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Who Wore it Better: Boots of Haste

wallflowerwaitlist asked: The twins argue a lot over using the Boots of Haste. In Episode 82, Vax said that he is statistically more effective with them. Do we have any statistical evidence on which twin really has been more effective with them in the past, or even hypothetically?

Short Version: It depends heavily on the situation.

Long Version: There are a number of factors to consider here, because some of this depends on how we view ‘effective.’ Let’s break it down by what the boots are able to do.

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-Quiet music playing from building-
SepticSpark: W-Warfstache, wait..
SS: Don’t leave yet.
Warfstache: Hm..? What’s the matter..?
SS: I..
SS: I don’t want to be alone right now..
SS: ….
SS ..Dance with me?
W: ….?
W: Uh..
W: ..Yeah, sure. I don’t have anythink important to get to right now anyways.. Yeah.

// not a current scene in my fanfiction, but maybe something for the future. i was just getting out a cute idea and i colored it so like.. idk enjoy? you can read my progress over here!
anyways ye!! \

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about anti IH shippers who say Orihime is horridly selfish for asking Uryu to take her to the top of the dome during the Lust Arc? I see constant posts about this topic and I'd like to know your points on it.

First off– sorry for taking so long with this reply! I had a lot that I wanted to say, but struggled to find a good starting point (plus work + irl stuff got in the way of me devoting any good stretch of time to this for a while). Thanks for the ask! I hope my response was worth the wait!

I just want to get this out of the way first: Orihime can’t win with the detractors in any conceivable way. She can do no right in their eyes. And I preface this post with that, because let’s examine what might have happened if she didn’t ask to go to the top of the dome:

Orihime would probably be shown worrying about Ichigo’s safety, maybe say something like “I just have to believe that he’ll win” while Ishida just stares at her and thinks “You better not lose, Kurosaki!! She’s waiting for you!” or something, like he usually does. Alternatively, perhaps Orihime asked Uryu to take her up to the dome, and he said “no”. And they just stood there worrying about Ichigo.

Since Ichigo was killed by Ulquiorra in canon, regardless that Orihime + Ishida were there or not (he said “you’re just in time”, meaning he was going to kill Ichigo anyways), it stands to reason that he’d kill Ichigo again. So he does. Ichigo is now dead. Uryu and Orihime sense his reiatsu fade, and this is where it could go one of two ways. (1) They could decide to go up to the dome to try and save Ichigo, thus aligning with canon and nothing really changes, or (2) They could remain where they are and Ulquiorra would come down and kill the both of them, and with Orihime dead, that means Ichigo and Uryu are also both permanently dead (since they’re composed of reishi when they go to HM or SS, and no one else can resurrect the dead).

And then, if option 2 were to come to fruition, Orihime would be predictably slammed, detractors waxing furiously poetic about her ‘idiocy’ and ‘uselessness’. “Why didn’t she go up to the dome earlier? She could’ve saved Ichigo!! God she’s so selfish and stupid and can’t do anything right!! At least she’s dead now so she can’t possibly fuck up anymore!!”

–And I mean, I think that’s a pretty canon-compliant rundown of a hypothetical alternative situation. But the point I was trying to make is that Orihime’s going to be nitpicked and microanalyzed (far beyond the point of constructive criticism, so anyone trying to play off their hatred for Orihime as such can just stop. You’re not fooling anyone.) no matter what she does. With that said, it’s why I don’t personally give any credence to Anti-Orihime that are so blatantly wrong and reaching, much like the argument that’s she’s “horridly selfish”. 

Orihime is a character with a lot of goodness in her, which is refreshing and nice. She’s selfless, is the type to prioritize others’ feelings above her own, she cries for others, is pained by the deaths of enemy and ally alike (especially in the instance of an enemy if she feels their circumstances were specifically heartbreaking or had a complex relation towards them), her kindness is endless, and she retains a genuinely cheerful demeanor despite being thrown headfirst into a world of blood, war, fighting, and combat –of things which she is (initially) neither emotionally nor physically equipped to properly deal with. It’s my personal belief that because she’s such a generally positive and kind presence within the manga (and by stark constrast, because she’s so widely and violently hated within the fanbase) that this is why it becomes such a monumental deal whenever she does something “bad”, whether it’s making a mistake or displaying an emotion that isn’t 100% perfectly selfless or kind.

