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Opinion about the show Shadow Hunters

Overall I like the show very much. The stories are always entertaining and new. Apart from the cringworthy dialogues from time to time.

To the characters and pairings.

Hm I love Magnus & Alec (and I’m so glad that it’s a official couple) mehehe my opinion. Magnus is such a cinnamon roll and I couldn’t even get angry with him when he was an ass. Alec is the perfect opponent. Calm and a little to strict at the beginning.

I like Simon a lot. He is loyal & caring. At first I loved the Clary & Simon paring until she ruined it.
But to be honest I love Maia & Simon so much more. Clary is toxic.

Maia is so cool. Her character is really well written and she is on one hand emotional bit also strong and independent.

Hell I dislike Clary. She’s extremely annoying. Like wtf. I read somewhere that her book Chara is even more annoying. So would I even hate or more in the books?¿¡! A little mary sue that even when she screw things up doesn’t apologies. Ex. That Simon had to be thankful she picked Jace as her true love. Because in her mind she safed them. Why didn’t she try and kiss Simon first? It’s the same with the Gordon, Lee and Valerie incident.

About Jace I’m not so sure. He is sometimes annoying sometimes fine. I don’t like the Jace x Clary Pairing or dialogues. But it doesn’t truly matter.

Also Luke I’m not so fond of. Mostly when he always took side of Clary in the beginning. Now I find him better as a true leader of the werewolves.

Or Jocelyn Clary’s mother. I hate it when people don’t tell important things and the main reason is mostly that the said person couldn’t handle the informations. Well Harry Potter is greeting (Dumbeldore even apologied to him about his lack of trust in the strength of HP).

Valentin well Valentin. He is a good villain that I like to see to be bunched in the face or elsewhere. No truly. He is a well written character. Good that Jocelyn left him.

Jonathan ha. The actors is superb. As much I would have loved to see him switch sides how things went is better.

Oh and almost forgot the elve Queen. Her obsession with Simon is strange. I wonder what she wants from him.

Looking forward to see more in season 3.

I will see if I read the books.

just-another-mutant-fangirl  asked:

Well, I've been daydreaming this idea where Lewis takes Arthur and Vivi to meet the Peppers family, and to break it to them that he's actually dating both of them. Of course there's a bit of anxiety, some tension, but the Pepper parents are loving and supporting of Lew-Lew. This leads to a celebratory and incredibly spicy feast that Arthur does not cope well with. While Vivi and the three pepper daughters get into a contest to see how much/how spicy food they can eat, Arthur (part 2 coming)

Arthur hides in the bathroom and tries to flush all the spice out of his mouth with water which turns out to be a terrible idea so eventually he just buries his mouth underwater and waits for the pain to subside. Lewis gets concerned and brings him a glass of milk, and then I had this kind of pervy idea that Lewis tries to help him cope with spicy food with sloppy makeouts with remnant spice flavour, but that’s just me. Eh? EH? Am I selling this headcanon or what?

(That is too flippin’ cute and I love it to pieces. I hope I did your idea justice. Also I deeply apologize for the delay on this :( My computer decided to be a jerk and get the blue screen of death while typing it up.)

It was hard to imagine that Lewis’ parents wouldn’t approve. Arthur and Vivi found it almost hilarious at how panicked Lewis was getting. “Geez Lew, and here I thought overthinking things was Arthur’s thing, not yours,” Vivi remarked with a chuckle, watching her ghostly boyfriend pace back and forth.

“I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so nervous. It’s just…”

Arthur and Vivi shared a look. “Come on, man,” Arthur chimed in. “I’m the one that should be worried. It’s me they have to approve of.” They had already approved of Vivi way back when she and Lewis first started dating. And he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little scared. Lewis was just the one showing it. “Besides, your parents are like the nicest people in the world. If my uncle can accept it then I seriously doubt your parents’ll have any problems.”

“Arthur, your uncle threatened me.”

The mechanic grinned nervously. Lance could be a little overprotective, especially after learning Lewis had tried to kill his nephew. It was all water under the bridge now. “That’s just how he is. Besides, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.”

Lewis heaved a sigh and rubbed his temples, even if he couldn’t physically get a headache anymore. A habit he never managed to break even in death (usually it was reserved for Vivi). It was the sound of the front door opening that made all three of them snap their heads up. “Better brace yourself, Lew!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey~. I wanted to propose an idea. Remember the head cannons I mentioned earlier about birthdays? Well guess who's turn it is? That's right. Once Lewis rejoins the group, his birthday comes around and Arthur wants to do something special. He plans an awesome party for the Bara, being careful about things that might upset him, leaving out the cake for example. He then tells Lreis that Vivi planned it, so as to make it more special. He gets caught later of course, since Vivi won't lie to Lewis.

