I love characters whose appearances can be deceiving. Vinyl looks like a big scary dude, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Tommy’s a skinny guy who stands about 5′ 9′‘, but still manages to be intimidating. Cherri looks like a sweet, lovable young man–and he is–but he also has a dark past. Kobra has “resting bitchface,” but he’s actually kind and compassionate. etc…

Guilt fic for Jade

To guilt Jade of course
I don’t have an April fool’s piece go away

He eventually finds Kaito ensconced deep in the bowels of an arcade, surrounded by bright, flashing machines and cacophonous music. The stench of cigarette smoke is thick in the air, and Saguru finds himself coughing as he squeezes past a group of high school girls towards him. Oblivious to his approach, Kaito feeds a couple of coins into the claw machine, and rubs his hands together gleefully as the machine chimes for the start of the game.

“What on earth are you doing?” The plastic sides of the machine is grimy to the touch, and Saguru does his best to stay clear of near everything in the area. Near the entrance, a few middle-aged men are loitering around an ancient pinball machine, empty cans of beer lying at their feet. “You said there was something you wanted to tell me. It’s rude to not answer your phone.”

Kaito doesn’t reply immediately, tongue caught delicately between his teeth as he considers the position of the claw hovering over the pile of soft toys. “Give me your hand.”

“What? And why-ever should I do that?”

“Because you are a good boy.” Reaching down, Kaito grabs a hold of his wrist and pulls him over so that he is standing in front of the machine. “Push the button.”

“This is ridiculous.” The way the claw is positioned, it will never catch a hold of anything. Nevertheless, he jabs at the button. With a whirr, the claw descends – missing it’s mark, as Saguru had predicted – right until it goes over the edge and tips over a couple of misshapen toys down the prize chute. “Happy now?”

“I’ll consider these as your gift to me.” By his side, Kaito’s eyes are bright and laughing, his childhood friend bending down to retrieve his prize by the handful. “Look how cute this is. You shouldn’t have, Saguru.”

“I didn’t do a thing.” If it were up to him, he would have never caught anything. Saguru knows this because he speaks from an experience that he has paid about a thousand yen for. “You are ridiculous.”

“On the same note,” Kaito carries on relentlessly, stuffing his pockets with the smaller toys until his trousers are bulging unsightly. “Go on a date with me.”

Saguru stares at him.

The first instinctive response on his tongue is, of course, to say no. When Kaito had called him on his mobile phone, he had been in the middle of cello practice. His schedule for the day - albeit being a holiday - is packed full to the brim with activity. He has afternoon tea with Baaya and Watson, a book that he plans to read five chapters by today. He had hoped that there would be time leftover for him to catch one episode of (whatever tv episode there is, rugrats or something ugh). He had been looking forwards to his long bath in the evening.

Kaito’s smile falters a little, grip tightening on the toy he is currently strangling.

“Okay,” Saguru says, and watches all of his plans for the day wash merrily down the drain. “I’m not really dressed for a date today.”

“I’ve seen you at your worst.” Kaito waves a hand dismissively, himself in a cashmere sweater Saguru vaguely remembers as a Christmas gift from Kaito’s own mother. “It’s fine even if you look like a hikikomori. I know what I’m dating, after all.”

“A - “ The remark has him flushing immediately, Kaito making a disappointed noise when he pockets his spectacles. Without his spectacles, Kaito looks a little out of focus to him. “You’re being very rude today.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to imply that you’re unattractive. Only that you shut yourself into your study for far too long for my liking with your dead bodies.” A light brushing against his wrist, then Kaito pushes close, hooking their arms together and tugging him towards the exit. They turn a few heads within the group of highschool girls, but soon enough they’re back out beneath the cleansing sunlight. Saguru has never been quite so glad to feel the wind in his hair, discounting the time when he’d been stuck with a corpse in a remarkably small room. “I have a few places in mind that I think you should take me to.”

“And I suppose you would like for me to pay for it too.” It’s good that he had the foresight to bring his credit card along. There isn’t a lot of money on it, but he rarely touches the sum.

“No, no.” Kaito points at him. “The romantic one takes me places.” The finger moves back to Kaito. “The responsible one pays.”

