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Me, before playing Harvest Moon SoS Trio of Towns: Yay I’m going to romance all the cute guys and girls in the game and get all the events and have pretty babies and a lovely family hihihi so exciting!!

Me, after playing: nOBoDY TOLd ME SoYBEaNS tOOK A FULL SeASoN TO GROW

Paul Lahote // little too much

request: reader isn’t a drinker but jared gets on her nerves so she has a few and paul finds her drunk witht he pack
pairing: paul x female reader
warnings: fluffy (bit swearing)
word count: 924
a/n: i’ve never really been drunk or seen someone drunk so hope it is portrayed alright? hope you like it anyways. i’m not that happy with this one tbh.

“Just one drink, (y/n).” Jared grinned, holding out a glass of liquor to the girl. (y/n) had never had a drink before, having skipped the party phase when she was in high school. The pack was never forceful on her when they’d have drinks, but they did ask every now and then.

“One drink is never just one drink, Jared.” she raised an eyebrow with a smirk.

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So dan says he planted the seeds of moving in our heads? What other seeds are they planting?

hm! it really makes ya think! i wonder what other theories dan and phil are secretly perpetrating!

How to Charm a Witch Who Hates You ( AO3 / )

You will need 1) a destroyed racing broom, 2) a concussion, and 3) several metric tons of hippogriff manure.

A byproduct of @yatorihell‘s HP x Noragami AU, with inspiration from @paperypiper‘s beautiful artwork

Chapter 3: The Incident With the Hippogriff

“This is Hiyori!” Yato says, smiling broadly and waving her forward.

“I know,” Kiun responds. Then no one says anything.

The pause continues.

And continues.

“She’s, ah, going to help me,” Yato begins uncomfortably, when suddenly Hiyori herself shoves past him. She declares:

“I’m here as a concerned citizen, because I’m afraid Yato isn’t capable of providing the highest quality care for such a rare and magnificent creature as a hippogriff.”

Hiyori folds her hands neatly behind her back, and even though Yato can’t see her face, he’s sure it’s arranged in a winning smile.

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I refuse to believe anybody will read ALL of this but if you do uh tell me. am curious :0

So, Polli, yeah, okay.

Uh I’ll just get the beginning out of the way because ew.
Don’t ask about the turning from human to cat thing, that’s just there and it’s normal uhhh.

Polli herself born in a flower field, middle of the day, hence her name, as a little homo kitten, and her brother was born in an ally-way at night.

(Something funny, their colors, are actually opposites. No really, check it out. It was an accident I didn’t notice till a few weeks ago PBPFPTPFT)

Basically though, their dad was controlling and angery, and their mom rather neglecting.

bAsiCaLLy tHeN one day daddio vanished and they go lookin but o no mum gets hit by a car maybe or smthin. Rippo.

Polli takes her little brother, (She was about 6 at the time and her brother 4 mind you, but this is fantasy land so I threw away logic okay. Shush.) and does her best for a few weeks to take care of her brother and keep them entertained. Of course this was draining and such, so, not hap Pollo :<
A few months pass and she gives in, seeing neither of them are healthy or happy, nor safe. She brings her brother to a foster home and they take him in, while she runs off.

She’s some 6 year old in a city, everyone negative towards each other, and pretty much depressed, which rubs off on her.
Yadda yadda, stories about her learning street smarts or something, you get the point.

After getting sick of the city, seeing as how dangerous and full of creeps, killers, and just over all dangerous people, she leaves back to where she was born as lil’ wee catto :00

She’s 7, tired, and independent. She’s pessimistic, untrustworthy, and doesn’t trust anyone but herself… Hah~ She wishes… She’s too tired…
Over coming any doubt or sadness and pushing it away, she’d hunt for stuff and thieve from stores back in the city. Taking a personal liking to knives or daggers, because they’re quick, quiet, and more… Painful~…
She grew some sort of joy out of pain, both towards herself and to others… Was this a cat thing?? Ughn… No it was just her… She thinks anyway…

So on and so on. (I personally like to draw it that when characters are sad, their eyes go grey, or dull in some way. So uh, she’s been like that for years, hair never been poof. Sad sad… IS THIS PINKIE PI-)
Time where she gets her ear nearly cut off by some dangerous people, couldn’t tell if they were a gang, or druggies or… Whatever!