And I mean this in the sense that there will be Anti-Orihime stans who absolutely take any hint of negativity with Orihime and just run wild with it. This is why you see so many people who cling to her one-time and now-resolved jealousy that was immediately resolved and never brought up again; why you have people insisting to this day that it’s compliant with Orihime’s character to be jealous of women close to Ichigo, despite this being grossly untrue (and disproven in canon). 

I think there’s a huge misconception amongst the Anti-Orihime community, where they sincerely believe that we, as Pro-Orihimes, think that Orihime is ‘perfect’/’without flaw’/’can do no wrong’. This is untrue. But apparently, because Pro-Orihime fans don’t constantly fixate and microanalyze Orihime’s depression, her self-loathing, her faulty reliance on Ichigo (which was as much her fault as it was his), her weakness and lack of resolve prior to the timeskip, we apparently aren’t really truly acknowledging her as a character. God forbid we acknowledge/relate to her flaws, but don’t want to constantly harp on things that have already been resolved, or would rather focus on what a positive presence she is in the story. Apparently, if you don’t constantly nitpick Orihime’s flaws, criticize her choice in clothing (of which she had no control over; she’s a fictional character with no free will of her own), bemoan her love for Ichigo as ‘unhealthy’ and ‘obsessive’, and continue to bring up past flaws of hers that have long since been resolved/addressed, you aren’t a ‘true’ Orihime fan.

–Got a little off-topic, but I’m basically just trying to reiterate my initial point: Orihime will never be able to win when it comes to detractors. They will claw and fight and scream about how awful she is, then in the same breath turn around and accuse well-meaning Orihime fans of not truly appreciating her because we don’t constantly complain about her. It’s not logical, it’s ridiculous. It’s so completely ass-backwards and doesn’t make any sense, but I guess whatever helps people who don’t want to admit that they just hate Orihime sleep at night…

What I also mean to say is that this is why these people will absolutely jump on any potentially negative trait of Orihime’s. Why they will catch it in their sights, blow it completely out of proportion, and then use it as ‘proof’ of how actually ‘horrible’ and ‘terrible’ and ‘awful’ Orihime apparently is, when she isn’t. Orihime will always be a tool detractors bend over backwards to use as either a prop for another ship, as a prop to show how detrimental her relationships are with her friends, as a prop to show how unhealthy her feelings are by comparison to [insert other relationship here], as a prop to show how utterly lacking she is compared to [insert other female character here], or as a universal tool to be shoved with whatever guy that isn’t Ichigo to get her out of the way.

So as a result, any negative traits that are fairly innocuous, or get resolved later on are constantly harped on by the fandom and made out to appear as though they’re permanent, that Orihime hasn’t grown and developed beyond these negative traits, and that they are recurring and constantly present within her character, which is also untrue.

Now, in regards to her requesting that Uryu take her to the top of the dome and whether or not I think it was a ‘horridly selfish’ request? I don’t think it was ‘horridly selfish’ –that’s an extreme accusation, honestly. 

However, do I think it was selfish? To be honest, I’m not sure. 

Part of me wants to say that, yes, it could be validly interpreted as selfish if someone wanted to see it that way. Orihime wanted to do something, anything. She needed to. I don’t think she could handle being on the sidelines while Ichigo fought a dangerous battle yet again, especially since this was a huge recurring theme for her in the arc (her finding her own strength and refusing to be an idle player– a desire which didn’t really find its footing till the Fullbringer Arc), and the battle was much more different and dangerous than any other previous ones. I think she could tell that this fight was different than the others, and she was desperate to help, but couldn’t do it on her own, hence why she implored Uryu for his aid.

