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Keep it Hush Hush

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Pairing: Jaime X Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: None

Tyrion plays a little game of “Make up people’s lives”, and for you, the classic Assassin Bard. However the game goes a little awry when Jaime notices you acting suspicious, and someone ends up dead in the morning.  

“That bard is an assassin.” Tyrion slurred, his cup wavering as he pointed at you relaxed on your perch, eyes closed enjoying your own sweet melody stringing from your finely crafted lute.

Jaime turned to the band and scoffed. “Is she now?”

“Oh yes! You can see it in her shoes, in her hands,” he wiggled his fingers for emphasis. “She’s got the eyes of a killer.”

The gala had been incredibly boring all afternoon, most people too afraid to be the first ones to leave as a show of political prowess. Jaime should have been doing the rounds, guarding his King, but what could his King be doing other than burying his face in some moxie woman’s bosom while he and his sister fume at the nerve. At the very least, Tyrion was the only person worth talking to and rightly entertaining about it, designing secret lives for everyone. And no doubt of course the sweet bard with a gentle smile was an assassin all along.

“In her shoes hm?”

Tyrion glared at the curled up toes of your brightly colored poulains, his slumped shoulders doing very little to stop him from tipping. “I don’t like those kind of shoes. They’re weird and…suspicious. Only the emptiest of hearts would wear shoes like that and not be ashamed.”

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Romantic tension: Jimin

woah, okay, this one got a little out of control! It borderlined smut… sorry?

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[Song they’re dancing to]

After all the recordings you had seen of Park Jimin on stage, you had expected him to carry the same confidence and charisma into the practice room. Perhaps he might have if the choreography hadn’t been so… sensual? You had danced in that way for so long, that been asked to grind up on someone in front of a 50,000+ audience was no big deal. For Jimin, however, it was not. In fact, just doing it in front of the mirror with no on but the choreographer, Manuel, seemed to make him quite flustered.

“No, no, no!” Manuel cried. He stopped the music and immediately Jimin threw himself away from you. Doing your best to suppress offense at the gesture, you wandered off to get your water bottle. “Jimin, you’re so stiff! What’s wrong with you today?” Manual continued to berate him for a solid two minutes. Jimin was turning red not out of exertion but from embarrassment. You did your best to spare him by stretching and pretending not to listen. “You have to want her, make love to her on the dance floor–What? Is (y/n) not good looking enough for you? Do you find her undesirable? Where’s your passion?!” That was a little too far. “Hey, Manuel,” you began, “it’s fine. This is all a little new–” “New? New!” He let out a shrill laugh, “we have two weeks before performance!” Throwing up your hands in exasperation, you looked at Jimin for help. “I’m sorry, I just think maybe I need to take a break.” “A break,” Manuel scoffed, “you’re barely sweating. Fine, if you want a break, take it. I’ll be back in two hours.” The mirrors shook as he slammed the door behind him.

It was quiet. Finally, Jimin spoke, apologising awkwardly, “I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m really, really sorry.” You offered a small smile with a slight shake of the head, “well, I can’t say that it’s fine. You’re being frustrating.” Jimin ducked his head. You continued, “but right now I think I’d prefer to hear why you’re having so much trouble. Be honest. We’re partners and I can’t help if you don’t tell me.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Jimin mumbled, “I’m worried you won’t like me being that close to you. I’m also afraid… uh, that it’ll get out of control?” “You mean pop a boner,” you said bluntly. Wordlessly he nodded. “Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened to me,” you shrugged. “If you do, I won’t judge. It means you’re feeling the passion we’re supposed to be showing. It’s not just acting it. You’re supposed to feel it.” Then, you quickly added, “this dance isn’t about love, it’s lust. That’s easy enough, right?” Contrasting with your previous statements, you smiled shyly, “I’d like to think that we’re both pretty attractive people. Just go with it, alright?”

The beginning was fine, as usual. You both broke out in a sweat, muscles working hard in isolation. Then, as you turned to him, ready to continue, you caught sight of his body stuttering to a halt. Stopping, you walked over to the stereo to pause the music. “So, it’s the physical contact that makes you uncomfortable.”


“Okay, we’ll take it slow.” You hummed thoughtfully, “let’s start from the ‘keep it down, down baby can you keep it up all night’ part, yeah?” Exhaling shakily, Jimin shrugged, “sure.”

He got into position behind you, arm snaking around your waist. Heaving a sigh, you made eye contact with your partner in the mirror. “Jimin.” He was looking at his shoes, “hm?” 

“Is this how you would grind on someone in the club?”


