I just have this mental image now though bc the convo i was having with @canonspacerocklesbians 

can u imagine being the sosu that gives a damn about the world but you have asthma and a slew of other shit but you know the BOS actually has medical and psychological things on it’s blimp

Just camp out in the airport and when they get their with their guns and shit go “yo, tincan, i got asthma but i can fix all the old world bullshit you splat yourselves over. Lemme in.” 
or like idk sneak in somehow.
Just fukcing mission impossible up there because they don’t keep that shit on the ground. 
stow away on a vertibird, stealth along, climb through a window. 

That or just fucking speech check your way in. “I know Elder Maxson”
“That’s not possible”
“I know he used to wear an oversized coat and a shitty red tie and had a crush on Sarah Lyons.”
“…shit ok”

like i know logistically if i was physically in Fallout it would be playing on survival mode but honestly my ass would never leave sanctuary till someone was with me that was better at killing things because yes ok i can shoot a target and speech check but living things i’m iffy. 
Also i would try to steal too much shit while emphatically insisting that Stealing Is Wrong.
Someone would call me on it.
Also i’d want to help Preston and there is a Deathclaw and honey those climb. i don’t care if we killed everything and ran back inside it could and would follow, and honestly i’d have left the raiders to the claw and gone inside like “preston u get into the suite because it’s gonna see u more. i’ll be up on the roof trying not to piss myself and trying to shoot it too. See u if we don’t die.”

Because i like to think i would play hero but honestly it’s more likely i’d stay in the suit, grabbed a raider trying to run away, tied them to a light post real quick after crushing one of their arms so they can’t get out fast, stomp on one leg so they’re slow and then run up through the museum to the roof so i could shoot the damn thing as it toys with it’s new plaything. 
I am a nice person but they’re bad and we have people to save and i’d be terrified. 

i imagine Preston wouldn’t approve but like. it would work. 
I mean like, in general i would then make noise because holy shit but. ye.

First Jack portrait by me, circa early 2015, versus…

…late 2015 and May 2016. Look at what a year can do. Funny, you can see my art improvement and Jack’s facial changes. I guess we’ve both grown in this year and a half, huh?