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Unpopular killjoy hc: I've always felt that, while gender is very fluid in the zones and killjoys are supportive of their nb pals, the desert is so harsh that gender kind of is secondary to survival. I just don't imagine killjoys binding (too dangerous bc everyone is dehydrated and probably starving) or stealing hormones from the city (WAY too dangerous), so I feel like people just express themselves how they want and support each others' identities (I hope this makes sense)

Yeah, I always thought that transitioning would actually be easier than the city, because at least supplies are more readily available. The Zones are more accepting, but you have to turn to the black market if you want anything, and that gets extremely pricey. Binding is more common in my headcanon, but they need to find someone to show them how to do it properly (a lot of new kids think they can just wrap their chest with bandages and end up injuring themselves.)


Crack Family G'z - Lo que Soñe ft HKC

Cancion extraida del alboom EuroCrackz producida por Dr. Knarf, Rap Colombia-Rap Aleman-Rap Universal…originales del piso pa arriba…hip hop original desde el suelo a las estrellas y mas haya…LO QUE SOMOS SEREMOS, EL QUE BUSCA ENCUENTRA….CRACK FAMILY&HKC..MUSICA FILOSOFIA RIGOR…FILMADO EN LAS CALLEZ DE BOGOTA-Z19 Y ALEMANIA KOLN.DEDICADO A LOS QUE BUSCAN MEJORAR SU CONDICION DIA A DIA.ESO ES CRACK FAMILIA EL PROGRESO DE LAS CALLES Y EL AVANZE.

Headcanon: Since infertility is an issue both in Battery City and the Zones, having siblings is a big deal. Everyone in the city was impressed that Poison and Kobra’s parents had two children, especially only a few years apart. As a kid, Poison heard a lot of people talk about how special his brother was. He wasn’t sure why, but he just assumed it was true.

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I have a headcanon that 'covering up' wouldn't be important in The Zones, especially further from Battery City. Like people would be allowed to walk around with their breasts showing and stuff. There would be any shame or stigma against nudity. (People would still cover up for sun protection though)

Hmm, that’s interesting. There could be settlements where people don’t believe that the female body is inherently sexual and should be hidden. People who just came from the city would be shocked, but they’d learn to appreciate it. I think public breastfeeding would be acceptable in many parts of the Zones, too (especially since children frequently die in infancy, so they’re not going to take any chances with feeding.)

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I always thought that 'Bulletproof heart' was about breaking away from BLI, and running to the zones. In the song, two of the lines are "Jenny could you come back home" and "Johnny won't you come back home". I know these are references to other songs, but I am trying to work the terms "Johnny" and "Jenny" into my personal Danger Days canon. Could they maybe be BLI slang for people who escaped the city? what do you think?

…huh, that’s really interesting. I could totally see the names “Johnny” and “Jenny” being BL/ind slang (I know they’re probably meant to be characters in the song, but that’s a cool in-universe explanation, too.) Or maybe they’re Killjoy names for people who just left the city and haven’t created a KJ identity yet. Pretty cool idea.

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Hc: since records of any kind, cd's, vinyls, cassettes, and the means to play those, can be pretty rare, there are killjoys who donate the records they find or own to radio stations. On some stations, or certain days on normal stations, they dj will just play entire albums, so everyone can listen to them.

That’s a pretty cool idea. I think it makes a lot of sense, too–I think tapes, records, etc. would be hard to find. They’re not needed for survival, so they’re the first things people sell or recycle. And most people don’t think about taking any when they leave the city. Some people might have to wait weeks just to hear the local DJ play their favorite song again.

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i feel like there would be a lot less dysphoria in the zones because the killjoys are obviously against opression, and gender boundaries are loosely defined, if at all, cause there are much more important things to worry about. also with malnutrition, breasts tend to be the first thing to shrink so binding would become easier or even unnecessary, ya feel? in the city binders would probs need to be homemade cause bli doesnt really support individuality

Good points. I write trans Kobra as using a binder, but when I think about it, he’d probably be flat-chested, considering how skinny he is. And Vaya, Vamos, and Show Pony prove that gender boundaries aren’t strict. I think people would still have dysphoria, because some of that comes from inside (and a lot of them come from a less tolerant city), but they wouldn’t face as much prejudice.

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Wait, so in the Killjoys 'verse, there's some uncertainty about masks, but at least part of it is the idea that if you die with your mask on, the Phoenix Witch can use the mask to guide your soul. And Dr. D said that too: "And die with your mask on if you've got to." Right? But when the Fab 4 went to Battery City to save the Girl, none of them were wearing their masks! They didn't even have bandanas or sunglasses, and we're pretty sure they knew they'd die going in. So what's up with that?

