hm this all looks pretty gay to me

cake-imagine : Truth Or Dare

summary; ashton and michael force their best friend, luke, to go to a party. a really popular boy, calum, is there as well. toward the end of the party, when there’s only a few handfuls of people left… they decide to play truth or dare. 

“can we leave yet?” luke crosses his arms, being pushed around as people dance around him. 

“luke, learn to have fun once in a while.” michael laughs, nudging him. “and drink something.”

“i don’t wanna get drunk, mikey. no thanks.” luke huffs. michael widens his eyes and then shrugs his shoulders, sipping more beer from his cup. the boys are only in high school, but are already partying all the time. luke, however, hasn’t ever been to a party other than this one, and he’s ready to leave. 

“guys, it’s been an hour and a half, can we please leave?” luke groans. ashton and michael roll their eyes exchange looks with each other.

a second later, his two friends look back at him and sigh. “thirty more minutes.”

“no, you guys, i’m serious. i don’t-”

“truth or dare!” someone shouts loudly, getting the small handfuls of remaining people’s attention. 

“truth or dare, luke.” michael hits his arm gently. “c’mon. after a few rounds of the game, we’ll leave, mkay?”

luke doesn’t think truth or dare is smart when half the people are drunk, but he complies. “as long as you pay for pizza tomorrow.” he crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows at his friends. ashton and michael agree and then drag luke outside, where everyone was gathering to play the game. 

luke sits down and grabs michael’s wrist, not wanting to be separated from him somehow. 

“luke, calm down. i’m right here.” michael laughs, but luke continues to hold onto his friends wrist. michael sighs and allows it, then quiets down along with everyone else at the party.

after ten minutes of luke constantly whispering to his friends and asking to leave, he hears his name.

“luke,” he widens his eyes and sees everyone smiling at him, a boy smirking at him. “truth or dare?” he asks. luke’s heart beats rapidly, not wanting to say either one. he finally lets go of michael’s arm and bites his lip.

“truth,” he almost asks. a bunch of people groan, so becomes really nervous and embarrassed.

“this is your first party ever, right?” the boy who asked him the question laughs. luke nods ashamedly, looking at his lap. “okay, then choose dare. it’s not that bad.”

luke looks at michael with wide eyes and michael shrugs. “just do it, how bad could it actually be?”

“i told you we should’ve left,” luke whispers, pissed off but more scared. “o-okay, dare.”

nearly everyone cheers, luke thinks it’s everyone but his two friends, but in reality calum hood, one of the so-called popular kids, bites his lip as he looks at a very nervous luke. he feels bad that he’s so uncomfortable. 

“i dare you to…” the teenager thinks, looking around at all the other people. he smirks and then laughs. “okay, i dare you to makeout with Amanda.” 

‘wh-what?” luke furrows his eyebrows. nobody knows he’s gay, and he plans to keep it that way. but if he doesn’t kiss this girl rumors will spread like wildfire. “in front of everyone?” 

“he’s right, that is a little weird if it’s in front of this huge crowd” amanda says. 

“fine, then go into a closet inside and do seven minutes of heaven. there; even more interesting.” he smirks. 

“okay, fine.” amanda shrugs, standing up. calum notices how luke is nearly frozen, and wants to help somehow. he bites his lip and waits a little, noticing luke still not standing up. “come on, luke.” she gently kicks his knee as he sits. “it’s a dare, you’ve gotta-”

“i’ll go with luke.” calum blurts out, standing up. luke looks up and notices calum standing, then sighs in relief. this won’t help the gay rumors, but he knows he won’t have to kiss anyone now. even though he’d kinda like to kiss calum, he’s relieved that he doesn’t have to kiss a girl. 

“woah, what calum?” the boys laughs, a bunch of people laughing too. 

“what?” calum shrugs. “it’s not like we have to do anything in there, so…” then he turns and walks up to luke and luke stands up right away, but nervously. calum waves him inside, and everyone rushes in behind them, all the way to the closet. 

“you don’t have to-” luke whispers to calum, only being interrupted. 

“don’t worry about it, luke.” calum whispers back. he opens the closet door and steps aside so luke can go in first. luke looks at the ground awkwardly as he walks in the dark closet, calum following him in. 

as calum pulls the door shut, everyone ‘oohs’, making calum roll his eyes and puts up the finer to them all, then shuts the door fully. he sighs and turns to face luke who plays with his fingers as he stares at the ground. 

“you didn’t have to do that.” luke mumbles as calum turns on the closet light, making it easier for them to see each other. calum smiles sadly at luke as he still seems uncomfortable.

“it’s fine, mate, i wanted to.” calum shrugs. luke furrows his eyebrows and looks up at calum. 

“you realize rumors are gonna spread, right?” luke reminds him, eyebrows still furrowed. 

“i don’t really care.” calum sighs lightly. “you seemed pretty anxious out there, like you really didn’t wanna kiss her and everything.” luke blushes lightly because of how nice that is. most of the popular kids at his school are only nice to other popular kids, so although he saw calum as attractive, he never would’ve thought he’d be so sweet. 

“yeah,” luke bites his lip. he really didn’t want to kiss her and thought this would be better with calum in ere, but now these seven minutes are gonna be really awkward. 

