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Ichiji: Stop asking me about my hair! AND WHATS SO BAD ABOUT TOMATOES!?( shares the same voice with Sasuke Uchiha. TomatoHair. Tomatoes are Sasukes FavoriteFood.~ x,D )

Why should i tell you my secrets? Hah?~

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Mystic Messenger: Intruder in the window

Characters: MC/Saeran

Rating: General

Word count: 1 564

Tropes: bound, stuck

Comment: this was way longer than expected haaaah. I wanted to write more but ended up being too flustered, so I kept it a bit shorter.

MC leaned back in her chair. 

The apartment was silent and she had nothing to do but the same things over and over again. It got tedious really fast. She watched the ceiling and listened to the raindrops hitting the window.
But then her ears picked up another sound. Curious, she got off her spot and slowly approached the window. 

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ok i was in the middle of doing a request when suddenly i fucking hated my art style so i’m tryna tweak it

idk i’m kinda liking it and.. i drew legs so that’s a plus

it’s kinda shitty since i gave the glasses -34983 consideration but w/e

also i hate backgrounds

Oswald x Reader: You’re One Drunk Penguin

A/N: Oswald accidentally gets too drunk and you have to take him home.

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You were in bed reading your favorite book again. You had read it way too many times but you had no other good books to read. As you were almost done with the chapter, your phone on your nightstand started ringing. You picked it up without any hesitation, thinking that it’s some salesperson and you wanted to shoo them off before going to bed. “Hello?” You said. “Hey, (Y/N).” You heard a familiar voice on the other end. 

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(Translation) Love Tranquilizer AH

Love Tranquilizer ~キミだけが知っている~AH (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

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T/N: Probably the most difficult CD I’ve ever translated yet… There are so many new words that I’m not familiar with and I had to take LOTS of liberties lmao.. So, you know, if you find mistakes, it’s just me screwing up and please drop a message to correct me. Thanks!

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