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Zodiac sign: aries

Myers Brigg type: intp

Favourite Mythical Creature: hm…..I love fairies….

Dream place to make out (or more) with someone: ooh ….god, so many options…….I guess rn my mood would be… the car or side room at a party

Where you live: Indiana

Where you wish you lived: french countryside

A song that sounds like you: master of none - beach house, dream a little dream of me - mama cass

The last book that you read & adored: idk when the last time I read a book was… may have been 20000 leagues under the sea or hitchhikers guide like four years ago

The last film you watched & adored: poetic Justice and Romeo and Juliet

A goal you want to attain this year: hmm….
visit the UP. that’s it.

I humbly tag @koopabeach @cheapexorcisms @st0ned2theb0ne @sludgefriend @ellenwh0re @metano-ia @dudeanatomy @weinscene @sobersilver @tookie-knows @mintiature if you wanna do it, rad, if you don’t, that’s cool too.