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Starish+QN playing 5 nights at freddy's (headcannon?) :3


Also, I answered this in more of a React response rather than headcannons. I hope that’s okay.

Natsuki: “So, he wants me to keep watch on the cameras..How do I… Oh, yeah..*flips through that cameras* I can’t wait to see cute little bears and bunnies and chick– *screams* HOW DID THAT GET THERE?!” 

Tokiya: “I’m going to close the doors. I don’t have time for this. *checks cameras* OH MY G– This guy has the worst job right now…That’s… Wait, why am I at 33%?”

Cecil: “Flipping, flipping, flipping. He said check the camera but I don’t see anythi–WHAT WAS THAT?! THAT’S CREEPY!”

Ren: “Look, if I use the lights I’ll be able to–Hmm, that’s not helping.” *checks his cameras* “Why is this camera disabled? I’m talking to the boss tomorrow. Not cool.”

Otoya: “I don’t understand. Am I just supposed to keep changing the camera and–Oh! I see something…Oh, it’s just a shadow. Nice try shadow. Let’s make sure nothing got–” *high pitched girl scream*

Syo: “Go easy on me. It’s my first night on the job… Two doors? *flips through the cams* Huh… They’re gone.. OH CRAP! *laughs* That was weird.. Damn, I need to close the doors.”

Masato: *checks the cams* This environment looks questionable. Do they have kid’s birthdays here or– OH! *nearly flips back in his chair* Nope, I quit.”

Reiji: “Woah! They’re gone! *checks the office* Let’s go Freddy! Show me what you and your friends got! I’m not scared of a little– AH! *nervous chuckle as he checks cams* Why is just standing there in front of the–WHAT THE–?!?!”

Ranmaru: *sigh* “This guy talks a lot.. Shut up and let me do my fuckin’ job. *checks his cameras* Oi, where did those things go? *checks office* Hmm. *looks through the cams again* “HOLY SHIT!” *tosses laptop* “Fuck..”

Ai: “Oh, it’s one of those jump scare games… *flips the cameras* They’re gone…Ah, there’s one of them. *switches cams* Hm, oh. It’s at the door. *closes the door* This is a pretty simple game, isn’t it?”

Camus: “Do I have to listen to him the ENTIRE time? Oh, finally he shut up…” *flips through the cameras* “What’s the goal of this? Nothing’s even happening… Hmph, this game is pointle–ASDFGHJKL?!?!?! *slams laptop shut*

Chapter 15 - “This Was Me All Along”

Word count: 2,478


You rolled over to your side expecting to be alone when you bumped into a sleeping Cameron. Then yesterday’s events came flooding back to you, Jonah flipping out on you, Jonah apologising to you and most importantly the deal you had made with Cameron.

You were starting to have second thoughts, although Cameron had made some very interesting points as to why you should give it a go, you were regretting ‘jumping into bed’ with him so soon. You hadn’t been this close in months.

You abruptly sat up waking Cameron in the process. He smiled once he saw you.

“Morning Y/N.”

“Morning.” You said quietly.

Cameron frowned once he saw how preoccupied you looked.

“What’s wrong Y/N?”

“It’s nothing.” Cameron raised his eyebrows at you, you weren’t fooling anyone. “It’s just are you sure this is a good idea?” You asked.

“What do you mean?” He said sitting up to meet you.

“I mean, is this right? What we’re doing? Jonah was so angry yesterday after he found out what we did; this just feels a bit too risky.” You said biting your lip.

“It will be fine Y/N, as long as no one finds out, it’s cool.” Cameron smiled.

“It just feels wrong lying to everyone again, I am sick of all the lies.” You sighed putting your head in your hands.

“Y/N we need to think about ourselves for a change and stop worrying about what other people will think, that’s how we got in mess the first time.” Cameron warned. Your mind cast back to when you and Cameron first argued, he wanted a relationship but you were too worried about what everyone else (and mostly Kai) would say.