 “Get closer.” When he didn’t move immediately, you reached around and physically pulled him to you. Then, an idea surfaced. Maybe if you made him want this, he would do a better job. Swallowing a wicked grin, you arched against him. To your satisfaction, you heard his breath catch in his throat. “Count,” you commanded. His voice came out low and hoarse, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight; one, two, three…” Jimin repeated it over and over. You’re hand moved from your side to the back of his head, fingers tangling in his hair to tug his face closer. He choked on his own words, eyes wide as you twisted your head around from the mirror to stare at Jimin from over your shoulder. His eyes flicked down to your lips, which were curved in a lascivious grin.

His hot breath skimmed over your ear, neck, and mouth. Your stomach did a little flip. Suddenly, the game wasn’t fun anymore. Clearing your throat, you released him, “you can let me go, now. We’ll do it with music this time.” As you fiddled with the ipod that was plugged into the speakers you called, “do you think you’ll be more comfortable this time?”  Jimin self consciously tugged his t-shirt lower, “I don’t know if comfortable is the word I’d use.” Chuckling, you selected the song and made your way back over to Jimin.

You all over my skin, I’m anxious. Paint my body, boy, I’ll be your canvas. You both robotically stopped and started, him guiding your limbs into their moves. This time, you could feel his fingers pressing into your hip, almost squeezing too hard. Dropping down in front of him, dragging fingers across his chest as you wriggled between his legs, only to have him pull you up and begin the individual moves.

“Yes! Yes!” Manuel was standing in the doorway, cheering with both fists in the air. “I hope you guys are using protection–oh, my gosh, even the mirrors are steaming up!” Both red and sweaty from physical exertion, you and Jimin exchanged looks. “I don’t think we’re going to have a problem with our performance,” Jimin stated steadily. Your water bottle suddenly became intensely interesting as his words sent shivers up your spine.

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Versions Jin, Taehyung

ok i was in the middle of doing a request when suddenly i fucking hated my art style so i’m tryna tweak it

idk i’m kinda liking it and.. i drew legs so that’s a plus

it’s kinda shitty since i gave the glasses -34983 consideration but w/e

also i hate backgrounds

Revenge on Ethan

Markiplier, Ethan, Tyler


I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! Such stale titles… God I suck at titles. BUT anywho, Buddy and I are workin real hard on these fics and we’ve got a lot to do so be patient with me and her. 


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"I wish you would write a fic where..." Hux is so thirsty for Kylo and so extra about it.

Ren has always been a fan of wearing layers, and he’s the kind of guy who will suffer through the summer heat with a jacket on at the very least. But in the winter, especially during this cold snap, he’s thankful he’s got piles of layers to wear – the car takes forever to warm up, and he’d promised to get up early on a Saturday to take Phasma to the airport for a 7 am flight. The sun is barely up by the time he returns home and tries to undress as quietly as he can so he doesn’t wake Hux, still asleep in the same position he left him. Or so he thinks.


“Hey, sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t,” Hux whispers, stretching with a comfortable hum. There’s something odd shining in his eyes, even as he blinks the sleep away. “Well. Mostly.” He reaches out for Ren, who’s shimmying out of his sweatshirt. “I woke up because I was dreaming about you, though…”

“Oh yeah?” Ren says. Part of him feels indulgent, like he’s letting a child tell him about an imaginary friend in vivid detail. His head is too far out of the bedroom, having driven for almost two hours already in the freezing cold, having already had his coffee and talked with Phasma for a long time and gotten gas, already thought about what else needs to get done that day. It feels like three in the afternoon, even though morning has barely begun. But another part of him is entranced, loving the idea that Hux is so soft and needy when he’s gone.

“Yeah,” Hux insists, reaching further, finding the hem of Ren’s shirt and pulling him with all his strength. Ren lets himself be reeled in, falls back into bed, using the toe of one shoe to pry off the other. “I was dreaming about you kissing me while I was asleep.”

“You didn’t dream that,” Ren answers, kicking off the other shoe so he can climb further into bed without Hux snapping back to his normal anal self and shouting at him for getting the dirt of the outdoors in their sheets. “I did kiss you while you were asleep, before I left to get Phasma.”

“No,” Hux insists. “Not like a goodbye kiss.”


“More like this,” Hux says, and he winds his way around Ren like a snake, searching through all those layers that kept him warm, making Ren suddenly, dramatically regret wearing them all. What good were they now, now that he was back in his warm apartment and his warm bed, up against his nice warm lover whose pale hands were exploring, pulling at buttons and zippers and sleeves. Hux’s lips are on Ren’s neck, soft at first, leaving just the lightest little circle of heat against the cold skin, but then harder, right on the pulse point the way Ren has always liked.