One day, just wandering around the forest, kicking up dirt and carving into trees, she hears some growling. “…Shit-”

She bolts off as a catto, :00 hardly focusing on where she was going, and more on just running away, and ends up falling into a ditch. She escapes, and just does some advetneuturein’ to find a place that isn’t too steep to claw her way out of. When she runs into some strange glowy plantus. (Yum gotta love acid plants… Hm… Are those a real thing… Imma look it up later…)

She finds that they contain a type of acid, some of the plants destroying themselves ironically, boy hasn’t evolution done it’s job here huh…

Mostly the Yellow ones being wilted or rare, while Cyan the most common.
Being some sort of pain-craz - (IM JUST A SUCKER FOR PAIIIN- sorry) She decides that if she could use it right…

After a few weeks she is able to find tiny glass containers that seem to be, almost, completely resistant to it. She fills it up, and whoopdie doo there it is yayfayy 

(I focus more on her character than I do her backstory okay. It’s not important to her really, you’ll see why.)

She’s about 8 now. Nothing’s really changed apart from her finding some sort of abandoned tree-house, a cellar door under it, going down to a freezing concrete room, though she never went down there. It was nice… Really nice! … Though it smelt of varies drugs… Oh well, that’ll clear out soon enough… Probably.
It wasn’t perfect, so she cleaned it up a bit, and made it look nice… Haha~ Almost like she felt… Accomplished after… Such a lot time… Ah whatever…
Though she had to admit, after the work paying off and giving her a sense of doing something helpful, and just enjoying the forest or… L-Little garden she started… She felt a bit more relaxed now and than… Ugh, whatever… (Polli god you sound like a hormonal teenager it’s GROSS.)

But she still never spoke with anyone, and when she did, it wasn’t nice… She still feared for some suddenly threat everyday and night, nearly freezing in the winter, and staring at the dark ceiling when trying to to sleep. It was always just pitch black… Or was she just imagining thing? Maybe…

… How was her brother doing? Where did her dad ever go off too? He probably left them though, that’s what was most likely… He never liked the two rats as he called her and her brother. She could never do good enough and was just a burden for everyone, but who was everyone? She couldn’t even prove him or anyone wrong, she was alone! … Where’s her brother???

She traveled off back to the orphanage but… It was… Shut down? Oh god what happened?? But that thought she had was quickly distracted when someone shoved her aside. “Gh- watch where you’re-” She stopped and looked at the boy who just walked past… ??????????? (man i wonder who it is… JOHN CE- SORRY IM NOT REALLY INTO THIS UHGN IM TRYING)

She ran up to him. He looked bored and impatient, some rich and spoiled kid obviously… “B-Bluie?” “… Pollen- Er… I don’t know anyone by that name…” He continued walking as if he didn’t see her. Polli’s heart sank a little, and she caught him again. “Y-You’re-… What happened?!?”

Reluctantly, he explained that he was adopted by a rather wealthy family, and then said he didn’t want to really be caught talking with some homeless 10 year old… Though he did admit and mumble he was glad she was alright, and walked off.

Polli had mostly assumed that he might have ended up never being adopted, or could even end up… Well… Yeah…

She continues to live alone, and her brother won’t talk to her. She still wants to just hurt people, more often than not, people she’s not very fond of… Aha~ She remembers all the times they immediately become helpless and weak, after she had a knife to their skin. It’s… Rather amusing… It made her feel like she had some sort of power in the world, if only she could get more reactions from them, and it would last longer, where nobody could hear them… Oh… Ahaha~ Maybeeee…

(I’m trying to keep it as more of a backstory and not just a story and writing but AHH It’s hard for me)
Blood covered her hands. Jesus… It felt… Good but… Horrid. It was so funny and entertaining at first, but when they starting crying about their family and how they’ve worked so long for them… It felt… Disgusting… She gulped, and changed her clothes… She needed a bit… She’d clean the cellar later…

She went to a river and washed off in it-

(Now this part isn’t completely decided yet, because this intertwines with OTHER people’s OC’s, so I can’t say specifically the story, but she meets Ashen first. She’d pretty quiet, but still all… SHOOK. He’s actually really nice to her and they eventually start talking and hanging out. She ends up becoming obsessed, then needy, and doesn’t want to admit it, but clingy. Time goes by, and she continues finding hobbies, (they’re all girly and GAY), talking with him, and hurts people less and less, until she finally stops.)