“But Y/N you can’t tell Kai.” That’s when he got your full attention.

“What do you mean I can’t tell Kai?” You said folding your arms. “He was there for me when you weren’t.” Cameron flinched.

“I know that and I’m grateful, but I’m here now, you don’t need him.” He muttered. “If you tell him, you might as well tell everyone; I want this to be just between us.”

“He’s still my friend Cameron.” You said giving him a warm smile. “But okay I won’t tell him, we agreed to not tell anyone and you’re right.” You said touching his face, his face lit up with relief.

“I know I am, I’m always right.” Cameron grinned, you raised an eyebrow.

“Hmm whatever you say Cam.” He smirked at you and dragged your body down to meet his; he quickly flipped you over so that he was hovering over you.

“Whatever I say goes Y/N, you should know that by now…” He was staring down at you, his dough brown eyes fixed on yours.  

“Get off me Cameron.” You said laughing and covering your face, “I don’t even know what time it is.” You reached for your phone and gasped.

“Shit!” You breathed. You forgot it was Monday… and it was a fucking school day.

“We need to get ready now!” You said pushing him off, it was still quite dark out, so you didn’t even notice what time it was.

“What?” Cameron groaned.

You ran to the bathroom not answering him, you had an hour to get ready – to anyone else that was a sufficient amount of time to get dressed but not you, you need at least two and a half hours to get ready and mentally prepare yourself for school. Not to mention how long it took for you to do your make up.

You had the quickest shower of your life and threw your hair in two French braids, however that was your favourite hairstyle as it went with every outfit.

You picked some underwear and went back into your room to find Cameron still in bed.

“Cam what the fuck? I told you we need to get ready.” You shouted. Cameron chuckled at you which made you mad. You threw a cushion from chair at him hitting him in the head, which made him finally get out of bed.

“Okay okay, I’m going to get a shower.” He said holding his hands up in surrender, you smiled in triumph.

By the time Cameron got out of the shower you had only just finished your makeup and you had about ten minutes to actually find some clothes to wear.

“Cam come on we’re gonna be late.” You groaned.

“Let’s be later.” He smirked walking towards you.

“No Cameron, we have this thing called school and we have to go.”  You pointed out; he was standing in front of you now.

“We should just ditch.” Cameron grinned.

“No Cam, I actually want to get out of this hell hole and the only way to do that is to get a good education, go to college, and get a good job.” You replied.

“One day won’t hurt you.” Cameron said grabbing you and leading you towards your bed.

“Cameron…” You said but you were letting him drag you.

“Yes?” He said in a challenging tone, before pushing you so that you were laid on your bed. He crawled up in between your legs – it didn’t help that you were only in your underwear.

“These are cute.” He said playing with your braids. “You should wear your hair like this more often.” He went on.

You were having none of it. “Cameron we need to go we have about five minutes.”

“Babe come on.” He whined.

“Okay just ten minutes.” You sighed giving in.

“What only ten minutes?” Cam groaned, ducking his head into your neck. “We need more time.”

“No we are not fucking before school.” Cameron groaned again. You chuckled to yourself.

“Okay fine…” Cameron suddenly started smirking. “What can we do in ten minutes?” He said seductively. You were heavily breathing by this point.

Cameron’s body was pressed against yours and you could feel his abs with every movement he made. He pushed aside your braids and started his attack on your neck, you moaned as he sucked and bit every inch of your neck.

He kissed you briefly before finding the hem of your panties with his hands and playing with the lining. Slowly he began to rub his fingers over the outside of your folds. A small moan fell from your lips as he slid them down, feeling just how wet you were.

He pushed your panties aside and without warning he pushed a finger inside you causing you to cry out and ground against his finger. He gazed down at you, watching your reaction to him.

He added another finger. “Ah,” You breathed sucking in sharp breaths.

