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x Sana stearing out into nothing 🙁
x Has there ever been anyone more fake than Sara??
x Sana aggressivly typing (so relatable!)
x “De banka meg ikke” (as in you dont feel they beat you/won or as in they didnt beat/hit you at all Isak??!! I need to know!)
x Sana going all revenge on Sara! (Dont do it! You’ll regret it later. Also please do - drama!)
x Sana going over to Isaks and Evens apartment!!!
x Hm? School tomorrow? Isnt this a “innklemt dag”?

Edit: ×Jamilla finally proven a prescious bean

illustriya  asked:

Hi, a request for you: the chocobros & their s/o are in high school and they just became a couple! So they meet up and walk to school together the next day, and are holding hands and enjoying conversation until they get close to the school entrance. One of them (or both – your choice!) suddenly gets nervous about presenting themselves as a couple and they discuss it – any mini-scenarios about what that conversation would be, ultimately resulting in them strutting in hand-in-hand? Thanks! :D

Here you go! Hope this turned out okay!


As soon as Ignis dropped the two of you off in front of the school, you were a wreck. What would people think, seeing you linking hands with the Crown Prince? You checked your uniform to make sure not a single thing was out of place, fixed your hair, and adjusted the strap on your book bag. Noctis took notice and nudged you with his shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

You smiled weakly at him. “Just nervous, I guess,” you replied as more students started arriving on campus, shooting you a combination of fleeting glances and curious looks. Not many people ever really had the opportunity to speak to the prince, and to see you standing so close to him definitely drew some attention.

Noctis noticed the lingering eyes. “Oh.”

You nodded. “Yeah. Oh.”

Suddenly, you let out a surprised yelp as Noctis’ lips descended upon yours, kissing you firmly in front of several pairs of prying eyes.

When he pulled away, you stood there, stunned. He lazily took your hand in his, a hint of a smile ghosting across his features and led you into the school.


Prompto was almost giddy when you caught up with him that morning. When you approached, he closed the gap between the two of you, an arm snaking around your waist. He kissed you on the cheek and took your bag from your arm.

“Mornin’, beautiful,” he beamed, and it made you blush.

You chatted idly while making your way to campus. You were a year younger than Prompto, and he was your first real boyfriend. Your friends had told you that there were rumours floating around the school that you were only going out with Prompto to get closer with the prince, but you knew in your heart that you only had eyes for the lanky blonde holding your hand.

“Let me walk you to class,” he offered once the school came into view.

You were quiet for a second, lost in thought. Prompto picked up on it and gave your hand a squeeze.

“I know what people have been saying,” he said. “I don’t want you to stress out about it.”

You nodded. “Thanks, Prompto.”

He shrugged casually. “You’re way out of Noct’s league anyway. And mine too, really. Come on,” he tugged on your hand. “I wanna show you off.”


“Hey, babe, wait up!” You heard Gladio shout to you from down the street as you were walking to school. You turned and waved at him as he jogged towards you.

“Hey,” you greeted him with a peck on the lips. He tried to lean in to deepen it, but you pulled back. “You do realize that we’re in public?” You chastised, half-heartedly.

Gladio shrugged. “Yeah. So?”

You swatted his arm away. “People don’t know that we’re dating yet. I would like to keep the PDA to a minimum. For now,” you added, when you saw the dejected look on his face.

The two of you walked to the school in relative silence, with him offering to hold your books for you. You handed them over with a blush blooming across your face. You couldn’t help but notice though that he still looked a little glum.

“Hey,” you turned to him once you were on school property.


Deciding to throw caution to the wind, you reached up on your tip toes and kissed him deeply, allowing your hands to briefly tangle in his hair. When you pulled away, you had to laugh. It wasn’t often that you left Gladiolus Amicitia speechless, but he sure as hell looked flustered.

“What happened to no PDA?” he grinned, as you took his hand and interlaced your fingers.

You shrugged. “Changed my mind.”


Ignis knocked on your front door, ready to pick you up in time for class. You greeted him with a kiss and got into his car, and he drove the two of you to the academy.

You reached over to hold his hand over the console. “Have you told people about us yet, Ignis?”

His eyes were focused on the road, but he shook his head. “No, not yet. I’m unsure how to go about it, if I’m being honest. As much as our relationship means the world to me, I’m also not one for showmanship or grand public gestures when it comes to my private life.”

You nodded, giving his hand a squeeze. “You’re not embarrassed of me, are you?”

