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I know there's a sites to people with mental health problems or something like that in Estonia. Do you have links or some information about this? I think it would help many people.

I’ll just leave a few links here, I hope some of them are actually useful too:

The important thing is to remember that you’re not alone with your problems. You can get help if it’s needed and you can get better if you really want to. You are strong and you can get over whatever it is you’re experiencing. You are not alone!

- admin HL

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Good morning. I love all your recs and the masterpost. Do you happen to know any HL fics where one of the boys starts off thinking they are straight? Then they meet each other .... I've looked through your masterpost, sorry if I've missed it xxx

Oh yes, there’s a fic rec already but I should totally change the name into “sexuality crisis” :) “Not so straight then” 

I’ll do this today !