“Like this,” Ren repeats mindlessly, loving how he’s settling into the feeling, the list of things he was going to do today – clean out the fridge, pay the electric bill, look for something for Hux for his birthday – slipping away as sure as if it were a physical list that he’s dropped. “Yeah, like this–” He’s cut off as Hux raises his head, meeting his mouth, his hands still roaming and pulling, every minute raising Ren’s arousal until –

“Jesus, Ren, is that mud on the floor?”


“Your shoes! You wore them all the way in here like that?”

Ren takes Hux’s chin in his hand and steers his horrified gaze away from the shoes sitting in a little pool of dirty water. Not mud, really. “I’ll clean it up,” Ren promises. “Later. Don’t get distracted.”

For a moment it seems like Hux has gotten pulled too far out of the moment to return, but then he closes his eyes and nods. “Then get undressed and give me something else to focus on.”

Grinning, Ren pulls away the layers that Hux has loosened, happy to oblige.

Good Girls Get Gifts - Pt. 3

Daddy! Kim Taehyung x Chubby! Reader

Rating: M

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Dom/Sub Themes, Punishment, Spanking, Explicit Sex, Blowjob, Fingering, Oral, Body Image Issues, Comfort

Word Count: 2,275

A/N: Part 3 is finally here! We’re so sorry to have kept all you lovelies waiting but you know how busy life can get. But it’s here and we hope you guys enjoy it! Love you guys! -SugaSweet ❤

Part 1 - Part 2

By the time you both were leaving the restaurant, you could hardly keep your hands off each other. You had just one glass too many at dinner so you were feeling warm, fuzzy, confident, and above all, horny. Taehyung entertained your ravenous behavior, verbally teasing you, telling you all that he was gonna do to you once you two got home. The drive home was agonizing for you both since all you wanted to do was palm Taehyung through his pants and as much as he would have loved that, he had to swat you away so he could keep as much of his focus on driving as possible. 

It seemed like forever until Taehyung parked and you two were practically inseparable, stumbling through the halls as you groped and kissed each other. Taehyung quickly unlocked his apartment door and you slammed it shut behind you as you dropped your purse by the door. You were quick to start stripping Taehyung of his jacket while he kicked off his shoes. 

“Y/N…” He whispered as you bent down to take off your own shoes.

“Hm?” You cooed, looking up at him.

“Take care of daddy while you’re down there, will ya baby girl?” He bit his lip, staring through you with lustful eyes. You happily oblige, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. You let them fall to the floor and Taehyung flings them off to the side.

You get down on both knees as you look up at Taehyung with big innocent eyes. You knew he loved seeing you look so innocent while your mouth was around his dick. “Ah my baby girl always looks so innocent and sexy when she’s going to please daddy.” Taehyung said as you started pulling his boxers down. He kicked off his boxers to the side where his pants were, his semi-hard dick coming closer to your face. You could feel yourself getting wetter just by the sight of it.

You gripped his length with one hand while the other grabbed his thigh. You slowly ran your hand over his length, adding more pressure the closer you got to the tip. Taehyung hissed as your thumb rubbed his pre-cum around his tip. “Come on baby girl. Show daddy what your pretty mouth can do.” Right as he finished speaking, you licked his cock from base to tip, finally taking it in your mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. Taehyung’s hands made their way to your hair as you continued, pulling your hair into a makeshift ponytail. “Stop teasing already, princess.” Taehyung moaned out as your tongue pushed down gently on his slit. You hummed in response and slowly took more of him into your mouth. You picked up the pace, bobbing your head faster as you hollowed your cheeks and took him until he tapped the back of your throat. Taehyung groaned at the touch, pushing your head gently, seeing if you could take any more of him. You obliged, fighting off your gag reflex.

You dug your nails into his thigh as he continued to push himself deeper. “Ah, at this rate I’m going to cum.” Taehyung growled. You looked up to find him already staring at you working his cock feverishly. As you stared back into his eyes, you decided to swallow around his dick making him throw his head back and hiss. A string of obscenities flowed from his mouth as you felt him tense up. Seeing him come undone under your touch made your own sex quiver.