“This is what you secretly wanted wasn’t it Y/N? My fingers buried inside this tight little pussy of yours?” You moaned over and over again.

He knelt down between your legs briefly taking his fingers out to pull down your panties. His hand found your bra and harshly squeezed your breast; you let out a small gasp.

“You’re so beautiful baby girl.” He said before giving a tentative lick to your core, you could feel your legs beginning to tremble. He added another finger in your pussy, working and stretching you open; you reflexively pushed yourself away from him, the feeling was too overwhelming for you.

He hooked his arm around your thighs and started eating you out ravenously, you couldn’t suppress the moans and screams that came from your mouth.

“F-fuck, fuck.” You panted.  You couldn’t see clearly as your orgasm was nearing.

Cameron was focused on your clit when he slammed three fingers in your pussy. You were shaking, so close now with him moving his fingers quickly in and out, and him sucking on your clit.

You scream as your juices squirt all over his fingers, Cameron smirked as he sped up his fingers until your panting and coming again. You were gasping for words and your vision was now foggy.

After what seemed like minutes but was probably only seconds you opened your eyes and Cameron was grinning at you. You pulled his face down to kiss him and he responded for a bit until he pulled away.

“What?” He asked innocently, pulling up your panties for you. “We have school remember?”

You ended up being an hour and a half late for school because of Cameron. You quickly rushed to your second class and got out your books, taking your seat next to Jonah.

Logan looked at you worriedly as she saw how flushed and frustrated you were. You scrambled for a pen in your bag as Jonah leaned over to you.

“Hey Y/N you okay? We were worried about you.” He said.

“Yeah I’m fine, just woke up late.” You lied; Jonah nodded at you and carried on with his work.

The bell rang and you groaned fuck, you thought, you had missed two classes today.

“What’s wrong?” Jonah asked, touching your shoulder.

“I’ve missed two classes now.” You replied.

“Chill Y/N, it’s just school.” You raised an eyebrow, you had forgotten Jonah doesn’t care about school since he wants a football scholarship and only goes there so he can pass and get in.


“So how did things go with Cameron?” You remembered this morning and immediately squirmed.

“Uh, it didn’t work out; we are just two totally different people.” You partly lied.

“I just hope that that doesn’t affect you wanting to hang out with us… We all missed you.” He admitted, you mentally cursed yourself for ditching your friends for Cameron and even Kai; you missed them as well without even realising it.

“Yeah it won’t, I’ll hang out with you more I promise.” You smiled. “But just as long I don’t have to be near Cameron.” You added on, one of these days your lies were going to catch up with you.

“Oh okay, I guess it’s for the best.” Jonah smiled but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. Instead he looked at you with a weird expression… could it be relief?

The rest of the day dragged on, you tried to avoid Cameron at all costs. If you saw him you might melt on the spot. He had gotten you so worked up earlier; you were seriously reconsidering even coming to school.

“Oh hey Y/N, I didn’t even know you were here today, why were you so late?” Grayson asked. Everyone was sat down in the cafeteria and you were sat as far away from Cameron as possible.

“Yeah I uh, I got up late.” You lied once again.

“Hm that’s funny. Cam was late today as well.” Grayson added, not catching on. You and Cameron froze and looked up at each other before quickly turning away. Logan screwed her eyes in suspicion; she looked at you with an all knowing expression before saying.

“Y/N, will you go to the bathroom with me?”

“Yeah sure,” You panicked.

Jonah screwed up his face in disgust. “Ugh, I will never understand why girls go to the toilet with each other it’s so gross.” He exaggerated.

You both rolled your eyes at him and walked away.

“Right, spill.” Logan said as soon as you were alone in the bathroom.

“There’s nothing to spill.” You reasoned, Logan folded her arms and sighed.

“Y/N, I know something happened between you and Cameron, it’s all over your face.” She gestured. “You have to tell me.”

“I didn’t think I was obligated.”

“Of course you are obligated, you’re my best friend.” She was such a drama queen at times.