(One day they’re talking, and Polli ends up smiling and laughing really hard, her eyes light up bright yellow and her hair springs up, being close enough that it lightly brushed Ashen, but he spazzes and falls over from it.)

(Yay happy times, but a day comes when people pick on his or something, or make him feel not good, and Polli flips out and does a stab on that person. Uh. She gives out and becomes a marshmallow, and PETRIFIED of being alone again. They continue as friends, and start meeting the others of the group.)

Polli goes from some edngy, depressed, cold, torture-obsessed, pessimist, to a bubbly, soft and sensitive, protective and loving, loli :0

Her brother is still salty about her, Polli then believes everyone is good and yes, and wants to make people happy. Uh. She’s all innocent and admits to being sensitive and nurturing or smthin.

But she still has grown a fear of the dark and the fear of abandonment or being alone, or of hurting good people. And she never got rid of that urge and entertainment she received from torture of those she disliked. And she decided that people she hated, would be people that were hurting others, and could hurt her friends and loved ones.

B O I   Y O  U     T   H   O   U   G   H   T

she’s kind of a faker and hides a lot, but it makes her happy, and most of what she lets off is true. She just hides her past and accepts that it happened, and that it’s gone, and so, she forgets it~

WhiteRose: That Night Alone In The Forest

Rating: M (mature) *yes it is mature, much more than kissing*

They got lost. She knew that she shouldn’t have trusted Ruby with the map to where Blake and Yang wanted to meet them. They were all the way…well she didn’t quite know where they were. All she did know was that they were in a large dark forest, all alone. Weiss paced back and forth trying to figure out a way to get back to the school. Ruby was over at the nearest bush sniffing the flowers with no care in the world. If they couldn’t make it back before night…this place was crawling with grim. What were they supposed to do? And on top of that…she would be alone with Ruby…all night. Weiss shook her head, focus! Damn, the sun was about to set, what to do..

“Hey Weiss?” She hear Ruby’s voice getting louder and louder. 

“Yes what is it Ruby?” Weiss answered annoyed, it was all the little red’s fault! If she just had the map maybe they wouldn’t have gotten lost! Urg.. She saw Ruby hand her something, they were leaves from a nearby plant. 

“I read about these in Professor Peaches class, he said they were edible and good for preserving energy.” Hm…Weiss eyed the plant suspiciously. Was she supposed to believe something that Ruby learned in a class where she frequently got failing grades? Well…there was that one time. Ruby…proved her wrong and…uh! No just thinking about that kiss made her blush way too much. Ruby was now inches away, and Weiss felt her body heat little by little. “I thought since we may not make it back in time for dinner, we could eat these!” The girl was so energetic and didn’t show a hint of fear in the slightest as she plopped one of the leaves in her mouth. Ruby coughed and on instinct Weiss put her hands on the girl’s face checking to see if she choked. “I-I’m okay. It’s just, they may not taste very well.” Ruby laughed awkwardly before sitting underneath a tree. Weiss didn’t waste time in checking the leaves before eating them herself, oh they were sour and disgusting! She almost threw up, but quickly swallowed before she had the chance to. Weiss sat down next to Ruby underneath the tree, leaning her back against the trunk. 

They sat in silence for a while, and all Weiss could do was replay that kiss in her head. The warmth, the way…the way Ruby was so dominant. She felt her cheeks warm, her whole body warm, what was happening to her? It had surely been a hour since they had the leaves, and now it was pretty dark out. Guess they wouldn’t be getting back….and now there was no one to stop them… GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER WEISS! She yelled at herself, still not stopping the perverted thoughts from coming to her. 