You swallowed again, harder this time, causing him to glare down at you. “Do that again princess and I’m going to cum.” He warned. You batted your eyelashes innocently at him, knowing damn well that teasing him now will get you punished later. You swallowed gently, drawing it out much longer. “Daddy doesn’t tolerate teasing. Is my little brat looking for a punishment tonight?” You chuckled around him, the vibrations making his breath hitch. With that, you sped up your movements, taking him in a deeply as you could and jerking the rest of him with you hand. You swallowed a few times and in no time he was a stuttering mess. “I-I’m…” He whimpered before his warm cum shot down you throat. You swallowed every drop and locked eyes with him as you pulled away and licked your lips. You smirked at him and his lustful glare both terrified and excited you.

“Oh, now you’ve done it baby.” He growled. “Get your ass to the bedroom and strip. You better be naked and on your hands and knees before I get in there.”

Even though you liked to tease and be a brat, you knew this deep, husky tone of voice and it was not one you wanted to challenge. “Yes, Daddy.” You replied as you quickly made your way to your shared bedroom. You quickly rid yourself of your date night attire and tossed it haphazardly toward the laundry bin before crawling up onto the bed and positioning yourself just as Taehyung had instructed. You waited for him to appear in the doorway and the seconds felt like hours as you grew needy and wet. Finally, you called out. “I’m ready Daddy! 

Taehyung stood at the doorway naked after throwing off his shirt in the hall. His eyes filled with desire as he saw your juices flowing down your full thighs. “Fuck baby girl you’re so wet. Daddy can’t wait to taste you.” Taehyung said as he made his way over to the bed, positioning himself behind you. “But first, you need to be punished for that teasing earlier.” Before you could reply, a solid slap made contact with your rear, making you shriek. “10 slaps. If you can do that, I’ll reward you. Think you can do that kitten?” Taehyung whispered and he loving soothed the skin where he had just struck. 

“Mm hm.” You hummed in agreement. With that, Taehyung gave you another spanking, which stung worse than the last. He rubbed the sore flesh softly after each strike to soothe it to some degree. After five strikes, he shifted to your other cheek. The first strike to your other cheek made you whine as tears started to well up in your eyes.

“Should daddy stop?” Taehyung asked, rubbing the fresh red mark. You shook your head in protest.

“I want my reward for being a good girl.” You turned your head and smiled sweetly at him.

“That’s my girl.” He said and delivered another slap, this one slightly lighter since you were being so good for him. “You know what I love about spanking you princess?” Another smack. “Your behind is so soft and plush. You take it so well.” The ninth slap had a great amount of sting to it and you could feel your skin burning under his hand. “That’s nine baby. If you can take one more, you get your gift. You ready?” You nodded as you prepared for one last strike, your skin already screaming for relief. To your surprise, all you recieved was a light tap followed by Taehyung’s arms wrapped around your midsection as he placed kisses in the middle of your back. “Such a good girl for me.” He whispered as he nudged you to flip over onto your back.

You obliged and smiled as he made his way to settle between your legs, playfully kneading your chubby thighs as he did so. Once settled, he ran his fingers up and down your slit, collecting your juices to slick his fingers. You breathed at the touch, wanting more. “Is this all for me?” You nodded. Taehyung smirked as he pressed one of his long digits into you. You grinded into his touch, becoming eager for me. So eager that you hadn’t noticed you moaned out for more. “Well, you have been a good girl so I’ll give you what you want.” Taehyung plunged another finger into you and started rhythmically move his fingers in and out of you.

Your back arched at the sensation, letting out soft and joyful moans as he worked his magic. With his free hand, Taehyung grabbed your ass and squeezed it firmly as he peppered kisses along your jawline, making his way to your neck where he lightly sucked just hard enough to leave small pink marks. Trailing down to your chest, he took your nipple in his mouth, working it with a combination of kissing, sucking, nibbling, and flicking. As your moans got louder and more frequent, he moved his mouth to your other bud while his hand from your behind came up to continue playing with the nipple he had just mouthed and knead your full breast.  As your orgasm grew closer, you gyrated to match the furious rhythm that Taehyung was pumping his fingers into you. Without warning, he removed his mouth from your chest, gaining a whine of protest from you. “Oh don’t worry baby girl. This mouth has more in store.” With that, he dove his head between your legs, lapping at your clit while his hands continued to relentlessly pound and curl inside you. You grinded into his face, chasing for release. “Ride my face baby. Come for me.” He commanded. You felt the knot in your stomach snap as a wave of pleasure washed over you. You wrapped your legs around his head and rode out your high. After you had settled down, you released him from your grasp.

