Some of the many beautiful people including:

alchemily - shizuo

A beautiful Homura <3

Beautiful Psyche and Delic ; o ;<3

deckitout - An amazing troll cosplayer ; u ; (otl on a note I don’t read Homestuck so I don’t know what troll she is )

hleexyooj - Sayaka Cosplayer in the group

missiepanda - Madoka Cosplayer in the group

nappychan - Kyuubey Cosplayer in the group

The amazing kyouko cosplayer that doesn’t have a tumblr

And the amazing Celty cosplayer! :D i really like the syche

and I’m the izaya XD

Project 2: Portrait Drawing Practice

This is a recent art trade I did with a friend and fellow cosplayer (Hlee Xyooj). We decided to do a self-portrait exchange a little after I was introduced to this portrait project so I decided to use it as a practice reference to how i want to draw myself. This was a quick practice piece done in 3 hours with Manga Studio 5. I want to use the same style I drew for this portrait painting to draw myself in this form again. 

Introducing my mini kodama in a bottle, Kodama are forest spirits that inhabit the forests in Miyazaki’s film, Princess Mononoke, I have made this version a lot smaller and more portable than the original one I made, it can now be carried as a cel phone charm ~ :). The smaller one also features its own mini stump ~ :) The Kodama and the tree stump where both carefully hand carved by yours truly ~ I am hoping to make one for every Miyazaki film ~ ♥

Had a DIY night with my roomie ~ Made a cute little Link plush ~ ♥ So cute ~ ♥ I haven’t done stuff like this since high school ~ Everything is hand stitched ~ Next time I will make a bigger pose able and more modified version. This one is just a flat base ~ :D ~ :D Excuse my face lol ~ I was just making stupid faces haha ~


I tried to be mah baby Kaworu guys after a nostalgic convo with one of my friends~ He’s such a cutie <3 ~ This is not  an actual test and probably wont happen in real life ( all this stuff was stuff I dug out of my closet, the collar was quickly made for this test XD, the wig actually belongs to my Clear cos and the contacts for Eva Rei ~ XD) I tried but I’m too girly still lol ~ maybe a real manly test later when I get mah Shinji ~ what do you think ~ ? *alltherealkaworucosplayersareintimidating* XD 


Anime Detour is over and overall I had an amazing time. I cosplayed Zelda this year from skyward sword and met a cute link XD, and then Morrigan from Darkstalkers with my bestie, the Impa, and Lilith, sadly I didn’t finish the wings so thats a project for another time. To be honest the halls were a little crowded for wings anyhow ~ We later went to the rave in out Kigurumis ~ :D Met a lot of amazing new people this year ~ I’m so happy I was able to go ~