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after that one ask i got and waiting 5000 years for mangago to approve chapter 19 i finally got frustrated enough so i set up my private blog right now in which you can get the downloads/gd links and view the chapters in advance!!

i only have ch 19 uploaded right now but eventually ill upload the rest of the chapters, im just kinda lazy,,,

just go to, type in the password as shown in the tags and you can view it

I saw seven birds.

I saw two birds flying in a dance.
Their plumage markings matched,
they had matching plumage on their breasts:
one flew in flickers, in startling jumps,
while the other bore forth, self-assured,
but they dipped and danced like that
and through their separate ways they harmonized.

I saw a bird that pined for another.
It gathered seeds and beads and shiny things
and built a sad, shy hoard of gifts ungiven:
it couldn’t find its wing, poor bird,
it couldn’t find the confidence to call out its need,
but the pined-for bird could tell plenty.

I saw a bird that cared for others.
Its heart felt fullest when it knew
it had done right by another, had rendered aid:
this bird didn’t regret the bending of its own feathers
nor the faltering of its own flight;
it cared for others more than for itself,
but the rest of the flock would bear its sorrows gladly.

I saw a bird that saw itself, too.
It scratched its talons into tree bark,
leaving meaning behind in the notched scars:
This one paid more attention than most
to who it was, to who its friends were, to the passing of time,
to who its friends were, to who its friends were now,
and to who they all, in time, god willing, would be.

I saw a bird that valued rest.
It had lived long and traveled far
and come to lay its hopes on tranquility:
peace and calm were its end goals, its quest,
though it felt these had to be earned,
carved from the world like a statue from stone
or like a god from the faithful.

I saw a bird that made no sound.
The others chirped and cawed, at least,
while this bird only sat in leaden silence:
whether it had nothing to say for itself
or lacked the means with which to make a single noise,
it was quiet, quiet, quiet
but stored within itself a growing roar.

I saw a silver ship that carried a brilliant light against the dark and living storm. I saw a dark and living storm that chased a silver ship that carried a brilliant light. I saw a brilliant light. I saw a brilliant light. I saw all of existence at once. I saw a silver ship.

I saw seven birds.

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Whitetron is on you, tell them off before it gets bad. They are not nice people. (It's a group of them) They will hound you till you "fix" your art because they hate seeing how "white " Lance is and call him "Larry"

IDK how legit this is but i think it’s just best to **ignore them if you completely disagree with what they say

There’s nothing more annoying than watching someone apologize and then watching them answer 98297 anons saying they did nothing wrong with passive aggressive responses and you can’t do anything because they “apologized”