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As a pro-lifer, I don’t much like the Zootopia comic (you know the one). However, as an artist, I’m a strong believer of the old rule:

If you don’t like the original, make your own version.

So, here are my pro-life headcanons for Zootopia, kinda following the premise the comic presented. (I really should not be wasting my time like this but here goes.)

Judy finds out she’s pregnant…

  • Nick is excited to be a father. (Can I just, omigosh, imagine him wagging his tail XD)
  • Judy doesn’t want the baby, she’s scared. There may be problems that could arise from this.
  • They talk like fricking reasonable people, both listening to and considering what the other says. It’s a heavy subject and all sure, but after everything they’ve been through this is most certainly not gonna tear them apart.
  • (Btw Nick isn’t pro-life because he’s Catholic or Christian or whatever? If anything I would imagine him to be agnostic or even atheist. (Coming from a Christian girl that would like some positive/non-cringey Christian representation.) With as difficult as his life has been I don’t imagine he’d believe so easily that Anyone Up There was looking out for him.)
  • Ultimately there are more questions that answers.
  • What if Judy’s body can’t handle it? What if their children are, for lack of better terms, freaks, and their lives are difficult? What about her career?
  • They agree to do some research and contemplate more before making any final decisions. They’re in this together.

  • They look up whatever they can about interbreeding. There’s plenty of info for other animals, but a rabbit and a fox? Not too common tbhhh.
  • They talk to a very select few about it.
  • Finnick has seen plenty of interbreeding, but not exactly the same case as this. Cats and dogs, elephants and hippos, even wolves and sheep, but they’re not quite the same as their case.
  • While Fru Fru is happy to offer advice about pregnancy and parenting, she doesn’t know anything specifically about interbreeding. Regardless, she and her fam are happy to help in anyway they can if the need arises.
  • Word accidentally leaks to…
  • Gideon??
  • Who apparently?? Has half-rabbit siblings??? Nick and Judy wonder why they didn’t know about this???????
  • Well where did you think all that unchecked rage and aggression came from lol. Turns out Gideon didn’t take his parents’ divorce all too well when he was a kid, especially when one of  them remarried a bunny.
  • (What, cheesy? Too convenient? Baseless? Idk, I personally like it, even apart from this pro-life story.)
  • He happily tells them what he knows
  • After all this, Nick and Judy converse some more in private.
  • With questions answered and a loving, supporting partner to help her, Judy doesn’t feel so scared anymore. Her choice is made,
  • They keep it/them.
  • Nick asks her if she’s absolutely sure.
  • “Hm, am I sure? Yes, yes I am.”

  • Family and friends are excited and happy for them.
  • Judy’s dad is somewhat confused by the whole hybrid thing but supportive nonetheless. (And probably crying, lol he’s so happy for them.)
  • Judy’s mom sets to knitting onesies right away.
  • (There goes Judy breaking new ground again, lmbooo)
  • Nick’s mom is happier than she can say.
  • Turns out ZPD offers maternity leave.
  • Their coworkers throw Judy a baby shower?? Omigosh.
  • He would totally get them some donut shaped/themed teething rings.
  • (Gideon would give them a pie, on the house)
  • Oh btw Nick is totally supportive of Judy and her career, he knows how hard she worked for it, which is why when the time comes,
  • Nick will be a stay-at-home dad. Until then,
  • Nick works extra hard to provide/prepare for his growing family.
  • Building a nursery, getting essentials, maybe even finding a new house?
  • Imagine Judy craving blueberries (among other things) bUT ESPECIALLY BLUEBERRIES.
  • They find out they’re gonna have two beebs.
  • They’ll be a bit bigger than a normal kit, (yet smaller than a fox cub) but there won’t be nearly as many in a typical bunny litter. (Average is six, though fourteen is possible. (Judy knows.))
  • Baby kickksssssss.
  • They kick whenever Nick says “carrots”.
  • Nick is always making sure that Judy is comfortable and dotes on her.
  • A lot.
  • “Nick I’m FINE.”
  • (He loves her so much.)
  • When the time comes they have a home-birth with the help of Judy’s family .
  • (With as many siblings as Judy has you can’t tell me that not one of those litters was birthed at home. (If not all of them.))
  • (Plus they won’t have to deal with any skeptical or even racist doctors. (Don’t forget that a fox and rabbit isn’t the norm.))
  • Imagine Nick and Judy’s dad both waiting nervously.
  • Nick sees Judy’s siblings bustling about and helping however their mother tells them and wonders again how they manage to keep track of so many kids.
  • They’re only having twins but Nick makes a mental note to go to them for advice on that if need be.
  • The birthing was successful, everything’s fine. Fricking props to Judy.
  • THE
  • ARE
  • SO
  • They’re like little, round, fuzzy peaches.
  • (Idk what they would name them. Gideon and Fru Fru?)
  • Judy adores them.
  • Nick might cry.
  • They’re happy and proud and, honestly, tired, but overall super glad.