His eyes darted to you momentarily before focusing back on the road. “Of course not, my love. If anything, I should be asking you that very question.”

He parked the car in the school lot and you both got out.

“Hey,” you said, coming to stand beside him. “Small steps, yeah?”

You took his hand in yours. He smiled down at you with a nod. “Small steps.”

KHR reference in ēlDLIVE (part2)

(part 1)(part 3)(part 4)(part 5)

I was so busy last month that I didn’t watch the series but now that I got time I finally can catch up with the episodes!

However, while watching ep03 peacefully without any reservation for anything to pop out, I noticed something…

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Unmotivated Talent

Originally posted by aoexdaily

A/N: I gotta say my experience on writing hackers limits itself on watching Mr Robot and Who Am I and a very lacking research on what type of hackers exist, so please tell me if you’re satisfied with this. Also, this has the potential of being a series, so tell me if that’s something you want, too.

Title: Unmotivated Talent
Summary: A simple hack at the True Cross Academy results in you meeting the Principal, Johann Faust V, and he offers you something that you can only agree to. He allows you to get away from your abusive home but at what cost?
Section: Part One
Pairing: Mephisto Pheles x Female Reader
Words: 514

All your life your mother had either told or shown you that you were weird. Though, in her case being weird meant using your brain cells instead of drinking them away to get laid by the next best fuckboy.

It was no wonder that you two had close to nothing in common.

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ST6 - Prom

Genre: FLUFF

Words: 1,564

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Originally posted by jiminiminii

Ever since you were young, you have thought of what it would feel like to go and attend a prom. Well, your school doesn’t have this event which was really disappointing because you’re gonna miss half of your highschool life.

Jimin, your best friend, is calling you on the phone around 10pm. It surprised you because he never really calls, he’s more into texting and chatting.

“Hello?” You said as if you were asking him. 

“Y/n! How are you?” 

“I’m fine. You sound happy huh.” 

“Well yeah, ahm, I just want your help.” 


“You see, I just want your opinion about this suit my mother gave me for prom.”

You got a bit excited when you heard the word prom.

“Prom? Woah good for you.” A bit of bitterness on your voice. 

“Hm why?” 

“Our school doesn’t even know what prom is.” You joked

“What?” He chuckled.

You guys met because of your parents and ever since, you guys have been the best of friends. You both studied in the same school back in elementary but they moved to another city not too far from you. Leaving you in that school. You visit each other every weekend and still communicate through social media. It was surprising that both of you are still close.

You both agreed to meet so you can see what he’s going to wear. You met up at the cafe near his house.

“Jimin!" you greeted him as you sat on the table where Jimin was.

It’s been so long since the last time we saw each other.”

“Stop being dramatic, we met last weekend.” you both laughed.

After drinking some coffee, you went to his house. You greeted his mother as you entered the house.

Good afternoon Mrs. Park”

“Y/n! I’m glad you’re here. Jimin won’t stop asking me if his suit looks okay.” Her mom said as she eyed her son.

Jimin is really conscious about his looks. He’s cleaner and more organized in things than you are. You remembered him scolding you because your room was a total mess.

You and Jimin then went to his room. You weren’t even surprised how clean his room is. He then took his suit out from his closet.

What do you think?” 

You chuckled at him. Not because of his suit but because of him. 

Why are you-” You cut him off.

You’re like a girl.” You both laughed.

The suit is simple but you know that it would look really good on Jimin.

No worries though, it will look good on you.”

“You think so? I mean, I like how simple it is but I don’t know…”

You noticed something suspicious. 

Hm, I think I know why you’re conscious on what you’re going to wear…” You said.


“Do you have a prom date?” Jimin’s cheeks became red.

No… I don’t have one…”

“Don’t lie to me Jimin.” You lightly hit his arm.

I seriously don’t have one.” 

You still wanted to tease him but you were convinced that he really didn’t have a prom date. Knowing your friend, you’re sure there’s someone he wants to ask but too shy to do it or that someone already has a date.

You can be my prom date…” He shyly said making the both of you blush.

Oh, ahm, are you allowed to take someone not from your school?” You were suddenly shy.

I can take you there as a guest… I mean, last night you’ve kind of told me that your school won’t be holding a prom… So maybe, I thought I can bring you with me.” 

Some part of you felt down when you heard him say he’ll take you as a guest instead. Though you accepted his offer to be his guest.