“Fine I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone, not even Grayson.”

“I promise.” She said eagerly.

“Okay well Cam and I, we…” You started.

“Spit it out girl.”

“Well we decided to, erm be friends and you know.” You said not wanting to go on.

“What?” Logan asked obliviously.

“And… you know – don’t make me spell it out for you.” You cringed. Logan looked confused for a minute then it clicked.

“Oh my god!” She cried.

“Yeah I know.” You mumbled.

“No way, you idiot – what if you catch feelings for him?” She said.

“Nah I won’t, I have before and trust me it’s not pretty.” You laughed. “No, we know what we’re doing… I hope.” You chuckled.

“Yeah I hope so too. What about Jonah?”

“What about Jonah?” You asked.

“Well last time I checked, he got pretty mad the last time he found out you and Cameron was fucking.” She said truthfully.

“Yeah don’t remind me, it should be fine. It’s not like last time; it’s just harmless get togethers.”

Logan nodded and smirked at you.

“What?” You groaned.

“How big is his-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, we have to get to class.” You said dragging a giggly Logan out the bathroom.

*a couple of days later*

It was a Friday night and you were extra eager to go out and get smashed. Grayson had invited everyone to go to a club you had been wanting to go to for ages, but you couldn’t because you were under aged. But somehow Gray had pulled it off.

“Hey Y/N,” Cameron said walking into your room. “You ready?” He shouted looking for you.

“Yeah, wait I’m almost done.” You called, making finishing touches to your hair. It was in a high pony and it flowed down your back since your hair had grown loads.

You sauntered out your bathroom to see Cameron – who by the way looked extremely hot, drooling at you. You had a burgundy bandage strapless dress on and some lace up heels.

“You’re seriously going to go out dressed like that?” Cameron gulped.

“Yeah why? Does it look bad?” You said rushing to the mirror.

“No not at all, I just don’t think I will be able to keep away from you tonight, you know, since we’re ‘not talking’ and all.” Cameron smirked.

“You’ll do just fine.” You smiled going over to your bed and checking your phone.

“No seriously Y/N, we’re just going to have to tell people. I don’t know if I can stay away.” He said, you looked up to see him looking down at you with lust filled in his eyes.

“Aw hell no.” You warned. “Come on lets go.” You said dragging his hand, you heard him groan as you pulled him out of your house and into his car.

Cameron picked up Logan, Ethan and Grayson.

“Sup guys.” Ethan said as they climbed in the car.

“Wow, I’m surprised there haven’t been any fights.” Grayson laughed. You forgot that you and Cameron were alone in a car and to anyone else that looked super weird since you are ‘not talking.’

“Yeah, it was harder than it looks.” You laughed nervously, Logan raised her eyebrows at you and you smiled at her.

“Trust me; it was hard for me too.” Cameron lied and you smirked to yourself.

a/n: Early posting for you guys, I had to split this chapter in half as it was more than 4k words and even I know that that’s a bit too much, you’d probably get bored half way through. I will be posting the next chapter on Monday I think, then it’s back to the usual of every Sunday.


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legend: I like everything about her (. Y. )


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Relationship with Cam

“Hm” I say, mindlessly doodling on a piece of paper.

“Did you say something babe?” Cameron asks me.

“No, just talking to myself” I say, with my hand pressed to my chin for support.

I look up from my art work and blink my tired eyes, attempting to make the dots go away.

“Come lay with me baby” Cameron says, patting the bed beside him.

I take him up on his offer and collapse on the bed, ready for a nap. I yawn and lay my head on his lap, ready to sleep.

I drift off to sleep instantly, with Cameron by my side. When I wake up he’s still by my side with his strong arm around my body, almost as if he’s protecting me from an invisible force.

I smile at him and wipe my eyes with the hand that isn’t trapped underneath his arm. I move slowly, attempting not to wake Cameron up.

“Babe” he says, clearly awoken by my movement.