  • Nick and Judy would make such great parents you guys.
  • The kids look different and are sometimes picked on or even bullied for it.
  • Nick and Judy teach them how it’s okay that they’re different and that just because they look a certain way or are a certain species, that doesn’t define them.
  • They teach them to be brave and strong, to never give up and also not to take the world’s junk.
  • They also teach them how to kick those kids’ butts.
  • Also “Uncle Finnick” would always have Pawpsicles for them.
  • They’re also considered practically part of Mr Big’s family (and thusly are under his protection as well. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with these fluff nuggets. See: The Godfather)
  • The best part of Judy’s day is coming home to these loving faces.
  • There are some long nights.
  • There are some days that couldn’t be long enough.
  • It’s tiring.
  • It’s rewarding.
  • It’s a responsibility.
  • It’s an utter blessing.
  • Nick and Judy love their children. They couldn’t be more thankful for them, for their friends and family, and for each other.

And that is how a pro-life Zootopia story should go, if ever there was one. (Or at least, this is my idea.) Feel free to add your own ideas or, if you don’t like anything here, make your own version. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

i hope the cow scene is just one out of a whole montage of just coran and allura trying to get lance out of his room after something/someone? made him upset and theyre trying to cheer him up OR HELP HIM FEEL USEFUL MAYBE? like idk the way that scene felt really seems like allura and coran are trying to cheer him up hm hm

America: England! Omg I just watched a super scary movie and I can’t sleep!! Please help meee!!

England: ugghh, but its 2 in the morning-

America: my fears are nocturnal, remember?? Can I sleep with you tonight, pleaseeee? Oh, and can you sing me a lullaby too~?

England: fine, fine, sleep. *sings lullaby*

-The Next Day-

France: hm? Who’s singing?

Austria: it sounds… angelic…

America: oh, haha, that’s just my new ring tone~

Hungary: I love the voice! Who’s the singer?

Japan: I would like to know too, America-San.

China: it seems like a good song to sleep to! I want to know as well!

America: haha, that’ll be my little secret~

England, from the distance: *blushing intensely*

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I read this one fic but can't remember what it was?? Um so it starts out in space I think Bc Keith gets bitten by a space dog/puppy and it's like bad and then he goes somewhere with Lance (maybe lances house idk man) and Lance has a dog and it like barks at Keith and bites Keith but he doesn't tell Lance at first? SORRY THATS SUPER VAGUE THATS LEGIT ALL I REMEMBER HELP

Hm not sure, maybe you’re looking for the Home series by Reader115:
- Vallie

Make Me Your Home by Reader115 (6/6 | 38,211 | Mature)

“Oh my god, Keeeith,” Lance wheezed. “Keith you’re the best drunk space cadet I’ve ever seen.”

“Space cadet,” Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance’s hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He began to gently trace over Lance’s fingers, sending shivers up Lance’s arm and down his spine. “You have looong fingers,” Keith murmured after a few moments.

Keith’s face perked up then, as if he’d just had a brilliant idea, and Lance could almost not wait to hear what new obscure thought had entered Keith’s pretty head. He was prepared to laugh, and instead found himself shivering again as Keith leaned far into his personal bubble, lips practically touching Lance’s ear when he spoke next.

“I bet you could reach all kinds of things, Lance.”

Part 1 of Home

Take Me Home by Reader115 (3/3 | 44,574 | Mature)

“We’re going to see them today,” Lance said in a continued whisper. Keith’s ears flicked towards him, as much an indication that Keith was listening that Lance was likely to receive this early in the morning. “I just keep thinking about what it’s going to be like to finally go home. I know I said I wanted parades before, but — really I just want to sit down at the dinner table and stare at their faces.”