Hm.  Really cute idea, but I think it’s probably likelier to be Vivi who plans a B-Day party for Lewis.

Arthur is more hesitant about because “he’s a GHOST, Viv.  What if that upsets him?  It’s not like he’s able to get any older now that he’s…” *gulp* “…dead.”

But Vivi is having none of that; it’s still Lewis and it’s been a whole YEAR since he’s died.  He missed his b-day party last year, so they need to make up for lost time and throw him a SUPER GREAT ONE.  And so she gets to work organizing it, with Mystery’s enthusiastic aid and Arthur’s hesitant help (because he’s still not sure how Lewis will take it but he wants to help if it’ll make him happy), and they do EVERYTHING from setting up streamers to decorating the van and Vivi’s apartment.  They each get him GIFTS: Arthur gives him a homemade radio transceiver that won’t pop and crackle in response to his ghostliness, and Mystery gives him a bag of his favorite dog treats (t-thanks, Mystery… how thoughtful…).

Vivi gives him a leather jacket and a beautiful chain for his locket, though she completely forgot it didn’t have a loop and just kinda floated there in front of his chest and thus didn’t need a chain at all.

Lewis begins to cry, and Arthur slaps his hands to his head in an “oh no we blew it” pose; Mystery asks Lewis what’s wrong (did he do something wrong?  He’d seen human birthdays before; didn’t they enjoy giving and receiving gifts?); Vivi is surprised and starts to apologize.  “Oh, oh gosh, Lewis I’m sorry!  I-is this too much for you?  Arthur warned me it might be too much, oh gosh I’m so sorry–”

Lewis abruptly pulls her into a tight embrace and tucks his head into her hair.

“Thank you… thank you so much, I…” …and he can’t even put a coherent thought together, but he slowly lets go of the hug and holds Vivi’s shoulders to look at her, happy tears still in his eyes.  He looks up at Arthur, and since this is still fairly soon after he’s rejoined the gang, things are still awkward.  But they share a look of acknowledgement, and it’s clear that they both kinda want to hug it out but it’s still too awkward to do so.  So they give each other a kind of a sad but genuine smile.

Mystery pads up, utterly confused.  “Lewis, was the party all right?  Have we done something wrong?  Did I do something wrong?”  Genuine confusion is in his voice, not necessarily apologetic but certainly concerned.  He doesn’t quit understand all these human rituals and celebrations; it’s entirely possible he misinterpreted something.  Lewis laughs and reaches down to scratch Mystery’s head.

“No.  You all did everything right.  So… so incredibly right.  Thank you.”

Vivi’s voice erupts from behind: “…and don’t forget about the CAKE!”

Arthur’s eyes go wide; she got him a freakin’ CAKE?!  HE’S A FREAKIN’ GHOST, NIX ON THE CAKE, NIX NIX NIX, his hands wave wildly and go to his throat to give a slicing gesture across his neck.  NIX.  Lewis doesn’t see this; he’s now turned ‘round to see the admittedly rather large cake, adorned with various shades of magenta and with little sugar peppers on every slice.  Vivi hoists it proudly, though it’s much too large for her small frame.

As it turns out, Vivi has done her research–Lewis is, indeed, able to eat the cake, much to Arthur’s confusion.  Mystery doesn’t even think about it and digs right in to his slice.  Lewis is overwhelmed and begins to laugh heartily.  It’s delicious.

“H-hey, Viv.  How come he’s able to eat it?”  Arthur whispers to Vivi off to the side, hoping Lewis can’t hear.  Vivi flashes a grin at him.

“Tell me, Art.  What day is it today?”

Arthur blinks. “It’s Lewis’ birthday.  November 2.”  This was obvious.

“Exactly,” she whispers excitedly back at him.  “It’s the last day of Día de los Muertos.  The dead get to enjoy offerings.”


Arthur was rather terrified right now. Normally it was during cases that he managed to get himself captured, and found himself tied up by the one who was truly behind their cases. That wasn’t anything new, and he could usually keep calm during those times.

This night though, it was different. He hadn’t been on a case with Vivi, no no, but instead he had been home in his own bed. He was awoken by a stranger putting their hands on him, his entire world going dark again within seconds.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself tied up once again, his arms and legs bound tightly together, and tape put over his mouth. He wasn’t sure who was behind this or what was going on, but all he knew what that he was afraid. He was honestly afraid of what would happen.

He watched while trembling as the door slowly opened.