“Yes?” I ask him. He grunts and moves his arms so that I can move, thankfully.

“How did you sleep?” He asks me, opening his eyes slowly.

“I slept wonderfully, next to you” I say smiling at him. He looks at me with bright eyes, clearly he’s energized again.

He grabs my waist, pulling me onto him. I giggle and blush as his hands trail up and down my body, exploring my skin.

“I love this freckle” Cameron says, kissing the freckle on my stomach.

I giggle at him again and play with his soft hair while he continues to touch my skin.

“I hate to break up this moment, but I’m hungry” I say bluntly.

Cameron looks at me with loving eyes and laughs out loud.

“What?” I ask him.

“You’re so freaking cute. I was trying to be romantic, but you clearly only have one thing on your mind” Cameron says while laughing at me.

I laugh at him, getting up from my position. I hear his feet following me into the kitchen, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Cam, will you make me something?” I ask, sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Sure” Cameron says smiling at you.

While Cameron is looking for something to make, you sneak a picture of him and post it to Instagram and Twitter.

Cameron Dallas Imagine (Part Four)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Cam sighed with a grin and pouty eyes on his face as he looked at you. He changes into sweats and pulls his shirt over his head. Of course you seen Cam shirtless in pictures, but in real life, everything went all fuzzy. You couldnt help but stare.

****“eh hm.”**** Cam coughed with a smirk across his face causing you to stop staring at him and turn to the other side of the bed facing away from Cam. Cam jumped to the side of the bed which you were facing.

****“Night y/n.”**** cam whispered while pulling the blanket on top of himself and you.

After about a few minutes, you couldn’t go to sleep. You reached across the bed to get your phone from your bag on the ground to check the time.

the brightness of your phone made your eyes flutter. 11:47pm you said to yourself as you read the time on your phone. you lost balance on the bed and your head hit the nightstand as you fell off the bed.

****“Fuck!”**** you quietly screamed as you rubbed your head in pain. Cam woke up from the bang he heard from you falling. He quickly turned the lamp on and jumped from the bed and came over to your side of the bed.

****“Shit! what the fuck happened?”**** Cam said while searching for any injuries. ****“I fucking rode a unicorn and jumped off. i fucking fell duh!”**** you said in an attitude. ****“Sorry, my head just fucking hurts.”**** you apologize to him. Cam gets up and grabs a towel. He rubs your injury, which was on the left top corner of your forehead. As Cam removed the towel you spotted some blood on it before he could fold it up.

****“AM I FUCKING BLEEDING?”**** you screamed as you took the towel from cam and unfolded it. ****“Yeah, but its okay, your not bleeding a lot. How the fuck did this happen.”**** Cam asked. ****“I dont even want to explain..”**** you said turning red from embarrassment. ****“Aha , okay. Well im hungry. Want to go to taco bell or something?”**** Cam asked you while getting up and helping you up also. ****“Its passed midnight and you want to get taco bell?”**** you said laughing. ****“Hell yeah, you know what, your going anyways.”**** cam said.

Cam picked you up and threw you over his shoulder and you hit his back to put you down.

****“Cam!! its 12 in the morning! put me down! Cammm dallassssss.”**** you screamed into his back. He put you down and intertwined your fingers together, swinging your guys’ hands back and forth in between you guys.

He runs to the car dragging you along. Cams opens the door for you and closes it. he runs to the other side of the car and starts the car up.

****“What do you want from taco bell? Im craving me some chicken enshhhhhhilladasss.”**** Cam says as you guys laugh. ****“I want 4 soft tacos, meat!”**** you say as you grab Cam’s hand. ****“Eww! soft tacos are gross! I like hard tacos.”**** Cam says as he starts to accelerate the car. ****“Whatever.”**** you say slapping his stomach.

-ayeee. sorry this one was kind of a snooze festival, but i will do part 5 tmrrw. i promise lovess.-