A sequel to “Make Me Your Home” in which the paladins finally get to return to Earth for a visit.

Part 2 of Home

dan’s liveshow // 7/25/17

~ oh damn gaming video hopefully that’s tomorrow 
~ “very specific reasons” hm? maybe he’s editing on dan’s computer because the gaming room is a mess because of the tiling? but why wouldn’t they tell us? i may come up with some theories on this one, idk 
~ i feel like mildly suspicious of the lack of bedroom sharing? it seems like he’s planned the whole thing out about what to say and everything. i mean i do that too when i KNOW something is going to sound suspicious so it’s probably not. i’m just being a demon phannie lmao ignore me 
~ ok but is that table mounted to the wall #phancy
~ wow we really learned a lot about the house from this video cheeky self promo we’re going to have a long discussion about this over at @phandomfbi wow brook shut the hell up 
~ honestly dan’s video notebook sounds like my prompt list you’ll have forgotten you asked me by the time i finally get to your prompt 
~ ah, the history of “emo”
~ i’m really appreciating him talking about emos and the “queer” culture and how he wanted to be that and eventually was as a kid ahh
~why am i even going to post this fucking pms i’m an emotional wreck throwing up demon phannie all over the screen
~ the welcome to the black parade intro is 11 notes not 7 daniel smh phake emo
~ “why’d you bleep phil’s swear” “cuz it’s funny” did someone say confused
~ “the assening” the only acceptable way to speak of phil knocking the soundproof tiles off
~ “iMpOrTaNt PlAnS” 
~ oh make a wish awwwwww that’s so sweet! i’m gonna be honest that would be my wish too 
~ man phil’s out there editing and checking out the livestreaming software at the same time you go boy
~ ok but that bright spot on the moon is 10/10 a secret camera *illuminati theme plays*
~ wow this turned into a real shitpost real fast i’m not even sorry
~ glad we can finally all agree the diss track is second only to monster pops on dan’s channel

in summary: 
i’m a demon phannie with pms so that’s been a shitpost. however, this is a very interesting liveshow. gaming channel livestreams open a whole new world of things that i may talk about in the future, maybe when one is actually on the way. we don’t know, which is the best part of it all in my opinion. man am i ready for these next few weeks. we’ll see how it goes! 

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Don't know if someone already asked but here we go. Maybe Sombra, Lena, or Widowmaker run into S/O and find them very cute. S/O is kinda oblivious and doesn't think much of it (because these girls are REALLY HOT and s/o is kinda shy) anyway. S/O talks to other people and in which case sombra,Lena,or widow get jealous >:D. Idk I just kinda like this idea (you don't have to do these girls I just really like them :]). Thank you for reading my idea chèrie 😘

This request has me weAk. Also the requester is such a lovely person so yes! I sprinkled a bit of hella references in this one. The reference in Sombra’s is pretty obvious since I mention a character name and the company behind where he’s from, but the one in Tracer’s is a little more subtle. Hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic day! ~ Mod Lottie


“Hm, what do we have here? A cute little bunny for me to play with?”

“O-oh, if you want to play something with me let’s make sure it’s not an online multiplayer game. I’m level 147 on GTA and I don’t want to get banned after all that hard work if you hack with it”

Sombra stands there, confused. She had been so obviously hitting on you and yet, there you were brushing her off, or at least that’s what she thought.

“I… You do realize that’s not the type of hacking I do, right?” She questions. You open your mouth to respond but she cuts you off, “Nevermind that, for someone who’s usually so quiet and shy, you sure know how to shut a girl down quickly. I can respect that.”

“I’m sorry?” You ask, legitimately confused to what she was talking about. She scoffs in response.

“I’ll leave you alone. I can take a hint cariño.” She leaves you to your own endeavours and wonders how she could read the atmosphere so wrong. You always blush and stammer around her which led her to believe you were into her just like she was into you.

It took her a while to over analyze the situation as she tends to do sometimes. Maybe it wasn’t attraction but fear? No it can’t be, you seemed to actually want to spend time with her when you thought she was asking to pl- Oh. OH!