Ooh :o I’m not sure. Maybe that’s just a saying, and you don’t actually have to be wearing the mask when you die? I also wondered why Jet and Kobra wear helmets when masks are so important in the Killjoy world. (Then again, a lot of main characters don’t seem to wear masks, both in the videos and the comics.)

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Alternate persona submission for Brendon (and Panic!): the Trophy Boys, led by the Mona Lisa, who sews old silver buttons and shining strips of ribbon and silver threads onto what was once a Drac's suit jacket, so he glitters like a mirage in the desert sun.

Awesome description of his jacket here. I love small details. Brendon would be…one fabulous Killjoy.

(Also, this makes me wonder how many Killjoys repurpose old Drac clothing. Maybe Killjoy hipsters wear Drac masks “ironically.”)

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How do you think a killjoy wedding would even go? Just curious :)

Oh, hmm, good question. Every Zone probably has its own rituals, but I can see them hanging on to some old traditions: choosing a nice place in the desert, wearing “nice” clothes, getting married by a religious/spiritual person, having their friends attend, etc. They’d probably serve Killjoy foods like cooked meat, canned foods, etc. Some might have different rituals involving smoke, plants, crystals, stuff like that. They’d probably get hitched outdoors, in the middle of nature. I could probably come up with more if I really thought about it. There’s a lot of potential…(okay, now I want to write about a Killjoy wedding.)

sunday was our second rally trial in springfield and machete was first in his class — legit we had to go first! so nerve-wracking!  the course wasn’t that complicated but we finally had figure 8s (with no distractions).

had a bit of trouble getting started, he’s great working around the ring but when we first walk into the ring he wants to SMELL ALL THE SMELLS! and so that took a minute. also, he got a bit barky, so we lost some points for that…but i have no idea how many.

anyway, walked away from the show with a 2nd place ribbon and a qualifying score of 86! funny how it’s a lower score than we got last time but a higher place. holds with what i’ve been told about all breed shows judging harder than club shows. 

and though i was nervous, it was much, much easier than last time. and machete was fantastic.  apparently if we get one more qualifying score (that is, anything above 70) we get a novice title…

totally not prepared for that!

Biggest Pet Peeve about KB training

Lean N Mean posted about this yesterday too, but the it sucks to have a work out day turn into a rest day in the last minute. It means I won’t have another rest day until next Sunday, and this one practically went to shit.

  • You don’t really rest because you’re thinking about your workout, so when you decide you’re not going to do it (at 4:30pm) you could of rested the 9 hours prior.  Waste of a rest day.
  • I started to feel convicted about putting my workout before my family and house, so I didn’t work out earlier - i did the dishes and spent time with my family instead carving pumpkins.
  • I was forced to have a rest day because an old fart at the gym was sitting there f'ing starring at me. I felt super uncomfortable by the creepo.  So i wasted 30 minutes driving and warming up and driving back home.
  • When I got home, the garage was hot because my husband had the heater on (since it was cold in there and it’s his man cave.)
  • And when I started working out again, I realized that I could barely breathe since there’s not enough oxygen in the garage.
  • Than the kids started crying and woke up from their nap.

I am really trying to not be bitter that I had to miss my workout.  I am kinda throwing a fit in my heart because I am not getting what I want.

But if I learned anything this week, it’s that there’s more important things than getting my workout in.  Like not missing the important times with my kids and hubby.  Or working my ass off - in vanity (see quote below.)  There’s a fine line I need to ride between obsession and preparation.  If I want to be ready for the RKC, I need to commit and prepare.  Make it a priority.  But I can’t let myself make it an obsession, putting it before my kids and the short list of higher priorities.

I am determined to enjoy the time I have left of my rest day.  But I have got to start planning better (even my rest days.)  Or else time goes down the toilet and I don’t get anything accomplished.  I"ll post more when I figure out a good training schedule.  It’ll most likely be in the early morning or nap times. 

Unless the Lord builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain. 

It is in vain that you rise up early
and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious toil;
for he gives to his beloved a sleep.

Psalm 127:1-2

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i had this idea where there was a trend to have as many patches and badges on your jacket as possible and a lot of the killjoys would go to extremes and completely cover their jacket until it became about three layers thick and you could hear all the badges clinking when they walked. That trend was very short lived.

Ahah, that’s great. I can see Killjoys trying to outdo each other with buttons, patches, accessories, rainbow colors, etc., and ending up with an explosion of mismatched items that takes twenty minutes to put on. (After that, they decide to go with a miminalist approach.)