“I do suppose what you mean is that you’ve just received your first official paycheck.”

“So I did.” Kaito consults the watch on Saguru’s wrist. “Won’t you indulge me in this?”

“How you choose to spend your money is your decision.”

A.N: Then maybe I should just hit someone with a car look at how ridiculously happy they are. Unacceptable.

nagyon régen nyáron, versenyen, egy szürreális nerdbarlangban valahol a nyugatinál

én : “- hé, ez a gyerek lila üvegkristályokkal számolja le a varázspontjait. szerintem el fog picsázni.”

kopasz srác sepultura pólóban: “- Chara-din lapokkal? hagyjad már, nem is lát a csávó, mennyi lehet a dioptria? kérdezd már meg!..najó, ha megver kint bevárom a kockagecit. ”

(senki nem várt be senkit. a szomszédgyereket 5, engem 2 perc alatt darabokra szedtek. jöttünk haza tengózni)

TSK değil Silahlı Kuvvetler!

Son zamanlarda ortaya çıkmaya başlayan görseller ile Ordu içinde tüm disiplin kaybolmuş, ergen gibi pozlar veren subay ve astsubay adayları ortaya çıkmıştır. 170-180 senelik Subaylık okulları her daim disiplinli iken son zamanlarda “orduyu sivilleştirme” çabaları başlamıştır.

Harp Okulları, TSK bünyesinden alınmış, Milli Savunma Üniversitesi yapılmış ve başına general yerine Prof. Dr. Erhan Afyoncu atanmış ve Erhan Afyoncu'ya Korgeneral rütbesi verilmiştir.

TSK'ya ait şehirlerdeki arazilere el konulmuş şehirlerden ordu çıkarılmıştır.

Törenlerdeki protokollerden askerler çıkarıldı. 30 Ağustos'ta askeri geçitler yaptırılmadı.

Genelkurmay Başkanı'na bağlı olan KKK, HKK, DKK, Genelkurmay Başkanı'nın emrinden çıkarılıp, göbekli,kel ve badem bıyıklı MSB Fikri Işık emrine verilmiştir.

TSK'nın askeri hastaneleri elinden alınmıştır. Artık askeri yaralanmalardan anlamayan doktorlara asker emanet edildi. Hendek çatışmalarında, şehirdeki hastanelerde PKK'lılar çıktı, doktorlar kaçtı ve o çatışma alanına doktor gönderemediler bunun üzerine TSK askeri doktora emir verdi direk orada göreve başladı.

Askeri yargı kaldırıldı. Böylelikle savaşta esir öldüren asker cinayet ile yargılanabilecek.

Hatta lojman ve gazinoların kaldırıması da tartışıldı.

TSK'nın beli kırılmıştır. Artık her isteyen hükümet askeri istediği maceraya sokar. Ordu'ya siyaset tam olarak girdi.

Gözünü çizdireni bile kabul etmeyen Askeri okulların türban kabul etmesi bir trajikomiktir.

TSK'ya bir hezimet bile bunu yapamazdı. Teşekkür ederiz.

anonymous asked:

Trans Kobra is so great?? Kobra getting really excited after every haircut because he looks closer to how he wants to look! Kobra spending time figuring out pronouns and being really excited when the other Killjoys catch on almost immediately! Kobra owning trans pride pins/shirts/etc. and wearing them sometimes! Kobra being a role model and source of validation to trans Killjoys! :)

I love these headcanons. I think Kobra didn’t expect anyone to look up to him when he first came to the Zones, but when he met other trans Killjoys, he started to realize how important it was for them to have role models.

Send me trans Kobra headcanons!


First activity for out 2D Animation class!

We’re asked to animate a bouncing ball (2 bounces) and a walk-cycle (3 steps), minimum of 30 frames each. I’m almost done with the bouncing ball– (it took me 3 hours in-class to finish 27 frames for it aaa)


anon: I was going to make you have an awkward boner around all your coworkers but then I fell asleep. (eticalb from the gray garden?? its the text from last night meme thing)

I was very confused for a moment when reading this before I reached the end. Also, first time writing anything with Etihw and Kcalb in it, so fingers crossed it’s okay! And of course, Eti has no canon gender as far as I’m aware(?), so pronouns and such used in this AU are just headcanon.