“Weiss.” Ruby’s voice said coming from…somewhere. She couldn’t quite see because of the darkness. 

“Y-yes-” Before he could say her name, Ruby pounced on her. She felt the warmth on her mouth again, Weiss couldn’t help herself this time. She started it all, she took off her own shirt before going for Ruby’s. Their tongues battled for control, and Ruby won!  She was so…made her feel so…aroused. Weiss felt Ruby’s hand cup her small breast before parting from the kiss and moving her lips down to Weiss’s nipples. The sensation made her tremble with excitement. Ruby sucked her nipples more and more, making her wetter and wetter. Weiss couldn’t control her desires anymore. She grabbed Ruby’s face and kissed her one more time before placing the girl’s face right in her crotch. 

“Weiss.” Ruby breathed, the warm breath making Weiss shiver. Ruby pulled back her underwear carefully, before diving in. Weiss felt her tongue go all different places, places that shouldn’t be explored…but felt…so fucking good. Ruby licked and licked, making Weiss feel incredible. Weiss placed her hands behind Ruby’s head pushing her deeper under her skirt. The little red sucked on her cliterous before pushing a finger deep into her. Weiss moaned and squealed as Ruby made another finger fit into her. Ruby thrust harder and harder, making Weiss moan and squeal, she felt as though she was going to explode. This was her first time….Ah! She felt Ruby push and suck harder, Weiss couldn’t take it any more. She felt her body shake and she moaned as Ruby slowed down and took her fingers out. What Weiss saw made her blush from embarrassment, Ruby spread her fingers revealing white stuff all over them. “You definitely orgasmed all right, now my turn.” And Weiss knew what she meant, as she started at Ruby’s collarbone and worked her way down. The darkness making it less embarrassing. 


She felt someone moving on her shoulder, Weiss opened her eyes to the bright sunshine of morning and looked to her right to see Ruby leaning against her shoulder asleep. What happened? She didn’t remember anything from the night before, what happened? She wondered because…they both were…completely naked! And, she felt a little bit…different down there now. All she could recall was eating the leaves before going to sleep, or so she thought was what happened. Leaves…. She gasped and looked around them for the ones they ate, when she found it she looked at it in horror. Ruby was so wrong….it didn’t preserve energy, that was a different plant. This one…made your desires go into overdrive. Geez, she looked at Ruby, who was still asleep. Weiss knew she probably wouldn’t remember anything when she woke up either. But…who knows, she didn’t really mind…what might of happened. Weiss kissed Ruby’s head and smiled gently. 

“Silly girl.”

Requested by: @rextimina

Shark Week [Roman Reigns]


Can I request one where Roman finds out that his girlfriend is on her period, and her cramps are worse than most people’s, and he ends up taking care of her and it’s really fluffy. <3

Originally posted by spearrings

You woke up, feeling that oh-so-familiar feeling of pain twinge in your lower abdomen and rake at the bottom of your back, causing muscles to ache and your insides to bite with heat. It was the usual cramps, nothing you couldn’t handle, so you just decided to shrug off the pain and get on with your day as usual.

You’d moved around, cleaning up the house. You’d grown up in a feminist strong household, and sometimes felt as if you were wrong for doing the normal housework that women were stereotyped to do, but your man was at the gym all morning and he deserved to come back and relax in a nice, clean home. It was the least you could do. 

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Daffodil for my cute little Ray of sunshine ☀️

My, that’s a cute name. I haven’t heard that one before. You’re so sweet.~

Hm…a plant I want, but I can’t have…oh! There’s an endangered species of plant that I would like to get my hands on, if only to help it flourish again. Aerides japonicum. A species of orchid. They have aerial roots, which is quite interesting to see!

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yeah thats … a wild difference in time passage jeez idk if i could get used to that in sdv!

another thing in hm is that you cant walk thru your crops so you gotta like do some formatting work to waste the least amount of seeds when planting bc one packet of seeds plants a 3x3 block but in sdv you can just walk thru your plants. it takes up so much less space and seems like less of a headache