garage, half annoyed. “You can’t just finish all my cake at 4 in the morning and leave the house WITHOUT washing the dishes.”

“She’s in the kitchen.” Paige smiles sheepishly.

“What the hell are you up to?” The genius shrink asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Paige says quickly and walks to her station.

“What the hell was that all about?” Toby asks Walter.

“What the hell was what all about?” Walter counters then quickly turns away. Toby raises his eyebrows.

“What are you hiding?” Toby shakes his head and walks towards the kitchen.

“Hi Uncle Toby.” Ralph says trying to avoid eye contact.

“Ralph? What are you hiding?” Toby’s curiosity was growing wilder each passing minute.

“You should know, you are a shrink.” Sylvester says before Ralph could spill the beans. Ralph and Sylvester quickly scurries away.

“I can’t build a house without the bricks, Sly.” Toby says annoyed, how many times does he have to explain that he can’t read minds? Toby rolled his eyes then entered the kitchen.

“Surprise!” Happy half shouts, showing him the two tiered chocolate cake, decorated in icing and whipped cream.

“Is this your way of making up for eating all my cake?” Toby asks. Happy shrugs.

“You could say that.”

“Well then, that was a lame surprise. So much effort just for hiding a secret from me.” Toby raises his voice intentionally for the rest of the cyclone to hear.

“We have an intercom system for a reason!” Paige exclaimed trying to sound annoyed but the genius shrink heard it in her tone of voice that something was amiss.

“She’s still hiding something.” Toby muttered. He looks Happy in her eye. “What are you hiding, Miss Quinn?” Toby cocks his eyebrow.

“Nothing. Go eat your cake.” Happy deadpans. Toby didn’t believe her but he decided to play along.

Happy hands Toby a knife, then he cuts the upper tier of the cake.

“Is this……cardboard covered in icing?” Toby asked in disbelief. Happy shrugs with half a grin. Toby rolled his eyes.

“Geez, Hap.” Toby muttered as he set the knife asked and removes the upper tier cardboard of the cake. Toby stares at a unknown item the hole right smack in the middle of the larger tier of the cake. He looks up at Happy in confusion.

“Go ahead, doc.” Happy nudges him gently.

Toby stares at Happy for a few more seconds before his hand reaches in to the hole of the chocolate flavoured cake, pulling out the unknown item.

“This is a…..pacifier?” Toby stares at the baby blue and white pacifier.

“Didn’t know a man with an IQ of 170 couldn’t figure it out how a pacifier looks like.” Happy teases. “Yes, doc. It’s a pacifier.”

“I’m not really sure I need one of these-”

“I’m seriously doubting that you are a genius right now.” Happy deadpan. Toby’s eyes widen in realisation.

“Oh god. You’re-”


“YOU’RE PREGNANT?” Toby shouts in equal parts of excitement and surprise.

“Yes I am, doc.” Happy grins.

Toby’s eyes were filled with tears of joy as he pulled Happy in for a passionate kiss.


Meanwhile at Paige’s workstation.


“Oh, that’s the surprise aunt Happy was talking about.” Ralph muttered to himself.

“Happy is pregnant?” Paige gasps. “I thought she was just baking a cake for Toby!”

“Hm. That explains why she has been eating all my fermented fish.” Walter says.

A/N- Gosh I hope this is at least a decent story!