- Message

Staring down at the words displayed across his phone screen, Kcalb swallowed. Thinking back to a few hours prior when they were all seated in the meeting room, he could recall Etihw seated opposite him, foot innocently brushing against his own leg as she kept her gaze upon Wodahs currently speaking.

Just as he’d been about to send her a look asking what she was playing at, he’d instead been greeted to the sight of the dark haired woman snoozing much to his frustration.

So she’d been planning such a thing, huh? Why, that little…

Closing his eyes, he gave a silent sigh, refusing to become worked up. Currently seated in his own office, Ater and Arbus both sat off to the side at their own little desks, sorting through a bunch of files in their attempt to organise them. 

The sound of his phone beeping alerted him to another text a moment later. Lips pressed together, it was with some hesitation, that Kcalb opened the new message.

‘Hoho, well maybe this can work? Consider it a present.’ Placed beneath was an image.


Two pairs of scarlet eyes turned back toward their boss, watching as the older man seemed to have a coughing fit in his chair, face red and flustered.

“Is he okay?” Ater murmured, frowning in confusion.

“Why don’t you go ask?” Arbus replied, returning to the folders on her desk.

“Eh? But last time I did that, he went all shouty at me!" 

Finally recovering, Kcalb hastily placed the phone back in his pocket, cheeks a dark shade of red upon seeing the image she’d sent him - did she have no shame? And, as luck would have it, it was only then Wodahs chose to open the door to his office, asking him to come visit a guest.

He paused a moment, suddenly finding his pants felt much too tight around him. How the hell was he supposed to stand up and walk around in his current condition, now?

"Kcalb?” The younger man stared at him expectantly, door held open.

“….” He was going to kill Etihw.

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not really a hc but shoutout to jet and kobra being total badasses and still being the sweetest guys known in their zone. jet gives awesome hugs while kobra is like everyone's brother. party is very proud. ghoul will tell you he doesnt give a flying nor a crawling fuck (but deep inside, he knows it's true and thank goodness for them he is still alive)

My babies <3 I think a lot of people overlook them, assuming that Poison and Ghoul are the “heroes,” but the guys know that they probably wouldn’t have made it without Kobra and Jet. Kobra has kept Poison going even when he didn’t have anything else to live for.

Positive headcanons that people have sent me...
  • Cherri is a v compassionate friend, whenever he sees one of his friends sad he knows just how to cheer them up.
  • Kobra likes to bring Tommy cool rocks and animal bones he finds in the zones. Tommy keeps them and sells them to ‘joys with kids.
  • Sometimes the fab four have to stop at Dr D’s place because they’ve been running all day and they’re too tired to drive the full way back. Cherri often comes home to a pile of sleepy killjoys, so he always makes sure they have enough blankets 😊❤
  • While Kobra was going through a rough patch of depression the fab four received an anonymous bag of food and cigarettes and supplies, with a note explaining that it was “to help them out a bit”. Tommy swears it wasn’t him (but it totally was)
  • Show Pony has an ENTIRE PLAYLIST of songs with “cherry” in the title that they love to harass Cherri with (submitted by @pyro-pixie)

I love these, keep ‘em coming!

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💐: A headcanon about a character that most people ignore

DJ Hot Chimp’s most prized possession is a ring that once belonged to her mother. She traveled great distances when she was a kid with her mother and grandmother, but doesn’t talk about it much. She’s pretty quiet on the subject of her family, and most people don’t want to pry.

👻: A headcanon I made to fill a plot hole in canon

There are way more adults in the Zones than what you see in the comics. The Four are adults in their 30s. Not everyone in the Zones is a teenager–quite a few people were raised in the desert or left the city as adults.

💋: A “guilty pleasure” headcanon that I have 

Like Oscar Isaac (i.e., his faceclaim), Tommy has a really sweet, soothing voice…which he hates, because it makes it harder to sound threatening. It always surprises people, because they expect him to have a deep voice. (They also expect him to be a big scary dude because of his reputation, but he’s anything but.)

