a lone (very nice and polite) dad of a Youth who is a potential engineer or economist stopped me and asked me questions about *Ch*c*g* for his son who is applying (& is currently in IB so i told him i did IB & earned his Trust) and i tried to gently tell him like your son is gonna stress himself out of his mind, get him to a land grant or the one high-status small collaborative engineering trade school (you know the one, i cant remember the name, that’s the kid’s main other option) but idk if he accepted my message into his heart 

Kuressaare is a town in Western Estonia, with a population of 13 449 as of 1st January 2016. In October 1990, Kuressaare was the first town in Estonia to regain its self-governing status. 

Kuressaare got its townrights on May 8th 1563, but was first mentioned in 1424. The total area of the town is 14.95 km².

The medieval stone castle of Kuressaare is the only one in the Baltic countries that has survived throughout the centuries in its entirety.

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