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Old Speedwagon seen in the storyboards of the possibly Battle Tendency OVA/Movie by Studio A.P.P.P

(the same studio responsible for the lost Phantom Blood movie)


Tracy, 21

“I am wearing a large men’s jacket, a bag from Kenzo x H&M, and Dr Martens shoes. I usually prefer oversized men’s wear that is simple but has interesting details. For my style, I also like the combination of simple garments and fancy accessories.”

May 17, 2017 ∙ Greenwich Village

anonymous asked:

OK what if you & Haribo was fucking right,,,, and you were so wet that like YOU WERE FUCKING GUSHING AND JUST LIKE UGGGHHHHH.. HE'd ask YOU TO CLENCH AROUND HIM BC YOU WERE SO WET THAT HE COULDNT STAY INSIDE YOU!!!

“Fuck’s sake…” Harry growls all low and angry, the intense lust coursing through his veins causing a lapse of rage.

This is the third time in the last minute it’s happened. He’ll be fucking you so bloody good and then just slip right out, slick, dripping cock gliding up the middle of your folds, the swollen purple head prodding the bud of your clit.

Harry grunts in utter frustration, sitting back onto his heels for a hot second. He grabs at the rumpled sheets, wrapping them around his bobbing, throbbing cock and wiping himself off messily, brows furrowed and teeth gritted. “Can’t keep myself in ya, love. Too wet f'me.

He lets go of the damp blanket, cupping himself with his fingers and pressing his thumb just below the tip of his prick, pushing it against your puckered entrance. He tucks himself inside you, leaning forward slowly and letting out a long, broken groan as he sinks deeply into your tight warmth. “There we go, pet. Nice and snug, yeah?”

Harry grips the damp sheets around your body tightly– so tight he can feel his nails bitting into his palms through the fabric– as his hips take up his hard, rough slams again, your bruised thighs clenching around his sweaty waist, knees quaking as he rams you into the mattress.

He props himself up on his forearms, trying to press his lips to yours but he’s going so fast his head won’t stop bobbing, so an other-wise romantic kiss ends up as him smashing his mouth against yours, foreheads knocking and noses smushing against one another. He laughs in between wispy moans, swallowing down your whimpers and feeling them boil in his chest. “S'fine, darling. Tend to get roughed up, anyways.”

You throw your head back against the pillows, toes curling and nails scratching down his hard back, feeling the head of his cock prod at a sweet place inside you that makes your stomach flop and vision vignette. “Fuck, Har, right there!”

Harry can feel his ego inflate, drinking up your cries for release like a tall glass of fine wine. He moves his arm under your back, wrapping it securely so that his huge hand is gripping the opposite side of your torso. He uses this hold to slam you down to meet his thrusts, his prick nudging a spongey place inside your warm cunt that sends spikes of pleasure down his pulsing length. “Right ‘ere, baby? Like Daddy fucking you right here? Feels good, yeah? So fucking good.”

Everything’s building up on top of both of you, Harry chewing on your bottom lip and panting heavily into your mouth as his hair flops into his shining eyes as they laugh delightfully with the foundation of his release. He bites harshly, your lip swelling in his mouth, causing him to smirk into the sloppy kiss. “Y'like, that, don’t you, minx? Like it so rough y'won’t be able t'walk tomorrow.”

And then it happens again.

One second he’s using his knees to piston himself inside you, and the next, his cock is dabbing against your clit, having slicked right out.

Harry doesn’t respond with rage this time, but rather handles it with ease. He simply grips himself firmly and pounds back into you, stretching you out so good that you can’t help the garbled scream that stings your throat.

“Squeeze fo’ me, babe.” His voice is low and raw as he presses both of your chests together, metal cross necklace dangling from around his neck, cold as it bounces against your skin. He dips his head down, taking the metal bit into his mouth and leaning forward over you completely, all in order to eliminate any space between you and thus any chance for him to pop out again. He murmurs his words through gritted teeth.

“Need y'to clench that tight little cunt around me, alright? Need y'to keep me in you. Tha’s it…Atta girl, princess. Taking Daddy so fucking deep and keeping me there, hm?”