🍃: A headcanon that I created now on the spot

Kobra’s smile is legendary. He seems so stoic that people don’t expect him to smile much. But when he does smile, he looks so genuinely happy and delighted that other Killjoys can’t help but smile, too.

Send me symbols!

Headcanon: When Party Poison and Kobra Kid die, because of their devotion to the Zones and spiritual connections, they take the Phoenix Witch’s place and shepherd souls to the afterlife. Poison collects souls during the day and is associated with the sun, while Kobra collects souls during the night and is associated with the moon. Some say that just before dawn, you can see them wandering the plains together.

I don’t have a great visualization for this, but I imagine them having tribal outfits like the Witch. Poison wears a deer skull that covers the top half of his face, and Kobra wears a goat’s. People paint altars/holy places with plant-made dyes and leave out small toys for them.

Asexual Kobra Kid headcanons
  • He enjoys some physical intimacy (hugging, cuddling, etc.), but it gives him strong emotional feelings rather than sexual ones.
  • The occasional quick kiss is fine, but full-on making out makes him cringe. To him, it’s two people slobbering on each other’s faces.
  • Seeing Killjoys desperately try to hook up at the bar makes him privately glad to be asexual. When someone tries to pick him up, he just laughs good-naturedly.
  • The high prices people pay for pornodroids baffles him. Why would anyone pay 1,000 carbons for a short, one-off event? For that price, he could buy 500 comics that he can read over and over again.
  • The guys try to explain it to him, but he doesn’t understand sex in advertising. Risque city advertisements leave him unamused at best, and repulsed at the worst.
  • Sometimes people donate old ‘zines that they couldn’t sell, since the brothers love to collect 'zines and make collages. If they get a porn 'zine, Kobra just passes it along to Ghoul.
  • Kobra skips the sexy parts of novels and fast-forwards through smut scenes in Better Living books-on-tape, which Ghoul doesn’t appreciate. “Dude, you’re removing the context!”

anonymous asked:

I have a trans Kobra headcanon where Kobra comes out to Poison as trans ,and Poison gets up and leaves which makes Kobra upset because he thinks Poison doesn't accept him. A few hours later Poison drives up in the trans am and Kobra walks out like "What the hell? Where did this even come from Poison?" and Poison just turns to him and goes "A trans am for my trans man," and revs the engine.

Oh my God, that’s amazing. Ahaha. I think this is one of my favorite trans Kobra headcanons ever. That’s such an awesome way of showing his support.

electriccenturies’s autistic Kobra Kid headcanons:

I headcanon him as having a special interest in paranormal things. He loves to go visit supposedly haunted places in the zones, hear old lore, and really just absorbs anything and everything ghostly. In the same vein of kinda creepy things, one of his favourite stims is listening to BLI code stations. Something about the repetitiveness, consistency, and steadiness of the voice reading them is very soothing to him. Another favourite stim is pressure; sometimes he gets Poison to hug him very tightly for a while.

He’s very sensitive to textures- especially in food- but he puts in a huge amount of effort to eat everything he’s given, even if the texture makes him gag, because he wants to show how much he appreciates the fact that they have food at all. But when he likes textures, he cant help himself from touching them. Its very relaxing, and it makes him happy.

When he first came out to the zones, one of the hardest things for him were learning killjoy names and slang. As a person who takes things literally and at face value, expressions like “dusted” made no sense to him. Besides things like that though, he actually was much happier out in the desert. There was a lot less noise and judgment, and everything was much more flexible. 

Poison loves Kobra to bits, and once he went to the desert he made an effort to teach himself about autism from Kobra’s perspective. Up until then, he’d seen it as something that was a burden on him and his brother and needed a cure. Once Kobra was away from BLI’s bullshit, he was able to explain to Poison that the autism was part of him, and that there was no “normal” person behind it. After that, Poison started fiercely defending him. He got much better at things like differentiating between happy flapping and upset or anxious flapping. Although he doesn’t hold it against him, he is a bit paranoid that Kobra might say something that he didn’t know was rude to the wrong person and get himself hurt.