hks kansai


Spooning… the guys latest update from Japan. Typeone/ Spoon Sports is their latest workshop visit.. the guys all come from a Toyota/ Nissan background but when you visit a workshop like Type one, you don’t have to be a Honda fan boy to appreciate the work and craftsman ship of Spoon. 

Stay tune for HKS Kansai, Meihan Drift land, Trial, Tactial Arts and Auto Select pics. 

  • WHEEL: RAYS CE28N (9.5JX 19 + 12)
  • TYRE: DL DIREZZA DZ101 (245 / 35-19)
  • POWER: HKS GT-SS, V cam system, air cleaner, intercooler, HKS KANSAI titanium muffler, EXAGE ROM
  • FOOTWORK: OHLINS DFV harmonic drive
  • OTHERS: NISMO Copper mix, F = Biot caliper, rotor, PROJECTμ putt, R = PROJECTμ putt