“can i ask something?” calum blurts out, and luke stares at him for a moment. he gulps nervously before nodding lightly at calum. “you don’t like girls, do you?”

luke’s heart races and he freezes. how could he have just found out so easily? he has hope that calum is as nice as he seems to be, but he can’t help but to worry that calum will tell everyone.

“i don’t either,” calum shrugs and bites his lip. calum knows, now especially, that luke is gay, since he got very uneasy when calum asked. he thought he’d tell the poor boy that he’s gay as well, so maybe they could help each other. nobody knew calum was gay, because he’d get so much shit for it. he wants to stay popular, therefore he makes sure everyone thinks he’s straight. 

“wh-what? but - but you always flirt with girls.” luke furrows his eyebrows. 

“do you realize how much shit i’d get if anyone found out?” he laughs lightly. ‘it’s not bad to be gay - everyone just thinks it is.”

“hm,” luke sighs. he can’t believe calum, out of all people, is gay. as calum looks at luke, he can tell that the blonde doesn’t feel like being gay is an okay thing, and he wants to change that… partly also because he thinks luke is pretty cute.

“have you ever kissed a boy?” calum asks. luke bites his lip and looks down, shaking his head nervously. “me neither.” calum nods, telling the truth. he’s always wanted to but he doesn’t want to just kiss any random person. he wants to kiss luke. “do you want to?” he asks in a low, seductive voice that he didn’t even realize he was using, but luke took note of it. 

luke got hard from just calum saying that. calum can tell luke won’t reply, him being too shy, so he takes it upon himself to slowly lean forward while simultaneously bringing both his hands up and placing them on the wall on either side of luke. luke is close to the wall, and waits eagerly for calum’s lips to touch his. when their lips do connect, calum forcefully kisses luke enough for him to be pushed against the wall. 

luke puts his hands on calum’s chest, feeling his muscular form through his shirt. meanwhile, calum presses his body against luke’s, feeling his hard-on against his own, smiling against luke’s lips as he feels it. he puts his hands on luke’s sides, trailing his hands to his lower back and lifting his shirt slightly.

“this okay?” calum mumbles, then kisses luke’s jaw. luke bites his lip and nods after calum removes his lips from his jaw.

“y-yeah,” luke moans quietly. calum chuckles lightly and then backs up so luke can get off the wall, the two boys working together to remove his shirt and toss it to the floor. 

calum cups luke’s face in his hands, pressing their lips together once again. luke is eager for things to move faster, but he also knows that he doesn’t want to do this in a closet. he feels too claustrophobic and weirded out by it. 

calum moves away from luke momentarily and quickly throws his shirt off, rushing to press his body against luke’s again, kissing down the blonde boys neck and sucking on the skin.

luke moans and bites his lip, trying to stay quiet. calum smirks and then moves his hands all over luke’s chest and sides. he trails his hands down luke’s stomach until he reaches his crotch, starting to palm luke through his jeans. 

once again, luke moans, but this time louder than before. he fears that everyone could hear him, but he doesn’t want calum to stop - he loves this. 

wait, no, luke thinks to himself. i can’t let this go on. luke thinks that even though calum is gay, he doesn’t actually like him. luke tells himself that calum just wants to see what kissing a boy feels like since he hasn’t kissed one before, and just wanted to feel pleasure.

“c-cal-” luke is interrupted by his moans. calum stops and takes a deep breath, a worried look on his face.

“sorry,” he breathes out. “you wanna stop?”

“do you even like me?” luke bites his lip. “or do you just want to see what kissing a boy feels like?” 

calum furrows his eyebrows and looks at the, very attractive, blonde boy in front of him. “luke, yeah. i like you.” calum caresses the boys cheek, softly and lightly pressing his lips against luke’s. “i don’t know you too well, but i’ve seen you around in a lot of my classes and you always got my attention.”

luke blushes and looks down at his feet. “i - do you really think that we should do this here? i-i like it, i like you. but people are right outside, and, it feels, like, weird in a closet.” luke’s cheeks go red as he is embarrassed for saying that. what if calum doesn’t wanna do this with him ever again? “s-sorry, actually. you - we don’t have to do-”

“i want to,” calum takes luke’s hands and smiles. “i’ll give you my number and we can hang out.” luke blushes and shyly nods his head. 

“time’s up!” someone shouts, knocking on the door. luke and calum both quickly throw their shirts back on and then unlock the door. “have fun?”

“we talked,” calum mutters, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes as he sits down in the circle of people. luke’s heart beats rapidly as he sits back down next to michael, only being stopped by a teenage boy. 

“right?” he laughs, a few other people laughing loudly as well. “so does talking, with you guys, somehow include taking off your shirts?” 

calum furrows his eyebrows and stands up, walking over to luke and looking at his shirt. luke gulps nervously and looks at calum, feeling awful for doing something wrong in order to give away that they did more than talk. 

“wh-what?” luke manages to say. 

“your shirt’s inside out, luke. nice try, guys.” he laughs. 

i know this was really long - sorry. i always get so into my writing and i write a lot oops. but i hope this wasn’t too shitty. ALSO should i write a part two? i kinda like this idk haha