You keep looking at yourself on the mirror. You chose a plain black long sleeved cocktail dress that rest just below your knees. You curled your hair and had your makeup done by your mother. 

Y/n! Jimin is already here!” Your mom said from downstairs.

You felt nervous and excited, is my dress okay I mean will he like it or, you now know what Jimin felt when he asked you about the suit he’ll wear. You then went downstairs and saw Jimin sitting on the couch talking to your mother.

Oh there’s Y/n.” Your mom said with a big smile as she felt happy and emotional to see you.

When you saw Jimin, your breath got caught in your chest, he was beyond stunning.

I’ll take a picture of you two.” Your mom said and you gave her your phone.

Jimin wrapped his arm around your waist. You could feel yourself blushing as both of you smile to the camera of your phone.

This is your first prom date.” Your mother said happily.

No mom… I’m h-his guest tonight…” You said as you pointed out that you weren’t his date.

It’s the same honey, now go and enjoy okay?”

You then went to his car. He then started driving.

You look gorgeous Y/n.” He smiled.

“Thanks… You look handsome tonight.”

“Don’t I always?” You chuckled at him.

 You were sitting at a table reserved for guests. Some of your girl classmates were at the prom too and were also seated at the same table, they were all asked by their boyfriends to be their prom date.

Even though we’re just sitting here, I really feel happy.” One of you classmates said.

How did your boyfriend ask you Y/n?” 

You didn’t know what to answer, you were sure he wasn’t your boyfriend. He was like you can be my prom date and got shy after and then said he’ll bring you as a guest.

I don’t have a boyfriend… My best friend brought me here as a guest. Since you know, our school sucks.”

“I agree with you about our school.” You all laughed.

Just then a slow song started. Boys from the other tables started to stand up and ask their girlfriends or maybe their crush to dance with them. A part of you cringed but then all of your classmates were there dancing, and you were left alone at the table.

Jimin, on the other hand, really wanted to ask you to dance with him. But he’s a small mochi. He’s too shy to ask you. His friends were even encouraging him.

Jimin, go and ask her to dance with you. You won’t want to miss the chance bro.” Taehyung encouraging his friend.

Just when Jimin already had the confidence, the song already ended. He was disappointed. Not only did he want you to experience it like the other girls, but he also wanted him to be your first dance.

The prom ended and you really had fun, especially the foods that were served. You and Jimin talked about the prom.

Did you enjoy tonight?”

“Of course! The food, the lights, the tables, everything.” Jimin chuckled as he found you cute when you answered.

When you reached your house, you thanked Jimin.

Jimin, thank you. You don’t know how happy I am.”

“No problem…”

“I’ll go now. Bye!” But Jimin took your wrist.


He then brought out his phone and started to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

J-Jimin, what-”

“May I dance with the prettiest girl this night?” He put out his hand.

You put your hand to his. He then put his hands on your waist and you put yours on his shoulders. You both start dancing. You were so tensed. You were dancing at your front yard, with the streetlights helping you both see each other. You looked at your feet instead at Jimin’s face because you were scared you’ll step on his feet.

Y/n don’t look at your feet.” He then lifted your chin making you face him.

Jimin, I’m… shy.” You said as your eyes looked at somewhere else avoiding eye contact.

Y’n, please look at me.” Your eyes then slowly looked at his eyes. 

He then brought you closer to him, wrapping his arms around your lower back and you wrapped your hands onto his nape. You started to feel comfortable.

I never wanted to bring you at prom just as a guest you know…” He quietly said to me.

You do?” 

“If there is one girl I would like to ask to be my prom date, that would be you. Only you.”

His confession made you blush and both of you shyly smiled. You then placed your head onto his shoulder.

I wanted to ask you to dance with me at the prom, but I couldn’t stand up and go to you.” You chuckled at him as he again confessed. He was too cute.

You guys just stayed in that position, your head on his shoulder with your hands wrapped at his nape and his arms at your lower back. You then heard a camera click. Both of you were startled and saw your mom.

Aw honey, you guys look so romantic here.” Your mom said as she looked at the picture she took.

Mom…” You shyly said.

I’ll wait for you inside honey.”

You then looked at Jimin.

I’ll go now Jimin. Thanks again for tonight, I really enjoyed.” You then pecked his cheeks.

Bye!” You waved at him as you walk inside your house.

B-bye…” Jimin said, his cheek burning hot because of your peck.