There’s a fault in seeing this as solely selfish, though. Because I definitely believe the people who aim to paint Orihime as “selfish” for this request are also aiming to pin the blame for the entirety of the events that happened during the Lust Arc on her. “Well, if Orihime hadn’t asked to go to the dome, Uryu wouldn’t have been stabbed or lost his arm!”, or something like that. But like I suggested with my hypothetical alternate scenarios, there was no way that Ichigo, Orihime, or Uryu would be escaping from Ulquiorra unscathed, or even alive at that point in time. (Also, you can’t blame Orihime for everything; Uryu chose to fight Ulquiorra, Uryu chose to try and stop Ichigo, just as he agreed to take Orihime above the dome despite thinking he shouldn’t. He was as active a participant in the events of The Lust Arc just as Ichigo, Orihime, and Ulquiorra all were.)

I also see Orihime’s request as her trying to take action in a scenario where she’s been robbed of almost all her agency and free will. She was taken prisoner and tricked into thinking she had control of the situation when she didn’t. She was repeatedly physically, emotionally, and verbally abused at the hands of Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Loly, Menoly, Aizen, and Yammy –an experience that was no doubt very triggering for her given her abuse-filled past. Hell, at the beginning of the Arrancar Arc, Orihime is set up with the belief that she isn’t strong, that she cannot be helpful to her friends, and that she has no place in battle because she lacks resolve. Time and again she’s told that she’s powerless, and time and again she’s forced into situations where she quite literally is. Like I said before, from day one, Orihime’s been suddenly cast into a world of war, fighting, blood, death, and vengeance– none of which she’s emotionally or physically equipped to deal with. But she tries anyway. It’s not enough, and it isn’t enough until the Fullbringer Arc rolls around, but she tries anyway. She makes an effort in a situation where everyone else has been screaming at her not to, that she absolutely cannot because “she’s in the way” or “she has no place to” or “her body and soul are tools to be used for someone else’s purpose”. And funnily enough, isn’t Orihime’s supposed “uselessness” and “lack of resolve” what detractors complain about most vehemently?

It might have been selfish, but it wasn’t “horridly” so. To say it was is to blow it way out of proportion and attempt to blame the actions of others on her, rather than, I dunno, have Uryu and Ichigo and Ulquiorra all be held accountable for their own actions. She tried and she failed. She wanted to do something, and it didn’t work, and she was wracked with despair one feels once they realize their inability to help. She was emotionally and physically tormented, but she still tried for her friends in spite of her own pain. Even if it was selfish (despite her literally wanting to risk her own neck for her friend), at least she tried to take control of a situation where everything had been ripped from her grasp. At least she didn’t allow herself to immediately give up and just stand by while Ichigo fought. 

Detractors will argue otherwise, but Orihime persisted that day, and that has been, and will always be where her strength lies; in her persistence and her will to endure for the sake of others. What’s more, Uryu wanted to help Ichigo just as much as she did. He wouldn’t have agreed to go if he didn’t want to. He could’ve said no, but he didn’t. He didn’t have to fight off Ulquiorra while Orihime tried to save Ichigo, but he did. He didn’t have to try and convince a Hollowfied Ichigo to stop, but he did.

So I ask you, can the desire to risk one’s own life to save a friend validly be called "selfish”? Maybe so, but I’d rather Orihime be selfish in that way than flippant and emotionally detached. I’d rather she selfishly throw herself into battles, regardless of her friends’ feelings about her risking her life, than to let them think for even a single second that she didn’t care at all.


Lool some of these fans are still going on and on about how Shithime and Rukia are “good friends”. How Rukia would NEVER hurt Shithime by getting together with Ichigo. WOW! How about Shithime herself? No problem hurting Rukia by getting together with Ichigo, right?

Hey, your Shithime knows of the “more than friends” relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. “To k-kun, k-san is more than just a friend.” She said this in ch164 or whatever - yet she still insisted on kissing him in his sleep, still chose to wear a dress to “make Ichigo happy”. Lmao and you Orgs are saying that she is a “good friend” to Rukia? How? By doing these things?

