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So dan says he planted the seeds of moving in our heads? What other seeds are they planting?

hm! it really makes ya think! i wonder what other theories dan and phil are secretly perpetrating!

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So what happens if you apply hot n cold cream to the sensitive touch plant?

hm…well, I’m inclined to think nothing. It gives a numbing or cold sensation, but I don’t think it works as a full on inhibitor. The plant might feel weirdly cold or something?? I mean I looked it up and tracked down the journal article that originally did the anesthetic thing to it (they also did venus fly traps, and it had the same effect! super cool) and it looks like they only tested ketamine, lidocaine, diethyl ether, and amlodipine. the working agents in cold and hot creams vary, but are usually different fats and oils that create that sensation?? idk i might be cool to test

How to Charm a Witch Who Hates You ( AO3 / )

You will need 1) a destroyed racing broom, 2) a concussion, and 3) several metric tons of hippogriff manure.

A byproduct of @yatorihell‘s HP x Noragami AU, with inspiration from @paperypiper‘s beautiful artwork

Chapter 3: The Incident With the Hippogriff

“This is Hiyori!” Yato says, smiling broadly and waving her forward.

“I know,” Kiun responds. Then no one says anything.

The pause continues.

And continues.

“She’s, ah, going to help me,” Yato begins uncomfortably, when suddenly Hiyori herself shoves past him. She declares:

“I’m here as a concerned citizen, because I’m afraid Yato isn’t capable of providing the highest quality care for such a rare and magnificent creature as a hippogriff.”

Hiyori folds her hands neatly behind her back, and even though Yato can’t see her face, he’s sure it’s arranged in a winning smile.

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Shark Week [Roman Reigns]


Can I request one where Roman finds out that his girlfriend is on her period, and her cramps are worse than most people’s, and he ends up taking care of her and it’s really fluffy. <3

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You woke up, feeling that oh-so-familiar feeling of pain twinge in your lower abdomen and rake at the bottom of your back, causing muscles to ache and your insides to bite with heat. It was the usual cramps, nothing you couldn’t handle, so you just decided to shrug off the pain and get on with your day as usual.

You’d moved around, cleaning up the house. You’d grown up in a feminist strong household, and sometimes felt as if you were wrong for doing the normal housework that women were stereotyped to do, but your man was at the gym all morning and he deserved to come back and relax in a nice, clean home. It was the least you could do. 

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