A/n: HELLLOOOOOOO!!!! I wrote this story inspired by our school that doesn’t have prom haha. I hope you’ll like this oneshot :)  (i did not proofread this, so if there are errors i apologize c: )

MONSTA X Bodyguard I.M 'In Your Eyes'

Anonymous asked: drabble extension with I.M for the bodyguard au ? (I love this au so so much)

Anonymous asked: i didnt want to request this in fear of you getting tired of writing bodyguard! expansions, but if you wouldn’t mind could i request an expansion for bodyguard!changkyun from Monsta X? :)

A/N: You guys are too cute. I’m glad you’re enjoying the bodyguard au so much. I hope you like this as well. ^^ 

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

It had been a long day and you could barely walk a straight line down the hall to your hotel room. The conference was going well but you hadn’t made as much headway as you’d hoped. On autopilot you reached to slide the keycard in the door, but your bodyguard plucked it from your hand. Surprised you looked over your shoulder to see him with his finger to his lips.

Gesturing for you to back away you watched as he traced his fingers along the doorframe. They seemed to catch at three different points. Satisfied he nodded and unlocked the door, entering first.

Changkyun had been your guard for half a year now. Although you were used to his eccentricities you had yet to learn all his tricks. Tossing your attaché down you sank into the couch and rested your head on the back. “What were you looking for just now?”

He was making his way around the room, looking for anything out of place. It was his habit to search a newly entered area like a dog checking out a new environment. “Tape. I placed transparent tape in three spots on the door. It’s an old trick to see if anyone has come and gone while you’re away. Most people only put one so if it’s discovered it can be easily replaced. That’s why I use three.”

“Hm. Seems pretty old school. I thought you liked your high tech gadgets.”

“Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Especially if enemies are expecting the new ways. Plus it’s good to change it up. I think everything is how we left it.”

This wasn’t surprising news. Changkyun tended to be thorough in his efforts to guard you, whether it was necessary or not. It’d been a while since you felt any sort of danger, but maybe that was because he was so damn good at what he did. Sure he was odd sometimes, but he had a knack for thinking ahead of the game. You suspected he’d been raised playing a lot of chess.

Perhaps you’d ask him tonight. Usually you shared dinner as you got ready for the next day. It gave you time to talk and you found him charming. Not in a smooth, debonair way though. He was pretty much a goofball when he wasn’t focused on his job, but it was the contrast that drew you in.

One minute he’d be running through every possible scenario of attack and adapting his plan as necessary. Once he was sure things were secure he’d relax enough to let his mind roam. Tonight he put a plate of decorative bubbled glass up to his eye to view the world. It was that carefree curiosity that made you burn with questions of your own. How did it even occur to him to look at the world that way? And more importantly, what did he see when he did?

But what intrigued you most was how he could be perfectly composed until a simple question flustered him. Ask his opinion on an outfit and he’d turn into a stammering mess. You never did it intentionally, but when it happened it was adorable. No stranger to picking up on clues yourself you began to wonder if he had a crush on you. Maybe more? And what qualities did he see in you that fascinated him?

You hoped your suspicions were right because you’d developed quite the crush of your own. With a fanciful smile you reached for your case intent on getting your papers ready for tomorrow. Something felt a little off, loose papers? Why were there—you pulled them out and your heart froze. Amidst your files were photographs of you. Cut up and marked with obscenities. Red marker drew a grotesque smile on your face to match the one drawn below on your neck. Intimidation tactics at their most juvenile. Problem was, it was still effective. 

A sound of alarm must have escaped because Changkyun was by your side instantly. Gently he took the pages out of your hand and looked them over. His expression became grim.

“Did you leave your case alone at all today?”

Shakily you nodded. “A few times when I went to the bathroom.”

“When was the last time you looked inside?”

“Around seven or so?”

“That’s too close to us leaving for here. We’re not staying.” With smooth, efficient movements he started packing your belongings. “Who the hell could get clearance into a conference if your security personnel can’t even get in?”

“There were a few people I didn’t know.”

Making a noise of frustration he stopped to look at you, more determined than you’d ever seen him. Seeing how rattled you were he came over and placed his hands on your shoulders. Gently he used his thumbs to stroke along your neck in an effort to calm you. That probably wasn't standard bodyguard tactics but you weren’t complaining.

Looking deep in your eyes he tried his best to reassure you. “It’ll be ok. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I promise. Now c’mon, we’ve got to get moving.” ​