Intern Diaries: Second Week at LMG New York - Artist Liaison Department - Bobbie Kuldip Singh

Artists are the soul of a gallery…and before you accuse me of being cliché, this statement still holds true in my heart after spending some days at Lehmann Maupin. But finding that soul, listening, and responding to it is an entirely different matter. This is where the Artist Liaison department comes in; working along two major tributaries in the vast and fast-flowing river of gallery operations. Firstly, the department has to keep track of and cater to artists’ creative production, support, and promote them in all sorts of art events in the best possible manner. Secondly, the department has to keep an eye out for artists who could be added to the gallery’s roster.

Standard stuff, you may say? But the degree of intricacy and complexity involved in achieving these goals is off the chart. After all, searching for a soul is not easy. Research and inter-personal skills are equally essential. I remember asking my supervisors how you determine which shows are good for our artists, or which new and upcoming artists are worth representing? There are some obvious yardsticks and judgment of quality, but at the end of the day, it is an intuitive process of finding something and someone that is in tune with the gallery’s style. I suppose it will take much longer for me to truly capture and define that style of Lehmann Maupin; I am still learning!

A gallery may be business-driven, but a lot is actually personal. And that’s a form of art.