Roller Derby Madrid and HK Events present Mad City Bootcamp on January 18th and 19th, coached by Left Turn Coaching coaches, Juke Boxx (MNRG, Team USA) and Mercy (Rose City Rollers, Team USA). This clinic is reserved for advanced skaters.

50 passes will be sold for skaters at 80€ and 15 passes for coaches at 50€. The organizers reserve the right to consult registered skaters’ coaches to confirm the advanced level of the registered skater.

What is the difference between the skater pass and the coach pass.
Coaches will not be allowed on skates and will be considered spectators. They will have the possibility to take notes, may approach the track when the coaches tell them they can, but the rest of the time they will have to stay outside of the track at the usual safety distances and will not be able to interrupt practices.

Passes will be sale on Saturday, November 2nd.



Roller Derby Madrid y HK Events presentan Mad City Bootcamp, el 18 y 19
de enero, instruído por entrenadoras de Left Turn Coaching, Juke Boxx
(MNRG, Team USA) y Mercy (Rose City Rollers, Team USA). Esta clínica de
aprendizaje está reservada para patinadoras avanzadas.

Se venderán 50 pases para patinadoras a 80€, y 15 pases para entrenadores
a 50€ cada uno. Los organizadores se reservan el derecho de pedir a los
entrenadores de las patinadoras registradas que les confirmen si éstas
tienen el nivel avanzado requerido.

Diferencia entre el pase de patinadora y el pase de entrenador:
A los entrenadores no les estará permitido estar en patines y serán
considerados espectadores. Podrán tomar notas y se podrán acercar a la
pista cuando así se lo indiquen las instructoras. Pero el resto del tiempo
tendrán que mantenerse fuera de la pista dentro de las distancias
establecidas de seguridad del juego y no podrán interrumpir las prácticas.

Los pases se pondrán a la venta el sábado 2 de noviembre.


random act of kindness just for a smile

lTo me kindness is something that people will do to help others. They will do it for a good reason and this is what the human kindness project is about.

It involved my brother [Angel] and me. I helped clean his room last week when he was  playing basketball.When he came home he said he would give me something in return but I said no and he felt happy that I spent my time helping him instead of playing.It made me feel good about myself because it wasn’t about me. It was about helping my brother because he was busy. 

I would do it again because I felt that I did good and after seeing his reaction i thought I can do it again.

- L.C.