hm i can't decide if i like it or not

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S/M german Shepard? Husky? Teacup Pomeranian? I can't decide which one I'll get, help

Waaah, doggies!!! (´°ω°`) I like German Shepherds aha~


♥Shu: Definitely, a German Shepherd.

♥Reiji: Huh, dogs…? Well, I vote for the Husky.

♥Ayato: You should get a German Shepherd, Chichinashi! They are the best dogs!

♥Kanato: The Teacup Pomeranian looks like a teddy bear… But I don’t like pets!

♥Laito: Well, getting a Husky sounds great. They look like wolves, ne~

♥Subaru: Mmm… I would get a German Shepherd if I could. They protect the house and the people who live in it.


♥Ruki: Hm, I don’t like pets, Livestock. But if it’s for you, then you should choose a German Shepherd.

♥Kou: Ah! The Teacup Pomeraninan it’s kind of cute! But I think you should get a cat, M Neko-chan…

♥Yuma: A German Shepherd of course! They look strong and loyal, heh.

♥Azusa: Ah… A Husky would be nice. They are… Mysterious… Fufu~