hm idk if i like this

ok, this face Guan Shan is making right after He Tian asked him on a date. What is it? Surprise? Amusement? Realization? Hm idk,

but this reaction right after might tell us something: he doesn’t want He Tian to see that expression, like the cute tsundere he is, he pushes He Tian’s face and screams, everything to take He Tian’s attention from that expression. Why Guan Shan? What you don’t want He Tian to see? Maybe you don’t want him to notice you was surprised and considered his offer? I see you Guan Shan, I see you.

The Wizard Speedpaint - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Fan Art~

Gale was just so cool. <3 It was always a tie between Wizard and Chase when it came to save files, and Wizard was worth waiting for. Image free for personal use, enjoy!


post reveal cafe date!

@yinwa actually suggested this ages ago, but i never got around to doing it. BUT LOOK MOM I DID IT

If you're multigendered,

If you happen to be bigender, trigender, polygender, pangender, omnigender, genderfluid, or any gender that is more than just one: Describing your attraction can be hard. I know. But hey, it’s okay. It’s okay if you don’t know if you are gay or straight or none of the above. It’s okay if you can’t define your attraction by conventional means. It’s okay (although it might not feel like it) if you feel excluded and alienated from any community that you might try to enter, but that doesn’t make you any less valid. Only you can decide what labels are best for you.

Your attraction is valid.
You are valid.

Prompto breaks the fourth wall
  • Sitting around the camp fire, bellies full of delicious food and a beer in their hands. Ignis has already turned in, and Gladio is off scouting the area for items and such.
  • Prompto: Hey, Noct.
  • Noctis: yeah?
  • Noctis answers before taking a sip of his beer.
  • Prompto: If you could be in any video game, which would it be?
  • Noctis blinks and turns at the blonde.
  • Prompto smiled
  • Prompto: I mean, I would probably like to be in some kind of RPG. Ya know? Something with... lots of action. I'd totally be a range character. Like... an archer or something. Ooh! Like Varic from Dragon Age!
  • Noctis' eyes grew wide as he looked around, seeming confused.
  • Noctis: Uh.....
  • Prompto: Dude, and like, you could be the leader or something. Like.. ooh! I know! You would be like... no wait! Gladio would totally be the tank. I mean, he runs head first into fights and takes all the hits for us. Ignis would TOTALLY be a mage. Reviving us and giving us all kinds of cool buffs to help us kick ass.
  • Noctis: ......uh.... hm.
  • Prompto downs the last of his beer.
  • Prompto: Man that would be so cool. We could go on all kinds of adventures and dude, you know I'd totally level up like a BEAST. I mean, you would probably be stronger than me since you'd be like... a mix between a range character and a tank. ..... and a mage. Jack of all trades really....
  • Noctis: Prompto, go to bed. You're drunk.
  • Prompto: No way! I only had one beer. I'm not drunk.
  • Noctis: Go to bed anyway. You're... freaking me out.
  • Prompto tilted his head
  • Prompto: Huh?? How!?
  • Noctis looked around again
  • Noctis: Just... I mean... I feel like we... ARE... in a video game sometimes. Don't you?
  • Prompto laughed
  • Prompto: oh man. YOU'RE the one that's drunk. Video games aren't real. Just games, man.
  • Haha, This is real life, duuuuh.
  • Noctis looked at his beer with eyes the size of saucers.
  • Noctis: Ah.... uh......... hm.
  • Maybe I have had too much.
  • Prompto: Haha, lightweight.

I’M SO BAD AT FINAL TOUCH. I kinda having an artblock- ugh. UGH.I tried to draw Zen x mc or just zen but idk why hand refuse to work with me. So yeah another mr no route ship! <3

I still can’t grasp how will his story be like tho if he has a route. Hm.


college boyfriend!minhyuk

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • man have ya’ll ever met a human puppy cause this!! ^^^ is it
  • for the boyfriend!minhyuk request~
  • literally everything screams boyfriend to me about minhyuk
  • try and tell me he wouldn’t be the sweetest thing since peach cobbler (i sound so texan when i say that)
  • okay, okay, okay, so minhyuk, this angel is an RA

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