Rukia brought her to SS to train. Rukia comforted her when Urahara insulted her. Rukia almost died for her, Rukia was crawling on the cold HM floors and calling her retarded name. And she LIED to Rukia about being lonely when the REAL reason was not to be a burden and BE BY ICHIGO’S SIDE. What, you think she lied to Rukia because she couldn’t divulge the real reason that she was in love with Ichigo?

Seriously, why do people think she wants to keep her feelings for Ichigo a secret?? She never tried to keep it a secret. She had her friends gang up on Rukia as early as ch52 to ask if Rukia likes Ichigo. She made it clear that she wanted to save food for Ichigo, she wanted to stay by Ichigo’s side when Ichigo was training at Ganjuu’s to get his spherical ball in shape, she made it clear in front of Ishida that she was worried for Ichigo, she dashed to Ichigo’s side and cried openly after his fight with Byakuya. She was all K-kun this and that in front of Chad and Ishida BEFORE going to SS, WHILE IN SS, POST SS, IN HM, POST HM, invited Ichigo to walk with her to Chad’s house. She yelled after Ichigo at the hospital,”SEE U TOMORROW AT SCHOOOOOL!!!! :((” the fucking list is so fucking long. YOU PEOPLE REALLY THINK SHE IS TRYING TO KEEP HER FEELINGS A SECRET???

One more thing. Disgusting Shithime worshippers only care about his how “flat”, “boyish” and unsuitable for Ichigo Rukia is. All these disgusting fans think about is Ichigo’s sexual gratification. And you wonder why people call your failboat disgusting. Look at what your princess had to do to get some attention.

Rukia’s heart is a thousand times purer and more beautiful than what your Shithime could ever dream to be. I want to know what Ishida actually sees in her, really. Loool must be her boobs. Thanks for telling me how shallow Ishida is, Kubo.

anonymous asked:

Something I've always found funny when comparing the SS and HM arcs is Ichigo's focus. To SS he was completely devoted to save Rukia while the rest had also other personal reasons, most revolving around Ichigo himself. (1/2)

(2/2) And to Hueco Mundo everyone was very intent on saving Orihime. And Ichigo was the one with other personal reasons to go. He wanted to fight Grimmjow right away for hurting Rukia, yet was reluctant to fight Ulquiorra.

Exactly. Ichigo even says “I have no reason to fight you” to Ulquiorra, and honestly Ichigo?

You don’t remember Ulquiorra commanding Yammy to beat Orihime? Calling her trash? Breaking her Tsubaki?

Ichigo even recalled it himself –

Maybe it was a mistake on Kubo’s part, but the feeling is still there – Ichigo had a passion to fight Grimmjow. That just wasn’t there with Ulquiorra.

Even Grimmjow saw it, and knew. He states it over and over again.

Uryu if you ask me – was one of the people most intent on saving Orihime, he broke a bond/deal with his dad to go after her, there was no question or doubt – he stated it NUMEROUS times. He wanted to save Orihime.

That’s why the moment he sees her, he is calculating what to say to her, how to express how happy he is she’s alright – he’s mentally fumbling around with his words – and we never saw that with Ichigo > Orihime.

Into The Wild

A mix for the love struck wild boy and the farmer that is unsure how to feel about confessing to falling for a guy she met in the jungle.

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on Inoue Orihime

Someone sent me an ask about her and although this might be repetitive if you’ve read some of my other posts, I just wanted to post my thoughts on Inoue a bit more.  Especially in light of getting an ‘origo’ response on my Bleach 625 post.  They said they didn’t want to get into shipping wars but they certainly didn’t sound like it and defending Inoue’s recent actions like that, seems like an Origo to me?

Anyway the ask basically commented on dislike for Inoue and her character especially in how she focuses on Ichigo and has left her best friend, Tatsuki, on the wayside.  And funnily enough they said they felt like they were the only one to dislike Inoue but no. They are not alone in that feeling as I have seen many people dislike and like her for many various reasons, but this is just my take:

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