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You still taking prompts? It's not Boostle but... Hal/Barry mind/body swap? I thought you might have fun with that one :)

The first thing Hal noticed was that everything seemed a little slower than normal. The clock on the wall ticked just faster than it had ten minutes before, and when his eyes opened the room had shifted to the left. 

“Uhn,” he heard a pained groan from his right that- that sounded like his voice. 

“Shit,” he said, recognising the soft timbre of Barry’s voice coming from his lips. “Shit, we’ve been duped.”

He sat up quickly and let out a yelp as his body (Barry’s body, he had to remember that) seemed to pilot itself at ridiculous speed into the wall opposite the bed. 

“Hal, Hal calm down!” Barry shouted, using Hal’s body to press him into the wall. Hal tried to slow his breathing and managed to stop his muscles from twitching. “Take a few breaths, you just need to stop for a minute.”

“O-okay,” he breathed. Barry gripped his shoulders with Hal’s hands and- 

Okay that was going to get confusing really fast. 

When Hal opened Barry’s eyes and took a long look around the room, he noticed the pile of clothes in the corner. They were naked, of course they were. They’d spent the night before fucking like animals in Barry’s bed until neither of them could move. 

“Did we have so much sex last night that we… swapped bodies?” He wondered out loud. Barry laughed, the familiar sound altered by Hal’s vocal chords. It was still a great laugh, though, even when it was tainted by his body. 

“No, Hal, we didn’t. I don’t think that’s even scientifically possible,” the blond- uh, brunet said. Barry pressed soft kisses into Hal’s throat, the feeling oh-so-familiar and yet utterly different at the same time. Hal felt Barry’s body reacting to the sensations and let out a shuddered breath. “Guess it can’t hurt to test that hypothesis though, hm?”


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