She rushed around the base searching for you. You weren’t brushing her off, you were just oblivious to her advances. It all makes sense now. Maybe there’s still hope!

After a few minutes she finally found you, but with D.Va. You two sat in the common room, you with a controller in hand concentrating on a puzzle that Hana was trying to explain the solution to.

“Look, the note has the Sagittarius sign THEN the Scorpio sign. When you look at the walls you can see they are linked to the numbers 10 and 2 so you obviously add them together, so find the rock that has 12 on it.” Hana explains.

“No no wait, but what if it’s just the numbers by themselves? Maybe that old pirate guy put stuff behind two rocks.” You argue your logic. Hana gently takes the controller away from you, leaving you pouting as you watch her walk the character over to the rock with the Roman numeral of twelve on it. She pressed the button prompt and it triggered a cutscene.

“See? I told you! Nathan told you! Naughty Dog told you!” Hana gloats, causing you to huff in response. Suddenly the screen starts to glitch out and Sombra’s signature skull appeared.

“Hacking a single player game? That’s an entirely new low.” Hana whines. You turn to face Sombra, her face looked like she was half amused half pissed.

“I believe it’s my turn to play. After all, (Y/n) here did ask me to play with them first~” She says smugly as she sashayed over to sit next to you. She plucks the controller out of Hana’s hands and waves her hand over the screen to wipe away her hack to show the game once again.

“Ah… the um, the controls are um…” You stutter out. You felt the need to interact with her as much as you could since you felt you might’ve unintentionally offended her earlier which was still a mystery to you.

“Don’t worry your cute little head cupcake, I got this.” She smirked, patting your head while her eyes never left the screen. She got through the rest of the level without a hitch, there were no delays in her timing which made everything go smoothly and look like a movie instead of a game. Both you and Hana were in awe.

“Hmph, show off.” Hana grumbles.

“Oh? Is the gaming princess grumpy?” Sombra laughs at Hana’s reaction, “Look Hana, no hacks!”

“Did you just reword a meme at me?” She asks only to be ignored as Sombra picked you up bridal style.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a date to go on.” Sombra sends a smile over her shoulder as she walks out of the room.

“A date? With who?” You asked, blushing because of the close proximity. Sombra laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re more dense than I thought. I’m taking you out my cute little bunny.” She said. Your eyes widened as you finally connected the dots.

“Let’s play another game~”


Lena Oxton. Your first friend at Overwatch. The girl that you aren’t sure if she just wants to be friends or if there could be something more, and god knows how much you wanted something more of it. These types of uncertainties always felt like treading on thin ice and you always chose the safe way around it. You didn’t mind just being friends because at the end of the day, just being able to hang out with her and seeing her happy was contentment enough for you. The fear of ruining that prevented you from seeing anything as more than platonic.

Let’s take tonight as an example.

Lena asked you to watch a movie with her. Just you, her, a horror movie, and all your favourite snacks. The movie was actually scary, not just a sequence of cheap jump scares but actually a thrilling horror movie that lives up to its genre. Let’s just say you won’t be looking at turkey basters the same way anytime soon.

During the movie, she hesitated but Lena ended up putting her head on your shoulder. Your heart raced so much, Lucio and Tracer both would have competition with how fast your heart was beating. Lena obviously knew that her actions were nowhere near platonic but you were having trouble with the idea. You thought it was because you wanted it to be romantic that you were thinking it might be so you brushed it off as if she was just being a gal pal. A brit being a mate.

“Say (Y/n), do you maybe wanna go out with me?” Lena worked up the courage to say. Yet again, your oblivious self courted it off as your mind playing tricks on you.

“Of course! You’re my best friend! Where do you want to go?” You asked. Lena’s face dropped when you referred to her as your friend and she took it as a sign to just back off with the advances. She managed to throw a random place for a suggestion despite her disappointment and for the rest of the night, everything felt off.

The next morning, Lena gave herself a pep talk to not be so down in the dumps about what happened. She decided to get you a nice breakfast from a café you like. Food in hand, she blinked to your room.

“Heya lo- I mean (Y/n), are you awake yet?” Tracer called from the other side of your door but got no answer.

