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heyy! i've had this hc for a while and,, you know in the NA NA NA music video, Kobra and the Girl get a white raygun out of a vending machine. but all the killjoys have brightly coloured ones. so... do they paint the guns themselves? i can imagine them spending a night, sitting at a campfire, painting with old brushes and even older paints. Ghoul messing up and getting angry. and there are so many intricacies to the guns! especially Kobra's symbol•(sorry this is long)

I feel like painting your ray gun is a really personal thing for Killjoys. Not all Killjoys are artistically gifted, so Poison makes some money on the side by painting and designing ray guns for people. His designs are among the best because they’re so clean and elaborate. Kobra’s not the best painter, but he enjoys helping Poison with the design aspects, and sometimes sits and watches as he works.

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I can't recall if the apocalypse in the dd universe is a result of nuclear weapons, but it'd be kinda interesting if the killjoys wore masks so often because of burns or facial deformities caused by radiation sickness. At the same time tho, appearance probably wouldn't cause shame for people just trying to survive so I'm not too sure

I can’t remember if it’s outright stated, but I think nuclear war is implied–the Pig Bomb, the Great Fires of 2012, etc. But yeah, I never thought of that, that’s a really interesting idea. I can totally see Killjoys using masks/helmets to cover their burns and scars from the wars.

Headcanon: When Party Poison and Kobra Kid die, because of their devotion to the Zones and spiritual connections, they take the Phoenix Witch’s place and shepherd souls to the afterlife. Poison collects souls during the day and is associated with the sun, while Kobra collects souls during the night and is associated with the moon. Some say that just before dawn, you can see them wandering the plains together.

I don’t have a great visualization for this, but I imagine them having tribal outfits like the Witch. Poison wears a deer skull that covers the top half of his face, and Kobra wears a goat’s. People paint altars/holy places with plant-made dyes and leave out small toys for them.

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I feel like because gender roles are probably very strict in bc, there basically aren't any gender roles in the zones. When people move to the zones away from bc they want to get away from the pressure to be a certain thing and of course fitting into gender roles is a part of this, so they leave that behind and they become their actual true selves. Of course there would still be masculine men and feminine women but because that's just how they are.

Agreed. I think gender is pretty fluid in the Zones. Most people don’t care, and the ones who do have much bigger things to worry about. Killjoys wouldn’t have the same pressure to keep up a certain image and make other people (or a corporation) happy. They just need to survive and cooperate with others.

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i just got some bad news. can you cheer me up with happy party poison headcanons?

Oh no, sorry to hear that :o This is actually one of my favorite Poison (and trans Kobra) headcanons. It’s great. As for my own headcanons…

Glass art is pretty big in the Zones (I came up with that after learning that glass is made from heated sand.) Poison’s tried to make some, but he’s clumsy and burns his fingers easily, so he’s decided to stick with appreciating it. He loves going to the market and seeing the colorful glass trinkets, and how they catch the sunlight.

He’s fascinated with superstitions and spirituality. He loves going to the night market and checking out the different charms, trinkets, powders, talismans, herbal remedies, etc. He doesn’t necessarily believe in all of it, but he loves learning about it. The various beliefs inspire him to make art.

Few things make him more excited than finding a sci-fi book at the market that Kobra hasn’t read, and imagining his face when Poison gives it to him. Poison also loves to read, especially sci-fi and fantasy. His favorite books are the ones that excite his imagination.

People expect him to be a loud, boisterous leader, so they’re always surprised when they meet him and find that he’s a quiet, friendly guy. He’s also a lot shorter than they expected.

Poison loves painting ray guns. He finds concentrating on the small details to be relaxing. He’ll draw on any scrap of paper he finds, so the guys try not to leave important papers out.

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I had a head cannon that Killjoys sometimes change their names. Not often at all, but if they were in serious danger or if BLI knew their information and could connect it back to their alias, thy could just change it. My head cannon was that the fab killjoys were stubborn and kept theirs to the death. Also I had a head cannon where, unless you were with someone all the time, their mask really hid their identity so much that you could assume their personality if they died. That's why the-

-Fab killjoys went into BLI without their masks. BLI already knew their info and without the masks BLI was assured that they were the totally real, legit killjoys.

That’s really interesting, I never heard anything like it. It makes a lot of sense, though. I’ve seen a lot of Killjoys who give out their full names, but I always thought that was a bad idea, because it makes it that much easier for BL/ind to track them down. I can see Killjoys changing their names from time to time, especially if they think they’re in trouble. I wonder if they change their appearance, too. And good point about the Fab Four, they would be pretty stubborn…seeing Killjoys without their masks on must be frightening, because that shows that they really do not give a fuck anymore.

I started this journey at 370 pounds. I could barely walk half a mile.. I walked 1 mile this morning, did 20 minutes on the treadmill, & after lunch we are walking again.

It is an every day struggle. I’m a very emotional person, so I eat my feelings. I got into a fight with my Momma today (this is nothing new) & I refuse to overeat because of it. I cried all the way home but I didn’t come in & eat everything. My issues with her are my biggest problem but I will not take it out on my body anymore.

I’m learning to love the girl in this picture. She is a lot stronger than she thinks.


Hilarious mashup of country songs.

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles shows its comedic chops in this hilarious mashup of tunes made popular by the Dixie Chicks, HKC and Toby Keith. 

Less than two weeks until the RKC

As we get so close to actually leaving for the RKC, I’m bombarded with thoughts of not preparing well enough.  Strength-wise, I reached the 16kg TGU’s, presses, squats and snatches a couple of months ago and was feeling super strong. (I feel like I’ve been trying to maintain it.)  But my thoughts of regret lie in my food choices.

Everyone knows that what you eat affects your training and body.   And i feel like I had too many days that I was lucy gucy/ making exceptions/ eating carelessly.  I mostly tried to stay away from wheat (except for one time eating pizza with my family.)  But did not avoid sugar, dairy, etc.

Hubby and I got into a little tift about food too last week.  I get really offended when he wants to go eat out at the spaghetti factory or something like that.  But i do know that a lot of eating out/poor choices stem from me not cooking at home out of my laziness.

So here’s my choice.  I do kinda want to dwell in my bad choices and beat myself up a little bit.  Think that I’m not good enough, but only not good enough because of my own actions.  But right now, I’m going to choose to live in freedom.  I’m going to choose to be grateful for today, not beat myself up for poor choices i made the past weeks.  But instead make good choices today, this minute, this hour, this day.  Thankfully, it takes about 3 days for my body to get back to feeling good after eating clean… so I’m looking forward to that.  I want to flush this sugar out completely, but I know my low morale and flu like symptoms that comes with a sugar detox will mess me up for the RKC.

It doesn’t help that my brain seems to think that I can eat whatever I want since i’m pregnant.  That’s bullshit and I want to start a movement of healthy pregnancies full of knowledge and not just pregnant entitlement - I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want.

Another little fear is that I’m going to be surrounded by fitness people.  Most likely, a lot of these people will be lean and strong.  I will just have to get past this fact and choose to not compare myself to other women.  My baby gut and all.


Today will be my first day back to my RKC prep training after a week of sickness and weakness.  The last two days, I just did some TGU’s and swings.  It was fun and easy. :)

I’m going to try to pick up where I left off.. which means today:

Warm up with TGU’s, goblet squats and swings

C+P 5’s x 4 with the 14kg  <- scary!  That’s 120 clean and presses? am i counting right? Holy moly, i didn’t realize i was doing so many!

Lots and lots of swings (at least 300…)

I will need to listen to my body :)  wish me luck!