“I’m sorry, I got really into it. You probably couldn’t breathe.” You apologized. Taehyung smirked as he licked your cum from his lips. “That’s okay. It was fucking hot.” As you stared up through half lidded eyes, Taehyung pulled you up to sit on his lap. He began to pepper small kisses all over your face and neck. He pulled away and smirked when you groaned at the loss. “Come here baby girl and ride daddy.” You hesitate moving, thinking about how you might hurt him. Taehyung noticed this and grabbed you by the waist as he picked you up and aligned his dick at your entrance. Before you could react, his dick was already stretching your walls. You let out a loud moan even though there was a slight sting to the stretch. Taehyung groaned at the feeling of your tight pussy surrounding his hard cock. Taehyung kissed you slowly before you broke away to look at him innocently as you lifted up to slide back down. You placed your hands around Taehyung’s neck, allowing you to play with his hair. You slide back down slowly, earning a long, drawn out moan from Taehyung. “Please kitten. No more teasing.” 

“I’m sorry. It’s just so much fun.” You giggle and placed you hands on his chest and start to ride him at a decent speed. At one point during your bouncing, you hear Taehyung grunt and you froze immediately.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He questioned.

“No, I…I’m alright. Maybe we should try a different position though.” You quickly tried to lift yourself off and swing your leg over but Taehyung gripped you tightly by the hips to keep you in place.

“Baby don’t do that.”

“Do what? I just want to try another position.” You grunted. “I don’t want to…squish you.” 

Taehyung laughed. “You aren’t squishing me. You heaved on my chest really hard on that last bounce. That’s why I grunted. Besides,” Taehyung hugged you and pulled you down onto his chest. “If you squish me, then I die happy.” You both laugh. “I told you at the restaurant, I don’t care about your weight. All these curves, I love them on you.” He ran his hand up and down your sides, pinching the flesh playfully. “Your chubby cheeks, soft breasts, cute belly, plump thighs, great ass, I love all of it because it all makes up the lady I love. It makes you a great cuddler. And…” He grabbed your hips and guided you up and back down on his cock again. “I like to play with all of it when we fuck. Now are we gonna have fun or are you gonna keep worrying?”

Taehyung’s smile could make you melt. You kissed him sweetly before resuming your bouncing. Taehyung sat up to suck on your breast, making whimpers of pleasure pour from you mouth. He grabbed you by the hips as he began thrusting himself up to match your bounces, hitting you spot over and over. You could feel yourself reaching another orgasm. Taehyung himself was getting close, his thrusts becoming faster and more erratic. You matched his new rhythm as you moaned out, “I’m close…”

“Good. Come for daddy.” He ordered. You bounced until your orgasm ravaged your senses, causing your muscles to tense up. Luckily Taehyung continued his assault with his thrusts as he chased his orgasm, coming right after.

You lift yourself off Taehyung and lay beside him, his arms wrapping around you. Once you both descend from you post-orgasm high, you decide to wash off quickly and head to bed. 

In the morning Taehyung woke you up earlier than usual, saying you had to get ready. 

“Ready for what?” You questioned.

“Well you were a good girl yesterday and good girls get gifts. So we’re going shopping to get you new clothes like I promised.” Taehyung pecked you on the cheek. “But first, breakfast. So get up and ready, there’s a new cafe a few blocks away I want to try.” At times you thought Taehyung treated you better than a queen and you didn’t mind getting so much attention from a king.

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Is there any kind of equipment you would recommend investing in before getting into weightlifting? Like a weightlifting belt, good workout shoes, etc?

hm as a beginner i dont think you really need to invest in anything at the start.. but yes once you get seriously into it and start training at heavy weights.. weightlifting belt, flat shoes (for deadlifts/squats), straps (for deadlifts), wristwraps (for heavy presses), knee sleeves (for squats), squat shoes (if your getting real heavy), etc 
as a beginner though, you shouldnt rely on these.. when your working out your focus should be on form and technique and once you have those down you can use some of these tools in your heaviest working set

Mystic Messenger: Intruder in the window

Characters: MC/Saeran

Rating: General

Word count: 1 564

Tropes: bound, stuck

Comment: this was way longer than expected haaaah. I wanted to write more but ended up being too flustered, so I kept it a bit shorter.

MC leaned back in her chair. 

The apartment was silent and she had nothing to do but the same things over and over again. It got tedious really fast. She watched the ceiling and listened to the raindrops hitting the window.
But then her ears picked up another sound. Curious, she got off her spot and slowly approached the window. 

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(Translation) Love Tranquilizer AH

Love Tranquilizer ~キミだけが知っている~AH (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: Probably the most difficult CD I’ve ever translated yet… There are so many new words that I’m not familiar with and I had to take LOTS of liberties lmao.. So, you know, if you find mistakes, it’s just me screwing up and please drop a message to correct me. Thanks!

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