“Can I come in?” She continued, still no answer, “Alright, I’m comin’ in.” She opened the door and saw you weren’t in your room. She wandered around the base in search of you. She looked everywhere only to find you in the med bay. You and Mercy were sitting down, facing each other. She saw her getting very close to you, raising her hand to your flushed face. She couldn’t take much more of it.

“Oi! What’s goin’ on here?” She asked immediately as she blinked into place. Angela retracted her hand away from you as she looked up at Tracer with a confused expression.

“Lena, what’s wrong? Just tell me and I’ll tend to you right after I’m done with (Y/n) here.” She explains.

“No, I’m here to… What’s wrong with them doc?” Lena asks.

“I think I might have food poisoning.” You say sadly.

“Might? You do have food poisoning! Be more considerate next time.” Angela lectures, causing you to pout.

“Oh I see. Well, I guess I’ll be on my way then.” She turns around only to be stopped by someone holding her by her forearm.

“Now now Miss Oxton, no one bursts into my office just to say hi.” Angela tuts. Lena started to look around for a way to get out. “Lena, what did you really come for?” Angela motions her to sit in an extra chair next to the door, meant for people who were there for moral support or because they were the cause for an injury and needed to be scolded. That being said, the chair is usually meant for Reinhardt since he loves to swing some of the smaller agents around like a Dad would with his toddler.

“I just, was worried about (Y/n) yeah?” Lena said as she sat.

“Then why did you look so angry?” Angela retorted. Lena started shifting uncomfortably in her seat, laughing nervously. Angela could only sigh.

“I know exactly what’s going on here. (Y/n) was explaining how much they like you and kept thinking you were just being friendly when you were obviously, at least in my perspective, making romantic advances.” She explains. A ‘huh?’ and a ‘what?’ came out of you and Lena as you made eye contact with each other.

Angela went into therapist mode as she made both you and Lena talk about your thoughts and feelings and, finally, come to a solution.

“I really like you (Y/n). I don’t know how you hadn’t figured it out!” Lena says.

“I really like you too Lena. I just, kept thinking that it’d be too good to be true if you like me back you know?” You admit. She shakes her head and hugs you, muttering about how silly you were.

“Ahem” Angela breaks up the moment, “Now that that’s out of the way, my patient here needs to get their bedrest.” Angela says.

Once she was finished saying what she had to say, she found that both her visitors had vanished in the blink of an eye. The doctor can only sigh in defeat.


Being a new recruit meant you had to go through training for all possible fighting styles in order to evaluate what you’d be best at. Today was your day to evaluate how you’d do as a sniper. Unfortunately, no one told you that the person helping you out in this department would be a sexy French woman with a piercing gaze that could mesmerize you into a trance for days. No one told you that you would be her prey.

To be fair though, no one told her that you would be so clueless to her advances.

Here you were, shaking and anxious, holding up the rifle and looking through the scope at your target. You could hear her sultry voice chuckle behind you.

“Go on chèrie, shoot.” Her voice smooth as silk whispered behind you, causing a tingle to shoot up your neck. You positioned yourself to make sure you’d get the shot, held your breath to steady the reticle, and pulled the trigger and…

Nothing came out.

“Um? It’s supposed to shoot… right?” You lowered your weapon as you looked over your shoulder to look at the woman known as Widowmaker.

Her expression changed from amusement to curiosity. She walked over and plucked the rifle out of your hands to inspect it. She hums as she figures out what the problem is.

“This one is jammed. I’ll find a better one for you, my dear. You deserve only the best I have to offer.” She lightly brushes her finger under your under your chin and struts away.

You hold a hand to your chest and sigh. “Be still my beating heart.” You joked to yourself to slightly ease some of your tension.

Amelie, walking back with a smirk, was met with the image of Hanzo teaching you archery. Needless to say, her smirk faded away. She briskly walked over to you two and glared at Hanzo.

“You are intruding Lacroix.” Hanzo says simply, but Amelie refused to be brushed off so easily.

“Non, you are the one who is intruding.” She says sharply.

“I am showing them true skill, something you lack.”

“Archery is a primitive excuse for a weapon. Heh, primitive weapon for a primitive man.”

All you could do was stand and watch, trying not to do anything that might bring attention to yourself.

“I’m not seeing a lot of guidance going on here.” Ana enters the room to break up the argument.

