In Hong Kong, on daily basis it is common to see older people who push a cargo cart carrying materials that they collected on the street. They collect newspapers, cardboards and cans at garbage bins or bus stops.

According to China Daily, they are paid at “market rates” – 70HK cents for a kilogram of waste newspaper and cardboard; 10 cents for each unused can or tin; HK $1 a kg for iron containers; HK$8 for scrap steel and HK$50 per kg for copper. Most of them cart in their stuff once every three days. Most earn HK$50 to HK$100 a day, while one of my customers makes about HK$300 daily.

Elders tend to collect recycling materials for financial return were mainly motivated by two factors: to earn money for a living or as a perquisite. They grew up poor, many being single with no children to depend on in their twilight years. Poverty among elders is a matter of public concern in Hong Kong. We need to respect and care for our elders because they are deserve to be cared for. 


Keywords: process, individualism