“Merde…” Widowmaker rolls her eyes and Hanzo turns his attention to Ana stoically. “If none of you will teach them then I will.”

Amelie does something no one expected. She grabs you by the arm and runs away with you. It wasn’t as graceful and seductive as she wanted but it got them away from those two and she couldn’t be happier.

“What’s going on?” You asked cautiously.

“I want to have you to myself.” Amelie brushes her hand over your cheek

“Oh, um, thanks?” You didn’t really know how to respond and you were trying not to hyperventilate. She scoffs and pulls you into a kiss. Gentle, with a slight nibble from her. She pulls away and smiles at your flustered state.

“I hope you got the message chèrie.” She whispers in your ear.

“Y-yeah, loud and clear.” You manage to say. Suddenly, everything seemed to be even more interesting than they already were.

aesthetics, moodboards and playlists

hello i’m bored and currently avoiding my novel so i’m gonna do this to kill the time. ironically, the blog aes will be based on my wip so lmao anyway


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thanks for encouraging my procrastination lmao

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i hope this makes sense but,,, what do u think r traits kind of overlooked/not talked about as much about the lords? like,,,, yukimura is always precious cinnabun but i feel like nobody talks about him being serious? idk does this make sense lol

Hm… kind of like, there are very prominent character traits each lord has, but what are the ones we don’t talk about as much? Or that’s what I’m getting from this ask LOL. I guess I’ll answer this the way I interpreted your ask, so I hope this works ; v ; I’ll a random few lords, I suppose?

  • Yukimura: I agree in that I think he’s too often heralded for his innocence in romance, I’d say? If I had to say something that might be overlooked, I think that Yukimura is actually much more attentive than we give him credit for. He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, no, but he very much holds onto all the information he receives very well. Though he can be a bit slow to get the picture, once he does have it, he is always very aware of the things he’s learned and frequently puts them to practice. Though he’s a bit, uh, enthusiastic in his method, he always has your best interest at heart and tries to pay attention very closely when he can.
  • Saizo: Hm… I guess I’d say Saizo’s best known for being Brooding Bad Boy 24/7 tbh lmFAO. You’ve already heard me talk on how secretive he is and we all know well enough that he’s got enough attitude and moodiness on him for at least three people. But if we’re talking things we don’t bring up, I think Saizo is someone who feels far more deeply than he likes to let on. Sure, it is very easy for him to detach himself from many situations, but if it has anything to do with people he is somehow close with, it will tear him to shreds. It’s been ten years, and he still visits cherry blossom trees every year for the friend he killed–he holds onto things so, so tightly and hardly ever wants to let them go, though he’d never admit to that (why do you think he refuses to ever let go of the past? lmao). I guess in that sense, I’d definitely say I think Saizo’s actually a little clingy lol.
  • Hideyoshi: The most obvious traits for this guy… probably has to do with being relatively happy-go-lucky and… maybe being a notorious flirt? I’m not too sure how the fandom views Hideyoshi in general LOL. But if anything, I don’t see it often mentioned that Hideyoshi has a lot of internalized guilt and hatred towards himself. Now, it’s definitely something sort of hinted at, but this didn’t really set in for me until I recently read his Noble end–Hideyoshi is so intent on putting the entire world on his shoulders, but he also has no idea what to do with that weight. He wants a peaceful world for his friends and family to live in, but he is also very hyperaware of the things he has done in attempts to achieve that world he craves so badly. He never forgets things, even if they weren’t entirely of his doing, and I think he definitely has a hard time forgiving himself for much of anything.
  • Masamune: Also another character who I think we know rather well for his innocence in love, and perhaps otherwise his generally gentle nature with people he is close to. Though I think we’re all well aware that he’s cold, I think Masamune’s a bit brattier and hotheaded than his first impressions ever are. Though he’s shown he can be rather level-headed, Masamune’s been shown a good handful of times to let his emotions get the better of him, and his pride is a lot more fierce than he might like to let on. He’s a stubborn ass, and the Unspoken Ties event where he refused to apologize to Kojuro (and of course, Shigezane knocked the shit out of him for that lmao) was probably one of the most prominent moments I’ve ever seen it. Though that makes me like him all the more though… my son… LMAO